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Teatro II, Alfonso X y Sancho IV, Mundos imaginarios, Ferrol mar adentro, Torre del Aire, Heterodoxos en el Camino de Santiago, Cotufas en el golfo, Nuevos cuadernos de la Romana, Los cuadernos de la Romana, La boda de Chon Recalde , El hostal de los dioses amables , La muerte del decano , Las islas extraordinarias , Filomeno, a mi pesar , Yo no soy yo, evidentemente , La rosa de los vientos , La princesa durmiente va a la escuela , La isla de los jacintos cortados , Fragmentos de Apocalipsis , B , Off-side , Don Juan , Los gozos y las sombras , Ifigenia , Short stories and novellas Historias de humor para eruditos , O conto de serea , El rey pasmado , Ifigenia y otros cuentos , Las sombras recobradas , El cuento de la sirena , Ilustraciones de Miguelanxo Prado.

Gerineldo , Atardecer en Longwood , El retorno de Ulises , Lope de Aguirre , Auto sacramental , El Quijote como juego , Aprendiz de hombre , He reestablished the absolutist monarchy and rejected the liberal constitution of He suppressed the liberal press and jailed many of its editors and writers. Ferdinand ascended the throne and turned to Napoleon for support. He abdicated on 6 May While the upper echelons of the Spanish government accepted his abdication and Napoleon's choice of his brother Joseph Bonaparte as king of Spain, the Spanish people did not.

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester

Provincial juntas were established to control regions in opposition to the new French king. On 24 August, Ferdinand VII was proclaimed king of Spain again, and negotiations between the Council and the provincial juntas for the establishment of a Supreme Central Junta were completed. On the constitutional government becoming re-established, he [Quintana] was released, and restored to his offices as secretary for the interpretation of languages, and member of the board of censors.

In , the directorship-general of public education having been formed, he was made president, until , when the constitution was again set aside, and he was again deprived of his employments. Hereupon Quintana retired to Estremadura to his family, and lived there till the end of , when he was permitted to return to Madrid, to continue his labours and literary studies. The following year he was named member of the board for the museum of natural sciences, and in was re- established in his former employment, as secretary for interpretations, for which his knowledge of the French, English and other languages rendered him qualified, and also reappointed president of the council of public instruction.

Lewis's Castle Spectre; his Pelayo , written on a patriotic theme, was more successful. His proclamations and odes fanned the national enthusiasm into flame. But he was ill rewarded for his services, for on the return of Ferdinand VII he was imprisoned at Pamplona from to Though publicly crowned as the representative poet of Spain , he seems to have lived in poverty. She came to the throne as an infant, but her succession was disputed by the Carlists, who refused to recognise a female sovereign, leading to the Carlist Wars.

After a troubled reign, she was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of , and formally abdicated in Her son Alfonso XII became king in Isabella succeeded to the throne because Ferdinand VII had induced the Cortes Generales to help him set aside the Salic law, introduced by the Bourbons in the early 18th century, and to re-establish the older succession law of Spain.

The first pretender, Ferdinand's brother Carlos, fought seven years during the minority of Isabella to dispute her title. Carlos' and his descendants' supporters were known as Carlists, and the fight over the succession was the subject of a number of Carlist Wars in the 19th century.

Isabella's reign was maintained only through the support of the army. The Cortes and the Moderate Liberals and Progressives reestablished constitutional and parliamentary government, dissolved the religious orders and confiscated their property including that of Jesuits , and tried to restore order to Spain's finances. His poems, thirty-four in number, are inspired by philanthropy and patriotism; the style is occasionally gallicized, but his nobility of sentiment and resounding rhetoric attract many generations of Spaniards. The most famous painting by Esquivel and a capital piece in the Spanish Romanticism.

Considered the most graphic testimony of the intellectual environment during the reign of Isabel II , this canvas fictitiously meets the most relevant contemporary cultural figures to Esquivel.

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In its composition, it is unified the complexity of the collective portrait with the scheme of the Flemish Baroque cabinet, by investigating in every detail of the artist's workshop, being able to identify and analyze the works and the artist aesthetics. Quintana '. Son muchas las noticias de la prensa del momento donde se describe con detalle la ceremonia. The idea to crown the poet Quintana by Isabel II was suggested by Espartero, and his initiative was supported by the Queen, who, when she was exposed the purpose of the Organizing Committee presided by Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch, according to the chronicles of the time, responded: "I love Quintana, not only as my tutor and teacher, but also as the greatest genius of my kingdom, I am therefore ready to crown him.

During the Renaissance, those who received a doctorate, upon passing their final examinations, were decorated with berried branches of bay, an ancient symbol of highest honor. Diario oficial de avisos de Madrid. Manuel el 11 de Marzo de al Cementerio de la Almudena M.

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Quintana died the 11th of March of and was buried in the Cementerio Patriarcal in Madrid. En , due to the bad preservation of the cemetery, his remains were moved into the Cementerio de la Almudena. The Queen Isabel II defrayed the expenditures for his funeral. Francisco Santa Cruz, D.

Juan Eugenio Hatrzenbusch, D. Eugenia de Ochos y D. Antonio Ferrer del Rio. Family History. He lived at No. Madrid: Turner, Clemente Reboles, que vivecalle de la Encomienda n. Tenders to be addressed to this Consulate on the 16th inst. The best will be accepted in Sat 18th from twelve to one o'clock. Quntana Vice Consul, Acting Consul. Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

For London, Ship "Hawsbury". Director: Don Manuel J.

Quinatan Y Brodett. March Census. Montreal: D..

Xela Arias

Manuel Quintana y Brodot. Wife of Manuel J. Servant Barbara Hodge, 16yrs. Inscription: 'M. At the time of her burial, it was known as the German Protestant Cemetery of Lebanon. Leonor Brodett Source: Diederik Kelder. The family used the names Brodett, Brodet and Brudet interchangeably.

Their four sons became notable figures in the early s in Spain and overseas territories. Juan Bautista Brodett y Carbone - was an accomplished military officer who played a pivotal role in the liberation of Castro Urdiales in Casimiro Brodett - was also a military officer. He became widely known as the lover of Maria Pineda. In the couple intended to marry but Casimiro but did not get the necessary dispensation from the military authorities.

Casimiro moved to Cuba in , but returns to Spain in where he died on the battlefield in one of the Carlist wars in In he left his post and fled to Singapore.

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His son Luis jnr. In: Bulletin Hispanique. Paris: Les belles Lettres, Sevilla: Ed. Alfar, ISBN Here conversation enlivened the boring social scene of what residents called the villa, or market town, of Madrid. Around this time two rival tertulias convened regularly in the Spanish capital. Marx observed all the symptoms of the revolutionary movement in Europe and paid much attention to the revolutionary events in the summer of in Spain. But their numbers were too few and their names too unknown to allow them to push the slow State-coach of the Junta out of the beaten track of Spanish ceremonial.

This power, so clumsily composed, so nervelessly constituted, with such outlived reminiscences at its head, was called upon to accomplish a revolution and to beat Napoleon. If its proclamations were as vigorous as its deeds were weak, it was due to Don Manuel Quintana, a Spanish poet, whom the Junta had the taste to appoint as their secretary and to intrust with the writing of their manifestoes. As the Central Junta, from its incongruous complexion, never succeeded in controlling the generals, the generals always failed in controlling the soldiers, and to the end of the war the Spanish army never reached an average degree of discipline and subordination.

This insubordination was kept up by the want of food, clothing, and all the other material requisites of an army — for the morale of an army, as Napoleon called it, depends altogether on its material condition. ISBN: Octubre-Diciembre Serra incorpora todos esos datos a su puesta en escena sin dramatizarlos y sin buscar tampoco ninguna trama narrativa. Serra empieza filmando el inicio de la enfermedad debido a un accidente de caza, muestra como la gangrena se apodera de su pierna y finaliza en el momento en que su cuerpo es objeto de una autopsia para estudiar el motivo profundo de su enfermedad.

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La captura de esta presencia es lo que permite a Serra la plenitud documental de su gesto. La mort de Louis XIV acaba con una frase memorable. Dudok de Wit no hace concesiones. Escapar de la isla se desvela imposible a pesar de que el protagonista lo intenta una y otra vez. Proyecciones especiales. Otras veces la barrera del trauma es infranqueable. Le Cancre puede verse como un tributo de Vecchiali a sus amigos y viceversa. Vecchiali interpreta al seductor Rodolphe, que desde la vejez lleva a cabo una serie de reencuentros esenciales. Y sucede que ciertamente lo son, pero no porque los cineastas los utilicen como meras perchas o pretextos para ilustrar una tesis, sino por la veracidad y por la complejidad del retrato que se traza de ellos.

Su oficio como doctora le permite comprender la realidad y los Dardenne no dudan en filmarla continuamente trabajando, ejerciendo su oficio y luchando para estar a la altura de las circunstancias. No obstante, en la vida de Jenny surge la falta. Brillante Mendoza se ha convertido en un cineasta del miserabilismo y la crueldad. El problema es que la historia, como tal, apenas avanza y que su dramaturgia se estanca sin encontrar una manera de enriquecer las situaciones.

Mejor dicho, alejados de la sociedad de consumo, pues en realidad viven en un ambiente de alta exigencia intelectual, pero rechazando todo atisbo del capitalismo. El bloque de pisos en el que vive puede ser considerado como un reflejo de lo que queda del viejo Brasil. Clara afronta la madurez en soledad, tras el fallecimiento de su pareja y con sus hijos afrontando sus respectivas incertidumbres. Su estabilidad se rompe cuando la empresa inmobiliaria que controla su finca le hace una oferta significativa para que venda su piso.

Cuando la protagonista se niega a abandonar su casa, los empresarios comienzan a activan sus estrategias para forzar su marcha. En un pasado indeterminado, una caravana de hombres y mujeres avanza por el paisaje pedregoso del Atlas destino a Sijilmasa, ciudad medieval de la que hoy solo quedan ruinas. La empresa pronto se revela imposible: la ruta es inabordable por las dificultades del terreno, las fuerzas comienzan a menguar.

En una ciudad del Marruecos actual, los hombres se preparan para arrancar su jornada laboral. Cuando este llega el Sheik ha muerto, como un animal, buscando un lugar para el reposo definitivo entre las piedras y la nieve. Observamos dos velocidades: las de aquellos que avanzaban a duras penas por un espacio intransitable y la de nuestra era. Una de las cimas de lo que llevamos de festival. Julieta es el resultado de un trabajo de rechazo, tanto de la posmodernidad como del barroquismo. Parece como si ya no quisiera volver a casa y prefiriera quedarse en un mundo de silencios, ausencias y desapariciones.

Una vez planteadas las fuerzas originarias, Assayas explora diversos caminos. En la maravillosa escena final de Hell of High Water se produce un encuentro entre el perseguidor y el perseguido. El perseguido no tiene una respuesta clara. No hay muchas oportunidades de ver el cine que se hace en Singapur. Un joyita, vamos.

La pareja protagonista vive su amor como algo cotidiano, alejado de todo romanticismo, y lucha por su propia dignidad. Loving acaba en , cuando la Corte Suprema de los estados Unidos dicta una sentencia a favor del mestizaje racial. El poeta sirve como paradigma y como modelo del propio cine de Jarmusch.