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Waiting in the shop to be called through for my eye test, I saw them at the other side of the room. Bright Turquoise! They called to me. Nick walked through the shop and seemed concerned to find me gazing, with wide eyes, into the distance. I think he thought I was having some type of seizure. They are Bellinger frames; beautiful, lightweight, amazing colour, and fit me perfectly. I love them!

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I have a complex prescription; high index, varifocal, astigmatism, you name it. When you have to wear your specs all day, every day, you want something that reflects your personality. Yes, they cost a bomb. Many thanks to all your staff, from reception through to dispensing, they are all great. Email: Email For An Appointment.

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Call Today I had a lovely, personal experience. Bottomleys are number 1. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. This is pretty big news to us dads by the way. So I started doing some research and was surprised to find out that Pitt is not the only one. There are so many other celebrities who take charge of the home when their wives are away.

After much consideration, I decided the list needed to start with the infamous star of North By Northwest on top. This was back in the last century when the idea on stay at home dads was not commonly known or accepted. His days of youth were gone by then but the grace stuck around. Grant was 62 and decided on children over career. Love was one thing but his family records and artifacts were lost when his home town was bombed back in Save the frowning because I am not ashamed of accepting this.

Since this is said and frowned upon and out of the way, you will not believe who the next famous stay at home dad is. I was rather too surprised and a little cynical to learn the retired football star, David Beckham, plays the role of primary care giver at home when not modeling underwear.

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Recently, I met someone at an event and we got talking. The person knew the Beckham family and confirmed that David Beckham does school runs and school lunches. This is a heartfelt apology to Mr. Beckham for doubting the fact that he could run things around the house. Maybe it is slight jealousy from the fact that I do not even come close to looking as good as you in one of your legs-apart underwear shots. The Ghostbusters actor had to take up the role of a stay at home dad out of necessity rather than free will. Moranis lost him wife to cancer and the kids needed the only living parent.

He did continue to work for a while till he decided on kids over career. So I took a little bit of a break. Pretty sad, huh? Well, since his kids are grown up now, Rick Moranis has come out retirement in the past years. Let me just say this. I am not a fan and I think his song writing was overrated. He had a son, Julian, from his marriage to Cynthia which did not work out so well. He had a second son named Sean from Yoko Ono. They say that he was a man changed when he found out he was going to be a father again. With the Beatles at the peak of their career, family was ignored.

But times and men change. Commenting on her pregnancy with Sean, Ono said;. It was that simple. The famous star from Argo takes control of the household when his wife, Jennifer Garner, is away filming. Recently, there has been confirmed news the couple is splitting but they for their children, the pair of them will be sharing a number of homes. The arrangement is when Garner is away filming; Affleck will be the children carer and momentary stay at home dad.

Much like the case of Brangelina. So there you have it folks, celebrities who are also stay at home dads. So what is your take on this? Do you think this sets some examples? The stable finances make it easier for them compared to us? Or would you like to add some famous stay at home dad we do not know about to the list?

Please share your thoughts. If you are a blogger then you will find immense pride in announcing you wrote a piece for a magazine. So, I wrote about stay at home dads yay me. I found inspiration from guys who are SAHDs like me. These days this topic is getting more and more focus from the media.

This figure is given more focus because the number of men who are leaving the corporate and economic world to look after their homes and children. So here is what I thought I should do. The right number of stay at home dads in the UK is still unknown so I thought it might be fun to try to find out the number of SADs. Please take note of my level of commitment here. So, the statistics is said to be black hole and my research analyzed how big of a hole it really is. What we know for sure. For just one year, the numbers have seen a steep fall for women and a steep rise for men.

This suggests more women are going to work and more men are taking responsibility of the home. But we know that women are out-earning men increasingly and the norms of gender responsibility are breaking. It simply collects data based on economic inactivity of both sexes. The ONS has been crystal clear with me, it does not collect or classify data relating specifically to stay at home mums or dads.

So after I was upset with what I found out and being upset for considerable amount of time, I figured finding out the right number would be like finding a needle in a haystack. All this would need to be classified separately and I cannot even fathom how it would be possible. Of course they would be a way to find it out and the ONS is more than capable to do so but it would require a big investment of time and hard work.

God knows we humans fear hard work. So what about those stay at home parents who do online or freelance work at home? Or maybe bill a few hours at a charity shop on weekends? So this is a whole new category. Such parents will be classified at economically active despite playing the role of the primary carer at home. A mum or dad might do a few hours of paid work in a charity shop on a Saturday. So we have established there are no accurate numbers of stay at home mums or dads. So then I went ahead spoke to the Fatherhood Institute. Good luck. We know from the above mentioned ONS studies of the last quarter that there are , men economically inactive and after a comparison, it is safe to assume that this number is rising as we speak.

What we forget are gay marriages and adoptions are a part of these two.

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But if a gay couple has adopted children, chances are one male partner is the primary caregiver at home and this needs to be classified as well. Unlike the UK, United States have a number on the issue. The Pew Research Centre has found that the number of stay at home dads at the moment is double of what it used to be back in and there are around 2 million stay at home dads today in the country.

Research also suggests that unlike the past when men used to work longer hours, the trend is no longer being followed. Within couple households, there has been a convergence between parents in the amount of paid work that they do. Fathers are also working less intensively and are more likely to be around in the evenings and at weekends as the number working non-standard hours has fallen. In simple words, fathers are increasingly being seen at home and available to their families.

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Family life is finally presiding over work life. A considerable but still small number has given up career to fulfill the caregiver role around the house but other than that men are stepping up as a family person. Recently the CBI held a campaign and has called on all employers to offer employees flexible working hours. In conclusion. To my disappointment, I could not achieve what I set out to figure. I could not find the number of stay at home dads in the UK.

But we did find from a rather trusted source that the number is growing and will continue to. I am just disturbed to know no accurate data is known for this category and what the Government uses to provide parent-focused services? As for the private sector, it is well established that men are making children and family their main focus over careers. Additionally, a small number is giving up careers altogether to look after children. I am just personally offended because all parent-child products are marketed at mums and the growing number of us stay at home dads is ignored. There is a chance there is a whole bunch of us who lives under the radar.

They may or may not be economically inactive. They may or may not be making money sitting at home blogging or running a bakery from home on orders. So to conclude, we do not know how many proud stay at home dads there are in the UK and whatever you read or see in the media, needs to clarified for accuracy. With summer vacations over, I have been doing some reflecting and self assessment and I guess I have become a little lazy as a parent.

Please feel free to share your experiences if you are familiar with these feelings. Maybe we could help each other. We will always be concerned about their diets, whether or not they are well hydrated and how much junk food they are consuming. My children for one start their day with fruit and consume the right amount of fruits and vegetable required per day.

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But my laziness interfered and I stopped experimenting and adding new foods to their diets. This needs work and attention on my behalf. Do more sports activities with the kids Kids learn from watching you and as I personally think my lifestyle is plenty healthy, they too find the encouragement to take it outside. They enjoy swimming, cycling and walking which I make a point to accommodate in my schedule. But the thing is we do not play many sports as a family.

I believe this we need to work on as a family. Be more organized with homework We try our level best to give our older child the time, attention, help and concentration she needs to do her homework and keep up pace with her studies. But the younger kids in the house are resourceful and will always find ways to disturb during homework time. Hence, standards have seen a downward slope and over the summer, we are thinking of getting a study desk for our older child which she could use in her room and away from the little ones reach.

Speak more French I may not speak it or wear it, but I come from a French background and I like to keep in touch with my roots. I used to speak with the kids in French and make sure they learn the language through various means. I have no one but myself to blame since my efforts hit a low. This I need to put on top of the list.

Get those stabilizers off the bike our area is rather hilly. Riding a bicycle is not the easiest task around here and my children have still not learnt how to ride a bike without stabilizers. We are planning to work on this over the summer so that they can catch up with their friends. Our world is rapidly changing and big issues of our time are becoming dinner time talk, talk show topics and casual exchanges at parties. Children too pick up random words and question them.

I was putting her to bed and reading her a story. The picture in the book had no men or dads and she was further offended by it. This discussion came up before but I did not pay much attention to it. I for one am impressed to see Sarah is taking notice of such tiny things, questioning them and wants to communicate about them. I just wonder why she never asked why she was the only one getting picked up by her dad when everyone else was picked up by their moms. I have tried to talk to her about the house environment, how mommy goes to work and daddy is the primary care taker around the house but she never showed any interest as such.

But her recent curiosity tells me things are going to change. Her taking notice and questioning tells me she sees her house environment is a different from her friends and school mates. I for one am looking forward to have this discussion. The issue is sensitive and needs to be handled with care. Since I am a blogger and everything, the concept of gender equality are not limited to just me. I do not believe in forcing my opinions on my kids, of course they are entitled to have one of their own and this is something I strongly encourage and believe in.

Sooner or later, they have to know what the world is about. Not to be dramatic, but even I am not sure yet what the world is about. Coming back on track, here is a share from one of my proud blogger moment. A friend of mine is an English teacher and he used my blog to talk to his students about language and gender equality. The discussion was a success. Well, I am trying not to get offended by the ignorance of children.

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This particular debate has been going on for quite some time and there are no chances of seeing the end of it any time soon. So, what do you choose? Fun fact: they are now called hot dinners but back in our day, we called them school dinners Interesting, eh? So let me quickly tell you the advantages that popped in my mind first time I heard of the numbers. When Sarah first started school, we had met with the catering team and they seemed nice. We opted for hot dinners when Sarah was in Reception and it seemed fine.

But they because of her meal option, she could not sit with the group of children she was trying to befriend. Hence, we started packing her lunch for her. At the time she was new to the whole school thing and her settling in well was the most important thing at the time. When we make her lunch, we know the nutrient intake necessary and that is also out primary concern. We make sure she gets one portion of the fruit and vegetable intake as needed and her drinks are do not contain any artificial ingredients. If she does not eat some of her lunch then the school sends it back home.

This gives us a perfect idea of how much she ate.