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The fact that the success of the individual must so often be at the expense of others places a premium on this kind of blindness to the needs and accounts of others. We teachers of literature need to take this cultural pressure into account, since it is so directly opposed to the attitude of mind we are attempting to foster. For the very nature of the literary experience is a living into the experience of others and a comprehension of the goals and aspirations of personalities different from our own.

The Progressive Education Association PEA was founded in and ran a project, the Eight Year Study [], which waived standard college entrance requirements for the students of 30 high schools.

The goal in each of these has always been to push a non-academic, affective, and vocational emphasis in the classroom without that being readily apparent. Very few will be educated.

This history of progressive educational theory and its steady, century-long march to our current controversy over Common Core is instructive and sobering. It is more than apparent that those who seek to implement these educational reforms have calculated parental resistance.

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