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Stephane Cardinale - Corbis Report. Michael Kovac Report. This comment is hidden. Click here to view. Miguel Villagran Report. Eamonn M. McCormack Report.

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    John Hancock - The First And Third Governor Of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

    I admire her for signing all three names. I gave up after the second year of marriage. Dave Benett Report. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez Report. Noam Galai Report.

    The 17 Coolest Signatures Of Famous People, Past And Present

    Dave Hogan Report. Merritt Report. Paul Popper Report. Karwai Tang Report. Press Association Report. Shame, she looks totally different :. Frazer Harrison Report. Max Mumby Report.

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    Take that, Picasso!! Phoebe Bean 12 months ago must. Phoebe Bean 12 months ago Oh, how weird I'm reading Welcome to the Monkey House Phoebe Bean 12 months ago So beautiful signature. Phoebe Bean 12 months ago Wow, very elegant signature. Phoebe Bean 12 months ago Very elegant signature! Phoebe Bean 12 months ago I wonder how their passports look with all these drawing-signatures Wynand 12 months ago Metallica!

    Tiger Heart 12 months ago looks like a lenny face lol.

    Miss Cris 12 months ago Minimalist, as him. Aryan Varshneya 12 months ago He's moonwalking all over the paper! Some celebrities still enjoy signing autographs for free for fans. Many people who stand outside premieres , asking for autographs are actually professional autograph traders, who make their living or supplement their income by selling them for full profit, rather than keeping them as a personal souvenir. This is one of the main reasons why some celebrities will only distribute their signatures for a price. Joe DiMaggio was able to command more money on signing fees than he made in his playing career, though he also gave individual autographs.

    Michael Jordan reportedly did not sign for most of his career because of safety concerns about frenzied attempts to get his signature, which is worth hundreds of dollars. Jordan has frequently signed at more peaceful events, such as golf tournaments. Pete Rose was paid to sign 30 baseballs with the inscription "I'm sorry I bet on baseball.

    Realizing the potential profit in the sale of pop culture autographs, many dealers also would wait for hours for a celebrity to emerge from a location, present several photos for the celebrity to sign and then sell most of them. Michael Jackson 's experience was typical; he often signed just a handful of autographs as he rushed from his hotel to his vehicle. Some collectors take note of which celebrities are the most gracious or the least forthcoming.

    Some celebrities soon grew tired of the practice and limited their responses. Because of the many autographs a celebrity might sign over time, some check requests against a record of past requests. Boxer George Foreman , for instance, records the names and addresses of every person requesting an autograph to limit such abuses. Some famous people flatly refuse to autograph anything for fans, such as the actors Paul Newman and Greta Garbo , [9] and the aviator Charles A.

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    Celebrities sometimes authorized secretaries to sign their correspondence. Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall felt obligated to sign every condolence letter sent to the families of slain soldiers. But as the death rate increased, he was forced to assign an assistant to forge his signature to the letters.

    The surrogate signatures were hard to distinguish from the originals. General Douglas MacArthur rarely signed a WWII condolence letter personally and all of his letters to families were signed by one of two assistants who tried hard to duplicate his signature but the forged signatures were distinguished by an unusually high letter "l" and a skinny "D". During the early stage of the Korean War, MacArthur personally signed condolence letters. As the fatalities increased, the General began to use letters with pre-printed signatures.

    In the U. Eisenhower often had secretaries forge his name to campaign letters and "personally inscribed" autographed photographs. Player signatures on baseballs and footballs that are actually signed by coaches and ballboys are called clubhouse signatures. Since the early s almost all American presidents have had an autopen or robot machine for the automatic signing of a signature as an autograph machine for their letters, photographs, books, official documents, and even memorabilia items such as baseballs and golf balls.

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    Some former presidents even have continued to utilize the autopen after they have left office. The Signa-Signer can even write out in ink an authentically looking handwritten message that has been typed into the machine. One book detailing the use of this machine by President John F. Since the s, the practice of using an autopen has spread to U. Cabinet members, U. Senators, some state governors , and many other personalities who have a high volume of correspondence with the public.

    Astronaut Alan Shepard acknowledged that NASA used the autopen machine to sign the astronauts' voluminous correspondence. Many large corporations also use these machines for signing business letters. Although autopen signatures should constantly match one another, they will eventually change as the signature drum becomes worn, and thereby alters the signature.

    Due to these professional imitations, buyers are often wary of buying presidential or astronaut signatures from unknown sellers.

    30 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Signatures

    Autograph collectors enjoy assembling signed historical documents, letters, or objects as a way of capturing a piece of history. However, forgers seek to profit by selling forged items. Sometimes just the signature has been forged, in other instances the entire document has been fabricated. Differentiating forged from authentic autographs is almost impossible for the amateur collector, but a professional may be consulted. One method commonly seen on eBay is called "preprinting" by many sellers.

    The item is only a photocopy of an actual autographed photo, usually printed on glossy home photo paper. Since this is almost always disclosed to the buyer, some may not consider these actual forgeries. Baldwin is a highly skilled forger of sports memorabilia. Forgers may go to great lengths to make their forgeries appear authentic. Some use blank end papers from old books upon which to write their fake signatures in an attempt to match the paper of the era in which the personality lived. They have researched ink formulations of the era that they want to replicate. One book that explores the production of impressive fake manuscripts pertaining to Mormons is A Gathering of Saints by Robert Lindsey.

    A rare vintage portrait of the actress, where she signed with her birth name, Norma Jeane. She signed the photo for her half-sister, Berniece Baker Miracle. Presley's photo ID and badge from the U.

    Signatures of Famous Personalities (Samples 1)

    Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The singer — who loved collecting police badges from various American cities — wrote to President Richard Nixon, requesting for a meeting at the White House and a special Bureau badge titled "Federal Agent at Large. As the 37th U. The first wife of Prince Charles was known for her charity work her, including her support of International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Should couples pray together while dating? Why this author says 'no'.

    Curly hair girl guide for short locks. Full Screen. Christopher Columbus Credited to be the first explorer to begin the European colonization of the New World, the Italian navigator completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Abraham Lincoln As the 16th U. Martin Luther King Jr. Richard Nixon As the 37th U. Diana, Princess of Wales The first wife of Prince Charles was known for her charity work her, including her support of International Campaign to Ban Landmines.