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The year-old LeRoy L shot to fame with the publication of his autobiographical novel where he detailed his traumatic childhood. He went on to win the trust and support of celebrities who sympathized when LeRoy declared he had HIV. In late , publications revealed that LeRoy was a woman named Savannah Knoop, but the brains behind the character was her sister-in-law, Laura Albert R.

Why do kids kill their parents? A specialist offers insights

When she suddenly disappeared in the midst of the Arab Spring uprisings, readers and activists launched a search for her. Journalist Clifford Irving fabricated an entire autobiography of the reclusive billionaire after reading a magazine article about him. The author served a month sentence in federal prison for fraud charges after Hughes finally emerged and revealed the fabrication. Conspirators among Beatlemaniacs claim that Paul McCartney secretly died in and was replaced by a look-alike. The latter is thought to represent a funeral procession with R-L John Lennon in white as a priest, Ringo Starr as the undertaker, the barefoot McCartney as the corpse, and George Harrison as the gravedigger.

In November , pranksters handed out a spoof edition of The New York Times announcing the end of the ongoing war in Iraq.

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The catch — they were dated July 4, In , two laborers in Cardiff, New York, U. The foot-tall 3 meter man was thought to be an ancient predecessor, and hundreds of people including amateur archaeologists turned up to see it. It was later revealed to have been buried a year ago by the farmer on whose land they were digging. Before the couple moved in with their three young children, they had a priest bless the house. On moving in, they noticed paranormal activities such as bleeding walls and fled after 28 days.

They recounted their story to author Jay Anson who wrote a novel of the events, which in turn spawned a hit movie. Many experts and investigators expressed doubt about the authenticity of the Lutzes' claims with details being refuted by eyewitnesses. On Dec. The group never produced the cloned child, a baby girl they called Eve. In , the BBC did a spoof documentary by Panorama in which host Richard Dimbleby reported on the growing of spaghetti trees in Switzerland. The video showed women plucking the spaghetti and leaving it in the sun to dry.

There was footage showing the legendary creature in the hills of northern California. While Marx and Winer insisted the film was real, it has been widely written off as a hoax. People were amazed and mystified when by the strange crop circles appearing in wheat fields all over southern England in the late 70s.

What drives a kid to kill?

Journalists and self-appointed experts pronounced that they were impossible to be made by man. However, in , artists Doug Bower and David Chorley stepped forward to claim they were the creators of many of the mysterious circles in the Wiltshire region. The city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, U. City officials painted lines and oblivious stick-figure pictures near City Hall to designate e-lanes for chronic texters who keep their eyes on their phone screens instead of their surroundings.

Stern magazine published them after running the document through several handwriting experts to confirm its authenticity. Two weeks later, the diaries were found to have been written by an acclaimed forger Konrad Kujau. Pictured A worker of Berlin auction house Jeschke, Greve and Hauff disposes a copy of the last circulating copy of the fake Hitler diaries by late faker Konrad Kujau in Berlin on April 23, Notre Dame footballer Manti Te'o told the media in that his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, had been in a car crash from which she recovered only to die from terminal leukemia.

Sports blog Deadspin acted on a tip and alleged in that the girlfriend did not exist. Te'o admitted that he had never met her in person and called LennayGate a catfishing scam. Sporting an untamed beard and a few extra pounds, the Oscar-nominated actor appeared on David Letterman's show in February to announce that he was quitting acting for a hip-hop career. In August , investment banker Paul Douglas Peters walked into a Sydney, Australia, mansion and chained a bomb-like collar to teenager Madeleine Pulver pictured and left a ransom note. It took the bomb squad 10 hours to remove the device, which was a fake.

He started getting calls from people wanting to leave their pooches at the canine bordello. Skaggs soon admitted that the whole thing was a goof. Media helicopters, military aircraft and the FAA all assisted in tracking down the wayward balloon, the flight of which was broadcast live across the nation. Frey's pictured memoir of alcohol and drug-induced mayhem was a bestseller in and chosen by Oprah Winfrey's book club, but The Smoking Gun, an investigative site found discrepancies. The book's publisher, Random House's Doubleday division, stood by the author and declined to make Frey available for interview.

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Frey initially denied the fabrication charges, but in January , admitted to making up parts of it. She later gave birth to a daughter and has since become a grandmother. She has lifelong anonymity. The schoolboys who were playing truant abducted James from a shopping centre on Merseyside before beating him to death and leaving his defiled body on a railway line. T hey were tried before Preston Crown Court in November and were both found guilty of murder.

They were both eventually released in having served eight years and were given new identities and new lives away from Merseyside. Venables was returned to prison in after breaching the terms of his licence when he was found in possession of child pornography. He was released from prison in I n teenager Daniel Bartlam beat his mother Jacqui to death with a claw hammer during an unprovoked attack at their home in Nottingham.

Intending to carry out the perfect crime, he then doused her body in petrol and set fire to it in order to destroy evidence.

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Hate is learned. I believe that hate can be unlearned, and melted away, like the hardest ice, by a fire of warmth and the inborn goodness which lives within us all and which will, in the end, prevail if we only let it. I believe that, like a seed must completely disintegrate before it begins to sprout, each act of evil brings our world closer to waking up, closer to sanity, closer to breaking through the earth and reaching for heaven.

I believe that the night is darkest before dawn, that the sun is about to spread its healing rays over our cold and desolate horizon. And I believe that, with the wonder we borrow from the big brown eyes of that little boy with an unanswerable question, we can dare to hope for a brighter future. Yaakov Klein. Then, they ask a question to which we have — no, to which there is — no response. If we think we will find an answer, we are mistaken. This question is an admonition.

And to act on it. To be the change we see in the world. Yaakov Klein is the author of Sparks from Berditchov. Yaakov lives in Yerushalayim with his wife Shira and their son Shmuel where he studies Torah, teaches Chassidus, works on future writing projects and produces music.