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They stay sealed up in multiple airtight layers for safety. Inside each of those bottles is a sealed bag with another sealed vial inside it. The plate, marble and glass also contain uranium. Gotta love Beetlejuice. Uranium glass marbles are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. Julian and Ethel Rosenberg were executed as spies in , by electric chair. They recruited others to spy for them, such as David Greenglass from Los Alamos labs, who provided them with nuclear secrets. Their children long maintained that they were framed, but VENONA decrypts in the 60s made clear just how totally guilty they were.

Julian recruited sources, Ethel evaluated candidates, participated in recruitment, and hid money and tradecraft tools. Fossil crinoid from the Bundenbach slate formation in Germany, approximately million years old. I fucking love crinoids. The level of detail on this specimen is fantastic. Gotta love straightjackets. Nicotine somehow alleviates their symptoms. Heck yeah. Anyway, back to straightjackets.

I just now realized that there are phantoms visible inside that window. Azurite sure is pretty. Even a mediocre specimen like this one still looks great. I wonder if elonmusk has considered the merits of bubble based fuels? Multipurpose efficiency is key. If you look real closely you can see the tiny hammer, anvil, and stirrup bones that make ear magic happen. Elmwood fluorite with spessartine garnet, and sphalerite. Mines like Elmwood and Rogerly produced some absolutely ridiculous mineral specimens.

This one is beautiful but there are specimens out there that will leave you breathless, guaranteed. There was a tradition in some mines that the miners could keep anything they find that fit in their lunch box.


Commercial mining companies are in it for bulk, not specimens. Miners are smart though, so they started bringing in giant rolling coolers for lunch boxes. This is how Elmwood specimens came to the market. Fossil brittle star furcaster palaeozoicus of the Devonian period approximately million years old, from the Bundenbach formation in Germany. I love the three dimensionality of this fossil. The way the arms are so delicately draped over each other is fucking rad.

One of my favorite fossils for sure. Selenite is a form of gypsum, the stuff drywall is made from. It was commonly believed that the Japanese had poor eyesight. This stereotype was used to promote the idea of American military, and cultural superiority. In reality, the Japanese had a highly trained, well equipped naval Air Force that was more than a match for American forces in the early stages of the war. The turning point for the Japanese was the battle of Midway, where an American counter-trap was sprung, sinking 4 Japanese carriers and killing most of their best pilots.

It was all downhill from there for Japan. At least they meant well. That counts for something, right? So much wrong in so few words. Happy July 4th and stuff. Who wants to start the U-S-A chant?

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The fuck? The weird thing is that the angle in the pic is wrong. It actually holds the cig perpendicular to your fingers, sideways. All I see this doing is ensuring that every ash falls directly on the back of your hand. Fucking stupid. Neat though. Monster This thing is an absolute beast. The handle is made from melted plastic, probably sourced from plastic bags. Whoever made this was an artisan, one who wanted to make a lasting impression. Bullet wound X-ray from on glass.

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  3. Ian Hamilton Collected Poems.
  4. Francis Hospital in Topeka, Kansas on August 18, The second atomic bomb had just been dropped on Nagasaki and everyone is wondering how that could possibly not be enough. He was asked his thoughts on the prospects of war with Japan. The article was now subject to censor, so the author sat on it for almost 4 years before finally being allowed to publish it the day before the war ended.

    The five Platonic solids. There are exactly 5 polyhedrons that can be constructed where every side, and every angle are equal. Basically that means a pyramid of triangles, a cube of squares, 2 back to back pyramids, twelve pentagons in a dodecahedron, and 20 triangles in an icosahedron, like a 20 sided die. Hilger facial nerve stimulator. It electrocutes your face into funny contorted shapes!

    It can also be used to measure the nerve and muscle response to help diagnose things like nerve damage. Chinese propaganda poster from the s.

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    American invaders will lose. If so that would place this poster right around My Chinese is limited to google translate, so the translation is probably fairly rough. I dunno the guy who owned this jacket originally, but my dad worked with him I think. It was also legitimately used by a group of vets that started a motorcycle club in Southern California. Used prosthetic hip implant. Sometimes people get upgrades to newer models. That ball has to replace the one on the end of your current femur.

    So, they cut you open, yank your hip out of the socket, chop the end off with a bone saw, then hammer the spike on the new one down through the soft marrowy center like a railroad spike. Goddamn though, them things have swords on their faces. Fluorapatite from Afghanistan. Interestingly, this is the same mineral that protects your teeth from decay after drinking fluorinated water. The enamel on your teeth gets its strength from a mineral called hydroxyapatite. Its pretty durable stuff, but it can be attacked by acids. Fluorapatite is even more resistant to things that cause tooth decay.

    When you drink fluorinated water, your body incorporates the fluoride into your teeth, making them stronger. Is hydroxyapatite fluorescent too? One 1 human vertebra. I dunno which one. A very small piece of the Moon, courtesy of the meteorite NWA It was blown off the Moon into space by an asteroid impact, ultimately colliding with Earth.

    If you think about it, there must be many undiscovered lunar meteorites on the earth. Apollo moo rocks are illegal to sell, but meteorites are almost as good. Fired WWI era mm artillery shell. It could be a training round of some sort, or I suppose it could be a dud. It does have a fuze, so I dunno if it was originally intended to explode, or not. Whales rib bone. I found it lying in the back of an antique shop, the owner had no idea what it was. Anyone know how to date whale bones? Sweet Bugle is apparently a mild sedative and throat tonic derived from Bugleweed. It seems to be some sort of herbal concoction similar to cough syrup.

    It also seems to be fairly old, perhaps late s based on the bottle construction. There is a relatively common misperception that these devices were used anally or vaginally but there is no evidence of that actually occurring. In fact, these devices were used orally as a punishment for heresy and blasphemy. It was not used to inflict severe pain or lasting damage, it was used to fill the mouth, causing considerable discomfort, along with an inability to speak, or swallow yer drool. A real one would have a rounder tip, ya know, like a pear.

    I mean, sure.

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    Of course I have a fez. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that causes a rare lung cancer in humans called mesothelioma. The long fibers get trapped in the lungs, never to come out. Carbon nanotubes are probably gonna have the same kind of issues a decade or so from now, as they likely cause similar types of damage to lung tissue for essentially the same reason, long fibers that get stuck and cause persistent irritation.

    Beautifully textured petrified wood specimen with knots, a wormhole and a lovely distinctive grain. It still contains a range of fingerprint powders, a roller, fingerprint record sheets, some ink, a glass plate, and more. The ink is pretty rotten, but the rest is still perfectly functional today. Spoon "Hovsa". Gaaaap Productions, "Flippo" xx. Amable, "Lola" xx.

    The Black Lotus, "Sug" xx. Bug 2 Fix, "Fixed" xx.

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    Hirmu, "Shadow Team" xx. Positron, "Homer" xx. Masqwe "24 Bits Intro" xx. Stupid Ascii Slayer "Poison". Dave "Born in ".

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      Speedy "Media Techno Popicus". Klorathy "Mellow Technology". Dan Dryer "Morning". Tricktrax "Mountain High". Speck "Mystic". Trickster "Neat". Nowaves "Nowasyn". Zoomorph "Obsession". Smooth "Omega". Yogi "Out of Goa". Tls "Plutonium ". Boon "Roundabout".

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      X-et "Rave Trip". Necros "On the Rocks". Kim "Saa Smukt er Havet". Muttley "Sassy Assline". Coma "Screwdriver Disaster". Tarmslyng "Should Turn to B". Pman "Smooth Attack". Dixan "Sorry to Party". Pixie "Space Fish in Sig T3". Shane "Spacelab 9". Shout "Spiral Mechanism". Hille "Sudden Inspiration". POW "Syndrome". Mittlag "Syntactic Sugar".