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Easy Chocolate Cake is indulgent and moist, made from scratch with hot coffee and cocoa powder added to the batter, ready in under 45 minutes! Easy Chocolate Cake is one of my all-time favorite desserts to make anytime a birthday comes around in this house. I like to double this chocolate cake recipe and use several cake pans to make a layer cake.

This is my go-to cake recipe because it only takes a total time of 45 minutes to make. Your friends and family will think you picked it up from a bakery! Chocolate cake should be kept at room temperature, wrapped tightly, for days to keep the texture quality. Use plastic wrap to help keep the slices from drying out.

Chocolate cake will last in the refrigerator for about a week. Cakes are usually fine sitting on the counter, but have to be refrigerated when you have a high moisture or dairy part, like whipped cream. If you use my homemade frosting, this cake can be stored on the counter. If you use buttercream, it will need to be refrigerated if the buttercream recipe used egg whites. Chocolate cake should be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap and then aluminum foil before being frozen. It will keep its best for about months, but will be food-safe for up to a year.

Many couples freeze the top of their wedding cakes for the one year anniversary. You can make this cake ahead and freeze it for later. You can fully decorate it before freezing, too. The frosting will actually help keep moisture from getting to the cake when frozen. Freeze the cake for an hour to let the frosting get hard, then wrap it in plastic wrap. There are a lot of different ways to substitute eggs in a chocolate cake recipe.

Two of my favorites are applesauce, and bananas. Easy Chocolate Cake is indulgent and moist, made from scratch and ready in under 45 minutes! In a stand mixer on low speed mix together the sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In a small bowl whisk together the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla then add it to the stand mixer on low then medium speed until just combined and finally add in the hot coffee carefully and stir it in by hand until just combined do not turn on the mixer, it may splash on you.

Pour half of the batter into each of the pans and bake for minutes then remove, let cool completely and frost with the chocolate frosting. Show me what you made on Instagram or Facebook and tag me at DinnerthenDessert or hashtag it at dinnerthendessert. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. I made this cake for my son Daniels birthday. It was so moist and chocolatey. Everyone loved it and I would definitely make this my go-to chocolate cake. All the ingredients are what most have already. Thank you so much! Remember baking is a sensitive task.

Ingredients need to be fresh. Temperature of ingredients makes a difference-cold eggs, milk or butter etc- so watch what recipe calls for. Best chocolate cake recipe! You are so awesome, Dina! Your comment just made my day. Thank you so much for spreading such positive and encouraging words. I appreciate it. So happy you loved the cake! This cake is delicious. The only thing I changed was the buttermilk.

Boiled Chocolate Cake – Family Favourite | Big Sister Blogs - Maria Parenti-Baldey

Any ideas on what to sub for buttermilk? My friends like this recipe.. Thank you for this recipe moist and very delicious. Hi Gerwin! Thank you for trying out the recipe and for taking the time to comment. So glad your friends liked the cake! I was nervous it was going to be a fail, because the batter was super watery. Turned out to be hands-down the best chocolate cake I have ever had much less made myself. It was light and fluffy, yet incredibly moist.

This recipe will be my go-to fgor chocolate cake from now on! How sweet of you to make a homemade cake for his birthday. There is nothing better! I am so happy that it was a hit. Thank you for your kind comment! It was amazing! Everyone loved it. I really want to add a raspberry filling and cover the cake in pink buttercream I want to use food coloring to do a rosette cake. But, I am afraid of ruining the cake by doing too many alterations.

Is there a white buttercream recipe that you recommend with this cake? Thank you so much for the amazing recipe! Hi Monika! I love that you did a test run on a birthday cake. That is dedication and I love it! A rosette pink buttercream would be beautiful. I tend to use 1 cup butter, softened 4 cups powdered sugar and Tablespoons heavy cream or whole milk and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.

If you want it to be firmer for the rosettes, add more cups of powdered sugar. Good luck with the cake. I am sure it will be beautiful! I searched Google for one and picked your site. I enjoyed reading your story so much that I forgot I was there for the recipe! I love the way you write! Craving satisfied! My family loved it, too! Thank you for sharing your story and your recipe!

So out they came and I put the batter back in the mixing bowl, washed and greased the pans, poured the batter in them then put them back in the oven. Your comment made me laugh! I am SO with you…. I crave chocolate cake every night too. I laughed that you dumped the batter back into the mixing bowl to grease the pans. Way to remember just in the nick of time.

as a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, wife & mother – in that order

So glad you loved the cake. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and for making me laugh. You have so many comments on this cake that it goes to say that it was fabulous. Thanks for this recipe. Keep up the good work! Love ya. Hi Aunt Cindy! Awww…I am so glad you made my cake. You are always so supportive and it means so much. Love you! I had to eyeball the measurements, sift the dry ingredients with a slotted spatula, mix everything by hand, and bake it in a stainless steel mixing bowl — it was still fantastic.

It was sooo yummy and chocolatey but not too sweet. I LOVE that you are a college student and made a cake! That is seriously so amazing! I bet you impressed all of your friends. Thanks so much for trying out my recipe. Hands down the best chocolate cake recipe EVER!!!! So amazingly moist, rich and delicious! I did make a few tweeks right off the bat. I replace the 1c. Vanilla I just put 2 teaspoons and the 3rd time I made it I even tried the special dark coco powder by Hershey OMG so freaking delicious and I like the tip on using cake flour that does make a difference.

Hi Natasha! I appreciate you trying it out and I am so glad that you loved it. Those are some fabulous substitutions. Thank you for sharing them with my readers! Have a great night! I just made this cake. I see much more gym time in my future. This is a definitely keeper!! Haha Angela! I completely get you!

When I make it, I have to give it away as soon as possible because I love it so much. It is way too tempting! Great idea to use that as a substitute. So glad to hear it turned out well. Thanks so much! Kudos to you! Was wondering if I can actually leave it out over night after frosting it The party is at noon. I live in India and the temperature is between 27 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night. I usually leave all the cakes in the fridge but would love to know what you think about leaving it covered outside for a change? I hope you see this soon enough… Cheers!

Hi Rohini! I just happened to be on my laptop when your comment came through so it was perfect timing. Great to have you from India! Thank you for trying out my recipe. Happy early birthday to your son! You can absolutely leave it out overnight. I tend to like it even better the next day because the frosting has some time to soak into the cake and it becomes even moister. It was a small slice of heaven… Thanks a tonne! I filled it with your frosting two layers and covered it with ganache. Let it soak overnight, then worked on it to create the football field on top with with BC Fondant.

It was death by chocolate if you please!! Hi Sarika! I think a chocolate orange cake sounds divine. I would focus on the frosting and add some high-quality orange extract to it and possibly a little orange zest. Chocolate covered orange peels or orange infused chocolate would be beautiful on the top of the cake. Now I am craving a chocolate orange cake. I am actually looking to convert this into a chocolate orange cake too! I also intend on adding orange zest to the frosting and candying some orange peels for decoration. Hi Ayesha. I like to freeze my cake layers to make them even sturdier before I frost a cake or lay fondant on it.

I used this recipe for a HUGE baby shower cake! I was initially worried about it being too tender for stacking but it worked out just fine. And the best part… I received a text saying it was the best chocolate cake they had ever eaten! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. Awww I love to hear that, Suzette! Thank you so much! I am so glad that it was a hit at the baby shower….. Thanks for your comment.

Hi, I was wondering if I could use this exact recipe and buttercream frosting for cake pops? Hi Sandelle! Everything always tastes better from scratch so I think it would be fabulous. A huge hit. Relatively simple and looks impressive. I wish I could post a picture! I used the recipe as-is except I substituted coffee for water. Am going to make again this week for an out of town visitor. So happy to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to write such a positive comment. That is so smart to have one of those cake travelers.

I am always so nervous traveling with food in my car but that is a major cake saver. Thanks for the great tip! Hi, the cake looks very impressive and have plans to bake it soon. Could you please specify the temperature of the water on your recipe. Hi Tehney! I like my water to be hot to the touch. You can place it in the microwave for 20 seconds. It helps dissolve the cocoa powder. Oh my goodness!! This was the best and most delicious chocolate cake ever! Plus, I was very proud of myself for how pretty it turned out as well.

Love you Melissa and your tasty treats and food. Thanks for sharing! My daughter will be 2 on Friday and I wanted to try a new recipe. We recently moved back to the States after living abroad for a year—we gave everything away before leaving the USA because we thought we would be gone for five years.

Would you recommend adding fat or sugar or anything else because of this? I hope you see this soon. Thank you so much!! Hi Keani! Happy 2nd Birthday to your little girl! How fun to live abroad…I hope it was an amazing experience. You can definitely use a 9 x 13 and you will just increase the baking time since it is thicker. You can completely do this old school. I looked up the NOW Cocoa Powder and compared it to the Callebaut gram to gram so it was accurate and you should be all good to use that cocoa powder. It has similar fat both 1 gram and sugar both zero grams as the Callebaut.

I think it will turn out amazing. Good luck to you! Melissa, you ROCK!!! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!!! I am so pumped to make this. Cannot wait!! Thank you for researching the cocoas and helping me. And thank you for the bday wishes for Emersyn!! Yes, living abroad was an adventure!! I would love to do it again, but in a country where I can learn the language easier!! My son is leaving for his adventures abroad next spring.

Poor momma. I will let you know how this cake turns out. Thank you again for the help—and for the recipe! I have tried many chocolate cake recipes but yours is the best. I did tweak it a little by using half the amount of cocoa powder and replacing it with grm of dark chocolate melted with coffee and 30 ml of dark rum. Heaven on a plate with a perfect crumb when cut. Thanks so much, Dave! I really appreciate your kind comment. That sounds like some awesome substitutions.

Glad you loved it! Have a great day. Your recipe calls for a cup of hot water. This ruined my batter and turned it into a watery mess that poured through my two piece cakes pans and ruined my oven. Please show the correct amount of dry ingredients. For now I give zero stars.

Hi Gavin! Sorry to hear about your cake. It is meant to be a thinner batter. This is what makes it so moist. When you make a chocolate cake, the water is used to help dissolve the cocoa powder. My yellow cake is a much sturdier batter but comes out a similar texture to my chocolate cake.

If you used 4 cups of flour in this recipe, it would end up dry once it is baked. Gavin, it sounds like you used the wrong pans. You should have used the regular cake pans. I got also worried when I first made this cake but it turned out great! Turned out super moist and decedent, just what the birthday girl wanted! This will be going into the recipe box. It was amazing!! Very moist and so much flavor! Hey, Melissa, I did make the cake… but it had an oily taste…maybe next time I must replace it butter…. Your recipe looks wonderful.

Can I double the recipe to make a 3 layer 12 inch cake? Melissa, I have been on a quest to duplicate a chocolate cake that I use to buy from a deli where I use to live. It was by far the best chocolate cake in my opinion. It was extremely moist. I will definitely be trying your recipe soon.

Melissa, my question is: whenever I try a new chocolate cake recipe, the picture always shows a dark cake color, as your picture does. However, when I make the recipe, the cake is several shades lighter than what that picture would show Your picture shows a rich dark chocolate color. Does it bake that rich color every time? Thanks, Judykay. But i will be trying this with coffee instead of water. I see you mentioned cake flour is the section above the ingredients but in the actual ingredients list you just state flour.

Cake flour does make quite the difference and I love using it even in my red velvet but I just wanted to clarify before I made this if the recipe is calling for cake flour or regular flour. I made this cake over the weekend for my sisters birthday and WOW what a cake! I received so many compliments on the cake and the frosting. I made this on Saturday and it is still super moist. Thank you for your amazing recipes, Melissa! I love visiting each week to see what you have.

Why did you do a dofferent filling than a typical ganache? Curious thanks! I did add 2 envelopes of instant espresso powder to the hot water. Oh my goodness!!! So, so moist and delicious. For some reason, I needed to keep it in the oven for about 30 mins but it did not affect the taste or texture at all. Using Valrhona cocoa powder made it extra rich and chocolately!

Is it best to leave it at room temperature for a few days or to put it in the refrigerator? Awesome moist cake. My olnly change was to use my fudge icing recipe since ive never been a fan of icing using cocoa. I have 8 inch pans and it made two layers about an inch high. Maybe my mixing or something retarded the rise, but for sure it would never have made 3 layers.

This will be the shortest birthday cake I ever made. But the taste is good. Holy chocolate cake! All others will disappoint me now. Very straightforward recipe too. Thank you thank you! Hi, I am a beginner in baking and have tried baking chocolate cakes many a times with a diff recipe each time, but somehow, I felt something is missing every time. But this one, it just worked to the perfection. Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing recipe. Absolutely delicious!

Just made it for the first time with the coffee substitution to rave reviews. But I have to ask…do you really use 3 sticks of butter in the frosting???!! Cooking time, temp, addition to ingredients? Hello, I made your recipe yesterday. I doubled the recipe and came out with one inch, one 9-inch, and one 8-inch. I tiered the cakes and made the frosting. The only thing that I changed in the recipe was one cup of very hot coffee in place of the hot water.

No place for a picture, but it came out so amazing. It was decadent, moist, perfect texture, buttercream frosting was Heavenly. Thank you for posting this amazing cake. This was made for my boss for his last day with the firm. He absolutely loves chocolate and was very happy with the cake. My wife an I made the cake yesterday. This is the best chocolate cake I have ever ate.

Could set and eat the icing all day almost taste like soft serve chocolate ice cream back years ago before they changed it. But the recipe was spot on and easy to make. I need a good Mexican restaurant fajita recipe, white cheese recipe if you know of any. My wife is a big fan of ice cream cake and so I want to make one where the bottom half is cake and the top half a raspberry ice cream.

Is this a cake that will work for that? Last time I tried an ice cream cake with a glaze instead of frosting it froze harder than a rock. This cake is absolutely the best chocolate cake ever! So moist yet so light and full of chocolate flavor! It paired perfectly with my peanut butter buttercream! I had to make three times the icing recipe holy wow, 9 sticks of butter!

It turned out so amazing and everyone that ate it said it was the best chocolate cake they had ever eaten! It is definitely a recipe I will go to any time I need a chocolate cake, just hopefully not on such a large scale next time! Your blog talks about a 3 layer cake, but the recipe says 2 pans. What are the quantities for ingredients to make it a 3 layer cake? Can I just say thank you?! I made this cake for my husbands birthday last night and we were all so pleased!

I was a bit nervous because I had to sub half coconut oil and avocado oil plus had to use Greek yogurt for the buttermilk but it still tasted amazing! I made the cake with my own chocolate, cream cheese, buttercream frosting for a family get together yesterday. I love cake. I have eaten tons of cake in my lifetime. Let me tell you, this was one of the best chocolate cakes I have eaten. Looking forward to trying your other cake recipes. Thank you for sharing. Wondering if this is a good recipe for a three-tiered wedding cake? He always requests a chocolate cake and I wanted to try a new recipe this year.

So glad I did! I followed all the tips and the recipe to a T. I did the triple layer. I baked them last night and let it refrigerate overnight for today. So I have been trying to make my husband a luscious Black Forest cherry cake ever since the first one I made for for him was a failure. I realize that using this recipe as my chocolate cake base may not be traditional, but it turned out perfectly.

Your cake is so light, fluffy, and moist it was just delicious, and the deep chocolate flavor went wonderfully with the Kirsch and cherry flavors. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and your recipe. Both will stick with me for a long time. Is there any other ingredient I can replace the eggs with? Really appreciate your response. The cake turned out to be super soft, moist and yum.

However, it did not come out clean from the bottom so I made the cake with 3 broken layers. I am not sure if I should have baked the cake a little longer as I took it out in 22mins or was it the applesauce that made it stick to the pan. But next time I will surely try this recipe with the flax seeds. Otherwise, this cake tasted super yummy.


Thanks again for your tip. Made this cake with your butter cream frosting last Saturday for my sons 11 th Birthday Party and again for my sisters birthday tomorrow but this time I made a chocolate whip cream icing. This is the best chocolate cake I ever made. I set the bar to height now. No more box cake for us. We will never go back. Phenomenal recipe! Incredibly rich, and moist! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish I could include pics! I did add a cup of espresso rather than plain water, and the chocolatey goodness was magnified! Mmm mmm mmm yummy!

Awww thank you, Kelly! It always makes my day to get these messages about the cake. Great idea using espresso! This is the first time I am ever commenting on a recipe. Comes out great every time and I used regular flour. The last time I forgot to add the cocoa powder but it became a very moist and delicious vanilla cake. I made a cranberry coulis and poured a couple tablespoons over each slice. Works great with both chocolate and vanilla cake. Thank you for this recipe! I can not bake. I have been trying and trying and failing at yellow cakes.

Thank you for sharing it. I know this is an old blog, but still, thank you. I am wondering if Emily may have given me my answer to yellow cake. Leave out the cocoa. So happy to hear it. I also have a killer yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting recipe on Modern Honey. Read the comments as it has great reviews! Have an awesome night!

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it! Love the idea of a cranberry coulis. I want to try it next time with it! This was the first cake I have ever made from scratch, frosting and all.. Liquidy batter worried me a bit even with your note about it , but it was sooo moist and tasteful. This recipe is a keeper!! That is so awesome that it is your first recipe made from scratch.

So glad you loved it! Thank you for commenting.

How To Make Perfect Chocolate Cake For Your Family - Dessert Treats - So Yummy Cake recipes

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I am so thrilled that you loved it. Thank you for making it so many times. I am so glad to hear that it is a hit in your family! I would love to try your cake but my son is allergic to wheat. Your cake sounds amazing!

If you try it, let me know how it turns out. Dear Melissa, thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful chocolate cake recipe. I have tried many recipes…hands down this one beats them all. I baked this cake today with my 5 year old son. Both of us loved it. Love that you are baking with your 5-year old son. Thank you so much for trying my recipe. Is it possible to freeze the cake for travel before serving? So sorry I am so late in responding. I hope that it all worked out well for you. I am a big fan of freezing cakes as it makes it easier to frost.

It also makes it easier to transport. Thanks for trying my recipe and I hope you enjoyed the beach! Most of the time when I make a cake, it never gets finished and I end up throwing a bit away. This time every bite was devoured! I did add coffee instead of hot water. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! I came back to see what other good recipes you have! I found a new favorite!! I made this with Dark Chocolate Coco. That is still great!! My friend said it made it take the chocolate part of an oreo!

And I used butter. My friend requested this for her birthday next year!!! Love to hear it, Sarah! You are so sweet to make such a kind comment. Thank you for trying my recipe! How much batter does this cake make? Would I need to double the recipe? Is this cake sturdy enough to stack more layers than pictured? First I would like to say that I love this cake. Ive never had such a delicous homemade cake. I was wondering what i could be doing differently. This is my second time baking this cake and i feel like i have to bake this cake longer in order for my knife to come out clean but then i feel like it makes my cake dry.

Hi Madeline! I am so glad to hear that you love the cake! It is a good one. Enough batter left over for 6 cupcakes. Filled cake with a chocolate ganache mildly flavored with Kahlua. Frost outside with a less sweet chocolate buttercream recipe from another site. Froze cake until Wednesday birthday celebration. Great recipe, thanks! I used 9 in round cake pans. I followed directions exactly as they are written, with the exception of replacing water with coffee. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

I live in a high altitude city. Do I need to do something different? Hi Danielle. Since you live at a high altitude, you can always adjust the oven temperature 25 degrees higher. This may help it cook faster and get done in the middle. This was the first chocolate cake that the entire family raved about and I have tried many recipes over the years!

We took dad out to a restaurant and brought the cake in with their permission. We got comments from other customers and from our waiter about how wonderful the cake looked. The only change I made to your fabulous recipe was to use less butter in the frosting than it called for. I used the coconut oil for the cake. This is a keeper!

Awww I love to hear that, Victoria! I am so glad your Dad loved it and it was a huge hit. Made my night! Thanks for sharing your story and recipe! Do you think it can hold up to being stacked into a 3-tiered cake? If not, what do you suggest I adjust in order to give it more stability? Hi Sabrina! How sweet of you to make it for a wedding. I have had many questions about it. The beauty of this cake is how easy it is to frost and stack. It is moist but sturdy enough. I made this cake 3 times already and is the best chocolate cake ever in the universe every time I make this chocolate cake comes out very moist and extremely delicious.

This is perfection in a cake!!! Great recipe and thank you for sharing it. Hi Susie! You are so sweet. I appreciate you so much trying my recipe and I am so happy you love it! I stumbled onto this recipe while searching for a birthday cake recipe and lord oh lord is this incredible. I was very nervous after adding the cup of hot water because it was VERY liquidy.

So thin. I substituted almond milk for the buttermilk and used only 4 cups of sugar in the frosting and it was great. I love to hear it! You are so right…everyone gets nervous when they see the batter become so thin but it bakes up beautifully. I am so glad you agree. Thank you for making it! Could I bake your recipe on a Wednesday and freeze them and then take out on a Saturday to put together the cake and ice?

Hi Laura! You can absolutely freeze the cake layers ahead of time. By freezing the layers, it actually makes them easier to frost. Hi — hope you are well. I want to make this cake as the bottom layer of a 3 tier wedding cake. As it is a moist cake, is there an issue with fondant being too heavy? Would you recommend cooking 3 layers in batches so they cook more evenly? Finally, how many days does the cake stay fresh for? Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes — Linda. Hi Linda! Great questions!

I think fondant should be just fine. When I make this cake using three 3-inch pans, they fill the 8-inch pans about halfway. I think cooking in batches is always a good thing.

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The cake stays fresh for about 5 days. If it is frosted with the chocolate frosting, it stays moist longer. I hope this helps! Again, I know this recipe so well for smaller cakes so I hope it works out beautifully for your larger one.

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All the best — Melissa. Hello, When you say 3 thin layers how thin do you think they are? LOVE your blog btw! It is nice to have made something that you can confidently share with others. It was a hit. We made it with a white cream cheese frosting and it is super yummy with that too! I have made it enough times now, I feel super comfortable making cakes! No more box cakes for me!! Thanks again for this recipe! It is truly a winner!!!! I tried this recipe the other day and I was surprised at the results…. Perplexed I went over the recipe again I realized what went wrong…total oopsie moment lol.

I gave it another shot today — using ALL the ingredients this time and it came out wonderful! I have one questions — can I use Dutch Processed Cocoa powder? If so, do I need to make adjustments to the baking powder and baking soda? It is so soft moist and tastes perfect. Thank you so much. I have only 5 stars here otherwise I would have give you for the cake. Hi, this cake looks amazing! I only have three 16cm x 7.

Can you let me know how I should adjust the recipe? And do I have to shorten the baking time? This cake is delicious!! It may not be professional looking but in my opinion it turned out perfect! Hi, your cake looks amazing! Could you let me know how the recipe can be adjusted for these smaller cake pans? And would I have to shorten the baking time? This cake is delicious! I made it for a Christmas party last year, and it was a huge hit. I wonder how many cupcakes the recipe would yield?

I DIED reading the story about your husband. The cake looks amazing. Thanks for the recipe AND the story. Oh, you are so sweet, Natasha! I married a good one and I am so grateful. Thank you for your kind words! So it was husbands Bday, he wanted a chocolate cake, so I decided to give e this one a try. I must say it was a hit. The cake was wonderfully moist and just perfect. I did use the buttermilk and cake flour.

Kristina’s Favorite Chocolate Cake

I used canola oil instead of the coconut oil. It was perfect! My whole family loved it! I will be using this recipe from now on. Question, made the 3 layers for the Best Chocolate cake and am wondering if the recipe for the icing will cover the whole 3 layers or should I increase the recipe by 1.

Thank you for your response! Hi Janet!

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I think you should be just fine, depending on how much frosting you like to use. I make 3 8-inch cake layers using one recipe and the frosting covers it. This is wonderful! I was wondering though if the cocoa powder can be substituted for high quality baking chocolate. Also if a ganache frosting would work with it. I wanted to know if its possible to use good quality baking chocolate in the cake recipe instead of powder? If so then how much? Thanks so much. Yay, finally found the perfect chocolate cake! I covered the sides of the cake with chocolate covered rice crispies which made it look even more delicious.

So glad I found this recipe, thanks for sharing! I used the sponge recipe for my Black Forest Cherry cake. It worked perfectly!