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A recent, and much lauded entry into the e-zine field is Beat to a Pulp , which publishes a new piece of short fiction each week in genres from mystery to sci-fi to western, even combining genres in innovative ways. For even more cool, short crime fiction resources, see Elizabeth A. The Best American Mystery short stories of the year series started by Otto Penzler in the late nineties helped get reader attention.

The great success of the Noir anthology series, sorted by geography and published by Akashic Books , spurred further notice. And is it my imagination, or are new anthologies and individual author collections being released more frequently? When each issue arrives, I allow myself to read one story immediately and then put the magazine on the night stand.

According to Terrie, writing short mystery fiction is nearly as much fun as hanging out with any or all of her seven grandchildren. Thanks, Leigh. Every issue is a surprise, filled with treats. You sound like a kid with a birthday present! Nice to see shorts having a heyday. And I am learning to enjoy audio.

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I have to start listening to NPR shorts. Kathy Ryan mentioned it about a year ago and I just never got around to finding it on the radio. That is a great project for this weekend. Thanks, rain99 aka Lois. Greenberg might mean the end of the annual he and Ed Gorman have been assembling, as interesting and even more web-savvy than the Penzler.

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ToddMason — You seem like a kid with a present as well. Also, while you are there, get yourself an exclusive Morbid design shirt. This was an unexpected two-parter but the details of this absolutely bonkers and tragic tale were too fascinating to neglect. In Part 1 we cover the downward spiral of 12 year-old Jasmine Richardson and her plummet into darkness after meeting self professed year-old werewolf, Jeremy Steinke. Fair warning, there is a child involved in this horrific case. Grab out exclusive Morbid t-shirt while you are there!

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What did the Ted Bundy flick get right, what did it get wrong and would we recommend it? Contains spoilers. Guys, it happened. Ash scared the hell out of Alaina. In this Ash-centric Mini Morbid episode, we take a look into the bizarre, spooky and tragic tale of Daniel LaPlante who hides in your wall and wears your makeup. Seriously, just sledgehammer your house now because this case will have you questioning if insulation is worth it. Here we are, back again to go even deeper into the enigma that is Israel Keyes.

True Crime: 8 Tales of Murder & Mayham (True Stories by Reader's Digest)

This guy was a true monster and the details of his confessed crimes seem almost too horrific to be real. In Part 2, we go deeper into his three murders that we mentioned in Part 1 and we also discuss his motivations, his quirks and plug a great investigative podcast about this case, True Crime Bullshit. Come on in, the water is murky and poisonous. Using a home base in Anchorage, Alaska, this douche rocket took lives all over the lower states on a killing spree that spanned miles and years. His patience, planning and savagery are honestly unmatched. In Part 1 we will take a look at his religious upbringing, some of his weird self imposed rules and three of the confirmed murders attributed to his reign of terror.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where this dive goes deep. Did Kurt die by his own hand that day in his Seattle greenhouse, or was someone else behind the shotgun? Suddenly Christine had friends, popularity and a new boyfriend Chris Snyder. But, there are people in this world who truly bite the hands that feed them and Christine did just that.

This Mini Morbid may make you think twice about who you trust. Ash is back, guys! Rejoice with us and also get super bummed out because it has been 25 years since the world lost a certain musical icon. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we theorize what actually happened to Kurt and talk more about Courtney Love, the crime scene and the physics behind that supposedly self inflicted shotgun blast.

Hope you like maggots, weirdos. Because…they are going to eat you someday. You may know this name from a larger scandal but Crystal Mangum went down a dark path that ended in jail time. Canadians, you know this case all too well. It is vile, horrific and unjust to say the least. In this two part investigation into their life and crimes, things are definitely going to get uncomfortable and disturbing. So, listener beware.

We will give plenty of warning when things are going to get brutal. After embarking on a philanthropic journey to Central America from the Netherlands, both young women went missing in the Panama jungle in When scant remains of the missing women were found some time later, along with cell phones that called for help several times and a camera with spooky photos, the case took a turn from confusing to scary. What happened to Kris and Lisanne out there? Countess Elizabeth Bathory died in but the legends surrounding her life and crimes continue to live and breathe today.

Or was she a powerful woman who was taken down by those around who for political and financial gain? The facts are more terrifying than the myths in this case, guys.

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Drain your bath tub, grab one of your castle staff members and get ready for some coagulation because Elizabeth is bloody terrifying. This is a quick one but it delivers a punch of scrambled eggs. Her Mini Morbid covers the history of public executions and explores why people have always loved them. Have we evolved as a species away from gathering to watch someone be hanged in the town square?

This is a long Mini that will have you thinking about a lot of things. Hold on to your butts…. This subject is horrifying and can be triggering to some. Just be aware and use your judgement but we announce the topic before we delve into it. All murders are senseless, but the brutal murder of 16 year old Skylar Neese in really hits a nerve.

She was young, sweet and intelligent. Unfortunately, her best friends were young, evil and homicidal.

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  • This is a story about jealousy, teenage angst and permanent fixes for temporary problems. Oh Betty.

    Although, we are willing to bet that we all will come to the same conclusion in the end, it will be a real journey. Oh, Betty. It became theater. It became a place to see and be seen. Dress in your finest duds and gander at some bloated corpses because this place was happening. Yes, you read that right. This guy is a real turd. It is a wild story with a satisfying ending that includes algae destroyer.

    What could be better? Strap in. This episode will give a short background on the Scottish witch trials of the s s but mainly focus on one trial in particular from that revolved around a bold little girl, a stolen cup of milk and some poor souls who paid the ultimate price for it. Hope you enjoy. Tonight in another installment of Black Dahlia madness, we discuss some of the best theories and suspects from the case. True Magazines Refine Results. True Magazines. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Stories about people from all walks of life, these magazines are a doorway for readers.

    Obvious signs of wear. One magazine was stored with the pages b Condition is Acceptable. Complete Nov. Lots of ads for career schools for the vet searching for their way in life. And lots of stories of manly bravado during the war.