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On them, at least. I turned to look at the Billings Girls, widening my eyes in desperation and praying one of them had an answer. Noelle cleared her throat and brought her hand down to her side where she surreptitiously rubbed her fingers together. Of course. Money talked around here. Louder than just about anything else.

But how much money? I knew what a lot of cash was to me—a scholarship student from a lower-middle-class family with one car and two mortgages—but how many zeros did I need to add to impress people who paid for plastic surgery for their dogs and had personal chefs to toast their French bread?

He covered his microphone with one hand and turned to whisper to the gentleman next to him. Soon the whole board was playing a game of telephone, each whispering to the next and on down the line. Finally, their comments made it back to Cromwell and he cleared his throat. I held my breath. Everyone in the room held their breath. Slowly, Cromwell leaned toward the microphone. It was impossible to read his expression. Possibly because he had only one—annoyed.

The room erupted in conversation and squeaking chairs, but all I could see was that number. Five million. A huge number. An impossible number. He got his silence. I will also be contacting the Billings alumni and making it clear to them that they are not to help you with the preparations for whatever you conjure up. This fundraiser will be planned by you and paid for by you, and any profit will be fairly earned. Is that understood? I turned to look at them. Portia glanced at the Twin Cities. Vienna whispered something over her shoulder to Shelby Wordsworth.

Rose bent in conversation with Tiffany Goulbourne and Astrid Chou. Everyone conferred while I stood there and waited. Finally, they all faced forward and Portia nodded confidently. I faced the board, looked Cromwell in the eye, and smiled. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. This e-sampler features excerpts from the first books in each series.

View Product. Beautiful Disaster Privilege Series 2. The Book of Spells Private Series. Her parents expect her to learn the qualites of a graceful, dutiful wife. But Eliza and her housemates have a dangerous secret However, in this book, it's a little different as she finally starts fighting back instead of defending No So, the only reason I gave this book 3 stars is because Reed finally got what she deserved towards the end.

The Complete Private Collection

However, in this book, it's a little different as she finally starts fighting back instead of defending Noelle and going, "Oh, but she's my friend! I trust her! The books are all just chock full of drama--to the point that it can get sickening and boring don't we all have enough drama in our lives already? I find I'm rooting against her because, seriously? Reed has never been someone I could relate to much less like from the beginning.

Private Novels by Kate Brian - I.O.U.1.

She's whiny and obsessive and annoying. I don't even know if I want to continue after this. It's just I like the covers so much and the fonts used are pretty cool too. I don't know. I'm torn, really. View 2 comments. Apr 14, Kari Anderson rated it it was ok. Oh, and Reed is still keeping a little secret at to why she and Josh broke up, but it may not be secret for much longer.

After this book, I am taking a little break from the Private series.

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I do this to myself every time I read a series. I read them all really close together and I get a little burnt out. With all of the drama of the other books, this one was very tame. We all kind of new that Ivy was going to bring drama, now we just know why. I am giving Ambition 2 stars. Jun 14, Nancy rated it liked it Recommends it for: Private readers. Shelves: It seems hard to pin these stories as realistic—yeah, border-line-realistic is more like it. The end is another shocker. But I seriously doubt all the clues lead to Ivy. That would be an unexpected twist, which Kate Brian seems to have a lot of up her sleeves.

But still, I want the series to end. I mean, as much as I like something, too much really IS enough. I've also heard that she's starting a new series, but about Ariana now. I don't know how I feel. I'll probably read the first one, but I have a sinking feeling the stories wil be really similiar. Nov 13, Maddison rated it liked it. Meh have to say this one didn't grip me as much as the others. Maybe because I tried this one as audio, maybe because it was just shitty and there was no point to it. This book was full of view spoiler [Reed feeling jealous of Ivy and Josh, when the whole thing was her damn fault.

Her thinking she still owns Billings. I'm so pleased Constance sees her for what she is: a complete hypocrite.

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Jan 21, Giselle rated it really liked it. The 7th book of the series was a bit sadder than the others because of her break-up with Josh. It was, as always, still full of drama and mystery. We got to know Noelle more and see Reed go through some big changes and heartaches. I have a feeling Sabine has something to hide. There is just something about her that makes me wonder what she's hiding.

Except for the character development and seeing Reed crash and burn, there was not a lot of actual story development, it felt more like a prequel to The 7th book of the series was a bit sadder than the others because of her break-up with Josh. Except for the character development and seeing Reed crash and burn, there was not a lot of actual story development, it felt more like a prequel to the next book where hopefully Cheyenne's murder will come to a close.

Jun 18, Bianca Farmer Hurst rated it it was ok. This series drags on. At first it was intriguing and I could even ignore Reed's pitiful whining. But I'm so tired of her crap taste in men and her pity parties. She can't stand up for herself. She can't form a coherent thought. She can't think ahead. She's constantly calling herself ugly and a nobody which is really annoying at this point.

Who wants to read about a protagonist who's always waiting for some fabulous super model to swoop in and make her "good enough. I'm tired of the Noelle is or is not a jerk debate. And Reed couldn't find a decent man to date if it killed her. Thomas was more likable dead than alive. I'm tired of the "he's a bad drunk" excuse they give guys for being dicks in this series. Josh is a controlling, emotionally abusive tool, but lord knows we have to read about how amazing he is and how every fight becomes her fault.

He told her Thomas didn't treat her well then turns around and puts down every one of her accomplishments, threatens to leave her all the time, throws temper tantrums, wants to cut her off from her friends, ignores her opinion, and then dates all the women that are exactly like the "girls he hates at Billings". But oh my God lets act like he's perfect and the best guy she could ever find. Give me a break. This series is a crap example of what a healthy relationship looks like. Maybe Ariana should've killed Reed.

Ambition is totally suspenseful, as well as books five through eight. This second arc is the best one in the Private series. I just like the writing style, so smart, and this clever school setting makes me relive my English literature class. But overall it's a bit too dramatic in a ludicruous way, and the characters are a tad too judgemental. And then, Ivy's reason to hate Billings.

Ambition (Private Series #7)

A definitely valid reason if it would make sense. How is it possible to rob your grandmother's house? If you are i Ambition is totally suspenseful, as well as books five through eight. If you are in contact with your nana and this is the case with Ivy to get to her stuff it's enough to pay a visit to her, it doesn't need breaking and entering at all! Jan 31, Ablondebibliophile rated it liked it Shelves: The series is picking up again and besides the tedious "whodunnit" plot regarding Cheyenne that seems to be entirely stalemating, I was much more intrigued with this installment!

Reed is slightly more compelling and I'm starting to root for her again. The parties are fabulous, the drama shocking, and the two-dimensional characters surprisingly compelling. May 09, ktheland rated it did not like it. Ugh, Reed is a such an idiot. My, my , my Josh. You can't posses someone. And you broke up because you made out with a douchebag who is dating a total bitch. Ivy is not your stalker. It's obvious that it's view spoiler [Sabine hide spoiler ].

Ambition (Private, #7) by Kate Brian

Use your brain. All of these girls are spoiled rich idiots who read like one dimensional. Grow up. And can somebody fix the summaries. Aug 28, Farahin Zulkifli rated it liked it. I used to love this series when I was in middle school, so Im gonna give it 3 stars. Sep 22, Bree rated it liked it. Not sure why I keep reading this, especially considering how much I loathe the main character.

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Mar 23, Janelle Dazzlepants rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , murder-mystery , young-adult , contemporary-fiction. Following Cheyenne's death, the stalking really kicks into high gear in Ambition, and it's fucking awesome. Reed is haunted by mementos from Cheyenne's life at every turn, from the black balls used in the Billings initiation vote, to items of Cheyenne's clothing, to Cheyenne's signature and sickening perfume. This is juxtaposed against an incredibly superficial background, with the Billings girls fundraising for Easton to save their house and compensate for burning down Gwendolyn Hall.

If you co Following Cheyenne's death, the stalking really kicks into high gear in Ambition, and it's fucking awesome. If you couldn't tell, I absolutely fucking loved the stalking. It was similar to Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series in that at first it seemed like Cheyenne was really haunting Reed from beyond the grave, but then it becomes much more sinister and grounded in reality. You realise that someone is really out for blood, and that person knows everything.

I thought the black balls and items of clothing were creepy enough, but switching out Reed's perfume with Cheyenne's was genius - the sense of smell is the sense most closely linked with memory, so I was squirming along with Reed when Cheyenne's signature scent was suddenly everywhere. I also really felt for Reed during the fundraiser when the video of her and Dash leaked, essentially making her an instant social pariah. I felt her complete and total humiliation, and wanted nothing more than to give her a big hug. She can be annoying as fuck at times, but that scene was just so powerful and well written.

There was an overwhelming sense of loneliness, with nowhere to go, nobody to turn to, and nobody to blame it on. Noelle was always there for Reed, so losing Noelle was huge.

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There was a sense of finality, all I could think was "Okay, this is huge. There is no coming back from this". As if Reed becoming public enemy 1 wasn't dramatic enough, it's followed up with an epic shot of why-Ivy-really-hates-Billings. We find out the reasons for her falling out with Cheyenne, that she secretly has ties to Ariana and Noelle, and that she's going to take out Noelle when she has the chance. Speaking of Ivy, I pretty much wanted to slam my head against the wall when the author revealed that she was dating Josh 5 minutes after he'd dumped Reed. Ivy is evil and annoying as fuck, and Josh was such a little bitch in Legacy.

They sound like they're destined for one another, but mostly they're just really fucking annoying. And I don't understand what Josh sees in Ivy - I'm sure she has a nice side and they both hate Billings, but surely he can see how malicious she is?! It's so hypocritical of him to yell at Reed about how she's become such a Billings girl, and then turn around and date Satan incarnate.

Overall: If I could describe Ambition in 3 words it would be "really fucking exciting". The stalking is turned up to 11 and Reed's relationships are in tatters, all effectively juxtaposed against a superficial private school backdrop. I'd already moved on and read Revelation before writing this review, but I know I was so excited to find out who the second killer was when I finished this book. Dec 02, Elusive rated it liked it Shelves: review. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use , and the transfer of my personal data to the United States, where the privacy laws may be different than those in my country of residence.

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