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Published by Dell Books, New York From: W. Bob McGinnis; illustrator. Dell Book B Light edge and corner wear with minor creasing on the spine; no interior markings. Cover art by Bob McGinnis. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Titan, London About this Item: Titan, London, Small corner crease on back cover and very light cover wear. Includes origin story. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Scholastic, U. About this Item: Scholastic, U. First Edition 1st Printing.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Dave Dorman illustrator. First Edition First Printing. Tight clean and square, pages, former owners name on inside back cover, front cover corner crease, minor edge wear, cover art by Dave Dorman, any image directly beside this listing is the actual book and not a stock photo!. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

Published by N.

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About this Item: N. Dave Dorman cover Art illustrator. The maimed but lucky survivors tell tales too bizarre to be believed: a story of murderous machines that are more than mere hunks of metal, four-wheeled marauders aimed at depopulating the city in the quickest, most vicious way they can. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8.

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Published by HM Communications About this Item: HM Communications, More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by DC Comics Inc. Staple Bound Comic. Featuring the Origin of The Batman. The Caped Crusader is enjoying a renewed popularity due to the success of the Batman movie which only adds to his already prestigious 50th Anniversary in This edition reprints some of the best Batman stories ever, from to the present!

By Bob Kane and Lou Schwartz. This imaginative storyline tells of a future time when aliens invade the Earth in the year As legend would have it, King Arthur returns to the realm of the living when he's needed the most. By Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland. Their adventures have thrilled a generation, but sadly came to an end in the late s. But their absence was only fleeting as they returned to adventures filled with action, excitement, and more than just a few laughs thrown in for good measure! By Keith Giffen, J. In , the Teen Titans regrouped.

This trade paperback reprints what was to become a major turning point in the careers of these "New" Teen Titans. The "Judas Contract" storyline saw a trusted member of the team betray them to their enemies, and also marked the last time Dick Grayson would go by the name Robin, the Boy Wonder! By Marv Wolfman and George Perez. More information about this seller Contact this seller Hoang Nguyen Scott Hanna illustrator. Published by Warner Books From: CKR Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada. About this Item: Warner Books, Soft cover.

Condition: Good. Graphic novel from Warner Books in colour. All stories previously published by DC Comics Inc. Shelf wear to the covers and spine. Some creasing on the covers. Light foxing on some of the inside pages. Small pen mark on the cover page. Barcode sticker in the bottom left corner of the back cover.

Published by Signet Canadian Winnipeg, MB, Canada. About this Item: Signet Canadian , Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Signet Canadian , 1st thus. D Pages a bit yellowed.

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TV tie-in. Series: Batman. Seller Inventory Abe Published by DC Comics About this Item: DC Comics, Stiff Card Wraps. Condition: Near Fine. Special DVD issue. Tiny bump to bottom edge of front cover. Size: Sextodecimo -- from 5. Barr, Mike W. But when his preternaturally long life comes to an end, who will carry on as his successor? Having produced only daughters Ra's will stop at nothing to secure a male heir. Planes crash into it and fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener's hand is severed as "the dome" comes down on it, people running errands in the neighboring town are divided from their families, and cars explode on impact.

No one can fathom what this barrier is, where it came from, and when -- or if -- it will go away Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, filled with stunning visual imagery and unforgettable characters, the DARK TOWER series is unlike anything you have ever read. Here is the fifth installment, "one of the strongest entries yet in what will surely be a master storyteller's magnum opus" Locus. Roland Deschain and his ka-tet are bearing southeast through the forests of Mid-World on their quest for the Dark Tower.

Their path takes them to the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis. But beyond the tranquil farm town, the ground rises to the hulking darkness of Thunderclap, the source of a terrible affliction that is stealing the town's soul. The wolves of Thunderclap and their unspeakable depredation are coming. To resist them is to risk all, but these are odds the gunslingers are used to. Their guns, however, will not be enough Also inside is the blockbuster eBook "Riding the Bullet," the original audio story "In the Deathroom," plus eleven more boundary-pushing fiction masterworks that will keep you awake until daybreak.

In the emotional aftermath of her baby's sudden death, Em starts running. Soon she runs from her husband, to the airport, down to the Florida Gulf and out to the loneliest stretch of Vermillion Key, where her father has offered the use of a conch shack he has kept there for years. Em keeps up her running -- barefoot on the beach, sneakers on the road -- and sees virtually no one. This is doing her all kinds of good, until one day she makes the mistake of looking into the driveway of a man named Pickering.

Pickering also enjoys the privacy of Vermillion Key, but the young women he brings there suffer the consequences. Will Em be next?

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  • The state police of Troop D in rural Pennsylvania have kept a secret in Shed B out back of the barracks ever since , when Troopers Ennis Rafferty and Curtis Wilcox answered a call from a gas station just down the road and came back with an abandoned Buick Roadmaster.

    Curt Wilcox knew old cars, and he knew immediately that this one was A few hours later, when Rafferty vanished, Wilcox and his fellow troopers knew the car was worse than dangerous -- and that it would be better if John Q. Public never found out about it. Curt's avid curiosity taking the lead, they investigated as best they could, as much as they dared. Over the years the troop absorbed the mystery as part of the background to their work, the Buick 8 sitting out there like a still life painting that breathes -- inhaling a little bit of this world, exhaling a little bit of whatever world it came from.

    In the fall of , a few months after Curt Wilcox is killed in a gruesome auto accident, his year-old boy Ned starts coming by the barracks, mowing the lawn, washing windows, shoveling snow. Sandy Dearborn, Sergeant Commanding, knows it's the boy's way of holding onto his father, and Ned is allowed to become part of the Troop D family. One day he looks in the window of Shed B and discovers the family secret.

    Like his father, Ned wants answers, and the secret begins to stir, not only in the minds and hearts of the veteran troopers who surround him, but in Shed B as well From a Buick 8 is a novel about our fascination with deadly things, about our insistence on answers when there are none, about terror and courage in the face of the unknowable A new store has opened in the town of Castle Rock, Maine. It has whatever your heart desires. In this chilling novel by one of the most potent imaginations of our time, evil is on a shopping spree and out to scare you witless.

    Presented unabridged and read by the author In the wake of a summer storm, terror descends New York Times bestselling author Stephen King suspends a small town in a haze of terror-as humanity makes its last stand against unholy destruction The ka-tet of Roland, Alain, and Cuthbert have returned safely to their home in Gilead. But all is not well. Roland has kept the evil Maerlyn's Grapefruit and has become obsessed with peering into its pinkish depths despite the deadly toll it's taken on his health.

    And what the young gunslinger sees brings him the darkest of nightmares. Meanwhile, Roland's father has led a posse in search of those who threatened his son's life in Hambry - John Farson and the Big Coffin Hunters. And in this encounter, Stephen Deschain's life may be forfeit. This title collects Dark Tower: Treachery numbered Ten years ago, Stephen King published Bag of Bones , a number one bestse ller, a tale of grie f, of love's enduring bonds, and the haunting secrets of the past.

    Four years after the sudden death of his wife, forty-year-old bestselling novelist Mike Noonan is unable to write and plagued by vivid nightmares set at the Maine summerhouse he calls Sara Laughs. Mike reluctantly returns to the lakeside getaway and finds his beloved Yankee town held in the grip of a vindictive millionaire, Max Devore, who is trying to take his three-year-old granddaughter away from her widowed young mother, Mattie.

    As Mike is drawn into Mattie's struggle -- and begins to fall in love with her -- he is also drawn into the mystery of Sara Laughs, now the site of ghostly visitations and escalating terrors. What do the forces that have been unleashed here want of Mike Noonan? Storm of the century Stephen King. The year is The Running Man is America's favorite television game show.

    Ben Richards is the program's latest contestant-and the Hunters' latest target in a rigged game of death The gunslinger Stephen King. A winter's tale : the breathing method level4 Stephen King. The 1 bestseller-for King's rabid fans. A family dog turns into a family killer in King's canine classic The tommynockers Stephen King. Todd Bowden is an apt pupil. Good grades, good family, a paper route. But he is about to meet a different kind of teacher: Mr.

    Todd knows all about Dussander's darl past. The torture. The death. The decades-old manhunt Dussander has escaped to this day. Yet Todd doesn't want to turn him in. Todd wants to know more. Much more. He is about to learn the real meaning of power--and the seductive lure of evil. Who but Stephen King would turn a Port-O-San into a slimy birth canal, or a roadside honky-tonk into a place for endless love?

    A book salesman with a grievance might pick up a mute hitchhiker, not knowing the silent man in the passenger seat listens altogether too well. Or an exercise routine on a stationary bicycle, begun to reduce bad cholesterol, might take its rider on a captivating -- and then terrifying-journey.

    Set on a remote key in Florida, "The Gingerbread Girl" is a riveting tale featuring a young woman as vulnerable -- and resourceful -- as Audrey Hepburn's character in Wait Until Dark. In "Ayana", a blind girl works a miracle with a kiss and the touch of her hand. For King, the line between the living and the dead is often blurry, and the seams that hold our reality intact might tear apart at any moment. In "N", which recently broke new ground when it was adapted as a graphic digital entertainment, a psychiatric patient's irrational thinking might create an apocalyptic threat in the Maine countryside - or keep the world from falling victim to it.

    Just After Sunset -- call it dusk, call it twilight, it's a time when human intercourse takes on an unnatural cast, when nothing is quite as it appears, when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of you. It's the perfect time for Stephen King Stephen King reads three of his classic short stories including , now a feature film!

    Enter a nightmarish mindscape of unrelenting horror and shocking revelations as the greatest storyteller of our time takes us inside a world of yearning and paranoia, isolation and addiction. It is the world of the smoker. Stephen King's audio original story collection blood and smoke features the tale , now a Dimension Films motion picture starring John Cusack and Samuel L. This collector's edition of Under the Dome , Stephen King's tour-de-force new novel about a Maine town suddenly cut off by an invisible, impenetrable Dome, has a belly band around the jacket, a stamped case, four-color printed end papers, 27 part title illustrations of characters in the book drawn by renowned New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee, and a ribbon marker.

    The edition also contains a deck of 27 special collector's cards of the Diffee caricatures. Printed on specialty paper, this publication is limited to 25, copies Fall from innocence : the body Stephen King.

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    When an old Gypsy man curses Billy Halleck for sideswiping his daughter, six weeks later he's 93 pounds lighter. Now Billy is terrified. And desperate enough for one last gamble No more than a dark pencil line on a blank page. A horizon line, maybe. But also a slot for blackness to pour through A terrible construction site accident takes Edgar Freemantle's right arm and scrambles his memory and his mind, leaving him with little but rage as he begins the ordeal of rehabilitation. A marriage that produced two lovely daughters suddenly ends, and Edgar begins to wish he hadn't survived the injuries that could have killed him.

    He wants out. His psychologist, Dr. Kamen, suggests a "geographic cure," a new life distant from the Twin Cities and the building business Edgar grew from scratch. And Kamen suggests something else. You need hedges The sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico and the tidal rattling of shells on the beach call out to him, and Edgar draws. A visit from Ilse, the daughter he dotes on, starts his movement out of solitude. He meets a kindred spirit in Wireman, a man reluctant to reveal his own wounds, and then Elizabeth Eastlake, a sick old woman whose roots are tangled deep in Duma Key.

    Now Edgar paints, sometimes feverishly, his exploding talent both a wonder and a weapon. Many of his paintings have a power that cannot be controlled. When Elizabeth's past unfolds and the ghosts of her childhood begin to appear, the damage of which they are capable is truly devastating. The tenacity of love, the perils of creativity, the mysteries of memory and the nature of the supernatural -- Stephen King gives us a novel as fascinating as it is gripping and terrifying The dark tower: the waste lands Stephen King.

    Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, filled with stunning visual imagery and unforgettable characters, The Dark Tower series is unlike anything you have ever read. The final book opens like a door to the uttermost reaches of Stephen King's imagination. You've come this far. Come a little farther. Come all the way. The sound you hear may be the slamming of the door behind you.

    Welcome to The Dark Tower. Filled with ominous landscapes and macabre menace, Stephen King's latest mass market novel features The Gunslinger, a haunting figure in combat with The Man in Black in an epic battle of good versus evil. A spellbinding tale that is both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike Firestarter Stephen King.

    Skeleton grew Stephen King. Twenty-two stories from the "wildly imaginative" 1 Bestselling Author In this brilliant collection of stories, Stephen King takes readers down paths that only he could imagine A supermarket becomes the place where humanity takes its last stand against unholy destruction Christine Stephen King. Talisman Stephen King. Five stories by the author that became classic films, including: The Shawshank Redemption The third masterful novel in King's epic saga The Dark Tower.

    Roland, the Last Gunslinger, moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares--as he crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted mirror image of our own. King mesmerizes the reader". When the full moon shines, a paralysing fear descends on the isolated Maine town of Tarker Mills. No one knows who will be attacked next, but snarls that sound like human words can be heard and all around are the footprints of a monster whose hunger cannot be sated Quitters, Inc.

    Read by Eric Roberts Dick Morrison's life has become a nightmare of addictions, filling his days with overeating, overworking, and smoking way too much. When an old friend tells him about a surefire way to quit, he's more than willing to give it a shot. But what Dick doesn? Forced to choose between his desperate need for cigarettes and the dire consequences of giving in to his addiction, Dick must decide just how important another drag really is. Needful things Stephen King. Misery : roman Stephen King. The dark tower: wizard and glass Stephen King.

    The end is near. Start at the beginning. The Dark Tower saga builds to an explosive climax In November , the fifth Dark Tower book hits stores for the first time-followed by books six and seven. This 1 bestseller heralds the beginning of the end On a redeye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, only 11 passengers survive—but landing in a dead world makes them wish they hadn't Here is the penultimate installment. For the first time on CD! Vintage Stephen King at a great low price! An all-star cast of readers bring to life these timeless stories from the darkest places. One man's pursuit of world peace turns deadly in The End of the Whole Mess.

    In The Moving Finger , menace arrives poking out of the drain of a bathroom sink. And a young, pregnant widow takes on a zombie attack inHome Delivery. Matthew Broderick, Tim Curry, Eve Beglarian and Stephen King lend their voices to this haunting collection of classic stories that no Stephen King fan should be without Stephen King -- who has written more than fifty books, dozens of number one New York Times bestsellers, and many unforgettable movies -- delivers an astonishing collection of short stories, his first since Everything's Eventual six years ago.

    As guest editor of the bestselling Best American Short Stories , King spent over a year reading hundreds of stories. His renewed passion for the form is evident on every page of Just After Sunset. Or an exercise routine on a stationary bicycle, begun to reduce bad cholesterol, might take its rider on a captivating -- and then terrifying -- journey.

    In "Ayana," a blind girl works a miracle with a kiss and the touch of her hand. In one of the longer stories here, "N. Four complete and unabridged selections from the electrifying bestseller read by a stellar group of narrators. Read by Stephen King. Read by Dana Ivey. Read by Matthew Broderick.

    2 million titles, all discounted! SEARCH HERE...

    Read by Frances Sternhagen Lisey Debusher Landon lost her husband, Scott, two years ago, after a twenty-five-year marriage of the most profound and sometimes frightening intimacy. Scott was an award-winning, bestselling novelist and a very complicated man. Early in their relationship, before they married, Lisey had to learn from him about books and blood and bools.

    Later, she understood that there was a place Scott went -- a place that both terrified and healed him, that could eat him alive or give him the ideas he needed in order to live. What begins as a widow's effort to sort through the papers of her celebrated husband becomes a nearly fatal journey into the darkness he inhabited. Perhaps King's most personal and powerful novel, Lisey's Story is about the wellsprings of creativity, the temptations of madness, and the secret language of love The breathing method level 4 Stephen King. Something is growing inside Susannah's belly, something terrible, and soon she will give birth to Mia's "chap.

    Meanwhile, Eddie and Roland have tumbled into the state of Maine -- where the author of a novel called 'Salem's Lot is about to meet his destiny Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, filled with stunning visual imagery and unforgettable characters, the Dark Tower series is unlike anything you have ever read.

    Tom Riddle

    Here is the fifth installment The green mile; a novel in six parts Stephen King. A pair of metal teeth in a convenience store may prove to be more than a novelty in Chattery Teeth. In My Pretty Pony , an elderly man on his deathbed warns his young grandson against the dangers of letting time slip away. A music exec learns that his dream job may lead him to a dark and murderous past in Sneakers.

    And in Dedication , a maid working in a hotel uses black magic in the hopes of benefitting her unborn son. Kathy Bates, Jerry Garcia, Daniel Cronenberg and Lindsay Crouse lend their voices to this haunting collection of classic stories that no Stephen King fan should be without An all-star cast of readers bring to life these timeless stories from the darkest places, including the tale Dolan's Cadillac : soon to be a feature film starring Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, and Emmanuelle Vaugier.

    A widowed husband spends seven years plotting revenge for his wife's murder in Dolan's Cadillac. A school teacher discovers her students are not what they seem in Suffer the Little Children. In Crouch End , a woman fears that supernatural events may have led to her husband's disappearance. And in Rainy Season , a young couple is forced into the ultimate battle of Man vs.

    Nature when torrential rain turns deadly. Creating "true narrative magic" The Washington Post at every revelatory turn, Stephen King surpasses all expectation in the stunning final volume of his seven-part epic masterwork.

    Entwining stories and worlds from a vast and complex canvas, here is the conclusion readers have long awaited -- breath-takingly imaginative, boldly visionary, and wholly entertaining. Roland Deschain and his ka-tet have journeyed together and apart, scattered far and wide across multil ayered worlds of wheres and whens. The destinies of Roland, Susannah, Jake, Father Callahan, Oy, and Eddie are bound in the Dark Tower itself, which now pulls them ever closer to their own endings and beginnings.

    Tom Marvolo Riddle

    By midyear, a widely reported accident jeopardized the survival of both. And in his months of recovery, the link between writing and living became more crucial than ever. Rarely has a book on writing been so clear, so useful, and so revealing. On Writing begins with a mesmerizing account of King's childhood and his uncannily early focus on writing to tell a story.

    A series of vivid memories from adolescence, college, and the struggling years that led up to his first novel, Carrie, will afford readers a fresh and often very funny perspective on the formation of a writer. King next turns to the basic tools of his trade -- how to sharpen and multiply them through use, and how the writer must always have them close at hand. He takes the reader through crucial aspects of the writer's art and life, offering practical and inspiring advice on everything from plot and character development to work habits and rejection.

    Serialized in the New Yorker to vivid acclaim, On Writing culminates with a profoundly moving account of how King's overwhelming need to write spurred him toward recovery, and brought him back to his life. Brilliantly structured, friendly and inspiring, On Writing will empower -- and entertain -- everyone who reads it