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However, their plan to neutralize them by egging them goes wrong as chicks hatch from every single egg. Numbuh 5 tries to find an intruder in the KND treehouse. Numbuh 1 orders a complete lock-down of the treehouse but the enemy is already inside, and one by one the operatives are getting spanked. In the end the KND start spanking. However, the information inside of it is used by Father to turn every single operative into an animal, leaving Tommy the last one who's not transformed into an animal since he removed his DNA from the Code Module in order to save the KND.

Jungle Book Movie Starting Scene #1

Numbuh 4's disgust at anything Rainbow Monkey only increases when he finds himself trapped on Rainbow Monkey Island with a gargantuan, monstrous Rainbow Monkey Kong. He tries to teach it to be a dangerous monster, but all it can do is love. Numbuh 5 journeys to the exotic Al-Shugar Desert to recover her stolen candy , the Blurpleberry Supreme, and discovers she's not the only one searching for the powerful, mystical candy.

Numbuh 4 tries to get his candy back from Stickybeard on Halloween. An important operative suffers an accident on a dangerous mission and is sent to the hospital. But one ex-KND member is out to scramblify his brain, and it's up to Sector V to make sure he is safe, especially Numbuh 3. Numbuh 4 accidentally eats a brussels sprout , sending the rest of the KND on an emergency Fantastic Voyage to stop the dreaded vegetable from being digested. Numbuh 5 comes face to face with a vicious dog who is always eating her homework.

Numbuhs 2 and 5 travel through the school jungle gym to help find the First Grade's missing pet bunny, Mr. Fluffalupagus from Heinrich von Marzipan who kidnapped him and plans on making chocolate bunnies from real bunnies by dipping them into the chocolate volcano. Boss, Knightbrace, Mr.

Numbuh 3's family are invited to Numbuh 2's house, where Mrs. Gilligan is hoping to get a promotion out of this. Later it's revealed that the Rainbow Monkey is stabbed by a fork. The kids do all the adults job whereas the adults sit around and play video games. While swimming in the pool, Lizzie is captured by an evil opposite of herself, Eizzil Enived Lizzie's name backwards , and Nigel follows the captor back to her home universe. Numbuh 2's mom has to go out so she finds Cree to babysit Tommy and him.

The KND try to stop a mysterious being from collecting all the Rainbow Monkeys in the world-- including Numbuh 3's beloved ones. Numbuh 5 tries to stop Heinrich, now a chocolate monster Recapping the aftermath of "Operation: R. Numbuh 4 must choose between his job as a KND operative or be a bully fighter. Lizzie feels that Nigel works too much during lunch, so she forces him to have lunch with her, but he can't work.

Meanwhile, a group of lunch thieves and their leader Robin Food break into the cafeteria and start stealing everybody's lunches, including Lizzie and Numbuh 1's. The KND have run out of Rainbow Munchies, their favorite cereal, so they send out tennis-ball probes to find a box. Numbuh 1 battles a group of snake ties with an adult against them. The KND try to rescue a boy from a monster in the closet. Jimmy Greenville the fourth-grade president forces other kids back into school on a first snow day for a special assembly after Numbuh 1 is too sick to play. Maurice, a member of the Kids Next Door is de-commissioned.

Numbuh 5 is saddened by it, and suggests that they monitor Maurice to make sure the teenagers don't recruit him. Numbuh 3 stars in a romantic musical as the lead girl. Numbuh 4 tries to battle it out with an evil adult in his couch. Numbuh 4 tries to battle against the Dodgeball Wizard for his rank. Tommy embarks on a journey with a cowardly cleanliness-fearing captain in the bath waters. The KND go to rescue babies from the hospital to protect them from becoming automatic adults.

The Missing Sister

Numbuh 5 thinks the others are insane and tries to bring them back, but the babies themselves have other plans. Numbuhs 2 and 4 try to escape from an island inhabited by bully monsters. Numbuhs 2 and 4 travel to a certain place in the treehouse to give Numbuh 3's goldfish a proper funeral, while Numbuhs 1 and 5 try to win her a new one from a rigged carnival game. Numbuh 4 uncovers a game in which priceless vases are broken. Numbuh 1 tries to flee from a doctor who wants to cure his moosebumps.

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Numbuh 5 tries to save her sister Cree from a contagious disease that KND have made in revenge for creating chicken pox. Numbuhs 2 and 3 try to guide a plane full of hamsters. Meanwhile, Lizzie is jealous of a girl Numbuh 1 is hanging out with, and races over to try and keep Nigel from "dating" her.


A boy named Bobby tries to get through a training program with flying colors. Numbuh 1, Numbuh 83, and Numbuh 84 try to save a kid named Shaunie, Numbuh 86's brother, from getting a haircut from his father. Unfortunately, they end up in combat with Shaunie's dad, who is none other than Mr.

A clown tries to get Numbuh 2, as he plays lots of jokes. Numbuh 3's sister, Mushi tries to get revenge on Numbuh 2 after being grounded for life for transferring Count Spankulot's power onto her Rainbow Monkey. Numbuh 3 is cold, so she turns up the heat even though she is not allowed by her father. But it gets so warm, the KND have to turn down the heating before Numbuh 3's house explodes. Meanwhile, Numbuh 4 watches over Mr. Numbuh 4 releases Mr. At his home he gives them sodas which he tricks them into thinking that they were poisoned, and tells them that he'll give them the antidote if they beat his dad in a bowling tournament.

Heinrich comes back, but this time needs to be saved by Numbuh 5 as she recruits Stickybeard and his band of candy pirates to help her rescue Heinrich from Black John Licorice and his pirates. But it seems to be more than what it appears to her and Numbuh 5. Every year, the KND choose someone to be "IT" which involves a game of tag to choose the next Supreme Leader, so Numbuh sets up the game after she decides to resign after being tired of the job. But when Numbuh 2 accidentally tags Father, he becomes Supreme Leader. When a kid-friendly senator receives a funding of approximately eleven-billion dollars, he uses it to build an army of Safety-bots, to make the world a safe place for children.

But the robots grow more and more extreme in their actions, eventually planning to eliminate adults, and cover the Earth in bubble wrap. When Numbuh 1 is taken to England, someone gives him a book, resulting in Numbuh 1 getting followed by 3 kids. Sector V attempts to sabotage the Villain's Choice Awards. When salad oil is discovered in the school playground, Numbuh 1 must find a way to save recess, while still keeping a promise to Lizzie.

While the team is off on their recess-rescuing mission, the hamsters are attacked and captured by the Sinister Felines from Atop the Litterbox, but end up battling the Hamsters Next Door. Numbuh 1 wakes up to discover that he is the president of the United States in another reality, who is about to sign the Bill of No Rights For Kids. Amerigo Vespinaccio tries to spread spinach throughout the school, and it's up to Sector V to stop him. Numbuh 2 attempts to deliver the fourth grade president's message. Numbuh 20, and his Squid Squad work with Sector V to destroy the bridge leading into Le Sissie, a store in the mall that sells horrible back-to-school clothes for kids.

Numbuhs 2, 3, and 6 are tricked and must get a truckload of soda to a girl's birthday party and keep Mr. Fizz and Lieutenant Seltzer from getting the soda. Tommy loves Numbuh 2's cruddy, old tricycle but gets laughed at when the other kids see him riding it.

Using his 2x4 technology expertise, Tommy rebuilds it into the "Best Bike in the Whole World", but the bike turns evil trying to impress Numbuh 2. When Gallagher Elementary students are being arrested by the School Safety Patrol for crimes they are envisioned to commit, including detective Numbuh 2, it's up to Numbuh 3 to investigate a psychic member of the School Safety Patrol while trying to finish her social studies homework.

Numbuhs 3 and 4 are launched into space to break the "Ridiculous" space barrier, but black out in mid-flight and wake up on a world ruled by anthropomorphic, talking Rainbow Monkeys. This episode illustrates a day at the annual kids' 2x4 tech science fair. Continues from Operation: S. Sector V sends Numbuh 2 into hiding at an Amish sector to his extreme dismay. Lizzie's always had to compete with the Kids Next Door for Nigel's attention, and she thinks Nigel has found a new girlfriend. Heinrich uses a ritual involving sacred golden caramels to take away the qualities the Sector V operatives value the most.

Numbuh 1's leadership, Numbuh 2's intellect, Numbuh 3's giddiness, Numbuh 4's toughness, and Numbuh 5's Coolness Numbuh 5 eventually teaches Heinrich that he needs to share his candy to revert to his original form, She is then seen leaving with a young Blonde girl. Adults send Numbuh 4's family to the Moon to colonize it. But Sector V diverts the colony to Hollywood, where they stage a fake colonization, tricking the Beatles family and the adults at mission control to prevent them from discovering the KND Moonbase.

While Billy's Dad is underwear shopping, Billy wears his dad's lucky pants, and accidentely rips them with Grim's scythe. Note: Suzanne also writes mainstream romance under the pen name Ava Conway.

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About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, an ancient breeding race begins… Aleta runs the Cria to gain her freedom from outdated tribal laws.

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Luiz runs the Cria to claim Aleta as his mate and uphold tradition. Together, they must forge a future not only for themselves, but for all shifters living in the Amazon Rainforest. From the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of the Kyron Pack series comes a story about how shifters living in the Amazon rainforest defend their home from developers and find love in the process.

Note: This is a stand-alone novel set in the Jungle Heat world. Deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, an ancient breeding race begins… Ever since she was jilted by her lover, Aleta had been subjected to humiliation by her Jaguarundi tribe. Not anymore. She is determined to emerge from her final Cria unmated, and finally be free of tribal traditions and her overbearing father. Unfortunately, the past is unwilling to let her go. Forced to abandon Aleta when he went into exile, Luiz knows that this Cria will be his last chance to reclaim what is rightfully his.