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New Zealand
Top 10 Best Cities and Regions to Visit if You're Traveling Alone

Petersburg, Hong Kong and Bali. Fly Solo is an easy, enjoyable read with fascinating tidbits sprinkled throughout the practical and humorous advice. Teresa Rodriguez Williamson obviously did a tremendous amount of research and has saved the lone traveling woman a lot of time, annoyance and possible danger by doing so. Hostels in Italy.

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Thailand is a top destination for first time solo travellers, enticing in thousands of backpackers year on year. Bangkok serves as the gateway to South East Asia making Thailand a natural first stop on your travels. With literally hundreds of islands to choose from, do some research before you head out and decide if you want a raging party island or secluded beach.

Why Travel Alone?

Whatever you decide, be prepared for astounding beauty, white sands, cool beach bars and wicked snorkelling spots. Hostels in Thailand. Known for its beer, bratwurst and the best and most exclusive nightclubs in the world, Germany is a perfect destination for travelling solo and meeting fellow backpackers. In summer, Berlin is essentially one massive beer garden with locals and travellers alike sharing a stein of the cold stuff. Asides from clubbing, Berlin is famed for its street art, day festivals and grungy aesthetic — prost! Hostels in Germany.

Flashpackers and chic travellers looking for a classy break flood to The City of Love to sample the fashion, culture and style mastered only by Paris. The only city for the hopeless romantic, aspiring poet or art enthusiastic, Paris enjoys a steady about of bookings from solo travellers yearly. Hostels in France.

The Best Places To Travel Alone In The USA | Solo Travel USA | Rough Guides

Visiting Japan feels a little like taking a trip into the future with their insane technology, huge modern cities and space-inspired pod hostels. The bright lights of Tokyo are as exhilarating as they are overwhelming, and the street food is truly sensational.

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Japan is also a country of unspoiled nature and centuries old tradition. Visit the gorgeous temples and be awe-inspired by the postcard perfect Mount Fuji. Hostels in Japan. The Netherlands is a truly wonderful country with some of the friendliest people in world ready to welcome you on your solo visit. For whatever reason, you may be a little more — err — laid back than usual while in Amsterdam, making it the perfect city to go alone, meet new people, and be open to new experiences.

Hostels in The Netherlands.

Uncovering Many Indias as a Solo Traveler

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10 Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. The cities were chosen and ranked based on three main criteria: A city's popularity with tourists according to MasterCard's Global Destination Cities Index. Its crime rate out of according to Numbeo's Crime Index where 0 is utterly safe and is the most crime-ridden. The cost of living according to Numbeo's Cost of Living Index , which compared the prices of consumer goods such as restaurants, groceries, and transportation in each city against prices in New York City, which was ranked one of the most expensive cities to live in in Destination Popularity: 76th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 34th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 6th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 77th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 3rd Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 14th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 68th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 45th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 30th Crime Index: Destination Popularity: 28th Crime Index: