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The child is blessed with gifts and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, and eventually grows to become the greatest champion for truth and justice that any world has ever seen. That very description almost sounds as if it were describing an ancient myth. The story and essence of Superman is one filled to the brim with brilliant, mythic concepts.

A Modern Mythology

Superman, like The Silver Surfer, is a being beyond the scope of humanity. He was sent to earth from a place beyond the stars, a place far more advanced than our world. He is the savior sent from the heavens coming forth to rescue mankind. In many ways the Superman myth is quite similar to the myth of The Silver Surfer. Both are mysterious heroes, from places beyond the earth, with power beyond human comprehension.

All fiction is philosophy. All philosophy is fiction.

They are humanities other worldly saviors, willing to sacrifice all for the sake of mankind. There is, however, one very important difference between the myths of these two, great, godly, heroes. Superman, unlike The Silver Surfer is, simultaneously, both more than human and perfectly human. Superman is very interesting, when one looks at him as a mythic idea, in that, with all the physical power, and all the inner strength, all the godlike qualities to his character, he is still, at his core, very human.

Superman, while born on another world, was raised by very human parents, with very human experiences, values, and perspectives.

Modern Mythology: What Superheroes Can Show Us About Humanity

As such, Superman struggles, both emotionally, with problems such as the ever present weight of the world hanging on his shoulders, and physically, with opponents even more powerful than even him. Throughout the story, Superman struggles to save the world as he battles the merciless monster known as Doomsday, taking beating after beating from the indescribable creature, never giving in. Superman ultimately sacrifices his life to save the world from the unstoppable beast, but proves that not even death itself can keep him from fighting.

Superman is an inspiration, not because of his power, but because of his spirit.

Batman: A Man Among Gods

He is a grand force from beyond humanity, yet perfectly human in so many ways. He is a representation of humanities hopes and aspirations. In every era since his creation, Superman has embodied those qualities which the age admires the most. In his early years, the time of The Great Depression, a dark time the history of the United States, when the nation was wracked with the pain of poverty and misery, Superman was a powerful crusader for social justice, fighting for the poor and downtrodden.

The Superman of the depression was ferocious, tearing through doors and demanding justice for the innocent. In the , in a time following Watergate and Vietnam, when the nation had become jaded to its leaders and heroes, director Richard Donner introduced the defining Superman of the era.

The Superman of that time was simply someone honest and true, a person who claimed to stand for truth and justice, and actually did, a calmer and less violent Superman than his depression era predecessor, a hero who stood for peace and truth Secret Origin.

Bronco "Modern Mythology" (New Full Album) 2016 Stoner/Blues/Hard Rock

Now, in a time of a great recession, when men and women across the country lose their jobs, and the gap between rich and poor becomes wider and wider, Superman has returned to the crusader for social justice, once again bashing through walls and demand justice for the poor, battling the rich and fighting for the impoverished Morrison and Morales.

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Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth and Warrior of Strength Wonder Woman is, perhaps the most obvious example of a superhero as a modern myth. Batman: A Man Among Gods The Batman is a dark and frightening force, an avenging angel of the night, a character who is simultaneously frightening and awe inspiring. Superman: The Ultimate Ideal Superman is perhaps the most overtly mythic superhero in the entire pantheon of magnificent characters.

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Modern Mythology - New Acropolis Library

New York: DC Comics, Print Morrison, Grant. Final Crisis. Mac Carter. Disc 2 Comic Book Character. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, Sign In Join.

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