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Sometimes I get lots of great stuff and other times it all gets trashed, but it always helps. I think I'm repeating what Chrissy said but with a different twist, but I'll still weigh in. But when I just force myself to type β€” even if it's complete crap and will eventually be deleted β€” that crap eventually turns into something that's actually worth keeping. So my goal is not to stop a writing session until I've gotten through the muck and come up with at least one "gem" even if it's one measly phrase or sentence. It's not an easy goal to keep.

I love this quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne because it's so very, very true: "Easy reading is damn hard writing. Blood into ink- I love that. For those of us writers, it really is in our veins. I hate those writer's blocks. Reading helps me. And just writing, like the others said. It may get deleted, but just the process of writing helps that block dissolve.

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Dove's Blood Ink

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. A few weeks ago I heard this quote by T. Over the past couple months I have been struggling to pull ideas out of my head for a current work in progress.

I sit down at my computer and just stare or click over to Pinterest and nothing comes. I have the beginning and I see the ending, but, good grief, this middle part is killing me. I started to wonder if I could finish it or if it was doomed for the graveyard of great ideas. Then, sitting at a table at the For the Love of Reading Conference , clarity came in that one little quote.

Writing flows in my veins. There are words attached to the hemoglobin in my blood. It is who I am. All in all I give great credit to the author for how he has written this book. It is a brave book that says what many will not dare say. The ending worked yet was a tad unbelievable. I normally say who I would recommend a book to in a review. I am not going to with this one. It deserves to be read but I am not sure who would get the most benefit or enjoyment out of it. I can't do it.

Too close to home in some respects. So, I like this book a lot. But it's a pretty hard book to review. So here are just some thoughts in no particular order: a I read it because I didn't know anything about what happened in Timbuktu in , and I wanted to learn. I wasn't disappointed in that matter, the book seems to be well researched, and the author explains clearly where he took some historical liberties for plot reasons. It just felt. I learned a lot about Timbuktu and its people and its culture and that was incredibly interesting!!

That things like this happened and are happening and will happen again, that people are suffering right now, all over the world, because some people declare wars in the name of their gods. The author doesn't generalise much, at least! Two different voices. Two different sets of thoughts. It was a bit confusing at first, but once I got used to it, it really added to the story. This book makes me feel. I don't know how to put that into words.

It's not so much that I have thoughts about this book. I have feelings. The important thing is that this book makes me feel. It doesn't let me go. It moves me. It made me research and read up on the topic and learn more. Why I like this book a lot. Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Timbuktu is mostly peaceful until a group of radical Muslims attacks their city.

Their leader, Redbeard, thinks that their laws are too soft and implants Sharia laws. Everybody who protests against them will be flogged in public. The people of the city suffer under their new ruler, but there is also rebellion. In this story, we have two main characters. And Kadija, the daughter of a Guardian, the protector of the sacred manuscripts. She is raised to become the next one.

Even though Ali and Kadija have no reason to trust each other, they slowly grow closer over the course of the story. I really liked Kadija as a character. She was quite rebellious, refusing to give up her music fully and always trying to protect those she cared about in some way.

Ali was also very interesting character. He truly believes that what they do is the right thing to do. This obviously stands in stark contrast of how people react and who he hurts. There's also a lot of interesting side characters, which really added to the story as they make it feel even more lively. I really liked how especially the women, who suffered a lot under the new laws, rebelled against them.

Dove's Blood Ink

I also liked how the author managed to fuse real-life events with his story, without becoming dry or boring. However, the beginning of the book is really slow, with a lot of world building and not a lot going on, which made it hard to keep reading at points. In the end, there happen a few things that really propel the plot forward and I enjoyed that part of the story way more. I also didn't really understand the romance in the book.

I could understand them caring for each other and not wanting them hurt, but Kadija went from distrusting and disliking Ali for good reasons to wanting to kiss him very quickly with not a lot in between. Especially since when she kisses him, he just tried to destroy one of the manuscripts, which are sacred to her. If there had been a bit more build up there, I would have probably enjoyed it more. Overall, the story was quite interesting with a lot of real-life events skillfully woven into the plot, but it is also slow and takes a long time to really get going. I ended up enjoying it well enough.

May 11, Clare T. I received a free e-book copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this opportunity! I do feel bad for putting off this book for so long, but things happen. Putting it off doesn't mean that this book was bad, though! This book is about Ali, a Defender of the Faith, and Kadi, the daughter of a man who has illegal manuscripts. I don't know much about this history, so I can't say how accurate this is or how it compares to the I received a free e-book copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I don't know much about this history, so I can't say how accurate this is or how it compares to the actual story, but it was a pretty good historical fiction story.

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I ended up liking the last part a lot, which saved this book from a one-star rating. There wasn't much character development with anyone but Ali, which surprised me. I had an idea that Ali would become a better person, but he was just so headstrong that I just didn't know. I ended up really interested in his character and his reasoning for it all. It was intriguing seeing how both Kadi and Ali thought they were in the right. It was also a bit scary how extreme the Defenders of the Faith were, and how into the cause they were.

Scary to think that this was based on a real event. I'm still not entirely sure what harem is, but I'm assuming from context it's similar to "sacrilegious. Kadi falls in love with Ali, the boy who had been harassing and targeting her, her family, and her friends this whole time. Their meetings were never really cute and flirty--they were pretty dark and violent. I just can't see how she fell for him.

Overall, the characters were decent, the story is slow and takes a long time to pick up, the romance a bit unbelievable, but this book still isn't bad. It isn't amazing and mind-blowing, but I ended up enjoying it. Mar 20, Dante Rassler rated it it was ok Shelves: read-borrowed , I'm not believer in any kind of deity, so I like to refer myself as Agnostic, but I do know the power of the religion. My parents are believers but they don't go so far with their beliefs. So, as you can see I'm not really into in any religion, and I'm interested in all of them by the culture or the history they can have.

Having said that, as someone who are not that into on those topics, I'm moving always by my curiosity, so I have to say, this time it didn't help this book. As I said, I read Persepolis, at least the first part, and I'm more interested in the culture of Middle East rather than Muslim North-Africa, so I didn't get hook enough of the premise.

As I was reading, I find myself getting interested in a few things, and as I'm interested to know about the culture of the religion rather the atrocity of a few can do, I don't enjoy reading an terrorist. But it was not a problem, he has his beliefs and its logical for him what he was doing, that's why you don't think that a problem. The issue could be the progression of the story, as more as I met them I like them a little but around the second half of the book, their decisions where, literally, a completely nonsense. She was raised to do just one thing, so why did she doesn't care about it.

It was like, "girl, you know what you have to do, put your mind on your job, not in your hormones. It didn't make me interested on the topic, but it was something that could learn you a little bit about that oldest places in the world and humanity that you wouldn't search by yourself. Do I recommend it? I'm not sure, It's not bad but it isn't good either I struggled with how the romance was handled, and at times the writing felt simplistic.

I liked it more by the end tha hmm. I liked it more by the end than I did at the beginning. History so vivid you can taste the blood in your mouth. Love poems so passionate that your heart will beat out of your chest. God-talk so wild it will light up your face like the archangel Jibreel himself. But above all, learn to read wide. It's eye-opening and relevant, it's basis a wide and complicated history spanning many years now. It's hard to imagine that such a regime could do such a thing, as here in the West we are protected from the brutality of war.

The romance of Kadi and Ali didn't deflect from the brutal events of the book, and I really appreciated that. Fiction based on historical events are already tricky enough to master, but with such awful events as these, I wondered whether the romance element would lessen the serious nature of the book. It didn't - I was pleased with the overall results.

It is harder to write a review for such a book as this. It is relevant, poignant and deserves more attention. One world I would use to describe this book is… important. Based on true horrific events, it feels relevant and honest. Being mainly character driven and beautifully written anyone looking for a raw truthful touching read would be lucky to pick up this book. Sep 29, Libby rated it really liked it. This fictional story, based on the occupation of Timbuktu by radical Muslims in , is both romance and historical novel.

Ali is a member of the occupying army; Kadija is the daughter of a local scholar who has helped protect ancient manuscripts for centuries, yet an unlikely relationship grows between them. The author, who has spent many years living in west Africa, is respectful of Islam in all its strains and presents a believable picture of how a sincere young man like Ali is radicalized. For older teens. Sep 19, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: historical , political , war , mali. This novel is set in Timbuktu, Mali.

It is told through dual perspectives, Kadija and Ali. Kadija works with her family to save precious literature from the invading Islamist rebels Ali , who seek to destroy everything that does not uphold their religious ideals.

Blood and Ink by D.K. Marley

The two meet, strike a truce and may have romantic stirrings. While the story is important and relevant, I thought that the actual book was dry. It was hard to connect to the characters and be interested in this very interesting story.

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May 16, Lourdes rated it liked it. We know that the path Ali follows is wrong, but the strength of his belief is overwhelming, really allowing you to see things from his point of view This book is based on actual events that occurred in Timbuktu, the terrorist organization of Al Qaeda. This book contains elements of war and even romance. Makes you feel like you really there, factual also. Very interest I received a free e-book copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Very interesting read.

You will enjoy. Thank you. Sep 23, Daryth rated it it was ok. Not sure who the intended audience is for this book. It felt very YA, which is not bad, just not what I was looking for. Also very predictable story, painted in very black and white tones, when I feel the author was trying to strive for more of a grey area.

Short read, not bad just confused about intended audience. I do not feel I walked away with any new information or knowledge. I had no idea this was historical fiction. The events is this book are based on real events that only happened five years ago! I'm grateful that the author wrote this book from two very different perspectives. It helped balance the story. Thank you to Netgalley and the author and publisher for providing this advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Jan 15, Leslie rated it really liked it.

Loved it! I learned so much about the history of Timbuktu, modern day Timbuktu, the Muslim faith, the ancient manuscripts, and the Ahmad Baba Library. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in historical fiction or learning more about the warring factions within the Muslim world. Oct 19, Diane rated it really liked it. A little slow to get started but great to see friendship and doing what is right wins out over evil. This is a great historical fiction. The author shares his personal perspective and tries to maintain that historical integrity without losing sight of the fictional storyline.

Could have been stronger without the love story, but this is one of those books that I'm glad exist. I wanted a lot more information on the archives and library obviously. Jun 29, Ms. Love, love love this author's Outlaw, but this book as more of a Young Adult read. This was surprisingly good. Better than I expected! This is the kind of book we need. It's real, raw and honest. We need to be more aware and informed.

Mar 30, Sherry Hession rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-tournament. Life in Timbuktu was not easy when al Qaeda took over and imposed sharia. Apr 25, Nikki Sheehan rated it it was amazing. This is such an important book, and I can't believe I didn't hear about it when it came out last summer.

What is Dragon's Blood ink?

At the heart of the novel is the invasion of Timbuktu and the foundation of an Islamic Caliphate. The author says on his website that it's the riskiest book he's written, and sure it deals with some sensitive matters, but they're important and timely, and need to be talked about and understood. So what did I love about it? Well, it's beautifully written, I raced through it which is Wow! Well, it's beautifully written, I raced through it which is always a good sign, the traditional stories woven in are amazing, all the details about the lives of teenagers in Mali who seem to live an existence which is somewhere between the middle ages and And the fact that it's based on a true story really topped it for me.

But as with any story, the characters are the most important. I so wanted them to get together, but you'll have to read it for yourself to find out if that happens. And finally, it was so exciting! I read the last quarter in the bath and couldn't get out until I'd gone all wrinkly. Sorry, that's TMI, but that's how engrossing it was. In short, you have to read this book! Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Stephen Davies. Stephen Davies. Books by Stephen Davies. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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