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Mystery Ink: Murder Times Two

Publisher's Summary Nattie Ryan's bookstore, Mystery, Ink, is dying right before her eyes, and her beloved son, Jeffrey, is in prison for drug trafficking, a crime he didn't commit. More from the same Narrator: Big Battles in Trenton. What members say. No reviews are available. Trump and Xi agree to restart trade talks, put hold on new tariffs The U. By Don Lee. By Alene Tchekmedyian. By Mimi Zeiger.

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By Broderick Turner and Tania Ganguli. Joe Biden struggles and Kamala Harris surges after clash over race and busing. By Mark Z. Barabak and Matt Pearce. Rapper Slim shot multiple times in Compton, undergoes surgery, source says. Some Oregon Republican lawmakers end their walkout without vote on climate change bill. Child dies of E. By Steve Lopez. By Helene Elliott. Jill Ellis came to America to prosper in soccer, and now, the world is catching up.

BETRAYED BY MY SISTER! / Roblox: Murder Mystery 2

By Kevin Baxter. With semi-nude models, Donna Huanca brings femme power into a male art world. By Catherine Womack. By Christopher Knight. Have a newsworthy tip?


Share it with us. How did judges miss that? By Jenn Harris. Weekend getaways: 7 great camping sites within driving distance of L. By Roy M. Saturday Cooks: Fresh farmers market cherries get a boost in flavor from a surprising source. By Ben Mims. A bomb blast, a phone call and a Navy family forever changed AM. Professor Pericles went to the Crystal Cove Caves with the original Mystery Incorporated and led them to a site where the first Planispheric Disk piece was found.

He teamed up with Fred Jones, Sr. His left eye was injured when the yet to be Mayor Jones betrayed him. He was wrongly accused of a crime and sent to Crystal Cove's Animal Asylum. The gang discovered that he was the mascot of the original Mystery Inc. She opened it and saw a picture of the original Mystery Inc. The message said, "Don't give up, this has happened before.

The Authors of Mystery Ink - An Anthology of Short Stories by Ontario Writers

Pericles was found in a glass cage in the animal asylum. He was depicted as a crazy bird who had the smartest brain in the world. In the end, the parrot broke out during the Fright Hound 's attack on the Animal Asylum. The real reason was that he knew the gang was coming to the rescue. Sheriff Bronson Stone was contacted by Officer Johnson that all the inmates were rounded up except for Professor Pericles.

E told Scooby and the gang to "follow the parrot. He sent a mocking message to the gang and Mr.

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E through his henchman telling them this. Unmasked as the " Shadowy Figure. He haunted Mayor Jones in his home by taking over his son's traps, and managed to steal his piece of the Planispheric Disk. He watched using video monitors when the gang was attacked by the Obliteratrix , and thought about helping them because he still needed them alive.

However, Pericles didn't want to use words and attacked Ed Machine. He later showed up when the gang was down in the Crystal Cove Caves. He had used a tracker to see where the Mystery Machine was and said there was nothing to fear. The Freak of Crystal Cove appeared and swiped Pericles, knocking him to the ground. He managed to get the piece of the Planispheric Disk away from the Freak, and mocked Scooby about it before flying away. In anger, Scooby vowed to stop Pericles.

He summoned the former members of the original Mystery Inc. E then invited Pericles into a partnership, though this may be more than a mere partnership and they may miss each other's friendship.

E agreed and the two of them held a toast that they would use the treasure to conquer the world. They also heard Cassidy on the radio and agreed to "silence" her forever. He told the gang that he lived for more than 80 years, as he recalled being a friend of Abigail Gluck in the s. He took over her underwater robot factory after her death and retrieved the final disk piece and escaped, while activating the self-destruct sequence destroying the base, which took Cassidy with it.

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He had a fond remembrance of Krampus terrorizing children while still trying to get the gang's pieces.