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These two novels hold nothing back. This match was judged by Sal Robinson, a graduate student in library science and co-founder of the Bridge Series. It seems hardly fair This match was judged by Hannah Chute, recent recipient of her MA in literary translation from the University of Rochester. You can follow him on Twitter at neonres. Also, be sure to follow our Twitter account and Every May, 20, or so publishing professionals gather at BookExpo America to a try and create buzz for their fall books, b court booksellers and librarians, c attend panels of minimal import, and d bitch and moan.

Publishing people love to complain about everything. The Javitz Translation Loaf. Since this was organized by Jen It was glorious. Since the So, this year, for the first time ever, BookExpo America is sponsoring two panels highlighting forthcoming works of fiction: one featuring general fiction, the other focusing on crime and thrillers. The one on general adult fiction will This is just a reminder for any and everyone in the New York area—especially those of you who are attending BookExpo America. In that book, Pla wrote about life in Spain during an influenza outbreak soon after World War I, when he was a young law student and aspiring writer.

Readers got to meet many of the Following that, we The two winning books for poetry and fiction will be announced at BookExpo America at pm on Wednesday, May 27th, at James Crossley is a bookseller at Island Books. Yet, I remember when Michael Orthofer runs the Complete Review — a book review site with a focus on international fiction — and its Literary Saloon weblog.

Monica Carter is a writer and freelance critic. In fewer than pages, Echenoz gives us the exhausting thirteen His fantastically irreverent novel Back when I was in junior high, my best friend and I would spend hours and hours playing Double Dribble on his Nintendo. Fun fact! And man, was it ever low rent. There are plenty of reasons you can fail to find the rhythm of a book. It has quite possibly the most The latest addition to our Reviews section is by P. In a culture that privileges prose, reviewing poetry is fairly pointless. I would like to pose the argument that it is rare for one to ever come across a truly passive protagonist in a novel.

The protagonist perhaps of Three Light-Years, Claudio Viberti, is just that—a shy internist who lives in an apartment above his mother and below his ex-wife, and religiously eats boiled vegetables every Friday the 13th! Go catch some black cats before the weekend! Monica Carter is a freelance critic. Discerning how one should approach a written work for translation is a challenging task. With the start of spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that is less than six weeks away, the BTBA longlist announcement draws ever closer early April!

One hundred pages into Birth of a Bridge, the prize-winning novel from French writer Maylis de Kerangal, the narrator describes how starting in November, birds come to nest in the wetlands of the fictional city of Coca, California, for three weeks. While this may seem insignificant in a novel about the construction of a It is a half-novella half-graphic novel story about. A European tribunal, Latin American literary figures, a comic book superhero, international In it she explores how our private fears and insecurities can distort what we believe to be real and can cause us to sabotage our intimate relationships.

In particular, NDiaye conveys a powerful message about the unconscious Hope everyone is having a great If you want to download all new, up to date version of the Translation Databases, you can do it here. I have a day or two of Edelweiss catalogs to search through before the This past weekend, my kids and I finally watched The Incredible Hulk—the final Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that we had to see to be all caught up before Avengers 2 comes out in May. After the ultimately disappointing Hulk ended, my son wanted to binge on the new season of Doctor Who, which is available through The latest addition to our Reviews section is a piece by P.

Sometimes you want a book to be good.

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Last week I wrote a post that, among other things, included a brief rant on year-end book lists one of our favorite things to rant about here. The Sicilian Mafia has always been a rich subject for sensational crime fiction. The Four Corners of Palermo is Patience is a graduate of Princeton University, where she majored in comparative literature, focusing on translation. As her senior This post is being written under extreme jet lag. One part curiosity Who is she? This book was published in English in , but considering the attention Ferrante has been getting for her work since then, this is a Can Xue: The Last Lover, trans.

Having talked about books that I think other people will probably like, it seems like I should talk at least a bit about the ones I Part I left off with Mylene going over a little background information on their work together on A Corner of the World to be. This here is Part II of that interview. The Evil Vale is located in the region of Wallachia southern Bogdan and Chad were at MSU during the same time, where they became friends.

When I got to the shopping mall for tutors dream! It is quite an honor to say nothing of a responsibility to be invited to adjudicate the creative output of others. In merely thinking of the myriad ways one might go about arbitrating the many facets that comprise a finished work It is Kamal Jann, a Lori helped us out in the World Cup of Literature round for the U. Belgium, and is also a member of the Board of Dallas-based Deep Vellum I live in Berlin, in a neighborhood with a chronically understaffed post office, so books on their way to me from the United States are usually in for an adventure.

A package from Archipelago Books, example, arrived dripping wet, He also studied with Roland Barthes, which is why I included that bit from his interview. Just a reminder, you can buy A Ramiro Pinilla is the next entry in the Month of a Thousand Forests series. I really like his explanation of why he chose this chapter from The Blind Ants. And the story is pretty fantastic as well. The second author featured today in the Month of a Thousand Forests series is Evelio Rosero, the youngest author to be included in the anthology.

Rosero has a couple novels available in English translation from New Directions. The first author for today is Edgardo Cozarinsky, who was first recommended to me by Horacio Castellanos Moya when he came to Rochester. FSG and Vintage did a couple My strategy for BTBA reading is very simple and very biased: I read the books by women first, and if there are no books by women, then I read the shortest ones first.

I start with the women because there are fewer of them, and with First up today is Aurora Venturini, who kicks off the whole anthology, and who published her first book in and her most recent book in While looking back at an episode in his life, twenty-year-old Taguchi Hiro remembers what his friend Kumamoto Akira said about poetry. Its perfection arises precisely from its imperfection. I have an image in my head. I see it clearly before me.

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Its colors are glaring and harsh in their brightness. But as soon as Truth be told, the real theme of the book is the importance and artifice of myths and legends. Up next in our ongoing Month of a Thousand Forests series. Especially Max Frisch fans. As with all the other posts in this series, if you order A Thousand Basically, this is a call to create fewer dystopian novels, and more positive sci-fi ideas that can help First off, from Part I: A small percentage of literary books published Almost nothing is explained, elaborated on.

In simple sentences, events occur, words are exchanged, narrators have brief thoughts. As often as translators are praised for their work with complex, tangled sentences, I Merino is one of the authors in this volume whose work is appearing in English for the first time. You can read other excerpts from Thousand Forests by clicking This anthology—which is so much more than an anthology—features twenty-eight great writers from the past century, each of whom picked out the Floating around the internet amid the hoopla of a new Haruki Murakami release, you may have come across a certain Murakami Bingo courtesy of Grant Snider.

Having students back on campus brings up so many complicated feelings. Annoyance being the first and more obvious. Predictably enough, The Matiushin Case is nothing like Crime and A lover of foreign literature particularly from Eastern Europe and Russia Brandy—a new addition to our reviewer pool—recently finished a BA in One hundred years have passed since the start of World War I and it is difficult to believe that there are still novels, considered classics in their own countries, that have never been published in English. Perhaps it was the overwhelming number of novels in English in the years following the war that prevented their This month caught me a bit by surprise though—how is it possible that the new academic year starts in three weeks?

Over the past few days, a few great reviews for Open Letter authors popped up online, all of which are worth sharing and reading. First up is P. The whole article is worth reading, but here are a few really interesting And if you missed the one that went out earlier this week, you can see the prettified version here, or just read it all below. My initial plan with this post was to write it This style never fails because each time Aira is able to develop a uniquely bogus set of facts that feels as realistic as waking up each After a wild World Cup of Literature ride, what better way to wind down or frustrations or victorious cries than to talk about them or bite each other over Before that though, we have two semifinal matches that are as intriguing as anything to date, You can download a PDF version here.

Smith and Graziella de Luis, and published by Hispabooks Publishing. You are not ashamed of what you do, but of what they see you do. Without realizing it, life can be an accumulation of secrets that permeates every last minute of our routine. This match was judged by Lori Feathers. For more info on the World Cup of Literature, read this, and download the updated bracket. This match was judged by Tom Roberge. I genuinely love the World Cup. This match was judged by Florian Duijsens.

To pitch anyone against W. Sebald is a cruel exercise, even within the high-stakes tournament that is the World Cup of Literature. This match was judged by Rhea Lyons. Suzanne Jill Levine, pub. Of great note is that this is the first time in Lambda Literary Award history the first award ceremony was held in that a work of fiction in The first round of the inaugural World Cup of Literature is complete! Click here to read all of the pieces from the first round. The second round starts—and finishes—next week, so for those of you This match was judged by Kaija Straumanis.

For more info on the World Cup of Literature, read this, and download the bracket. One of my personal concerns going into the World Cup of Literature was ending up with a book I had already read—something that quickly became not an issue at all, since out of the This match was judged by Scott Esposito. This match was judged by Shaun Randol. Eleven seconds into the match against South Korea, Sukur capitalized on a mistake in the This match was judged by P.

France and Ecuador take to the pitch in what appears to be a serious mismatch. You have to listen to find out which ones. Because it This match was judged by Will Evans. This match was judged by Mauro Javier Cardenas. This match was judged by Chris Schaefer. This first-round match pits a futuristic fantasy of reborn Russian czardom against a present-day fantasy of repressed Algerian Islamism in Paris. Male author against female. Slav against Arab. This match was judged by Jeffrey Zuckerman. The last time I watched a soccer game was in the last World Cup, in July of I had just graduated and moved off campus with my roommate from college.

Down the block, a bar was packed with This post is pretty long, but is also packed with information: all 32 competing titles, the names of the 24 judges, a bit of info on the methodology, and the official Searls, who was the recipient of Crossing Worlds: Translation, Eventfulness and the Political, a conference organized by the This piece is by judge Anna Rosenwong.

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Below is a list of all ten finalists, with links to their individual write ups along with a key quote from each. When Sankya was published in Russia in , it became a sensation. Every member of the cultural elite had an opinion on it. There was even a hatchet job by the He is also the co-founder and deputy editor-in-chief of Chinese Ariel Starling is a writer and student of literature in Paris. But perhaps a better metaphor would be an origami crane, for reasons as aesthetic as cultural. Monica Carter curates Salonica World Lit. She is a writer and reviewer. Her most recent critical piece appeared in World Literature Today September She is also a reader for Tin House Magazine.

There is something about Elena Ferrante as a writer that is difficult to ignore. She never misses a beat. Her novels, Rice is a poet from Texas who lives in Los Angeles. Though far from the most convincing reason to read literature in translation, one common side effect is learning of another culture, of its history. Within that, and a stronger motivation to read, is the discovery of stories not possible within your own culture, or that live in a certain parallel universe version of a Although there are different eligibility rules between the two prizes—and different books published in the UK vs.

Stephen Sparks is a buyer at Green Apple Books.

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He lives in San Francisco and blogs at Invisible Stories. Poorly detailed Google map With the longlist set to be announced in a matter of days—just this morning the judges received the top secret! He has authored a study of Franz Kafka in the work of three international writers Northwestern University Press, Last year we brought out Tirza by Arnon Grunberg, one of my favorite books of the past few years.

As I mentioned on the podcast, I had a particularly hard time choosing 10 albums as a whole which I cheat on anyway because there Noir is not an easy genre to define—or if it once was, that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away; as a quick guess, maybe Silver Lake, Los Angeles, Stay tuned for his upcoming It is destined that we will all become our parents. Some try to avoid it while others embrace the metamorphosis. Either way, it never fails— children eventually become their parents.

Bengtsson, translated by Charlotte Barslund and out from Other Press. Roethke, Ammons, and contemporary poets such as Patti Anne Rogers craft authentic Tearing open the package, I savored the look and feel of the jacket covers, as is my habit prior to dipping into a book. It was smooth, rich and velvety to the touch, black Throughout its ten stories, we see the same themes turned to time and time again: ambiguity overlaying points of From the official Arab Fiction website: The International Prize for Arabic Fiction has today Tuesday 7 January announced the longlist of 16 novels in contention for the prize.

Those selected were chosen from entries from 18 countries, all published within the last 12 months. The longlisted authors The new issue of World Literature Today is now available, and filled with great stuff an interview with Anne Carson, feature on Naomi Shihab Nye, profile of Neustadt International Prize for Literature winner Mia Couto, a feature on Arabic books for teens , but in addition to the magazine, WLT has an outstanding blog and You rear-end someone on a busy highway where traffic is crawling.

What would you do? Javier, the supposed A common complaint leveled against the Man Booker Prize is that it ignores genre fiction — for a couple of years there was the obligatory Ian Rankin denunciation of how unfair it was At nearly pages, The Hare is a great deal One of the many interesting things about judging the Best Translated Book Award is the sense it gives you of what and how much is actually being translated into English and On the one hand, this is a testament to the amazingness of WWB; on the other, it illustrates that the vast majority of my friends are book nerds A former professional ice dancer!

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His novel is an insistence that the rapturous does exist, can be met, and that, although According to the dozen or so friends I know who attended, it sounded like a real blast. They all Paranoia by Victor She is a writer and her most recent piece appeared in World Literature Today September Being a judge for the Best Translated Book Award is one of the pleasures I have had the opportunity to participate in for the past few years. Not only because I am able to read the Actually, to be more specific, I want to talk about Germans It is things.

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Anyway, the The fine print attached to the Best Translated Book Award states that in order to be eligible, a work cannot have been previously translated. This Thursday or next the Swedish Academy will likely announce who will receive the Nobel Prize in Literature — still considered the ultimate Arnon Grunberg—author of a number of books, including Tirza, which is one of my favorite Open Letter titles from —has a really fantastic essay about a trip to Thessaloniki in the new issue of The Believer.

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DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Business Service for business customers. Paul then muses that if John's power could make a mouse live for as long as Mr. Jingles has, how much longer does he himself have left? John Coffey was an African-American man, approximately 6'8" ft tall, with a powerful muscular frame. Due to being mistaken for the crime of murder and rape, he is put on deathrow in the 's.

Ron Ellis (author)

Not long after being convicted, Coffey shows he has a miraculous healing ability by instantaneously healing Paul Edgecomb's urinary tract infection. He also heals Mr. Jingles , Eduard Delacroix's pet mouse, after Percy Wetmore steps on him in attempt to kill him. John is very large, having to duck under most doors. He has a mind similar to a child, possibly due to little or no educational teaching.

He once claims he can only spell his name. He is mild mannered, calling everyone Sir or Ma'am, on one occasion. Whenever he heals someone, he exhales a strange insect-like thing, and [in the movie] the lights flicker. Through unknown means, John Coffey possesses a powerful array of supernatural powers, his base ability mainly is healing. John's healing ability seems only limited to active living organisms as he was never shown to sucessfully resurrect the dead as he tragically wasn't able to save two young girls that were murdered. This could simply be that he wasn't in time to save the girls as they were found dead in the morning as most likely their life energy had already.

In his own words, he described as "I tried to take it back. I couldn't help it" due to his poor linguistics. It could also mean that he didn't truly understand how his powers worked as through both the film and novel, he seems to possess empathy that connects him to all of the human race and low range telepathy. His telepathy seems to be confirmed as its shown in the film that the elderly Paul Edgecombe was able to sense or hear the turmoil in his friend, Elaine, blaming Coffey for his condition. His healing result in purifying a person completely and leaving only the "disease" left over exhaling it out of his body as a transference.