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We've put together some Humanist answers to common questions here - just click the question to view the answer. If you have any more, how about asking us? For a start, religion can be divisive — Christians against Muslims, Catholics against Protestants, and so on. History is full of examples of people killing one another in the name of their religions. When children go to faith schools, they may have very little contact with children from other faiths, as has happened in Northern Ireland, which leads to a lack of understanding, even hatred.

We think they should be allowed to grow up and make up their own minds. Can you remember all that time before you were born?

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Neither can we! Well, it's probably the same after you die. Nothing ever disappears completely. There have been hundreds, thousands of versions of God throughout history. Which one are we expected to believe in? The god or gods that religious people believe in depends on their culture — where they were born, what their parents worship.

The word atheist comes from ancient Greek — "a" means "without", and "theist" means "belief in a god or gods". Why not one of them? You can also get married in a registry office and then have a ceremony for family and friends anywhere you like.

There are no Humanist priests or leaders. Religion means a belief in a supernatural power. We find out own purpose or meaning in life, in the here and now.

The Atheist’s Way: Living Well Without Gods

It may involve creating a happy family, helping other people to find fulfilment, trying to make life better for others in some way, finding satisfaction through learning to do things really well. Most people understand the difference between right and wrong, without having to be told. No, not more than human. Most humanists think that we have a right to end our own lives when we choose, so that we might die peacefully and with dignity.

Voluntary euthanasia is when we choose when we should die, not when other people choose for us. Research has shown that most people in the UK agree with us. Yes, when necessary. Humanists were involved with changing the law to make abortion legal in some circumstances. Before then, many women risked serious injury or even death through unsafe back street abortions.

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists

However, with good contraception and sex education, abortion should be a last resort for unplanned pregnancies. We believe that death is inevitable and final and that it should be as painless and dignified as possible. We find comfort in the sympathy and company of our friends and family, while we keep the memories alive.

Will you be there forever? What will you do there? Will you only meet people you like? Will your pets be there too? Does heaven mean enjoying the things you enjoyed when you were alive, such as your favourite foods? The more you think about heaven, the less attractive it might seem.

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Hell has been used by some religions as a threat, to try to make people obey religious teachings. We think that hell is a human invention, and not a good one. We think that casual sex can cause all sorts of problems, from unplanned pregnancies to sexually transmitted diseases and emotional hurt.

It shows a lack of concern and respect for other people. Sadly, we have one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the UK, due to ignorance and lack of education. Good sex education is a right for all our children. We oppose attempts by some religious organisations to prevent it.

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No, not really. We have to think about what we should do whenever we face a problem, and make our own decisions. The sooner that young people start learning to do this, the better. Humanists can adapt to challenges with confidence. Humanists regard everyone else, whatever their race, sexual orientation, colour, ability or disability, as equal citizens of the world — no "them and us". The more I become willing to open my mind to the unknown, my imagination to the impossible and my heart to the notion of the divine, the more God becomes apparent.

I think we get what we are willing to believe, and that our experience of the world extends exactly to the limits of our interest and credence. I am interested in the idea of possibility and uncertainty. Possibility, by its very nature, extends beyond provable facts, and uncertainty propels us forward. I try to meet the world with an open and curious mind, insisting on nothing other than the freedom to look beyond what we think we know.

I think we get what we are willing to believe. Does God exist? For me, the question is what it means to believe. The thing is, against all my better judgement, I find it impossible not to believe, or at the very least not to be engaged in the inquiry of such a thing, which in a way is the same thing.

My life is dominated by the notion of God, whether it is His presence or His absence. I am a believer in the inquiry itself, more so than the result of that inquiry. As an extension of this belief, my songs are questions, rarely answers. It feels like a dead end to me, unhelpful and bad for the business of writing. I share many of the problems that atheists have toward religion — the dogma, the extremism, the hypocrisy, the concept of revelation with its many attendant horrors — I am just at variance with the often self-satisfied certainty that accompanies the idea that God does not exist.

It is simply not in my nature. I have, for better or for worse, a predisposition toward perverse and contradictory thinking. Perhaps this is something of a curse, but the idea of uncertainty, of not knowing , is the creative engine that drives everything I do. So, do I believe in God? Well, I act like I do, for my own greater good.

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Right now, God is a work in progress. There was a man with a light and a microphone, but suddenly he was gone. I just wanted to tell you something. My partner died in traffic. At that moment I was actually pregnant by him, but nobody knew. It was still a little early and I was pregnant after fertility-treatment. He died and five days after his death, I lost his child.

Our child.