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Sackler Colloquium of the National Academy of Sciences. Washington: National Academy of Sciences. Garrido, J. Gee, J. Archidona: Aljibe. Trayectorias , 11 29 , Grifeu, A. El documental interactivo. Barcelona: Editorial UOC. Grifeau, A. Doctoral dissertation, Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Katsaliaki, K. Edutainment for sustainable development: a survey of games in the field.

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Lacasa, P. Los videojuegos: aprender en mundos reales y virtuales. Madrid: Ediciones Morata. Marcos, M. A Ruiz Ed.

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Universidad Europea de Madrid. McKenzie-Mohr, D. Fostering sustainable behavior: beyond brochures. International Journal of Sustainability Communication , 3, Meira-Cartea, P. Mitchell, A. The use of computer and video games for learning: a review of the literature.

London: Learning and Skills Development Agency. Moser, S. Communicating climate change: history, challenges, process and future directions.

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Communicating climate change: closing the science-action gap. Dryzek, R. Schlosberg Eds. Oxford University Press. In VV. AA Eds. Sevilla: APIA. Prensky, M. Digital natives, digital immigrants. On The Horizon , 9 5 , Poole, S. Unspeak: words are weapons: the language of everyday deception. London: Little Brown. Reckien, D. Simulation and Gaming , 44 , Scapolo, F. Technological Forecasting and Social Change , 3, Schafer, M. Online communication on climate change and climate politics: literature review.

Science for Nature and People Gaming the future: designing video games that change the way people think about climate change. Sheppard, S. Visualizing climate change: a guide to visual communicatin of climate change and developing local solutions. United Kingdom: Routledge. Sinde, J. Tejeiro, R. Barcelona: Ariel. Werbach, K. The gamification toolkit. Dynamics, mechanics and components for the win.

Pennsylvania: Wharton Digital Press. How to cite: Ouariachi, T. Analysis of online change games: exploring opportunities. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Servicios Personalizados Revista. Similares en SciELO. Abstract: Online games have been proposed as a promising tool for communication and education.

Introduction The fight against climate change requires a new form of social action in which young people are called upon to make a difference. Methodology Online climate change games on the web were compiled, selected and analyzed making use of a checklist with validated analysis indicators.

Following a qualitative methodology, below we describe the steps and the instruments used: In order to obtain information on online climate change games in a systematic manner, a data collection checklist was drawn up. Results By making use of the analysis indicators shown in table I , we begin a qualitative analysis to explore the communicative elements of a sample of games produced in Spain, while illustrating the use and usefulness of the indicators.

The main observations are as follows: First, our analysis of the identification dimension table II shows that NGO are the main contributors in charge of releasing games and producing messages. To do so, the player has to transform a city into a sustainable place. In different scenarios, she explores her city, analyzes the problems and seeks solutions. Excess CO 2 emissions have warmed the atmosphere. The player must find solutions in daily activities to stop global warming.

Many people are moving to a new territory because of pollution in their homeland. The mayor has 20 years to create a sustainable territory. Humanity finds itself at a decisive moment for survival, greenhouse emissions are a threat. Ecological superheroes are fighting against climate change. Virtual world where a mayor is expected to take action in order to maintain the environmental, social and energy balance. Character depiction and role Eva is a young activist from Greenpeace, committed to the environment and society. Ironic and critical. Ordinary young citizen Mayor Superheroes, 3 males and 3 females with superpowers like convincing abilities Mayor Representation of the environment Ordinary city, uncomfortable, polluted and full of traffic.

Many citizen protests take place. Metropolis is a city with varying sources of pollution; it appears deserted. The smoke from industries is highly visible. Inland territory with a valley running through it; territory by the sea; coastal territory with sandy and grassy areas. Planet with a high level of danger caused by climate change. Highly developed city, airport, harbor, shopping malls, etc. The territory is often affected by strong wind and rain. Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: environment, health and society Message tone: proactive, protest, ethical, proximity, directness Topics: energy, disaster risk, waste management, transport and mobility.

Causes: high levels of CO 2 emissions Consequences: extreme weather events, rise in sea levels, melting glaciers. Message tone: alarmist, ethical, proactive, informative Topics: urban planning, energy, water, waste management, adaptation Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: rise in temperatures, extreme weather events, ecosystem threats Message tone: proactive, ethical, alarmist, protest Topics: biodiversity, energy, transport and mobility Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: ecosystem threats, extreme weather events, desertification Message tone: alarmist, proactive, informative, hope, humor Topics: urban planning, energy, water, waste management, transport, adaptation Causes: energy model in society Consequences: rise in temperatures, desertification, economy Message tone: proactive, ethical, alarmist, informative.

Discussion In this paper we have proposed validated indicators to analyze the communicative elements of online climate change games, using a narratology and ludology perspective, and we have put them into practice, revealing their nature and some of the opportunities they offer for climate change communication and education in adolescents. Conclusion Although our analysis of a sample of online climate change games produced in Spain is not by any means exhaustive, we do intend to contribute a preliminary approach to an emerging subject matter, and overall, to offer a valuable methodological tool that can help to analyze online games in this and other fields of knowledge before evaluating their impact on users.

Received: March 07, ; Accepted: May 02, Number of players and type of use: individual or multi-player Player type: players' profile depending on their interests Degree of interactivity: user intervention in the content Length of play: time taken to play the game Game mission Game dynamics and mechanics: structure, rules and basic elements Feedback system: message that the player receives as a result of certain actions Reward system: actions that incentivize and the rewards themselves Availability of game instructions and ability to save the game.

Develop familiarity with the topic; raise awareness of causes and consequences; promote attitude changes; foster reflection. Various mini-games, tests and activities that promote critical and responsible consumption, and which encourage the player to reflect on the impact of our actions on the environment. Develop familiarity with the topic; raise awareness of causes and consequences; promote attitude changes. The player finds various mini- games in a virtual city that becomes more or less polluted depending on the decisions taken; the objective is to create awareness of CO 2 emissions.

Simulation game where the player has to create and manage a sustainable territory, plan actions strategically and be aware of the causes and consequences of climate change. Players become ecological superheroes who complete several mini-games and tests in order to fight against the uncontrollable emission of climate change-inducing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Simulation game created to raise awareness and change the energy model to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Global storyline. Eva is a young activist, aware of her power as a consumer and her impact on climate change. Eva is a young activist from Greenpeace, committed to the environment and society. Superheroes, 3 males and 3 females with superpowers like convincing abilities. Representation of the environment. Ordinary city, uncomfortable, polluted and full of traffic. Terms used. Climate change. Global warming. Explicit use of scientific concepts. Climate change, sustainable development,. Global warming, climate change, greenhouse effect.

Intensive agriculture, greenhouse effect, sustainable development, renewable energy. Biomass, geothermal energy, composting. Explicit use of information sources. Convergence with other media or social networks. Facebook and Twitter. Topics:z consumption, citizen participation, waste management, transport. Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: environment, health and society Message tone: proactive, protest, ethical, proximity, directness. Topics: energy, disaster risk, waste management, transport and mobility. Message tone: alarmist, ethical, proactive, informative.

Topics: urban planning, energy, water, waste management, adaptation Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: rise in temperatures, extreme weather events, ecosystem threats Message tone: proactive, ethical, alarmist, protest. Topics: biodiversity, energy, transport and mobility Causes: high levels of GHG emissions Consequences: ecosystem threats, extreme weather events, desertification Message tone: alarmist, proactive, informative, hope, humor. Topics: urban planning, energy, water, waste management, transport, adaptation Causes: energy model in society Consequences: rise in temperatures, desertification, economy Message tone: proactive, ethical, alarmist, informative.

Degree of interactivity. Dynamics and mechanics. You can see and understand the actual size of works through "Art Real Size," and with "Art Like This" you can even view exhibits of similar works. Does something really catch your eye? Purchase a museum-approved reproduction and take it home with you! There are period overviews, timelines, histories and videos. From the earliest creative pieces to the latest modern and contemporary works, Art Authority provides a stunningly displayed, carefully selected, well organized view of the western art world.

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This app will help you work through your homework problems, ace your tests, and learn physics concepts. This app covers the following topics from Physics I: - Solve linear and rotational kinematic equations - Calculate forces of gravity, friction, and springs - Calculate motion of rockets, pendulums, collisions, and more - Perform calculations involving mass, weight, density, energy, work, and power - Do unit conversions - Look up laws of physics and common physics constants The Wolfram Physics I Course Assistant is powered by the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine and is created by Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica—the world's leading software system for mathematical research and education.

The Elements is a rich and engaging love story, told in words and pictures - allowing you to experience the beauty and fascination of the building blocks of our universe in a way you've never seen before. Start off on a living periodic table where every element is shown with a smoothly rotating sample.

To read about gold, tap the gold nugget. Immediately you see the sample filling the screen, photographed to razor sharpness and rotating around a complete circle in front of your eyes. Enjoy the extensive array of facts and figures. Next find a fascinating story about the element, surrounded by carefully photographed objects representing it. Every one of these objects, well over in total, is a freely rotatable, live object that you can examine from all sides and pinch zoom to see in unprecedented detail. Pinch-zoom or tap any object to bring it up full screen, where you can split into a pair of stereo 3D images, allowing you to see all objects pop off the screen in 3D, and you can spin the objects, in 3D, with the touch of a finger.

The periodic table of elements comes to life. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once. These structures can be viewed in both ball-and-stick and spacefilling visualization modes. Molecules can be downloaded directly to your handheld device and stored there for later viewing.

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The live camera feed is made semi-transparent and superimposed onto the previous frame taken, so it's easy to see where to place your objects for the next shot. Scenes - Arranging content into scenes is a fundamental part of the professional film-making process, and Smoovie is the only stop motion app that lets you do this. Each scene has an independently adjustable playback speed from 1 to 30 frames per second allowing you to vary the pace and mood of your animation.

You can add new scenes, cut unwanted scenes, capture new action into existing scenes and drag scenes around to change the running order - all with full undo support so you're safe to experiment.

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Frames Filmstrip - With a quick swipe gesture you move from the scene list to the virtual filmstrip which contains all the individual frames of the project, arranged by scene. Another fundamental part of professional film-making is the ability to edit projects right down at individual frame level. Cut, copy and paste frames, drag frames from one scene to another and even copy frames from other Smoovie projects, all with full undo support.

Create, copy and paste from other apps - Open up a whole new world of creative possibilities for making content for your animations. Copy and paste content from the Photos app, create titles with Keynote or turn sketches from your favourite drawing app into cartoons. Extend the creativity - Smoovie makes it easy to export your animations to be used as content for other apps.

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Highly recommended. I was working on a book for my 7 year old niece who lives in Brazil in no time. It took me about 30 minutes to put together a book for her, publish in iBooks and email the ePub file to my brother…to open it up on his iPad…. Your creations are only limited by your imagination and voice acting skills in my case. FEATURES - Create an actor from a photo - Use a photo as a backdrop for your storytelling - zoom and rotate your characters using two fingers - flip them around with a double tap - a wide variety of creative characters to download including famous talk show hosts and politicians - limitless possibilities of story creations - buy the director's pass and receive ALL current and FUTURE content!

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Un nuevo método radical de aprendizaje podría desatar una generación de genios

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Light Bulbs in Series. Using 3D graphics and 2D electronic symbols, you will assemble different types of series circuits using wires, switches, batteries, and light bulbs. Wolfram Physics I Course Assistant. Taking introductory physics or need a quick physics reference? The Elements by Theodore Gray. From Theodore Gray comes a beautifully produced app introducing and educating users on the elements of the periodic table and how they combine to form the world around us. Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers.

HP Reveal. HP Reveal formerly Aurasma changes the way we interact with the physical world. Smoovie Stop Motion. Book Creator for iPad. Puppet Pals HD. GarageBand turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Google Earth. Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities and 3D terrain of the entire globe. A clock and weather app unlike any you've ever seen.

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  4. Solar Walk - Planets Explorer. Solar Walk is an amazing 3D model of our solar system bringing the universe to the palm of your hand and allowing you to interact with planets, satellites, moons, comets and other space objects anytime and anywhere. Star Chart. El Conjugador. With El Conjugador, you can conjugate all Spanish verb in one way without being connected to the Internet.

    Spanish Thesaurus. Mindomo mind mapping. Unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping. Our Highlighted Features are: Catchy - Interactive presentations straight from your mind maps - Unlimited maps and folders which can be edited, shared and exported Mobile - Offline work and sync - Seamless synchronization - Real time collaboration Fun - Multiple layouts circular, concept, org chart - Map customization by adding icons, colors, styles and map themes - Image embedding on map topics - Visualization of notes, links or tasks on topics - Full map history, undo and redo functions.

    Nearpod is a must have platform that enables teachers, schools and districts to create engaging learning experiences by providing interactive presentations, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution. King of Maths. Level up your mathematics skills and become King of Maths!

    TinyTap - Kids Learning Games.