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After a cut the rusts are gone and Bill is cutting the sandwich in half. The extreme close-up of the bride's face as she looks down upon Budd's trailer shows the reflection of the cameraman in her eyes. Outside the "little chapel in El Paso" at the Bride's wedding, there can clearly be seen a Joshua Tree. There are no Joshua Trees in Texas.

As Beatrix is reading the instructions of the pregnancy test, the second hand of her Rolex is ticking. The second hand of a Rolex doesn't tick, it sweeps. As seen in the Elle vs Bride brawl, it would be highly impractical to swordfight in a single wide trailer as depicted. Considering that katanas are about three feet long, there would not be adequate space to properly fight without obstructions.

Buds trailer appears to be in a flash flood ravine, nobody in the desert would build anything or even stays very long in such a place. When The Bride is trying to drown Elle in the toilet, you can clearly see the plexiglass in front of the camera scratches are visible on the sides. During the fight between Elle Driver and the Bride, the eye patch moves and you can see the reflection of the "missing" eye beneath it.

When the Bride is being buried alive, several times a faint reflection can be seen from the head of her flashlight, despite being six feet underground. When Budd is preparing to bury the Bride alive, he dumps a big piece of plywood onto the coffin and nails it down, but plywood is impossible to punch through, so when the Bride goes to punch her way out of the coffin, it's now made of slats, conveniently arranged so that the grain works with her.

In Bill's house, after Bill shots the fruit bowl in front of Beatrix, the fruit splatters onto her chest and in the shots of her in the scene, the splatter stains, chucks on her chest, etc changes positions, disappears, etc with every shot. When Bea takes off her necklace to leave for her daughter and looks at it, it is a thin gold chain. When she drapes it over the picture, it a different chain that is thicker and red with large beads.

While Budd is dying and Elle is reading from her notebook, the notebook is shown.

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The bottom of one page is the phrase "from a single bite", however when she reads this page, she has to flip to another page to read this line. At around and hour and 13 minutes Budd is supposed to be dead but we can clearly see the actor move his hand and breath. The goof items below may give away important plot points. Bill says that it was in the third month of mourning Beatrix that he tracked her down and found she was getting married. However, it is whilst she is in LA to kill Lisa Wong that Beatrix discovers she is pregnant, and when we see her at the wedding, supposedly three months later, she appears to be in a much later stage of pregnancy than she should be.

But when Bill said he tracked her down three months' later, he may have meant that that was when he found out where Beatrix was living in El Paso with Tommy. It is conceivable that Bill then waited until several months later so that he could fully plan his attack and perhaps deliberately choosing the day before Beatrix's wedding for maximum effect. Many errors are thought to be deliberate, or, at least, left in as a matter of stylistic choice in this pastiche of s "B" action movies.

When Beatrix is trying to escape from the grave, she damages her right hand, which bleeds. When she goes into the coffee shop, her hand is fine. Bill wipes away some of the blood on his face; in the next shot it is gone completely. Budd's boss scribbles a continuous line through the roster, but in the next shot the scribble is disjointed. During the final conversation between Bill and Bea, the label on Bill's bottle keeps rotating between shots. When Bill hands BB her sandwich, the cutting board is clear of the cut crusts.

In the next shot, he cleans the cutting board clear of the crusts to continue making another sandwich. When Budd kicks Bea's sword away outside his trailer, it sticks into the side of the garbage can. When it cuts back the sword is on the ground. Cut again, the sword is back in the can. Then you hear Budd pick it up off the ground as he's talking to Elle.

When Bea enters Budd's trailer her jacket is zipped up. After he shoots her and she's lying on the ground, it's open. Before Bea is put into the coffin, her legs are tied with a long piece of skin. In the coffin, they are tied with a belt. When fighting in Budd's trailer, Bea sticks Elle's head in his toilet. Later in the fight, you can see the toilet with lid closed and porn mags stacked on it which is quickly followed by a shot with the lid up again when Elle is thrashing around blind. In final conversation between Bill and Bea at the patio table, the cork bottle top continually changes position between shots.

When Bea is getting ready to sit down on Bill's circular couch in his living room, the wide shot reveals her about to sit down with a red pillow behind her. John was also an avid reader and enjoyed Astronomy. John was predeceased by his sister Alexandra Bonafine.

Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL Burial arrangements will be private. Robert P. In lieu of flowers memorial donations in loving memory of Robert can be made to Treasure Coast Hospice, S. Thomas J. Eisenbraun, 75, of Port St. Thomas worked for the Daily News while living in New York. Thomas enjoyed playing cards, suntanning and being the life of the party in his earlier years. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Dolly Eisenbraun, a daughter, 8 step children, 19 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

Lucie Blvd. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted in the care of Martin Funeral Home, St. Lucie Chapel. Patricia A. She married Don W. Fielder on December 2, at St. She enjoyed reading, Bridge, golf, travel and the company of close friends and family. She was an adventurer; even trying indoor sky diving with her family at 85 years young! She was dearly loved and will be deeply missed by her husband, family and friends. A celebration of her life will be held afterward.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations in loving memory of Pat can be made to Changing Leads Foundation by visiting: www. Robert Hubbs. Robert Hubbs, 57, of Stuart, Florida, passed away with his long time partner Marty by his side. Kanner Highway, Stuart, FL at am. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Robert can be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital www.

Marion D. She loved sewing with her sisters and going out to eat. She also enjoyed doing crafts, going to the casinos, cooking and entertaining her family and friends. Marion is survived by her loving husband of 61 years John J. Latwinas, her children John M. She was preceded in death by her sister, Phyllis Grace Price. Emily Schanz. Emily Schanz, 99, passed away on February 17, She had one sister and three brothers, all now deceased.

She married Fred W. Schanz in in Cleveland. She was a member of Miles Grant Country Club. She was predeceased by her husband, siblings, and parents. At Emily's request, there will be only a graveside service in New York , to be scheduled at a future date. Mina L. Jones, 94 of Stuart, FL passed away with her daughter Candace by her side. She was predeceased by her husband Albert E. Paul Hunter. Marine Raiders. The Raiders were the special forces of their time. In , The Raiders were incorporated into the 6th Marine Division. Paul was wounded in the battles for Guam and Okinawa.

He was awarded two Purple Hearts. In , Paul participated in the occupation of Yokosuka at the time of the Japanese surrender. After the war, Paul left the service to pursue his passion of flying, by using the GI Bill to become a flight instructor. In , Paul re-enlisted in the U. He was accepted into the naval aviation training program. Upon completion of his flight training, Paul was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.

Marine Corps and married Margaret. His nineteen years as a commissioned officer included combat in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. During his career he flew several different types of aircraft, but his favorite aircraft was the Chance Vought F8U Crusader. The F8U Crusader was a supersonic single engine jet fighter. He retired in at the rank of Major, and moved to Palm Springs, Florida, to be near his childhood home. Paul and Margaret relocated to Jensen Beach, Florida, in , to be close to their favorite fishing spots.

They enjoyed fishing and travelling around the country until Margaret passed away of cancer in They loved to travel across country to sightsee and visit relatives. Patricia Durso. Patricia Durso, 81, of Port St. Lucie, FL, passed away peacefully with her husband and eldest daughter by her side on Sunday, February 10, Pat was married to Carmen Durso for 60 years and they recently celebrated their anniversary in October. Pat was a talented floral and interior designer, theater goer and a music aficionado of all genres of music. She was a loving mother of three and grandmother of two who instilled confidence in all of her children, nieces and nephews.

Pat was known for her love of reading and keeping her mind sharp with crossword puzzles, but will be most remembered for the love she had for her family and enjoying a good glass of wine. The family would like to thank Treasure Coast Hospice for their compassionate care and guidance. Jacob Jeremiah Branen. Jacob J. Branen, 29, was killed Monday, Feb. He was transported to Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach where he succumbed to his injuries. Jacob had a passion for the history and archeology of Israel. One of his greatest experiences was participating in a dig at the archeological site Tel Dor, Haifa, Israel.

He loved to travel, making multiple trips to Israel. He traveled Germany on a school trip as well. He was currently employed as a customer service representative by Teletech, Daytona Beach, FL and also worked as an electronics sales associate for Walmart. Jacob's exuberance for life, his kind and generous heart and his ready laugh will be deeply missed by his family and friends. Having been born with cerebral palsy, those who were close to Jacob were proud of all his life's accomplishments. A Wisconsin service will be held sometime this spring, with details to follow.

Martin Funeral Home, Stuart Chapel, provided the arrangements. David F. Dusty Drew. For many years Dusty and his wife owned and operated Camp Wekeela on Bear Pond in Hartford, Maine, where young people from highly varied backgrounds spent memory-making summers having fun while absorbing life-lessons along the way. Dusty served on many town committees in Standish and was a past president of the Kiwanis Club and Watchic Lake Association. Dusty was most fulfilled as a mentor to young people both on and off the ballfield.

He enjoyed dancing and classical music and looked forward every year to spending summers in Maine mostly in his lakeside vegetable garden and winters in Florida mostly golfing or volunteering. Dusty had a tremendous work ethic, and was also an organizational genius. Whether it was almost single-handedly bringing back to life the physical plant of a long-closed summer camp, organizing camper or spring baseball trips, feeding all of the athletes at USM during periods when the cafeteria was closed, running a golf tournament at Miles Grant, or overseeing a Kiwanis dinner, Dusty easily took on great responsibility, and had fun while creating memorable times for others.

Dusty is survived by his brother Donal F. He was predeceased by his son, Timothy Cronin. In lieu of flowers, please make a memorial contribution to your favorite charity. The family would like to extend special thanks to Treasure Coast Hospice and to the caring and compassionate staffs of Hay-Madiera House and Harper House. Patrick R. Garofola, Jr. Lucie, FL, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, January 28, He was sadly taken from this life all too soon. Patrick spent his life in Florida. A native Floridian and resident of Broward and St.

Lucie Counties, Patrick made is final home here in Port St. He was a kind and gentle man. An easy-going person with his family always in the forefront. Patrick enjoyed fishing and his job working as a concrete finisher. He is survived by his partner in life, Toni Ragusa of Port St. Also, his paternal grandparents Patricia and Vincent Garofola A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Friday, February 1, with visitation beginning at 12 noon with a service beginning at pm at the St.

Lucie, FL, Janie V. Myers, 58, of Port St. Lucie, FL unexpectantly passed away on Saturday, January 12, She was preceded in death by her first born child, Brian Myers, in ; her brother Jimmy Vaughn in ; and her husband, Jeffery Myers in Janie was born on February 7, Although her given name is Constance Jane Vaughn, she always preferred to be called Janie.

She would also answer to Pie Pie, which was a nickname given to her by her mother as a child. She was married to Jeffery Myers in Janie and Jeff lived in Douglasville, GA for several years. Janie wanted to live in Port St Lucie because of her work as a mortgage loan processor. Janie was a self-proclaimed southern belle. She loved to cook southern style cuisine just like her mother. She was never shy and would speak to anyone. She had a wonderful, unique sense of humor and loved to laugh. She also loved to have fun and had many friends who cared for her deeply.

Janie had a relationship with God and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Those who love her find great comfort in knowing that she is now resting peacefully with Jesus Christ. Janie was loved unconditionally by her family and will be profoundly missed. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

Arthur Charles Schuck, IV. Lucie, FL, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 8, Arthur graduated from Port St. Lucie High School with Honors in He had a way of always making people smile and enjoyed making funny faces and face bombing people taking pictures. Arthur was predeceased by his maternal grandfather George Naulty.

Shaun M. Shaun grew up in Goshen, MA where his love of the outdoors blossomed. He graduated from Smith Vocational High School in Shaun had many great experiences in his short life. He was a volunteer fireman and EMT. He worked at several hospitals in different states as an ER tech. He traveled the United States with his friend when he was Ran the Boston marathon after recovering from major back surgery. Enjoyed fishing, camping, running on the beach, hiking in the woods and just being outside Shaun made many friends during his life and he cherished his family.

Shaun was a kind, caring, compassionate soul who will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Northampton, MA on April 27, at 12pm-5pm. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the charity of ones choice. Robert T. He was very proud to be the first member of his family to graduate from college, The College of the Holy Cross in He served 2 years in the U. He is predeceased by his parents C.

Bob was the consummate gentleman and loved by all for his honesty, his loyalty and his smile. His granddaughter Keira was the love of his life. A Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, January 16, at am at St. Helen F. She had been suffering with health issues for many years. Edler on August 3, Their beautiful love relationship continued for 57 years, until his death in She he became a real estate broker with her father.

She took time off to raise her family, then returned to work at Buckeye State Bank and advanced to Cashier. Mom, or Oma as her grand and great grand children called her, enjoyed flower arranging, cooking, church activities, golfing, traveling, playing cards, and spending time with her family. Her wonderful and gentile personality touched everyone she met. She was preceded in death by her husband Paul Edler and her brother Richard Baker.

Her sister Ruth Seevers and husband Jim survive her. A niece Kay Bachelder resides in Galion, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, donations maybe made to Peace Lutheran Church. Bonnie Handel. Her partner of 22 years Robert "Bob" Auwood was by her side holding her hand. Bonnie was born and raised in Philadelphia, graduating from Cheltenham HS in She worked for many years in California primarily as an Emergency Room Nurse. She met Bob in and became an accomplished coastal and open ocean sailor, sailing thousands of miles from Canada, along the US East Coast, thru the Bahamas, and for many years in the Caribbean.

Bonnie and Bob were blessed to share and live out a beautiful common dream. They moved ashore in She is also survived by her beloved pet, Abigail The Wonder Dog. She was predeceased by her father Samuel Silver. Earlene T. Earlene is survived by her husband Frank Babbitt, Jr. A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Mark Alan Lashley. Working, fishing and cooking were Marks biggest passions in life. He loved to fish. He enjoyed cooking and was a great cook with a passion for gourmet foods.

Mark had an extensive group of friends, Most of whom he has known for 30 plus years and some longer than that. Mark will be missed by all of his family and friends. Dorothea F. She is survived by her son Mark Leimkuehler and his wife Cathy and daughter Jill Leimkuehler-Mazgaj and her husband David; her three grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and brother Dale Hirschy.

She was predeceased by her husband of 65 years, Roy Leimkuehler. Harold Kalbfleisch. Harold was preceeded in death by his beloved wife Elaine Schlee of 53 years. Harold owned Birmingham Cleaners for 52 years. Services pending. Memorial contributions may be made to the hospice of your choice. Frances Windon. Frances "Franny" A. Fran was married to the love of her life, the late Ralph C. Windon for 43 years and they resided in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Fran was a devoted mother and Nana: she had a special relationship with her grand kids and loved spending time with family and friends. Fran was known for her love of reading and working jigsaw puzzles, but will be most remembered for telling " the stories of her life" and her sense of humor. Fran's lifetime was dedicated to helping and taking care of others, she always had a smile on her face and never met a stranger.

Fannie Gay Timon. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted in the care of Martin Funeral Home. James Howard Noe. Jim knew his wife Margaret since where they graduated High School together. Their paths took different turns and eventually they married in Jim drove for Armellini Express Lines for twenty plus years.

He received the Million Mile Safety Award for no accidents. Jim always had a positive outlook on life. He was a kind person and always had a smile on his face. Jim was also a man that was very strong in his faith. Richard E. He was a longtime business owner. After retirement, he moved to Palm City, FL were he has spent the last 25 years with his bride.

Some of his passions in life were photo editing, wood carving, and restoring classic cars. He was well versed in computers and technology. Kathy Butcher. Kathy passed away at her home in Stuart, FL with her husband at her side, after a long illness. Kathy was active at her church, St. Kathy loved animals and children, but was absolutely passionate about teaching. She brought many new and innovative ideas into her classroooms.

Kathy fought anything that interfered with a child's opportunity to learn. She was instrumental in getting clean drinking water at South Fork High School, when the water supply was contaminated with lead in the early 's. A Celebration of Life will be held at St. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Kathy can be made to the St.

Vivian Clara Doege. Vivian was a homemaker and mother her whole life and enjoyed the simpler things in life but she enjoyed her sewing. She was predeceased by her husband Clarence T. Sharon Sharrie Vandenberg Skerven. She always wanted to help others and to make every celebration special and spend as much time with family as possible. She was a friend to animals and the earth. Some of her most special times were spent in Hayward, WS on Spring Lake at the cabin with her family. She leaves behind her loving cat, Tinsel. Memorial donations in loving memory of Sharrie can be made to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast www.

Kathleen H. Nagel Butcher. Edwin Jay Stuart. He passed peacefully into eternity on November 18, at his residence in Stuart. After graduation from Pahokee High School in he continued his studies at the University of Florida and after graduation he then joined the Navy. While stationed in San Diego he met the love of his life Margaret Delano and they were married on August 25, Edwin was a lifelong student-he loved to read and learn and earned a law degree as well as a Masters Degree from University of Florida and later a PhD from Florida State.

They were happily married until her death in July He is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Edwin loved the Lord and was excited to get to Heaven. Kanner Hwy. Stuart, Florida Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be made at www. Bruce A. Captain Bruce A. Ungar of Port St. Lucie, FL passed away on November 15, after a hell of a fight against lymphoma. He was charter fishing Captain. Patrick Miner. Patrick J. Prior to retiring he was an Electrician with I. Electrical Union for many years. Patrick served proudly during WWI in the U.

Patrick was preceded in death by his first wife, Mary "May" Paternostro Miner. Patrick loved to go boating and fish, loved a good treasure hunt at the local flea markets and the local Salvation Army. Whenever he drove he always had a plan for the day of what he wanted to accomplish. Patrick loved to cook and was very proud of his Italian Heritage.

Kanner Hwy Stuart, FL. Toney R. William Toney Richard Edwards, 74, restaurateur, designer, and yachtsman died of pancreatic cancer at home in Stuart, Florida, on Saturday, November 10, He is survived by his wife, Maggie Hopp, younger sister Sherri Bilson, and many loving cousins, nieces, and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents and older sister, the Rev. Judy Nelson. There, at the hands of an old-school waiter, he sampled several dishes he had never heard of nor tasted before.

Academically trained in technical theater and design at UT and Yale University, he worked at theaters in Rochester, Minnesota, and Atlanta. He also joined the Durst Organization for whom he managed more than sixty buildings in Manhattan and stabilized seven historic theaters on West 42nd Street in the early s. It was through his work with the Durst Organization that he met Maggie, a photographer, whom he married in after a decade-long courtship.

In addition to food, wine he served as vice president of the Ordre des Compagnons du Beaujolais and community, Toney was a skilled blue-water sailor and a member of the New York Yacht Club and Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, where he was an active racer and winter frostbiter. In lieu of flowers, please send contributions to U. Sailing Center of Martin County, Inc.

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Indian River Dr. Irving M. Levin, 95, died peacefully at his home in the Summerfield community, on Thursday, November 8, with his wife of 41 years the former S. Frances Kelley, at his bedside. He participated in numerous projects including testing the first inertial guidance system. Kenneth A. Green died peacefully at his home in Hobe Sound, Florida, on Wednesday evening, November 7, , at the age of He was predeceased by his parents, Albert and Esther Green; his sister Winifred; hisbeloved wife of 49 years, Betty; and his wife Delores with whom he spent 12 loving years.

He served in the U. Ken was a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church now Community Bible Church for more than fifty years serving as song leader, Sunday school superintendent, and board member for many of those years. Working with the Gideons International was an integral part of his life; Ken was a member for over forty years serving in the Broome County camp in New York as well as the Martin County camp in Florida. He held several offices and participated in Bible distributionsin hospitals, high schools, New York city street corners, and even in South Korea.

He frequently supplied music at the Binghamton City Rescue Mission and participated in jail ministry on a regular basis. The Lord was the center of his life and his first priority was to serve Him. The family will receive visitors this Sunday afternoon November 11 at P. The viewing will be immediately followed by a funeral service at P. Matthew Ellison officiating. Box , Washington , D. Kenneth B.

Ferrin,53,of Hobe Sound, passed away Thursday, November 8, surrounded by his loving and devoted family. Kenny, as he was affectionately known as, had many outside hobbies. He loved being on the water, taking photographs and just enjoying the outdoors life. He was a wonderful billiard competitor and played on many leagues.

Billy Budd, Sailor Audiobook | Herman Melville |

Kenny made it to the the Las Vegas Billiard Championship. Most of all, Kenny loved and adored his family.

Agatha Christie Audiobook - Taken at the Flood

He is predecesed by his brothers Robbie Allen and Randy. Jennifer Anne Wren. After graduating from St. Jennifer returned to Stuart for a brief period and then moved to Boston, MA. She lived in the the Beacon Hills section of Boston for ten years, returning to Stuart area in the summer of Jennifer was very much loved and will be greatly missed and always remembered by her father and her family, as well as her many friends in the Boston and Stuart areas.

Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be made at www. Sandra Feeley. In the Cape Cod, MA. Sandy retired from teaching in As a child she lived in Avon, MA. She had lived in Sharon, MA. She and her husband Paul had been a snowbirds coming to Jensen Beach since She was so proud of raising her 3 sons. She is predeceased by her sister Carol. Port St. Lucie, Florida. Stuart, FL. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy may be found at www. Patricia Still. Patti as she is fondly known as, was a true artist.

She worked with many mediums such as oils, pencils, paper art and photography. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in loving memory of Patti can be made to the First United Methodist Church, S. Online condolences and expressions of sympathy can be made by vising www. Noreen Trenoweth. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and lived most of her life, Noreen came to Martin County to be close to her loving daughter Zelle and her family.

She is also survived by her grandchildren Claudia and her husband Jimmy and grandson Craig and many relatives in South Africa.

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  • She was predeceased by her husband of 57 hears Charles and and son John and daughter Mavis. LaDon M. As a young woman, she attended MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis, where she developed her passion for singing. It is there where she met her husband of 53 years, Wally Johnson deceased. They sang together at over events, including TV and charity benefits.

    Her devotion to Wally and her passion for music inspired many. LaDon enjoyed an active life including tennis, skiing, and golf. The Mariner Sands Chapel Choir and the game of Mahjong brought her many special friendships and great joy over the years. LaDon was an optimistic woman, always striving for the best in life for herself, Wally, and others. She is survived by her brother James and his wife Barb of Brainerd, Minnesota, along with many nieces and nephews, in-laws, special friends, and extraordinary caregivers.

    Dewan Demmer was born in South Africa and is now living in the U. I have had some 30 plays staged in the United States and Europe, as well as published 33 books of drama, fiction, and nonfiction. My books have included widely translated biographies of James Stewart and Marcello Mastroianni, and at the moment I am working on a biography of Lee J.

    Paul served six terms as Playwright-in-Residence for New Voices for the Theater, a program providing a three week summer residency for high school playwrights from across the state of Virginia. After a few years, he was recruited back to WANN and spent the next ten years doing a variety of work that included doing a nightly Jazz program five nights a week.

    He also wrote and announced news and did relief work doing Rhythm and Blues during the day. He served the needs of over five hundred civilian employees for the next ten years. He retired in During nineteen sixties, Lee continued he passion for the theater. He has acted, directed and worked on over one hundred productions. Lee began to write plays in the seventies. He has had his plays produced in Baltimore, Annapolis and Miami Beach. Several of these productions were done professionally.

    As of this writing, the novel has not been published. Dorsey now writes full time. Scott Doss holds B. An experienced veteran of multiple theme park entertainment troupes, dinner theatres, and little theatre groups, his career spans over 30 combined years of acting, singing and writing advertising. Jethro Dykes is an actor and writer, based in London. He is a playwright, having written and produced his own shows. Jethro is also a poet, having been published in the literary magazine, Acumen , which has also published the UK poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

    Iranian-born Azita Ebrahimi is a visual artist, poet and writer. She intends through her writing to open up new ways of communication and expression, perhaps more subtle and intuitive than her use of bold colors and shapes in her paintings. As a social justice activist herself, she is always looking for how to create a better world. Azita resides in Atlanta with her two teen-age sons. Denis Emorine is the author of short stories, essays, poetry, and plays.

    He was born in in Paris and studied literature at the Sorbonne University of Paris. He has an affective relationship to English because his mother was an English teacher. His father was of Russian ancestry. His works are translated into several languages. His theatrical output has been staged in France, Canada Quebec and Russia. Many of his books stories, drama, poetry have been published in the USA. Writing, for Emorine, is a way of harnessing time in its incessant flight. He also has a great interest for Eastern Europe. Denis Emorine collaborates with various other reviews and literary websites in the U.

    She is currently earning her Paralegal Certificate after previously working as an editor. She has written four plays and four screenplays, two of which have been published with JAC Publishing. She has also written one teleplay, which won the Scriptsation Best Teleplay Award.

    She has also written numerous poems, including two which were featured in the Local Artist Showcase at the Open Theater Project in Boston. She possesses a passion for history and the majority of her works are period pieces and historical fiction. Read All in the Past — a film noir murder mystery. Steven G. Farrell was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he was a member of a large Irish-Catholic family. He has also taught in Japan and Saudi Arabia. He most recently completed the screenplay version of Mersey Boys. Following a degree in English and an MA in Professional Writing he started to write, produce and direct theatrical productions.

    Originally from Cornwall, Matt moved to Swindon in , where he now lives with his wife and 2 children. He also runs a playwriting course for New College Swindon. Read Madrababes — a fun filled comedy musical. A comedy of the absurd by George Freek. During his High School years Andrew traveled across the country with his family as a troupe of Puppeteers. Andrew lives in Brewer, Maine with his wife Ashley and son, Axel. I am currently working on a long novel, about a third of the way through.

    For money, I make porcelain jewelry and sell in numerous galleries around the US. Lianne Gill has been involved in amateur dramatics for 30 years. She was a member of the Albert Players, a popular amateur dramatic group for 20 years, acting on stage, as well as working backstage as stage manager and prop mistress and doing make-up. In she obtained an International Diploma in Theatrical Make-up and worked as a professional make-up artist in both the Roodepoort and the Johannesburg Civic theatre.

    At present she is a member of the Franklin Players, a dramatic group that is well known for the professionalism with which it approaches all projects, despite having amateur status. Lianne has been writing plays for over 20 years in various styles and genres. In she won best original script and the adjudicators special merit award for scriptwriting at the EADS play festival, and a medal of commendation for her acting role in the Franklin festival as well as an award for best lighting in Lianne is an active Christian and writes Christian plays ad skits which have been performed at many different churches as well as acting in a Christian production at the Crossroads church in Kate was born in the UK many moons ago and moved with her husband and three children to a village just outside Toulouse in South West France in Since then she has been involved in local theatre for several years running drama groups for English speaking children as well as working with bilingual children in a French school.

    After struggling to find suitable and fun plays for children with large casts, and a fair distribution of roles, she decided to write her own. This urge was suppressed for many years whilst studying geography, working in some weird and brain numbing oganisations, raising her children, walking the dog… However, once it returned, Kate was unable to stop, and has been writing all sorts of things and prancing about ever since.

    She has also been involved in an English speaking theatre company in Toulouse secretpantosociety. She also likes constructing large props and pantomime animal heads out of papier mache and especially enjoys peeling off the dried glue from her fingers. Leonard has written about a dozen full length plays and somewhat more one act plays. Some have won prizes. Several of his one act plays have appeared in festivals and competitions.

    David Greenberg, 61, lives on 20 acres of forest and farmland in southern Indiana with his wife of 41 years, Dr. Miriam Greenberg, awaiting the end of civilization as we know it. A former newspaper editor, reporter, long-distance truck driver, carpenter and worm picker, he has been writing most of his life. He has one daughter, Jordana, a professional musician with the band Harpeth Rising; three cows and a bull; two horses; four sheep, five goats, eight dogs and a pair of rescued cockatiels. Yes, and a pear tree. Robert Grunwald is a San Diego, California native whose diverse credits include advertising copy, nonfiction articles, poetry, film criticism and even a cookbook.

    An avid writer since childhood, he was a published, award-winning poet while still in his teens and at 17 became the youngest professional member of the St. Louis Writers Guild. After receiving a BA in English and Writing Certificate from the University of Missouri, he worked as a professional copywriter while pursuing other projects on the side. Kaufman and Moss Hart. It is the first in his planned trilogy of one-act comedies set in Los Angeles in He also writes long and short fiction for kids and adults.

    Visit his Amazon page. He and his wife and inspiration Roxanna, a healthcare writer and jewelry designer, live in the southeastern U. She acted in many plays throughout her school years, and went on to qualify in architecture. Shirley Gambrell and I met in a parking lot across the street from where her husband Tim works as head electrician at a major construction site in Gainesville, Florida. Shirley drives a burgundy van decorated with references to her book. I approached Shirley bragging that I was a writer too and, well, our friendship was immediate.

    Shirley suggested that we collaborate on writing something. I was flattered and agreed. What did she have in mind, I wondered? Shirley wanted to write a play. Shirley had some ideas but we soon decided that the play would be based on her book. We became equal partners. I have always enjoyed writing but writing a play was something I never considered doing. And in college I just bluffed my way through English Lit. I have been to very few plays and went only because a teacher or some girl had forced me to go. Years later I worked at a high school in Southern Maryland and during my breaks I became a regular in the auditorium watching the kids rehearsals.

    It was then that I fell in love with theatre. Shirley had dreamed of writing books for children and with the support of her husband, Tim, her dream became a reality. Shirley is a talented photographer and had taken photos of Moe Joe and Snowie. One day Shirley laid out the pictures played around arranging them in different ways and a wonderful story came to life and that became her storybook for children.

    He discovered writing as a teen in high school and after graduating briefly attended Edinboro University as a film major. His work in playwrighting, as well as fiction writing and writing for the screen often involves humorous, dark tales involving mystery and romance, and intriguing nuances of the human condition.

    He is also an online film critic and freelance reviewer of local theatre for The Patriot-News located in The Pennsylvania Capital city of Harrisburg. His fictional and nonfiction work have appeared in several web and print publications, such as: Skive Magazine; Coffecramp-Ezine for writers; The Central Pen ; and Long Riders Magazine. Emily K. Iekel is an American translator, writer, and editor currently teaching English in Spain. Thirst For The Forest. Die The Sweetness. Starline Produced by ShoeString Productions. Jeb And The Bank Loan. Published comedy skit. Brooklyn Publishers, cord street.

    Odessa Texas. The Franklin Show, one act comedy stage play. Produced by Xaivier University. Leon Kaye has written five full stageplays and many shorts. Read Church of Satan by Leon. Jeremy has had multiple stage readings and workshop productions of plays in Los Angeles and New York. He has also published byline articles for national newspapers and magazines and written speeches, press materials, and award-winning print materials. As a public relations executive Jeremy led media, marketing, advertising, employee, analyst, investor, shareholder, corporate restructuring and crisis communications campaigns for Internet start-ups to Fortune firms.

    In his previous life Jeremy led the launch of multiple consumer and investor relations Web sites, managed investor, analyst, employee and media outreach campaigns, wrote and created online and offline marketing and advertising materials, edited online editorial copy and served as lead media spokesman.

    Jonathan Womack Triple Book

    As a vice president at a top-five public relations firm, he provided strategic counsel and directed media, brand identity, crisis and community relations campaigns for such clients as FedEx, IBM, Visa, and Nextel. Mark received his M. Other productions have occurred in New York City and Los Angeles as well as at theatres in over a dozen other states. Most recently, it was performed as part of the Wexford Irish Fringe Festival. It received its first full production in DeLand, FL in Mark has also had over twenty other plays workshopped and performed across the country. James Kent is half Canterbury, half Venetian and writes from his home in Manhattan.

    Michael is a film reviewer, booted from one cheesy local New York television network to another. Tyra sells cosmetics at Saks yet is easily still the breadwinner. His concentration to complete a screenplay is interrupted by her chatter and his profound inability to write formula. The play opens during a cat-and-mouse game with the novelist and the perfect man who of course turns out to be pure fiction.

    Classic Interface

    Close to retirement, the professor has not yet published and is about to perish. He stands on the ledge of a tall window calculating whether death will embrace him if he jumps from only the second floor. His sister, also a nun, is with him, darkening his thoughts to brighten hers, in joyous remission from cancer, now knitting a gun cozy for her brother in a stab at reverse psychology. Everyone is talked down to the quotidian now, the happier and more middle-aged managed for it. Lolly is a downtown actress who is so arch on stage that her performances compete with drag queens.

    She is adored by a collection of warring East and West Village subcultures. They decide to quit the city for the backwater of Minnesota since it is January, , and it is the only state that did not vote for Ronald Reagan. Twins are born assisted by Petesie, midwife and refined crook who sees herself an entrepreneur. Her plaid husband, Darren, falls asleep with Jamie, both dead drunk.

    Charles River Press

    An avalanche confines them. I am the author of The Danilov Quintet, a series of horror novels featuring vampires in tsarist Russia. I have also written Late Whitsun , a detective story set in Brighton in the s, intended to be the first in a series, published by Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing.

    My historical novel, On Greenberry Hill, concerning the Popish Plot of the late seventeenth century is currently being submitted to publishers. My full-length play, Beside the Kitchen Table, is a ghost story set in a domestic kitchen. Over the years I have co-written a number of works of musical theatre, contributing to book, lyrics and music. Whilst not an actor, I am an experienced musician and have performed on stage as a singer at both amateur and professional level in operas and musicals. I have also performed in the pit and musically directed, as well as taking on a variety of other production jobs.

    This experience gives me a good insight into the practicalities of theatre production, proving to be of great benefit when writing for the stage. Until the publication of my first novel, Twelve, I spent many years working a software consultant for various organizations, including the UN and BP. I also have a great deal of experience in IT training.

    Nowadays I am mostly dedicated to writing fiction, but still spend some of my time on software development and training. Nina Kossman is a writer, playwright, and poet. His plays have been performed in eight countries and have been nominated for numerous awards nationally and abroad, including the FNB VTA and Olive Schreiner.