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Scared Money

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  1. The Department of Homeland Security (The U.S. Government: How It Works).
  2. The Chinese City;
  3. Goshens Watch.
  4. “Scared money can’t win and a worried man can’t love.”!
  5. Geometric Methods in Physics: XXX Workshop, Białowieża, Poland, June 26 to July 2, 2011 (Trends in Mathematics).

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N.O.R.E. - Scared Money Lyrics

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Feb 18, AM. Siobhon books view quotes. They are able to play without such burdens. A lot of times these players play in ways that aren't really "standard" to professional players or to those who have studied the game more carefully. They can be more unpredictable with the lines they take and with their hand ranges, and can therefore be pretty challenging to play against as a result. That said, these players who are more comfortable playing higher buy-in tournaments sometimes struggle playing lower buy-in events.

I have a friend who normally plays the high rollers who recently played in the Beijing Millions Main Event which was a lower buy-in tournament that had multiple Day 1 flights. He just couldn't get anything going and busted Day 1s three times. Meanwhile I made it through two different Day 1 flights with similarly above-average stacks. When he saw how we both had done, he talked to me about some of the differences he has noticed between the higher and lower buy-in tournaments.

He explained to me some of the strategies he uses in high roller events. For example, in a high roller he knows that if he gets into a situation where he might be facing a big coin-flip -- say he has pocket jacks preflop and thinks his opponent has ace-king -- he won't be willing to gamble.

Scared Money vs Fearless Money

Even if he's put a raise in, he'll fold that hand in favor of looking for other opportunities where his edge will be bigger. He's selective in other ways, too, say when he has a big stack and doesn't necessarily push opponents around the way some pros might do. Instead he remains patient, picking spots carefully and not being overly risky with the way he plays.

Implied odds. In the dark. Inducing bluff. Inside straight draw. J Jam. K Kicker. Knock out. L LAG. Late position. Lead, leadare.

Corporate Cash: Scared Money Don't Make No Money

Level down - Level up. Limp - limpare. Long period o Long term. Main pot. Middle position. Money scared. Multi Table Tournament. Multiway pot. Nit - Nitty - Nittoso. NL - NLH. No brain. No brainer. No limit. Nose bleed.

Missing Opportunities

Nut flush draw. O o - offsuited. One gap connectors. Open ended straight draw. Original poster. Original raiser. P Paired. Pay off. Player dependant. Pocket pair. Poker Tracker. Pot committed.


Pot control. Pot equity. Pot limit.

Pot odds. Pot sized bet. Premium hand. Prop proposition bet. Q Quads. Regs - Regulars. Reverse implied odds. Ring game. Runner runner.