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Maybe my unease was simply because I was alone. Damn, I liked it, and it kind of hurt admitting it. My head came up, and I smiled, glad I had him to go to. Save it till the morning after. Was it really eight? Adrenaline or not, this was an insane time to be up. They were brain damaged from the early sun.

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Email Address. I read the first ten books last summer, and I was so happy with everything. So this one sounds great, that the author has been able to develop a strong storyline and characters! Plus the girl on the cover looks like she knows how to kick some serious butt!! Yeah, Rachel definitely is a kick-ass heroine, Amy. And the world-building is really well done. I also love how the overall story arc makes so much sense. Wonderful review. I love action-y Urban Fantasy.

Great review! Unlike me… LOL. I'm thinking about 10 books worth, because this 11th was downright annoying. Everyone's trying to kill he I'm having trouble with this series. Everyone's trying to kill her. Everyone is lying to her. Everyone blames her. I mean, can a bitch get a break? Apparently not. And this is seriously the largest cast of characters ever - how am I supposed to keep track of them?

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I guess I don't, since Kim Harrison keeps killing them off. And it's never the right one. She took Faulkner's "kill your darlings" quote to heart, that's for damn sure. I won't mention who dies, but just be warned that it's not who you want to die. I'm pretty sure we all wanted this particular character to die like Instead, she kills off the people we love, like Kisten. I don't know how I feel about this series anymore. Ask me at book 9, I would have said it's one of my top 5 favorite series.

But with the author killing off all the people I like, dragging out the romantic pairing foreeeeveeerrrrr, and the shovels upon shovels of shit that she keeps dumping on Rachel I'm losing my patience. I'm never glad when a series ends, but I may just celebrate the ending of this one. If Rachel can't get her HEA after 12 books, the bitch doesn't deserve it.

Although now I'm half expecting the author to kill off Rachel before the end of it. Just to break all our hearts. She seems to enjoy doing that. Feb 29, AH rated it it was amazing Shelves: witches , were , demons , gargoyles , zzread-dec , arc-edelweiss , ghosts , favorites , magic , vampires. I can honestly say that this is the best book so far in the series — and I hear that there are still two more books to go.

I think what makes this series so good is its evolution of the main characters, especially that of Rachel Morgan. Of course, it helps to surround Rachel with a diverse group of eccentric, talented, loyal, and trash-talking secondary characters. Rachel and Trent are spending more time together. Mostly business, but a girl can hope, right? Clearly, the two are attracted to each other, but Rachel have some reservations about Trent. We learn a lot about the history of the demons and elves and why they are constantly at odds with each other. It only goes to show that grudges in this world can last for a very long time.

I loved the fascinating bits about the magical rings. A touch of Lord of the Rings, Hollows-style. Rachel has also become quite well versed in demon politics, thanks to Al. Whereas in the past, she may have just mouthed off, she now takes the time to carefully weigh and word her requests and she ensures that she has been understood correctly. I would have never imagined Rachel of the earlier books being able to do this.

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The demons were always a source of entertainment for me — I enjoyed watching just how they planned to screw things up for Rachel and each other. Newt the crazy demon had a touching moment where she helped Rachel choose an outfit to save the world in. No discussion of this series can be complete without talking about Ivy and Jenks. Jenks, on the other hand, with his little comments about Tink always brings comic relief to a tense situation. My heart broke for him as he worried about his estranged son Jax. I was so happy that he had Belle around to take care of him.

I also loved how a certain innocuous character suddenly became a superstar in this book. I always saw Bis as a little gargoyle, attracted to Rachel. The Hollows series is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. In my opinion, Ever After is the best book in the series so far. More, please! Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Voyager for a review copy of this book. View all 19 comments. Oct 25, Deea Andreea rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , uf , , epic-reads. Re-read July Everything has been said already.

I'm just as blown away as the first time I read this book, and I still can't believe some of the things Kim did to those characters. Whyyyy you so evil? This one was one of the most complex, different, action packed and emotional books in the series, and it let me a happy reader, but slightly scarred, heartbroken and hangover, so I'm going to take a short break before I read th Re-read July Everything has been said already. This one was one of the most complex, different, action packed and emotional books in the series, and it let me a happy reader, but slightly scarred, heartbroken and hangover, so I'm going to take a short break before I read the last two books - which I haven't read at all yet.

I'm scared and procrastinating LOL. I need recovery time before I can deal with that. I'd say I love Al and Trent, and that final battle was beyond epic, but that'd the understatement of the year. I'm just going to leave a few of my favorite quotes here and go process it all. Al stopped, turned, and gave me a last look. Hold on to me, I saw him say, hearing it echo in my thoughts as well. And then, he stepped into the purple line.

Jenks is cold. Nick is strapped and the risk is minimal. Can we please go inside? Help him save the world. Most of the time I can figure them out. What are you looking for, Rachel? Who are you looking for? How like a man. I still can't believe half of the things that happened in this book and the way they happened. What an action-packed, emotional, shocking, amazing ride! It was almost like reading Shadowfever all over again - and it's probably one of the best if no THE best UF books I've read since that one. Every second of it Even through the heartbreak.

View all 14 comments. Feb 25, Lulah rated it it was amazing. No way! Since when Even though this book was on my to-read list I hadn't even realised there was another! I love this series, actually scratch that I love Trenton Kalamack! Love him some muuucchh. That's it my awesome review for the next book in the Hollows series. View all 4 comments. Dec 15, Francesca the Fierce Under the Covers Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-read , genre-urban-fantasy , own-paperback , own-signed.

Granted, I've had my ups and downs with it because I wasn't always a fan of what Rachel was doing or how she was acting. But she was always real and something about her carries this series forward always with growth. I'm not even exaggerating! This is the best book in the series so far because Rachel is very comfortable in her own skin.

She kicks ass, she shows her emotions and she takes care of business. I don't want to get into the details of what she has to do in this book to save the demons and the Ever After, but lets just say that Rachel was top bitch on all counts. Then there's Trent. You can read the short story online by clicking here and then select the first Teaser Chapter link on the left. That being said I feel in love with Trent all over again.

We get a never before seen glimpse at who he is really is, how he really acts, what he truly likes. And I think that the full on Trent effect did wonderful things to the butterflies in my stomach. The elf is amazing! And there is a lot of him. For Trent and Rachel lovers I can't contain my excitement on this one. I think I had a grin for big chunks of this book because of how happy I was with where the developments were going. I love how well they work together, I think they make an amazing team.

I'm excited to see them working together more in the future. Hopefully the team work will also bring them together.

Ever After (Rachel Morgan / Hollows, book 11) by Kim Harrison

It worked well in this one. There will be tears, gasps, hearts beating fast and maybe even sobs. So much happens, so much goes wrong.

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An exciting ride all the way along because you don't really see any of it coming. Just when I thought for sure things would start looking up, they got worst. To the point that I wasn't sure there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Rachel and Al had some pretty awesome moments, although I got the feeling that a good friendship was forming instead of any chemistry going on. Seeing a bit of Al's past and finding out, finally, why the demons hate the elves was pretty awesome. Al is always a focal point of this series and even when he's not part of the book as much, like in this one, he's still key to anything that goes on.

Love him! Then we have our lovable sidekicks. I am a huge Jenks fan, and I was beyond happy to see that he was starting to move on with his life. So much has changed for him throughout the series. Having a female by his side that fuzzes over him and takes care of him, it warmed my heart. And even dealing with his son and the hard choices he had to make. Jenks is THE man! Bis put on his big boy pants and got the job done! And we get to meet his dad, and his dad is so proud of him.

That whole storyline was perfect to fill in the details I needed to make Bis a must read character. I can't tell you much more without giving you any spoilers. And I don't want to give you any. Except that I do have to complain about one thing I am waiting with baited breath for his final hours. He deserves a slow painful death. Evil, sneaky, slimy, piece of Yes, this was a bit fangirlish, but I can't really say anything different after the awesomeness that was reading it.

This book was amazing from beginning to end. And after having read the ARC, I've already pre-ordered the audiobook, as well as a signed hardcover copy. It was that good! Favorite Quotes: "As long as Felix was here, Trent would be the epitome of Teflon - knowing nothing, seeing nothing, accomplishing nothing - boring, boring, boring. He was also ticked. I could tell by the faint rim of red on his ears. I thought of Al in his dream, looking nothing like this, more like an elegant bat. Perhaps, but I had put his butterfly back together with my blood. View all 20 comments.

Jul 03, Rabidreading rated it it was amazing Shelves: sexual-tension , book-in-a-series , favorites , romance , edelweiss , received-for-review , witches-wizards-magic , urban-fantasy , demons , kickass-heroine. Before I start my review, I would like to give a shout-out to the author. Kim Harrison, you are a genius. Eleven books into your uber-popular Hollows series and you haven't missed a single beat.

The series is as fresh and entertaining now as it was when you first introduced us to Rachel and company way back in Dead Witch Walking. Thank you. You deserve a big pat on the back. And cookies. And a parade, complete with floats and marching bands. Okay, now that the fangirling is out of the way LOL , let's get down to business, shall we?

Remember Ku'Sox, that douchecanoe demon we met in Pale Demon? Well, he's back and causing serious trouble on both sides of the lines, and it's up to Rachel and friends to fix what he has broken. To somehow make things right again. For everyone. An impossible task, considering Ku'Sox was created to be virtually unstoppable.

Even his fellow demons are afraid to take him on. So is Rachel, but unfortunately, she doesn't have the option of bowing out, and she can't afford to fail. I know what you're thinking. Rachel is an old pro at this saving the world stuff. She's a kickass heroine who has squared off against several Big Bads over the course of the series, and while her victories may not always be clean or pretty, in the end she always prevails.

This time will not be any different. Stakes are high. Higher, I think, than they've ever been before. Ku'Sox proves early on that he is willing to strike where it hurts the most, and strike hard. I was expecting him to behave badly, but to such a degree? Nope, didn't see it coming, and to be honest, it threw me off for the rest of the book. Suddenly, I was reading without a safety net. I mean, if this and that could happen, then anything could. It was brilliant. Everything felt brand new somehow, like I was stepping into this exciting, wonderful world for the first time.

And that feeling? It changed my entire reading experience. I didn't race to the finish, devouring the pages as quickly as I could. Instead, I slowed down. I bookmarked and highlighted like crazy. I reveled. A lot happens in Ever After. A LOT. It's a very busy book filled with all sorts of juicy Hollows goodness.

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I think, though, that what I liked best were those odd moments when it would suddenly hit me, just how much Rachel's world has changed. It's no longer as simple as making runs and crafting spells or curses. Her life is so big now, so different than it was when the series started. It's been an incredible journey so far, and I can't wait to see what happens next. If you are a Trent fan like I am, start stretching and warming up now, because you've got a lot of happy dancing in your future.

That's right, our favorite elf gets a nice chunk of page time in Ever After, and let me tell you, he makes the most of it! You think you loved him before? You ain't seen nothin' yet. Action, emotion, character development, plot twists and surprises - you name it, Kim delivers it. In spades. Ever After is the best Hollows book yet and I loved it from beginning to end. Especially the end. In fact, the entire last chapter has become my favorite Hollows chapter of all time. View all 18 comments. Aug 20, Negine rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , all-nighter. At book 11 Kim Harrison continues to deliver an exciting and action packed storyline that builds on previous installments to near perfection.

The characters that she has created continue to change, fascinate and entertain. After this many books many series get stale. The cracks in the world-building start to show and the continuity becomes non-existent; not to mention the characters become unrecognizable with little to no growth.

I am ecstatic that not only that hasn't happened to The Hollows, but if anything, Kim Harrison's writing, story threads and characterization remain as fresh and complex as ever. I am once again breathless with anticipation for the next book.

Ever After (The Hollows #11)

I can't believe we only have two more books to go until the end of Rachel Morgan's journey and The Hollows! A very bad week. It shows growth from all the characters, characters are starting to change along with relationships, and things seem to be lining up for how everything may fall as the series heads toward the finish. I decided to make my review character specific, hitting on each person and my thoughts on them.

Rock — meet hard place. Rachel is a powerhouse in this story. She goes through a lot on her own and she comes out the other side for the better. I liked seeing Rachel become more comfortable with who she is. Rachel came across so much stronger in this story. Yes, grief. So be prepared and possibly bring your tissues. I never doubt that he has an agenda, but his priorities have changed. With Lucy in danger, he will do anything to get her back.

This is a Trent who feels love deeply for someone now and he does little things throughout this book that just seem softer, more genuine. As I mentioned above, Jenks and Ivy are around, however not major players. But it allowed for some other characters to step up. Al gets plenty of page time and I always enjoy his sarcasm and dry wit. However, out of all the supporting characters who stepped up, including getting to know some more gargoyles, I have one thing to say: I love Bis. Rachel, Trent and others, letting go and trusting in people some for the first time to have their back.

I loved the growth that many characters showed, I loved the fight in Rachel and I especially loved how her relationship with Trent progressed. I was captivated from the first chapter and I loved everything about this story, one of my favorites in the Hollows series. Dec 14, Melindeeloo rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , urban-fantasy , witches-wizards-mages-sorcerers. I really liked Ever After, this was my favorite Hallows book in a long time - I have been waiting for a story with more Ever-After-centric action and this was that book. So there's a fair amount of wrangling with pesky, cowardly, self serving demons, and, unlike the last book, there are blessedly few if any TSTL moments for Rachel.

There is good movement in the relationship between Trent and Rachel - they are finally starting to move in a grownup direction and beginning to understand each oth I really liked Ever After, this was my favorite Hallows book in a long time - I have been waiting for a story with more Ever-After-centric action and this was that book. There is good movement in the relationship between Trent and Rachel - they are finally starting to move in a grownup direction and beginning to understand each other.

There is also some good insight into Al's background, I like the development in his character a lot - boy, has he come a long way. I do have to mention though as a heads up that some sad stuff does happen, but I read the spoiler discussions so I was prepared. Anyway, where the last book left me feeling like I was letting Rachel get away with things I wouldn't tolerate from a UF heroine in a series that I wasn't already invested in - since she frustrated me no end - Ever After has me really looking forward to what Harrison is going to do next as she moves toward wrapping up the series how many books are there left?

View all 9 comments. I'm so melancholic : "It was us three, the way I liked it, and I had a suspicion that we were at the very same booth where we had made our agreement into business together. I wondered at all the changes in our lives since then. We were all better, weren't we? I wasn't so sure anymore. I'd loved and lost. So had Ivy.

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So had Jenks. There was good stuff too, wasn't there? Who's going to protect me? I hate to see her like this. She deserves happiness and to be loved. I'll miss this series when it ends. So many stuff have happened and still the perfect trio going strong. Have I said that I love Al??? YES, a times, my absolute favorite. Let us all die. We're broken beyond repair. Feb 21, Zee rated it it was amazing. Love love loved the book. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Kim Harrison. Kim Harrison. Kim Harrison is best known as the author of the New York Times 1 best selling Hollows series, but she has written more than urban fantasy and has published over two-dozen books spanning the gamut from young adult, thriller, several anthologies, and has scripted two original graphic novels.

She has also published traditional fantasy under the name Dawn Cook. Can't wait for my copy to arrive. It can truly do no wrong. Wow, 10 sheep! I do love this series, just have to read the previous book. And yeah for meeting her! If I had to rate this book against the other in the series it is probably in the top 3. That's incredible. I own the first few books and liked them, but then I guess I got distracted or something I don't get to read as much as I'd like now that I'm writing and didn't continue.

Because of this review, I'm going to start the series over again. Thanks for taking the time to blog about it! It definitely gets better with each book. I've been to many of her signings since she use to live about 90 minutes from me. But she moved to Michigan? Great review! I'm usually the one who buys the book the first day and reads it front to back fast as possible. I can't wait, but as I say that, I realize that the end is only two more books away. I'll cry too, it will be like saying goodbye to friends that I've known forever. I have a print copy waiting for me too!

I bought a kindle copy so I could have it immediately there are very few authors that I will shell out the big bucks for and she is one JR Ward is another. I even bought the tour shirt back in Oct or whenever it came out. I will do a post about the signing! I totally agree -- I gave this ARC a massively ginormous review as well.

Definitely the best in the series so far.