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Feng Shui Can Help You Attract Wealth Energy

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Awesome Resources to help you Become a Feng Shui Wealth Magnet:

Lyndey Milan. Gold colour means money rolls in so people like to hang lots of oranges or mandarins. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. Feeling lucky?

Try out these feng shui food practices for good luck and see if they make you happier, wealthier or healthier. By Yasmin Noone. Chilli outside a stall wards off evil intentions and burglars. Hanging reeds of garlic around your store may also help to grow your business. More from Luke Ngyuen's Food Trail.

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SSP 068: Become a Wealth Magnet Using Feng Shui

The Handmaid's Tale. Feeling Sexy. Australia's migrant business owners say they're struggling with 1 July tax law changes. In Social. Stay connected with Food Stay connected with Food. Vertical Tabs Newsletter. Exclusive TV sneak peeks, recipes and competitions. With stale energy gone, you can start to consider which wealth elements you want to include. Of the five elements that Feng Shui recognizes, there are two that are most connected with wealth energy: wood and water.

The first element that corresponds with wealth is wood. Nature , which is made up of tress and plants, is the ultimate symbol of abundance and wealth.

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Bring nature into your home by incorporating wood and greenery wherever you can. Common nature symbols are lucky bamboo and money trees, but any healthy plants will work. The key is to always keep your plants watered. Water is the essential symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. And an easy way to incorporate that energy into your home is by including fountains. Fountains represent the energy and abundance of water.

How I Attracted Wealth Using Feng Shui... And How You Can Too

There are two important rules to remember with fountains in your home. First, do not place them in your bedroom or kitchen as these locations will accumulate harmful energy. Finances mirror the state of water, meaning that a constantly flowing fountain symbolizes money constantly flowing. If there is any stagnant water in your home, remove it immediately as this represents stagnant wealth. I especially recommend bringing some greenery into your home, because it is also one of the colors that can help attract wealth energy….

Colors carry a lot of energy , and the shades that you choose to include in your home can affect your own energy and your wealth. You can be as creative as you wish with incorporating these colors. Some ideas are painting a wall, adding a decorative pillow, hanging a colorful piece of artwork, and adding colored objects. Here are the four colors that I added to my home to help attract wealth energy: gold, purple, green, and red.

Gold is the main color of wealth energy. It is universally known to represent things of the highest value. The precious metal was the original form of currency and has always remained a symbol of wealth and prestige. Purple is the color of royalty. In many ancient cultures, purple dye was expensive and reserved for kings and queens who had enough wealth to purchase it.

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  5. Today, this color still represents royalty and the wealth they needed to acquire this rich color. Green is the color of money and nature.

    Office Feng Shui: How to Use Feng Shui to Increase Wealth

    While gold was the color of old money, many currencies are now a shade of green. Red is a color of strength and life. Many people consider it to be auspicious and powerful. One of the most common uses of red for Feng Shui is to use it on your front door. In Feng Shui, the front door is known as the mouth of chi , or energy. So using a strong front door color will help attract wealth chi.

    I painted my front door red, added a green accent wall, and hung a beautiful purple painting framed in gold. Click here to learn more about these guided audio sessions. Colors and elements can be interpreted in many different ways. There are many symbols that can bring wealth and prosperity into your home. Here are a few of the classic cures, but remember to only pick the ones that resonate with you. This is one of the most popular Feng Shui symbols to use in the home.

    It represents more than just wealth, and can also aid in bringing you luck, health, happiness, and success. His big belly symbolizes abundance, and he is usually seen surrounded by children, coins, or treasures. A traditional symbol of wealth, this mythological creature is often seen holding a coin in his mouth as an offering to the owner of the house.

    If you choose this symbol, make sure that he faces into the room because the direction of the energy follows the direction of his gaze. Frogs are especially tied to wealth because they are associated with water, which, as we discussed, is a very strong indicator of wealth. These are unique coins because they are round with a small square hole in the center.