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By asking you to follow his or her finger as it moves up and down and to the far right and left, the doctor can determine if there is any eye muscle weakness.

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If the diplopia is monocular, the cause may be within the eye, so a doctor may use an instrument called a slit lamp to examine the eye under magnification. This allows the doctor to better evaluate the internal structures of the eyes. If you have binocular double vision, your NYU Langone doctor may ask questions about your symptoms to determine if an underlying condition may be causing it.

Diagnosing Double Vision in Adults

To find out whether a problem with the cranial nerves—which are responsible for eye movement and facial strength and sensation—is causing double vision, your doctor may ask if you have any pain or numbness around the eye sockets, facial weakness, and swallowing or speech problems. During a neurological examination, the doctor looks for ptosis —eyelid drooping, which can occur as a result of nerve or muscular disorders, such as myasthenia gravis or muscular dystrophy —or injury to one of your cranial nerves.

With an MRI scan, a magnetic field and radio waves are used to create two- or three-dimensional images of organs and tissues in the body. The results can help them to rule out certain causes of double vision, such as a tumor, inflammation along a nerve, or an aneurysm. It can cause swelling and thickening of the muscles responsible for eye movement, leading to double vision.

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Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks that causes neurological symptoms, including double vision. We can help you find a doctor. Call or browse our specialists.

Some cases recover on their own, whereas in other cases, the double vision can persist. Based on this information, the doctor will try to offer treatments to lessen the double vision.

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One approach is to block vision from one eye. This can be done either by using an eye patch or by using scotch tape to cover one lens of the eyeglasses. Depending on the exact pattern of the abnormal eye movements, temporary prisms can sometimes be tried to reduce the double vision.

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If these are very effective, permanent prisms can be ground into the lenses of the eyeglasses. Finally, if double vision has become a permanent problem without further improvement for about 12 months , surgery can be performed to adjust the position of the eye muscles. We believe that patients benefit from online medical information that is engaging, up to date, and reliable.

Is double vision due to a problem in the eye or in the brain?

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Diplopia (Double Vision)

Skip to contents. If you have binocular double vision, when you close either your right eye or left eye, the double vision goes away. Monocular double vision in one eye often appears as a ghosting or shadow that overlaps with the primary image. It can affect the right eye, the left eye, or both eyes at the same time. The most common cause of this type of double vision is dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome causes double vision and blurred vision because the tear film along the surface of your eye becomes uneven due to the dryness. People who have dry eye syndrome often complain that their eyes burn or feel scratchy and itchy. It also can feel like something is caught in the eye.

Symptoms of dry eye are often made worse by reading or by doing computer work because you unconsciously blink less while concentrating on reading. Treatment of dry eye syndrome usually begins with the use of artificial tears.


With these causes, symptoms of double vision do not tend to fluctuate as much as double vision associated with dry eye syndrome. Prescription glasses can contribute to poor vision and monocular double vision if they are out-of-date, the frames are bent or the lenses are scratched. Binocular double vision, or binocular diplopia, is caused by misalignment of the eyes.