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Greetings, Thank you for your review! We appreciate your feedback! We are constantly working to improve our app. Avec plaisir! Bonjour Corinne! Bref, un bonheur! Merci, je vais certainement prendre cette guesthouse alors!

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Est ce que la chambre standard double bed fan est dans le nouveau batiment ou est ce une chambre ancienne? Bref, une horreur. Hello Vanessa! Bonjour Greg et merci! Je te souhaite un excellent voyage! En terme de prix cela convient bien pour un guesthouse pas chere ou peut on trouver moins chere pour le meme niverau de standing? Salut Antoine! Au plaisir : Bee. Penpark est toujours ouvert, oui! Avec plaisir et bon voyage! Top, cette petite liste! Je garde ton post sous le coude, on ne sait jamais… ; Merci! Elle a une chambre bien propre. She has a very clean room.

J'aimerais avoir ma propre chambre. I would like to have my own room. What kind of ice cream to do you want? I want a good quality cloth. I don't like to dance, but I'll go the dance anyway. I don't know what the date is because I don't have a calendar. Variant spelling to reflect variant pronunciation : tcheu.

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KEE] 1. Who wants to go fishing with me? Qui t'as fait avec tes outils? What did you do with your tools? Quoi faire t'as pas venu veiller hier au soir? Why didn't you come visiting last night? Variant spellings to reflect pronunciation: kofaire; quo'faire.

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See also: pourquoi. Raconte-moi de tes nouvelles. Tell me your news. That reminds me of a song that Mom used to sing to rock the babies. I really miss my dog Fido who died last spring.

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You didn't answer my question! He looks like his father. Variant: arien. There's nothing we can do for him. Feminine: russienne. Saline n. Avery Island. My grandfather was raised on Avery Island. He got drunk last night. T'en as fait? It smells like coffee in here. Did you make some? Quand you feel that when I touch your toes? I don't feel well this morning. I think I've caught a flu.

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  7. That disturbs my sleep. Il avait pas sommeil. He wasn't sleepy. Ils sont contents. They are happy. I just spoke with my mother-in-law. When I was young we paid five cents a gallon for gas. As for you, you're always late! Ces enfants se battent un tas. Those children fight a lot. In my grandparents' day, girls did not go to dances without their mothers. Toussaint n. All Saints' Day. We have to clean the cemetery for All Saints' Day. Laisse-moi tranquille! Leave me alone! Quit bothering me! C'est mieux de danser dessus un plancher qu'est bien uni. It's better to danse on a floor that is nice and smooth.

    He became pale when he heard the news. Go see about your children. Variant spellings to reflect pronunciation:oir, 'oir. Vous is used to show respect, in particular in speaking with elderly people. If y'all have finished eating, we'll go out on the porch to have coffee. Je crois qu'on pourra haler tout ce bois en deux voyages. I think we can haul all that wood in two loads. Norbert killed a big speckled belly goose this morning. Landry, z'oie is masculine by default instead of feminine. Skip to main content. Variant spelling: almanaque. SF calendrier almanaque n.

    Variant spelling: almanach. SF calendrier amarrer v. Variant: assir. Variant: asseoir. Quoi d'autre? What else? Variant to reflect pronunciation: entrement que. See also: alliance, bru. See also: jumelle. Feminine: blanche. Variant: Moutonne. In Standard French: aubergine. Variant pronunciation: bertelle. See also: alliance, belle-fille. See also: cocodri. Variant: carton. See also: blouse de nuit camper v. Variants: caltron, calton. See also: dent de glace.

    Variant: chaboulure. Variant spelling: cypre. Variant spellings: cocodril, cocodrie. See also: dessert. Le temps est couvert. The weather is overcast. SF couverture couverture n. SF biscuit craqueur d'os n. Variant: attaque de coeur. Figurative rear end of a person. Figurative disagreable, nasty person. Past participle: cuit cuisse n. Variant to reflect pronunciation: tchu. See also: collation. Alternate spelling to reflect pronunciation: djable.

    Bon Dieu God; the Good Lord. DWAH] finger. Feminine: douce.

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    SF avaler envelopper v. Variant to reflect alternate pronunciation: assayer.


    Variant: faisont. See: fromi. See also: boucaner. To each his own. LaFourche gratter v. Variant: icitte. Variant: ici. See also: smatte. See also: bessonne. Variant: rabourer. MAH-EE] corn. Tuesday mari n. Variant: menton. She ground the coffee. Variant: mouler. See also: mort. See also: maringouin.

    Variant: nettoyer. See also: propter. Variant: netteyer. See also: oncle. See also: manger. See also: nuage. See: obstiner. Variant spelling [to reflect pronunciation]: oblier. Variant spelling [to reflect pronunciation]: oragan. Variant spelling: pagayer. Variant spelling: pagailler. Il est pas trop vaillant. He's not very nice. Variant to reflect pronunciation: peaumotte. We're going fishing. Also: petit-fils. Variant spelling: picote.