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Nathan Lancaster is a dragon shifter billionaire who falls hard for Lillian Goss. Secrets, stalkers, and danger lurk behind every corner. A sexy silver alien hero named Enki has completed his most recent mission. Now, his only mission is to battle the demons within- until he hears a distress signal from the Sector 9. What he never expects is the love story that unfolds. Addie finds herself entangled with these men and all the dangers that threaten everyone in her life.

When Caroline is trapped on an alien caveman planet, she feels hopeless, knowing these aliens are only interested in impregnating human women. Lera is just trying to survive her life as an orphan taken in by a cruel master. The forest is the boundary between the human world and the immortal world, and one day that boundary is crossed when four fae warriors appear for Lera.

This delightfully well-written vampire romance tantalizes readers with not only the sparking hot chemistry between protagonists Alexander Cole and Evelyn Bromwell but also the classic tale of a choice between two worlds. This book brings well-developed characters that really shine in a complex and intriguing story.

Fur: The Love of Hair

She meets the notorious four horsemen of the apocalypse and her attraction to them is irresistible. This reverse harem urban fantasy romance is loaded with explicit sex and plenty of action as Ruby and the four horsemen face danger like never before. With her only hope for protection being tied up in a connection to the vampire whose harem she now inhabits, Sofia will have to use all of her wits and charms to stay alive.

Money is tight, so when her ceiling collapses it only adds more stress to her life. Buck is a bear shifter who finds that his heart roars for Haley and her two daughters. Can Haley learn to love again and have a happily ever after with Buck? In this slow burn reverse harem, Callie finally is free from her abusive father and moves to Oregon to start fresh, hoping to leave her trauma behind. They have paranormal powers and help Callie find that she just might, too.

Praised for its complex portrayal of romance, intense character development, and meaningful exploration of how Arianna adapts to her new world, this book is a thrilling read. Vesa Watson has been captured by wolf shifters during the hunt, a tradition for the pack that has her and the other women trapped. She refuses to back down or show weakness, desperate to be free from these shifters who want to force her into an arranged marriage. Then, she catches the eye of Haddix BloodMoon, who is drawn to her strength and dominance. Vesa never planned to fall for her captor, but Haddix rocks her world, and not just in the bedroom.

This is a classic tale of a dark bad boy with a secret to hide and the irresistable woman he knows he should leave alone. The setting is a college campus, and it follows college senior Sera who is having trouble with her boyfriend, leaving her feeling exposed and vulnerable. Shapeshifter Bree is being forced to train with the Dark Fae so that they can use her as a weapon.

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What she really wants is to take down the Dark Fae. Bree wants to resist their game of cat-and-mouse and show them she can stand her own ground. This sexy tale is full of action and steam that will make you wish you were part of this world. Ally Rose is a wolf shifter who wants nothing to do with any others of her kind. When Kade Blackwood finds himself in a small Georgia town, he smells her- his mate. Will Ally learn to trust Kade and find a happily ever after with the sexy, dominant alpha?

Sarah Marcel has been feeling restless and confused until she meets a man she thinks is the answer to her problems. But when Julian disappears, her attempts to get him back unravel some deep mysteries. She realizes that her family held some dark secrets, and now her responsibilities to the past are catching up with her. Reagan is a supernatural bounty hunter who knows better than to fraternize with the enemy. Elora Laiken is slipping through dimensions until she lands among a society of ancient vampire hunters. Sergeant Linny Cantor had no plans to participate in the military base talent show.

Sure, he has a way with words and a hard body she imagines pressing into her. But, someone wants Linny dead and Rokk is the only one who can protect her. Will Rokk be able to save his mate? A beautiful witch and a vampire cowboy? Together, Ronan and Kira must fight for their lives and take down the evil warlock Orjyll. Cara Paulsen is a smart and sexy scientist who would do anything to protect her daughter. Enter the dangerously hot Talen, a year-old vampire, who attempts to kidnap them both. Cara may not be able to resist his touch, despite the danger that comes along with it.

Dante Gabriel is finally free. After escaping a life in captivity, he has a thirst can only be quenched by human blood. Dante is infatuated with Erin, addicted to her scent and her touch. Elisa Sullivan and Connor Keene come from entirely different worlds, forbidden from being with each other.

Sexed Up, Tied Down Series

Elisa is the only vampire child ever born, but with that comes a dark secret. Her heart belongs to the prince of his pack, Connor Keene. The two find each themselves infatuated with each other despite how many rules it breaks. When old feuds rise from the surface, these star-crossed lovers must make choices that will change everything. Sola is running from her dangerous past, looking to turn over a new leaf.

When his life is on the line, Sola must risk it all for the man she loves. Will Sola be able to protect not just her loved ones, but her own heart? Paranormal foresight is both a gift and a curse for Syssi, a mortal seeress. In her dreams, she sees a mysterious stranger both alluring yet dangerous. When she is hired at a neuroscience lab, her life changes forever. Then, Syssi meets Kian, and she recognizes him as the stranger from her dreams. He lets her live if she agrees to train at the Institute of the Shadow Fae. The heat turns all the way up between Arianna and Ruadan, but Arianna will have to make choices that could change it all.

When Emma moves to the small town of Astoria, Oregon, she is told not to fraternize with the elites, especially her bad-boy neighbor, Lexen Darken. Emeline McAra has a tender heart but her tough side is growing with her anger. Being together could mean a war and total devastation, but they need each other in more ways they ever could have predicted. Makarios of Kronos is a rebel smuggler who gets captured by the Hive. When he manages to escape to another type of prison, the Colony, he has a chance at freedom.

Regina Woodward, a fierce fox shifter, has just about given up on love until her best friend Nessa has the wild idea to set her up with Oscar Torres.

The Billionaire's Obsession

Oscar is a brick wall emotionally, not willing to let Regina in. No one in her family would approve, but as she gets to know Oscar, she finds herself falling harder than she ever expected. Lady Arianna Blackthorn is going to risk everything to save her brother from BleakHall prison, a dangerous triple max security prison where only the worst of the worst are locked up.

Will Ari be able to keep her secret and accomplish what she set out to do, or will she blow it all for Lathe?

Fifty Shades of Grey - You're Still A Virgin? Scene [HD]

Isola Dragice must escape from the war breaking out at her home on earth, so she returns to the world of dragons. Four guards are assigned to protect her, but they become much more than just her protectors. She finds herself mesmerized by him, but can she survive long enough for them to be together? Catherine is a natural born fighter and slayer of dragons.

Her world is shaken when her sister Lucy is kidnapped by dragon shifters. Her only option? Make a deal with three princes of a neighboring kingdom. Each prince drives her wild on their journey as the heat turns up. Ashley is shocked when the hunky CEO of her company, Ben, asks her to be his personal assistant. Ben is infatuated with the beautiful human, and his inner wolf is desperate to protect her. As the sparks fly, the danger also grows. Will Ashley be able to save her sister and have a happily ever after with the werewolf billionaire?

Melody is an introverted librarian looking for her perfect match- and he must love books. Will the two lovers from opposite sides of the tracks find their HEA? Follow the four women of the Ouellette bear shifter clan, Nadia, Izzy, Kelsey, and Tally, on their whirlwind journeys to love, safety, and happiness. Each develops their own romantic adventure with a total dreamboat in their search for their true mates. These shifter men and shifter women can barely keep their paws off each other in this steamy saga that is sure to make your heart melt. Travel to Zarhab Groht with a silver sexy alien warrior Torin Mardak on a dangerous mission to get deadly Calladium weapons off the street.

His focus is tested when he meets a group of humans, one in particular named Steph who catches his eye. Can Torin protect her from the great dangers of the Nine Galaxies? Her power is called into action when 11 women are murdered in North Carolina. On the hunt for a killer with the sexy detective Nathan McNamara, Sloan meets a mysterious stranger. For the first time, she cannot see his soul.

Darby Callan is going to have a mate, whether she likes it or not. Jean-Michel Gautier, a sexy alpha pack leader, is going to make her his mate and make sure that she likes it. Savanna James is okay with sitting by herself at lunch. Then, she meets the Patton brothers, who happen to be Alts, with their dark hair and silver eyes. The Patton brothers worship Savanna, and her life will never be the same with the three boys by her side and in her bed. Yet, destiny seems to have another plan when it brings Zoe Watson into his life.

Time stood still for a moment, and Kerri stared. The brunette and her family started walking off. Drawing in a breath, Kerri tore her gaze from their retreating backs. Less than an hour back on U. Oh well. Shaking her head, she scanned the waiting crowd for her best friend Natalie Hall…no, it was Natalie Damon now. Kerri had wanted to cab it from the airport, but Natalie had insisted.

Maybe Natalie had needed to leave. The flight was more than an hour late. Kerri looked around some more and noticed a sign with her name scrawled on it in block letters. She raised her eyes to the man holding it and blinked. He had his head angled away, but a vague sense of familiarity tugged at her as heat curled in her belly. Her lips parted slightly as she tried to draw in more air to clear her suddenly foggy head. His ensemble—the suit, discreet watch, platinum ring on his right middle finger and gleaming shoes—probably cost more than what most limo drivers made in a year.

Kerri had everything except…well, a job, a home and a man. Fix her. She did believe in love.

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Dragging her lone suitcase, she approached the supposed chauffeur. She wanted to check in and unpack her stuff for the week she was planning to stay in Virginia. Then she could figure out her next step. He held up a long, strong finger without turning to face her. It had a small white scar running diagonally down the fleshy pad. The voice was low and matter-of-fact. Good lord. The result? Exactly three boyfriends since college. He turned around and the world seemed to go into slow motion. She noticed a small black earpiece, eyelashes whose length made her slightly jealous…and then a face that could cause a riot in a nunnery.

The eyes narrowed as he studied her.

StepShifter 20 - Alpha Billionaire Lover (StepShifter Alpha - Ebooks

The full intensity of his gaze prickled her skin. She had the oddest feeling that he was trying to see through her dove gray baby tee and short denim skirt. That she could handle. He was trying to see beneath her skin. Sweat slickened her palms. Why would he want to do that? It had just been one night. She had to be imagining things. Most likely she was just tired from the trans-Pacific flight.

Men like Ethan had harems full of willing women at their disposal. She nodded, unable to speak. His voice had deepened, age and experience adding a dark timber to his tone; his body was wider, thicker through the shoulders, more powerful. Come visit? Check up on her? Never had. An awkward silence stretched. Her heartbeat skittered as more people moved past them. She swallowed and forced a light tone. The private investigators would report everything to her family in great detail. He put his hand over hers on the smooth luggage handle. The instant of skin-to-skin contact felt shockingly good.

Precisely because of this, she pulled away as if scalded. He tossed the sign into the nearest trash can and led her into the parking structure, one hand dragging her bag and the other on her elbow, the contact courteous yet somehow more than that. He moved with confidence and an animal grace that said he was utterly comfortable in his body. This close, she could smell mouth-watering warm dark spice and male flesh.

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She wanted to lean into him, just melt against his towering height and strength. The thought sent a fissure of shock through her. When they came to her, it was because they needed something impersonal, such as an opinion on a merger or help with a spreadsheet. Relationships, when she had them, required careful planning and management. Ethan had triggered her finely honed radar for unsuitable men. He would not only demand at least fifty percent input on both the planning and management, but expect more than what she was comfortable giving. He wants you. Come on, Jacqueline. You work your ass off for shitty pay.

Why not give him a call and see where things go? Had either of them thought so poorly of her? They redefined the term loaded. Kerri shook off the memory. No point in letting it bother her. If Natalie thought Ethan was good enough to pick her up, then everything was cool. Natalie was an excellent judge of character. They reached a shiny black BMW with temporary tags and he opened the door for her, then picked up her suitcase like it was loaded with helium and put it in the trunk.

She settled into the soft seat. Her fingertips tingled as they brushed over the smooth, luxurious leather. But then it had that new car smell. He got in, closing the door with a solid thunk , and turned the engine on. A powerful purr vibrated through her skirt. The pleasant, warmly slick feeling between her legs must be from that, not from Mr.

Gorgeous sitting next to her.

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No, not quite sitting, but not slumping either. His large hands hooked casually around the steering wheel. It had to be the process of solving a puzzle that was intriguing her, not the puzzle itself. He glanced over. She almost tugged on the hem of her skirt. Wearing the feminine clothing had seemed to make perfect sense earlier, when her primary objective was to lose the PIs her family had sicced on her. She hated how the skirt left her legs three-quarters bare and the baby tee clung to her torso.

His lips twitched in a suppressed smile as though he knew how much his presence unbalanced her. The drive would end soon enough, then she could change into something that would shield her better. He laughed. It was still the warm and rich sound she remembered. A dangerously seductive one too. His eyes narrowed slightly, though the corners of his lips quirked. It was a business thing. We were certain—well, I was certain—that she was working for the enemy. She forgave you for everything until she decided she wanted you to do something for her.