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The beds are customized by the hotel's on-site local craftsmen. The cast of Modern Family was recently spotted filming there! Explore the island up close on one of the resort's incredible hikes to Blue Pearl Bay or Dolphin Point. You can go from volcanic, lunar-looking landscapes or grassy, green Middle Earth to shattering waterfalls and soaring geysers or massive Blue Lagoon hot springs.

Then stop by the Blue Lagoon and dip in and out of the various pools and hot springs with your sweetheart. Don't miss the opportunity for an in-the-water couple's massage where you'll mix a bit of adventure with romance. WHY GO: You'll experience a quintessential African safari—imagine sleeping underthe stars among red desert sand dunes, surrounded by a vast mountain range.

California Honeymoon: Romantic Getaways In California

Or head to the observatory and ask the resident astronomer to point out the brightest and most gorgeous constellations. Want something a little more active for daytime? Go on a quad biking adventure or hike around the property—it will allow you to explore the breathtaking scenery. This hot spot has something for you. Surrounded by mountains on the Pacific Ocean, this city offers tons of adventure. Each guest room features a fireplace, private balcony and view of the ocean or beach.

The sounds of the wind and waves can be hypnotizing, creating a magical mood. And don't miss an opportunity to heat things up in the hot springs in nearby Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, which is only reachable by boat.

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And now couples even have their pick of luxe, modern lodgings to go with the unblemished beach and rain forest adventures. Then take a two-hour day trip to the most innovative zip-lining course at Rio Perdido. Yes, it's as dreamy as it sounds. With 14 different paths stretching miles, there's a trail for every experience level, from novice to seasoned trekker.

Then soothe your legs in one of the island's many natural hot lakes. WHY GO: Romance seekers have flocked to Sedona's alluring redrocks for years for the ultimate spa, wellness and outdoor adventure. From the s to the s, actors and musicians like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack were regulars. This desert oasis was also super-popular with architects. Today, their mid-century modern masterpieces are the hallmark of this retro-fun city.

Most rooms have private terraces, or you can mingle with other guests by the lively pool or outdoor fire pit. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy live entertainment over a martini and snacks at a stage-side table or at a ringside seat at the famous bar. WHY GO: Jamaica is known for being home to a slew of super-luxurious all-inclusives, which means you get a five-star honeymoon experience without breaking the bank. Couples who book a stay receive a free honeymoon package, which includes a bottle of chilled sparkling wine, special turndown service and breakfast in bed.

Sandals includes certification, gear rental and diving in the resort fee. Lawrence River. It's also a few steps from the fortifications, museums and bustling streets of the historic Quartier Petit Champlain. WHAT TO DO: The hotel can arrange for a personal photo shoot around the Old City with a professional photographer and turn the images into a gorgeous coffee table book you'll treasure forever. WHY GO: The city of Tulum has a lot going for it: It's an hour and a half from the airport in Cancun, it's home to an ancient Mayan village, and it won't break a budget already strained from paying for a wedding.

Oh, and did we mention the amazing beaches? The modern, luxury resort also features a hour concierge to organize your stay and a poolside restaurant from a famed New York City chef. But make sure you still bring your bathing suit: A staircase nearby leads down to a slice of beach where you can swim and sunbathe.

WHY GO: The island is a favorite summer vacation spot of successful politicians and CEOs, but couples on a budget can still enjoy its beachside ambience. Then get away to Great Point for a secluded picnic for two on the beach. The only others around? Maybe just some seagulls and a fisherman off the coast, far in the distance. WHY GO: It's the country's final frontier—an unspoiled province of jaw-dropping waterscape scenery and tropical beauty. Case in point: There are no traffic lights, and its beaches are quiet and unspoiled by high-rise buildings.

Although the island is about 21 miles long, there's no shortage of beaches. The idyllic paradise boasts around 40! Each gallon of water holds more than , bioluminescent microscopic organisms that glow blue-white when they are disturbed—either by a kayak paddle or your limbs when you dive in for a leisurely swim. Look no further than Rovinj, where pastel homes line narrow winding streets and an active fishing port provides great people watching. Take a walk on the seaside promenade along the harbor to browse shops and check out a variety of bars and restaurants.

Or enjoy the pleasant shade of their native trees and explore the grounds on foot or by bike. It's one of the most amazing castles in America with gorgeous lush grounds that seem to go on forever.

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  7. Whether you book a room in the inn, complete with a relaxing spa, or stay in the cottage on the grounds, both promise a charming stay. From far-flung exotic locales to beautiful beaches and budget-friendly options—we have suggestions for any and every type of honeymoon. Best Destination Honeymoon Weather.

    Most Romantic: Bali, Indonesia. Most Romantic: Sonoma, California. Most Romantic: Paris, France. Most Romantic: Orkney, Scotland. Most Romantic: Venice, Italy. Most Romantic: Harbour Island, Bahamas. Getty Images. Most Romantic: Savannah, Georgia. The super private, kid-free Ponta dos Ganchos —with rainforest, oyster farms, reiki and whale-watching—is a prime perch for enjoying the sunny state.

    Activities even range from golf—world-class, of course—to surfing, with a thick wetsuit, of course. As home bases go, the luxurious hotel The Balmoral , with its Michelin-starred Number One restaurant, is pretty epic. If you pride yourselves on being in touch with nature, Sedona could be a natural way to fill the first few days after you wed. If the Caribbean or Hawaiian islands are old hat for you beach bums, think about a trip to the island nation of the Seychelles, which comprises islands off the coast of East Africa. There, alongside the requisite coral reefs, extraordinary beaches and nature reserves, lives rare wildlife like giant tortoises.

    In Sicily, you can experience island vibes and Italian vibes—the best of two worlds. Likewise, accommodations from which to soak it all in run the gamut, from colorful farmhouses Hotel Signum to sea-facing suites Monaci delle Terre Nere to Baroque residences Seven Rooms Villadorata. Floating villages, rare-bird sanctuaries, luxurious spas—like the one at Phum Baitang , an intimate, impressive, lush property—and fine dining are a few other reasons for you and your partner in crime to explore the enchanting region.

    Four Seasons just renovated their rooms, and increased flights mean ever easier access from America. Rainforests, beaches, Buddhist ruins, wildlife, cities and citadels—for such a tiny country, Sri Lanka offers an incredible amount of diversity to visitors. The exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is rugged but also polished, with cuisine that represents a melting pot of cultures.

    Honeymooners can visit temples, go backpacking or on safari in national parks and surf. Settle into the lush, LEED-certified solar farm-slash-boutique hotel Ulagalla or stay at the newest chic spot on the coast, the wellness-minded Tri Lanka , in Galle. Known as St. Barts, this Caribbean island is an obvious choice for a vacation when romance is the goal. For an intimate, breezy beachfront stay, opt for the popular Le Sereno.

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    The capital of Sweden is quite a special and distinctive place, worthy of a couple who have an eye for design and a love of natural beauty. For a city stay, book the minimalist Miss Clara or leafy hideaway Ett Hem , and make sure to venture outside Stockholm too, into the picture-perfect forests that surround it. The French Polynesian isle is known for not only vanilla—that seductive spice that also scents the air in the most amazing way—but also produces rum and black pearls, all of which are attractive propositions.

    A honeymoon in Tanzania could very well comprise two incredibly different parts: the Serengeti and Zanzibar. With its sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline and cosmopolitan status, Tel Aviv is perhaps more unexpected than it should be as a honeymoon locale. It boasts beaches, incredible nightlife, mouthwatering food—often served at open-air cafes—and a lively waterfront promenade and the striking White City, the neighborhood filled with eye-catching s Bauhaus-style architecture. From the Carlton Tel Aviv's rooftop cabana, you can watch the sun drop below the horizon.

    The former hippie haven of Tulum, in the southern Yucatan Peninsula below the Riviera Maya, is the destination for couples with an appreciation for slightly rustic luxury.

    The Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations for 12222

    Jungle meets pristine beaches in the slightly wild town, which boasts natural attractions in the form of crystal-clear cenotes underwater limestone caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites as well as ancient Mayan ruins. Try Be Tulum for a luxurious, exotic stay, or the boho chic Zamas Hotel , known for its margaritas. Southeast of the Bahamas, in the Atlantic Ocean, lie the Turks and Caicos, not two islands as might be assumed, but The coral islands are a bit exotic and totally luxurious, with few people to fill up the countless stark-white beaches.

    Book into the uber-private Ambergris Cay , a suite resort with private plunge pools, impeccable views and all-inclusive rates. Meanwhile, Beaver Creek boasts the five-star mountaintop getaway Trappers Cabin , where honeymooners can hike, bike and hot tub in style. Just a short drive over the border into Baja is a wondrous world of Mexican wine and gourmet food, yet at a non-gourmet price tag.

    This gorgeous bougainvillea-laden valley close to the wide beaches of Ensenada is becoming ever-more renowned, yet it still feels faraway and exotic. And the food—oh, the food. The country is as long as the distance from New York to Miami, so you might want to consider a few stops to experience all the different cuisines, temples and activities. The largest state in Australia—it makes up one third of the entire country—is perhaps its most beautiful, and undiscovered.

    Of course there are sizable cities like up-and-coming Perth where COMO The Treasury is a new gem of a hotel, spa and dining destination , but much of Western Australia is simply wild outback terrain, iconic beaches, vineyards and fertile plains. By Kathryn Romeyn. Share via facebook dialog. Share via Pinterest.

    Share via Email. Amsterdam, Netherlands Beyond the liberal coffee shop culture and Red Light District, Amsterdam is a blissful capital city known for its rich artistic heritage — Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer — and elaborate system of canals and bridges. Anguilla Anguilla is the definition of Caribbean paradise: electric turquoise water, bright white sand, palm trees that sway in the gentle breeze around calm bays. Antarctica With global warming, the time is now to experience the otherworldly wonders of Antarctica, a once-in-a-lifetime trip if there ever was one, and an experience suited to adventurous couples who can find romance in the most unexpected places.

    Austin, Texas Are you a little bit of a hipster? Bali, Indonesia A honeymoon in Bali is pure magic. Bhutan If off-the-beaten-path is your couple style, this Southeast Asian gem is the way to go. Bordeaux, France The coastal city of Bordeaux, in southwestern France, has gothic cathedrals, art museums and manicured public gardens lining its picturesque river, but those attractions are not the true reason people make pilgrimages to the region.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina If you venture to Argentina for your honeymoon, prepare to do the super sensual tango. Cape Town, South Africa With the US dollar strong against the South African rand, your dollars stretch a bit farther in the picturesque city at the southernmost point of Africa.

    Chile The incredibly skinny, long country in South America is a bit elusive to most, but has quite a few incredible attractions that make it like nowhere else. Croatia Whether you want to explore magical crystalline terraced lakes and waterfalls, check out historical sites and ruins, sail around on a yacht, tour cathedrals or even go wild partying, Croatia is the place to do it.

    Cyclades, Greece This group of islands in the Aegean Sea includes favorites like Santorini where Grace Santorini is fresh off a gorgeous renovation and Mykonos, home to the new swoon-worthy, entirely farm-to-table Nesaea restaurant. Dominican Republic Habitual hikers can blend their favorite pastime with an otherwise beach-centric vacay in the Dominican Republic, since the nation boasts the tallest mountain in the Caribbean.

    Falkland Islands Teeming with wildlife yet sparsely populated by humans, the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina—accessible via new flights for —are like Antarctica light, a dream for adventurous couples who love the idea of seeing sea birds alongside war memorials, beaches covered with penguins, and nature reserves beside outpost towns. Fiji Is there a more classic exotic island honeymoon than Fiji?

    Florence, Italy If art and architecture get you hot, think about an Italian excursion. The Florida Keys Beach lovers will find much to love if they drive as far south as possible in the continental United States. Goa, India The rich history of Goa somehow makes the western Indian state that much more beautiful.

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    4. Grenada The hurricanes that devastated much of the Caribbean left this under-the-radar little paradise known as Spice Island totally untouched. Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland is for adventurers. Japan Natural beauty, sake, sushi, history, culture—Japan balances rich ancient heritage with the modern in its awe-inspiring cities and maintains a vast network of hikes and walks for those more inclined to nature.

      5 Best Vacation Spots in the USA ( Romantic Getaways for couples )

      Jordan One of the best places to explore the Middle East in all its glory is this highly historical honeymoon destination, where archaeology buffs will find joy alongside anyone who takes pleasure in natural beauty. Vietnam Vietnam has it all: beaches, colorful culture, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, French colonial landmarks and sophisticated cities. Laos If off-the-beaten-path is your couple style, this Southeast Asian gem is the way to go. Maldives Hear Maldives and you instantly think honeymoon.

      Marrakech, Morocco Do you and your partner share an intense curiosity about the world? Melbourne, Australia If you let your tastebuds be your honeymoon guide, they might just lead you to Melbourne. Merida, Mexico The sandy shores of Mexico are unquestionably gorgeous, but some of the most visually exciting spots are inland. Mexico City The World Design Capital of speaks to aesthetes, art lovers and couples for whom food is a big deal. Montreal, Canada As the cultural capital of Canada, traveling to French-speaking Montreal is a little bit like jetting off to Europe. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique If you haven't experienced the Indian Ocean, your honeymoon is a perfect opportunity.

      Nevis Island If you have a soft spot for sea turtles, exotic birds or simply want to escape on a palm-fringed beach, jet away to Nevis, a tiny Caribbean island in the West Indies beside St. Paris, France Talk about a no-brainer. Prague, Czech Republic Throughout every season, romance is in the air in Prague.

      Puerto Rico Post-hurricane it looks as though Puerto Rico is coming back even better than ever. Queenstown, New Zealand Year-round, Queenstown is a perfect honeymoon choice for outdoors enthusiasts. Raja Ampat, Indonesia Indonesia comprises more than 17, islands, making Bali just the tip of the iceberg.

      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pack a lot of bikinis for leisurely days on the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches made more dramatic by jagged mountains in the background. Rwanda If the adventure of a lifetime is your honeymoon goal, gorilla trekking in Rwanda—with overnights at a completely heavenly lodge—should be at the top of the list. This is sure to be a lavishly relaxing California honeymoon. This involves learning mindfulness from a leading brain researcher before enjoying a therapeutic spa experience.

      This package includes meals and complimentary fitness classes. Or grab a plush bathrobe and kick back in the sauna. These are just a few of many great options for your spa vacations California. Be careful or you and your honey will never want to leave. The Post Ranch Inn is literally sitting on stilts atop a mountain. Wide windows open to breathtaking scenery, while the outdoor restaurant surrounds its guests in wildflowers. Perhaps its most striking feature is a swimming pool with a wall that drops off into the ocean. The spa itself is fantastic and this is an ideal place to spend your romantic getaways in California.

      There is a wide variety of options. And we mean wide. Its classy Italian Renaissance architecture will inspire you as much as its beautiful seaside vistas. Pamper yourself at their amazing spa and order some in-room dining for a restful night. Eat at a grill by the pool, or try one of their fine dining experiences.

      34 Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations For Every Budget | Getting Stamped

      The great thing about the Balboa Bay Resort is that they provide many incredible seaside activities. Deep sea fishing, electric duffy boat rentals, and kayak rentals are some of their amazing nautical activities. In addition to this, they are located in the middle of all the greatest tourist destinations. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Catalina Island, and countless beaches are all relatively close. Make sure you stay here at one of the best places to stay in California!

      Meadowood Napa Valley has rooms equipped with fireplaces, a balcony, and a soaking tub. They even shine your shoes. This will definitely be a relaxing stay for you and your lover on your romantic getaways in California. Well, a really fancy beach home that is.

      Luxury Honeymoon Vacations

      One with full marble bathrooms, a marble fireplace, concierge service, and a cabana-inspired patio with an ocean view. Only a scenic minute walk from the beach, this is one of the most romantic getaways in California. Hold hands and take a slow stroll to the beach and back at this fantastic honeymoon resorts in California. This Mediterranean-inspired luxury resort i s surrounded by lush green trees in the heart of Napa Valley. The spa is particularly noteworthy as it is nestled among gorgeous olive trees, with three ancient stone fountains.

      These fountains were originally found at an old French monastery. Not only does their spa excel in ambience, but offers a multiplicity of romance packages. Soak in a tub with floating rose petals, or give each other an exfoliating mud bath before a relaxing massage. Your stay here will definitely be a delight for any pair of twitterpated newlyweds. Make you California honeymoon unforgettable and stay here at one of the best places to stay in California.

      A wide variety of activities are offered including jet ski rental, sailing, yoga and snorkelling, perfect for couples on their romantic getaway in California. Their couples spa package is superb, as you soak in a tub foaming with a mineral bath while receiving a scalp massage and being misted with rose water. This resort is sure to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated providing you with a stress-free honeymoon in California. Remember the simple days of childhood, when passing a note in class could mean the beginning of a beautiful relationship?

      As a kid, how would you have liked to have a sleepover in a treehouse? Not to mention, it also has a hot tub. If you are going for a more modern vibe, the Epic Hotel has your number. With slanting cafe windows and bright accent walls, this will give your honeymoon in California an urban edge.

      About ten miles away from LA, the Epic Hotel is conveniently located for painting the town red. California is known for its beaches and sunshine. This private, rustic cabin is surrounded by forest, perfect for weekend getaways in southern California. Staying here will nicely compliment time spent in the big city. You and your honey will be pleased to get away from it all and enjoy the serenity of nature. We had our bags stolen, with passports, cameras and a decent chunk of money, and thanks to travel insurance we were able to replace these valuable items. I fell ill on our honeymoon and had to spend a week in the hospital, which racked up a huge debt.

      Without travel insurance, we would have been in thousands of dollars of debt. Keep your mind of ease on your honeymoon in California by travelling smarter and safer with World Nomads travel insurance. These guys are the best in the business with affordable coverage for you and your lover on your California honeymoon travels. Before booking your California honeymoon make sure that your visa is sorted and approved. We always organize our visas through Visa HQ. No matter your nationality or travel location, Visa HQ will sort you out!