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One study included nearly 2, people in Australia who at ages 7, 13, 18, 45, 50 and 53 underwent lung-function tests and were assessed for lung function risk factors. Researchers led by Shyamali Dharmage of the University of Melbourne found that three-quarters of COPD cases that developed in participants by age 53 originated in poor lung function that began in childhood. That meant childhood issues such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis "hay fever" , eczema and exposure to secondhand smoke.

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Often, these conditions worsened in adulthood, the team noted. Picking up the smoking habit is the main risk factor for COPD, but these findings show that childhood risk factors can also raise a person's odds for the illness.

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In a second study, John Henderson and colleagues at the University of Bristol in England tracked the lung function of more than 2, people from birth to age They found that about three-quarters of babies born with impaired lung function made great improvements throughout childhood -- showing that there's a "window of opportunity" to overcome these early respiratory deficits.

Tilley stressed that there's much parents can do to make sure their child avoids COPD and other respiratory issues later in life.

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He noted that, "as children grow bigger and stronger from infancy to their mids, their organs, including their lungs, reach top performance. After reaching their peak functioning in the mids, respiratory performance undergoes a steady decline throughout one's lifetime. Seventeen months after starting her on the restrictive diet she had completely recovered from COPD and emphysema! More than people in 25 different countries have now recovered from COPD and emphysema following these protocols!


Menu Search. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , common viral causes of pneumonia are the influenza virus, which causes the flu, and respiratory syncytial virus RSV. The CDC also notes that a common cause of bacterial pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumoniae.

How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema

Pneumonia is ranked evenly with influenza as the eighth leading cause of death in the country. The illness is especially dangerous for those with a weakened pulmonary system, such as those who have COPD. For these people, it can cause further inflammatory damage in the lungs.

This can lead to a chain reaction of illnesses that can weaken the lungs even further and lead to a rapid deterioration of health in people with COPD. Overall good health is key to preventing infections in people with COPD. Here are some tips for reducing your risk of infection:.

Six Protocols That Reversed My Moms Emphysema

One of the most critical complications of COPD is heart failure. Because people with COPD have lower levels of oxygen in their bloodstream and because lung function is so closely intertwined with heart function, their heart will often be affected when their lungs are diseased. According to the American Thoracic Society , this can result in severe pulmonary hypertension to the point of right-sided heart failure occurring in 5 to 10 percent of people with advanced COPD.

For many people, adequately treating COPD can help prevent the disease from progressing to the point where it causes heart failure. The first step to preventing heart failure is to slow the progression of COPD. Here are a few simple ways you can do this:.

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However, smoking may not be the only connection between COPD and lung cancer. Exposure to other chemicals in the environment that irritate the lungs may cause a person to be prone to developing COPD or lung cancer. Genetics may also play a role. One significant complication of having both COPD and diabetes is the potential for certain medications that are used for treating COPD to adversely affect glucose control. People with diabetes and COPD may find their symptoms worsening because diabetes can also do damage to their cardiovascular system, which can carry over and affect their pulmonary function.

Learning to manage your blood sugar, usually with the help of your doctor, can help keep COPD symptoms from becoming overwhelming. Unmanaged diabetes that causes persistently high blood sugar levels can lead to reduced lung function. Work with your doctor to ensure that the medications they prescribe will work to treat both conditions with minimal adverse effect on either.