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Summary Bibliography: J. G. Ballard

The contest was held in the USA, Ekberg, one of six finalists, lost, but won a starlet's contract with Universal Studios, and enrolled in a program common at the time: Lessons in drama, diction, dancing, fencing and horseback riding, and minor roles in the studio's films. The fountain scene was shot on a cold March morning. Mastroianni wore a wet suit under his clothes, but still relied on an entire bottle of vodka, according to Fellini, to keep going, causing him to fall drunk into the freezing water. Maybe too many times" Ekberg said in a interview, "I can't stand watching it any more, but it was beautiful at the time" No , but the role went to the then-unknown Ursula Andress.

Ekberg, often outspoken, said that it was Fellini who owed his success to her, not the other way around. Steele's heavy drinking doomed the marriage.

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A second marriage to actor Rik Van Nutter, also ended in divorce in Art 10, Music 6, Sports Memorabilia 2, Sporting Goods Crafts Baby Everything Else Musical Instruments Coins Pet Supplies Stamps Antiques Events Tickets 4. Format see all Format.

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Celebrity 1. Language see all Language. Garbo chose to get out, at the top, because you can't live a legend.

Unlike Garbo, the other goddesses were and are all too human. We all know what hap pened to Monroe. And Garbo Never Talks. But what hap pened to Rita Hayworth? As it happened, Rita Hay worth wasn't even there. And that's pre cisely the trouble with Lana Turner. So the Hollywood minions grind on, as if yesterday had never happened, busily bitch ing their former queen.

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Or maybe they dreamt her. I knew better. To learn more of what made Rita a screen goddess, I went first to director George Cukor, who knew the lady in question when she was still Cansino. Before Cohn. It is boring. And untrue. These women are realistic, after all. They've always looked at themselves with a critical eye. And be lieve me, they are not fools.

Was Rita that good on screen? Yes, I knew, right away, she wasn't just another pretty girl. Rita made some of her material better than it was. Not all, because she did make some good pictures. During one of her many battles with Harry Cohn, I recall, he rather casually showed me a test he'd made with another girl, whose name escapes me, a very pretty girl, who was a dancer. Without her, it's nothing at all.

Driving in to Rita Hay worth's house up behind the Beverly Hills Hotel after a month of waiting—Marilyn had nothing on Rita on this flaming hot afternoon of the California fires, I was still wondering: Was and is Rita Hayworth a STAR—or just another glamour girl now aged, burned up, and dumped on the Hollywood junk heap with all the rest? You decide. I arrive and Rita opens the door herself. Right away it's Technicolor time and the tense jumps to present.

The star pours out a Coke for me, European red wine and soda on the rocks for herself. I catch a glimpse of a maid in a white uniform and I can just hear the maid's TV from the kitchen. Otherwise, the house this afternoon is exactly like an empty sound stage. A grandfather clock in the hall has stopped.

No, Rita Hayworth is not Gilda any more. Age has had at her. The body is heavier, the face is lined it doesn't look lifted , and the cele brated red hair is now cut short. But you could never mis take her for anyone else. Just by the walk alone, a walk that has been choreographed and copied a thousand times all legs. Or by the way she tosses her head to imaginary movie cameras that never stop.

Time for the showdown poker scene: I can feel the ghost of Gary Cooper riding with Rita to Cordura …. The voice that turned on all the men in World War II still comes up from the gut like smoke. Only it's a lot more lived in. What do you want to know?

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They say one of the biggest problems was that you were ill. The question stops her. Like a trapped panther hav ing to enter a hated cage, Rita Hayworth slowly sits down in a chair across from me and shakes her head, mad. I wasn't ill on that picture. Not once. You wanna know who was ill? Orson was ill—on account of Harry Cohn! Why don't you go get a quote from Orson? Welles was unavailable for comment on the subject of Miss Hay worth. So what does Harry Cohn say when he sees it?

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A sip of wine and a shrug.