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Un pamphlet visionnaire et moderne

To answer these questions, the project on the idea of innovation looks at innovation as a category and its historical development since Antiquity. It identifies the concepts that have defined novelty through history and that have led to innovation as a central category of modern society.

Images littéraires de la Normandie à la « Belle Epoque ». Tradition ou renaissance ?

More specifically, the project looks at:. Forthcoming in Cristiano Antonelli and Albert N.

Le romantisme [Bac de français]

Link eds , Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Knowledge , Godin and P. Spanos , Was Innovation unwanted in Byzantium?

Spanos , To Every Innovation, Anathema? For a version with translation of French texts, see PDF. Published in Redescriptions , 17 2 : Godin , Social Innovation : Utopias of Innovation from c. Schubert, Cornelius , Social innovations as a repair of social order , University of Siegen, Longer version of a paper to appear in NOvation, 1,1. Godin, B. Hintz, and Marie Stettler Kleine eds. Project on the Intellectual History of Innovation, Working paper no. Vous lirez-nous la seconde partie?

Overview of the Project

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Le problème et les problèmes de la géographie littéraire - Persée

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