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Peter and Paul Church, Dumas, at 10am. Raef April 22 Monsignor James C. To have your event placed on the Diocesan Calendar click the link on the calendar page, or e-mail amarillodiocese gmail. West Texas Catholic 7LoCaLApril 17, Twenty Something By Christina Capecchi Jamaica Schedule Parishes planning Jamaica celebrations, parish dinners, parish celebrations and parish fundraisers this year are encouraged to email information about those celebrations to westtexascatholic gmail.

Those dates are published as a public service. Unless otherwise noted, the celebrations will take place at the parish. Hyacinth Catholic Church West Hills Trail, Amarillo Another batch of graduates is nearing the finish line, and preparations are humming along —party planning and robe ordering, i dotting and t crossing. And speech writing, of course. An address that wipes away distractions — sweltering heat, silly stilettos, stiff chairs — and makes us all feel promising and powerful. A boldface life manual. Last night I revisited what may be the best one, Dr.

It was nothing like I had remembered. But reading it again, I saw it more clearly, not as a celebratory book but a cautionary one. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. Seuss have traveled far enough to have hit some. Somewhere along the line, the important and the urgent are divorced. A bad job market takes the blame. Grad school slows our pace. And busyness masquerades as meaning and purpose.

Seuss screams out. We walk the path of the saints, who turned dreams into deeds — whether there was rain or snow, whether they heard yes or no. And we hold the banner high, with a Seuss-like bravado, so the new graduates can see where to go. She can be reached at www. After a powerful conversion in , he began to release Christian albums. His latest effort, We Cry Justice! Popple is made up of two guys, Dan and Kyle. Kyle graduated from Purdue University and began working as a fulltime youth minister. Dan came in as a student and started volunteering with the youth program.

The two of them started playing music at youth functions. Popple now travels across the country, playing for youth groups, camps, retreats, rallies, Adoration events, backyard parties and anywhere else that their ministry is needed. Learn more at www. Youths and youth leaders are encouraged to participate in a project to help other parish youth groups in the Diocese of Amarillo, according to Guzman. For more information on the rally, visit www.

Further information on the retreat can be found at www. Youth Rally. Apply online at www. I got involved in several different ministries at the same time and my faith life grew during that period. So when we conducted our own retreat here at St. That was one of the first things I drew when I decided to get back into drawing.

The pose reminds me of being at Mass, during the Consecration. Matthew Kim Richard, Director of Development for the Diocese of Amarillo answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the United Catholic Appeal.

The United Catholic Appeal is a fundraising campaign in which each parish is asked to undertake and invite parishioners to support the operational needs of the larger Church of Amarillo. The United Catholic Appeal was established in to replace an antiquated system of assessing so much money per person. That structure traditionally provided diocesan financial resources.

How are the parish quotas determined? The measure of love is to love without measure is difficult for us to get our arms around unless we can grasp the depths of the love of the One Who has His arms wrapped around us. We were created by God, loved into being, in His image and likeness.

He Who is Love calls us to love Him and to love one another as He has loved us. Jesus has loved us without measure. He gave us His All. God Himself loved us so much that in order to redeem mankind from our sinfulness, He humbled Himself — the God of the Universe humbled Himself to become an embryo, so we could relate to Him and He to us through every stage of life, from the first moment of each of our lives. GOD is the Author of Life. GOD makes life sacred. How He loves us so. How He loves us without measure.

And He came to us, through the womb of a mother, in order to give Himself totally and completely for us through His death on the Cross. He gave it all, He laid down His life for us, without measure. Remain in My Love. You will remain in My Love if you keep My commandments. He calls us to know His Love for us — to know that He has already died for our sins so we can live united to Him, rejecting sin. And yet — we miss His Love for us so often.

In so many ways, we have rejected Him, His commandments and His Love, as individuals, and as a society. This is the way you should go. Walk in it. We follow traffic lights and directional signs to get to our destination the right way. And I thank God that my guardian angels protected me. Think about it — the fear, the panic, the possibility of a terrible accident, injury, even death. And yet, that is what sin is. January 22, A fateful day marked in infamy in the history of our nation and the world.

Roe v. How we started down a WRONG WAY road in our nation with the imposition of legalized abortion in our country, overturning laws protecting unborn children in all 50 states. Here in Texas — in my home in Dallas — we have the legacy of being the city, and state, where Roe v. Wade began. Dallas County is 2 in the state of Texas, with 11, unborn children killed each year.

My friends, I was very blessed that there were people in my path who had conviction of heart, and by the power of the Holy Spirit each of us has received, were willing to love without measure — to lovingly — never harshly — but lovingly share the Word of God and the words of our Holy Father.

Willing to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, our unborn brothers and sisters being led to the slaughter — and their mothers and fathers who had taken a WRONG WAY road — and to do all they could to try to help others avoid that same path. It was , and I was a young mother who had just had my first baby. A pro-life warrior, Danny, 70 years old, more than 40 years older than I, attended the same prayer meeting that my family attended on Sunday afternoons. But Danny, loving without measure, would continue to announce them, and bring prolife pamphlets and literature and put them in our hands.

I learned that rescuing was blockading the doors of the abortion facilities to protect the children from death. I did not feel called to rescue and go to jail, with a young baby at home. Over the last 21 years, with seven years of consecutive second Saturday Rosaries with Bishop Grahmann, with quarterly Masses and Rosary Processions and sidewalk counseling formally added in as one of our nine ministries in Dallas, more than 4, mothers have chosen life, and eight of those 13 abortion centers have closed, leaving five. As it should be. And yet — there are signs of hope all around us, as more states are passing laws restricting abortion, and as Bishop Patrick J.

Pray The Rosary. Spe Salvi, 4, Nov. Es responsabilidad y privilegio moral nuestro estar informados y votar. Debemos estar seguros que entendemos lo que implica votar por un candidato o por otro. Pueden comprar sus boletos en la oficina parroquial o a la entrada al evento. Para mayores informes llamen a la iglesia, O Box , Amarillo, TX Zurek y el personal del Centro Pastoral desean a todos Bendiciones en la Pascua. Mass was celebrated March 26, St. Burial was in St. Peter and Paul Church, presiding. Survivors include his parents, Staff Sgt.

Daniel E. Dominguez Jr. Dominguez, and Santiago Moreno Sr. Hereford—Israel G. It is the most popular tourist destination on Saaremaa Island, with The remains of Ranigat are scattered in the valley along the ridge in an area. The Buddhist monuments at Ranigat had attracted the attention of many researchers like It has the most beautiful, polychrome murals of all of the archaeological sites found in Guatemala, making it a In terms of configuration, the marine waters of the park generally start flat and then slope seawards, with sheer precipices in some It was named Thaba-Bosiu mountain at night during the occupation of Moshoeshoe 1, founder of the Basotho nation in It got its name Punjab Ancient site in Ropar The natural area of Cat Tien National Park is It is located in the Taninthayi Range that straddles the southern Thai-Myanmar border and contains a multitude of Selvagens Islands are a very Site of The extent of the Sudd wetlands is highly variable; it depends largely on the seasons and years respectively.

In the wet season the size of It guards huge layers of life - sustaining activities of human civilization. It's a place of formation and cultural evolution of ethnic groups that are scattered through the Eurasia. The Altai Republic, including the Altai mountain The Shimba Hills are a dissected plateau that ascends steeply Expand the area of existing World I leritage Site by means of broad leaved old-growth forests currently not represented within the Site boundaries of Sochi National Park and The Alligator Sinensis, one of the fresh water crocodiles in the alligator family, have a history of million years.

There are only two species of this family in It bears the name used for the rattlesnakes in this region of the country and it covers the villages The lowest point in the Oasis is more or less at sea level, while However while the Sikhote-Alin State Remains of dam were fixed first in last century. Remains of dam researched in and Its moving model of the solar system was constructed between and by Eise Eisinga, a Frisian wool-comber. It is still in its original state. Eisinga built the planetarium The Sumbar river the right-hand branch of the Etrek river divides the site into Miguel" is established in the old mountain of S.

Paulo, near the bridge of Luanda Island. It is the first defensive edification built in Angola, and Paulo Dias de Novais, the first Governor of Angola who unshiped in Luanda in , sent it built. The Kremlin consistod of three independent areas. The central one Bishop's Yard is fenced by high walls with towers. Two other smaller parts are: north-Sobomaya Amarapura from to , Mingun in , Mandalay after They are close to each other, inside a span of 30km on both banks of the Ayeyawady River.

Four main timber structures are usually aligned on a large wooden platform on posts, providing spaces for cult, assemblies and accomodation for the monks: from east to It has a certain variety of animal and tree species, including willow, eucalyptus, and ahuehuete, a Mexican coniferous tree. There are also various In the three categories that make up this typology according to annex 3 of the Operational Guidelines, and It boats an intriguing and turbulent history as it rapidly grew to become the most important Located on a major caravan route from Gurgan in northern Iran to Khorezm, its finest bnildings were constructed by the Khorezmshahs.

Major surviving monuments include parts The island measures approximately 5 kilometers east to west and 1. It is well connected by Air, Rail and Road network. The nearest airport is Mysore and Cyril's and St. Cyril's Church: N 50 29 0, E 30 28 19 St. Andrew's Church: N 50 27 31, E 30 31 05 St. Cyril's Church in Kyiv is an outstanding monument of world culture. It has preserved the 12th century architecture and 12th, 17th and 19th centuries monumental painting.

It's a unique The site covers an area of almost 1. The former architectural culture of the Hungarian landscape and, in a broader The Monument area is approximately , square nautical miles 1,, square kilometers , or nearly twice the size of Among the thousands of Viking sites from the eighth to the twelfth centuries AD, these nine nominated properties Cette chaine occupe la pointe extreme sud?

Les Monts Nimba Qui nous sommes www. Aidez maintenant! Due to the feedback from the load to the dc link nodes, there is a chance of voltage imbalance. In this paper the methods for voltage balancing are discussed and simulated. The usage of switching techniques to employ voltage balancing rather than the external circuitry is being discussed. Proper switching results in the control of average current through the nodes and hence the non symmetrical charging and discharging of the dc split capacitors can be avoided.

The first phase of work explains the output using the multicarrier pulse width modulation technique and the second phase deals with the modification done using the Space vector Pulse Width Modulation SVPWM technique. Keywords: Medium-voltage drives, multilevel inverters, Space vector modulation, voltage balancing. Nabae, I. Takahashi, and H.

IA, no. Erdman, R. Kerkman, D. Schlegel, and G. Wu and F. Cengelci, S. Sulistijo, B. Woo, R. Teodrescu, and F. Rastogi, P. Hammond, and R. Pan, F. Peng, K. Corzine, V. Stefannovic, J. Leuthen, and S. Akagi, H. Fujita, S. Yonetani, and Y. Meeting, , pp. Newton, M. Sumner, and T. Tolbert, F. Peng, and T. Das and R. Abstract: In this proposed research, we developed a deterministic inventory model for price dependent demand with time varying holding cost and trade credit under deteriorating environment, supplier offers a credit limit to the customer during whom there is no interest charged, but upon the expiry of the prescribed time limit, the supplier will charge some interest.

However, the customer has the reserve capital to make the payments at the beginning, but decides to take the benefit of the credit limit. This study has two main purposes, first the mathematical model of an inventory system are establish under the above conditions. Second this study demonstrate that the optimal solution not only exists but also feasible. Computational analysis illustrates the solution procedure and the impact of the related parameter on decision and profits.

Keywords: Deterioration, price dependent Demand, Trade credit, time varying holding cost. Jamal, B. Sarkar and S. Wang, , an ordering policy for deteriorating items with allowable shortage and permissible delay in payment, Journal of Operational Research Society, 48 , Kingsmand, , The effect of payment rules on ordering and stockholding in purchasing, Journal of Operational Research Society, 34, Burwell T. Chapman, S. Ward, D. Ward and M.

Page , Credit policy and inventory control, Journal of Operational Research Society, 35, Haley and R. Higgin , Inventory policy and trade credit financing, Management Science, 20, Jaggi and S. Aggarwal , Credit financing in economic ordering policies of deteriorating items, International Journal of Production Economics, 34, Chung K. Covert R. Chang HC, Ho C. H, Ouyang L. Y and Su C. H b ,. The optimal pricing and ordering policy for an integrated inventory model when trade credit linked to order quantity.

Model, 33, Chen L. H, Kang F. S , Integrated inventory models considering permissible delay in payment and variant pricing strategy. Model, 34, Chen M. L and Cheng M. Deb M. Giri B. Goh M. Hariga M. Teng, C. Chang and S. Goyal , Optimal pricing and ordering policy under permissible delay in payments, International Journal of Production Economics, 97 , Jaggi C.

Jalan A. Kumar M. Kumar M, Singh S. Mondal B. Muhlemann A. Ray, Ajanta , an inventory model for deteriorating items with price dependent demand and time-varying holding cost, Journal of AMO, 10, Bregman , The effect of extended payment terms on purchasing, Computers in Industry, 22 , Aggarwal and C. Jaggi , Ordering policies of deteriorating items under permissible delay in payments, Journal of Operational Research Society 46 , Goyal , Economic order quantity under conditions of permissible delay in payments, Journal of Operational Research Society, 36, Shah Y.

Weiss H. You S. Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi, Aliakbar Rahmani. Recognizing this source and it's side effects on performance of electronic and electrical equipment that could be in form of conductive, inductive and radiated is outstanding. An ideal electric machine is a system that electric energy is applied in pure sinusoid waveform flow has no loss in the heat form. Numerous electrical motors used in industrial manufacturing companies cause notably heat losses especially then induction motors. The fact that complexity of interconnection between stator and rotor can consider as source of higher harmonics and energy losses, attention is paying from induction motors into Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors PMSM.

The paper, make a comparison between PMSM and widely used induction motors from the view point of higher frequency harmonics and shows the advantage of PMSM in this regards. Power Appl. Mi, G. Slemon, and R.

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Energy onvers. Brushless Permanent —Magnet Motor Design. Peter Campbell. Permanent Magnet Materials and Their Application. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Rahman and H. Meeting, vol. M, Arumugam. C, Sapna P. G, Senthil Kumar. Abstract: A test was described for two systems, long term and short term with an exponentially distributed time between failures.

Our proposed system focus on improving test by using low average sample number in short term which is having the advantage of economy in time requirement and cost. It produces optimum truncated test called binomial Sequential Probability Ratio Test. Criteria are proposed for determining the characteristics of truncated test followed with the discretizing effect of truncation on error probabilities with a view to optimization of its parameters.

The search algorithm for truncation apex used in this system achieves closeness to the optimum which depends on successful choice of the initial approximation, search boundaries and on the search step. The enhanced reliability of modern technological systems, combined with the reduced time quotas allotted for creating new system is capable of yielding a highly efficacious test which increases reliability and feasibility of decisions.

Michlin and G. Wald, Sequential Analysis. Michlin and R. Safety, vol. Michlin and Y. Israel Society for Quality, Jerusalem, , pp. Ghosh and P. Sen, Eds. New York: Marcel Dekker, , pp. Wald and J. Eisenberg and B. Mace, Sample Size Determination. NY: Robert E. Krieger Pub. Co, , pp. Sanjay Patel, O. Vyas, Hansa Mehra. Abstract: This paper deals with the sensor network and communication network for disaster management, in which the concerned authorities dealing in disaster management get the message on their mobile phones about disaster information.

Now a days number of small disasters like fire, chemical leakage, pollution etc, happen frequently and need immediate relief action. In this paper the authors have developed a technique for immediate information release for quick action to such events. In this technique, we have used sensors which sense the disaster information and transfer this information to the mobile user using GSM RS Modem and MDE development board. Harper, M. Journal of Environmental Monitoring , 4, Siegmund M. Redl, Matthias K. Weber, Malcolm W. Vijay K. Garg, Joseph E. Grate, M. Abraham, Solubility interactions and the design of chemically selective sorbent coatings for chemical sensors and arrays, Sens.

Actuators B: Chem. Chen et. McLoughlin, M. Oppenheimer, A. Jane's Defence Weekly Chinmay Chandrakar, M. Abstract: One of the main problem in biomedical data processing like electrocardiography is the separation of the wanted signal from noises caused by power line interference, external electromagnetic fields, random body movements and respiration.

Different types of digital filters are used to remove signal components from unwanted frequency ranges. It is difficult to apply filters with fixed coefficients to reduce Biomedical Signal noises, because human behavior is not exact known depending on the time. Adaptive filter technique is required to overcome this problem. RLS algorithm is proposed for removing artifacts preserving the low frequency components and tiny features of the ECG. When new samples of the incoming signals are received at every iteration, the solution for the least-squares problem can be computed in recursive form resulting in the recursive least-squares RLS algorithms.

The RLS algorithms are known to pursue fast convergence even when the Eigen value spread of the input signal correlation matrix is large. These algorithms have excellent performance when working in time-varying environments. All these advantages come with the cost of an increased computational complexity and some stability problems, which are not as critical in LMS-based algorithms. Paulo S. Sayadi and M. Der Lin and Y. Thakor and Y. Farhang-Boroujeny, B. Chichester,UK, McSharry, G.

Clifford, L. Tarassenko, and L. Abstract: Present paper is analyzing the permanent magnet dc motor PMDC through state space variables so that command speed without consequence resulted from voltage and power and load fluctuations can be obtained. For this purpose, we should write equations of permanent magnetic motor and then by applying these equations and known methods of control, try for making desirable behavior of these motors, and by using MATLAB software in coding, analyzing real behavior of motor could be possible, and regarding to these results, planning for future of a system in front of short circuit and load fluctuation could be possible.

We are trying to reduce dangers resulted from mistakes in experiments. Keywords: Permanent magnetic motor, modern control, efficiency, permanent magnetic motors, control, permanent magnet motor, sensorless, torque fluctuation. FGeras and M.

Table of contents

Wing"permanent Magnet Motor Technology". New York: Marcel Dekker, 3. Andresenand R. On Power Electronnics,Electr. Advanced Electr. Slemon,"High-efficiency drives using permanent Magnet motors" in proc. Schiferl and C. Power App. PAS, Aug. New York: Academic, Hari Kumar, C. Ganesh Babu, P. Shri Vignesh. Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to detect the occurrence of cancer in its early stages from Fuzzy based photoplethysmography.

One of the key problems in the treatment of cancer is the early detection of the disease. Often, cancer is detected in its advanced stages, when it has compromised the function of one or more vital organ systems and is widespread throughout the body.

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Methods for the early detection of cancer are of utmost importance and are an active area of current research. The photo Plethysmography readings are taken for the patients in Madurai, Chennai, and Coimbatore regions and are converted to a quantized value and then classified using the fuzzy logic in accordance with clinical standards of TNM Tumor Node Metastatic codes.

This method helps people to get rid of the glitches of cancer and also to cure the cancer in its early stage. It is a cost effective method and it needs no trained persons to operate. This paper can be further improved by a designing of VLSI fuzzy processor, which is capable of dealing with complex fuzzy inferences systems.

It can also be made user friendly and it can be made available in all health care centers. The results can be made within short period without any delay for further processing. Jindal G. Pethig R. Vage Ap Professional, Approximate reasoning, Vol. Ascia, V. Ctania, and M. Pandey, A. Abstract: In this Simulation, supersonic combustion of hydrogen at Mach 3.

The combustor has a single fuel injection perpendicular to the main flow from the base. The pressure rise due to the combustion is not very high on account of global equivalence ratio being quite low. Within the inlet the shock-wave-boundary- layer interactions play a significant role. The combustor without cavity is found to enhance mixing and combustion while increasing the pressure loss, compared with the case without cavity to the experimental results.

The OH mass fraction is less almost by an order to that of water mass fraction The OH mass fraction decreases as the gas expands around the injected jet and the local mixture temperature falls, However OH species are primarily produced in the hot separation region upstream of the jet exit and behind the bow shock and convected downstream with shear layer.

The geometry results shows the better mixing in combustion chamber, caused by more extreme shear layers and stronger shocks are induced which leads loss in total pressure of the supersonic stream. Keywords: Hydrogen, Shear layers, Stabilization, stagnation temperature, Supersonic combustion.

Zabaykin and A. Tien, and R. Adela Ben-Yakar and Ronald K. Anavaradham, B. Chandra, V. Babu and S. Chakravarthy and S. Ben-Yakar and R. Energy Power Engineering. China , 2 4 : — 9. Philip Drummond, Glenn S. Diskin, and Andrew D. Haworth, B. Cuenot, T.

Poinsot, and R. Nitin K. Gupta, Basant K. Akbarzadeh and M. Stephen J. Mattick and Steven H. Balabel, A. Hegab, S. Wilson, M. Nasr, S. Sriram and D. Pandey, S. Reddy K. Abstract: A supersonic combustion ramjet engine scramjet is one of the most promising air-breathing propulsive systems for future hypersonic vehicles, and it has drawn the attention of an ever increasing number of researchers. This work involves an application of computational fluid dynamics to a problem associated with the flow in the combustor region of a scramjet.

A cavity wall injector is an integrated fuel injection approach, and it is a new concept for flame holding and stabilization in supersonic combustors. The presence of a cavity on an aerodynamic surface could have a large impact on the air flow surrounding it, and this makes a large difference to the performance of the engine, namely it may improve the combustion efficiency and increase the drag force.

The objective of the work was to design the four wall injector model with cavity using gambit, study the combustion processes of air- fuel h2 mixture for the wall injector models with inlet air at Mach number 2 and inlet fuel at Mach number 2 and compare the performance of the different wall injector models. There are several key issues that must be considered in the design of an efficient fuel injector. Of particular importance are the total pressure losses created by the injector and the injection processes that must be minimized since the losses reduce the thrust of the engine.

The grid independent test was also carried out. The profiles of static pressure, static temperature, and two components of velocity and mole fraction of hydrogen at various locations of the flow field are presented. Pandey, T. Moriyoshi, K. Suga, M. Michael K. Charyulu1, R. Manoj, B. Rajinikant, D. Tripathi, A. Rolex, Vikrant Satya, V. Ramanujachari, S. Sean M. Torrez, James F.

Driscoll, Matthias Ihme, Matthew L. Anurag Porwal, Rohit Maheshwari, B. Pal, Gaurav Kakhani. Abstract: In the cloud, the data is transferred among the server and client. Cloud security is the current discussion in the IT world. Lombardi F, Di Pietro R. Secure virtualization for cloud computing.

Journal of Network Computer Applications , doi Subashini S, Kavitha V. M, Bandaru Rama Krishna rao, M. Issue 8, pp. Balachander R. K, Ramakrishna P, A. Luis M. Patrick McDaniel, Sean W. Anthony T. Velte, Toby J. Mote, S. Abstract: This paper describes three important aspects: design, simulation and Implementation of Adaptive Neuro fuzzy system applied to the temperature variable of a thermal system with a range of C to C.

The generation of membership function is a challenging problem for fuzzy sytems and the response of fuzzy systems depends mainly on the membership functions. All the controllers are tested in various operating conditions and varying set point changes and also for disturbance rejection. Valdez D. Otman M. Ahtiwash and Mohd Zaki Abdulmuin, V.

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Vieira, F.

Morgado Dias and A. Ravi P. Prashana Balaji V. Flux Balance Analysis of Melanogenesis Pathway. Abstract: A computational model could serve as a conventional engineering approach to uncover the biochemistry of the metabolic pathways. These would dynamically mimic the pathways in-silico. We have built a comprehensive dynamic platform of integrated network for melanogenesis pathway containing 6 major reactions. Wherein detailed stoichiometric matrix of the pathway reactions is constructed followed by defining constrains and objective function.

Subsequently, these are optimized using linear programming to give us resultant fluxes. Using this model, vulnerability of the enzymes in these pathways are studied; essentiality of participating enzymes are established and varied computational gene knock-out experiments which can decipher effect of inhibition on metabolic circuit are performed. Results of the simulations were in corroboration with published results and predictions were validated. However, this platform can enables us to make elaborate prediction in the known modeled domain and later with amalgamation of more modelled pathways into this network; a comprehensive virtual cell can be constructed.

Donald G. Hiroaki Kitano. Hendrik P. Kanehisa, M. Jong Min Lee, Erwin P. Gianchandani and Jason A. Klamt S, Schuster S. Erwin P. Gianchandani, Arvind K. Chavali and Jason A. Dantzig, G. Orden, and P. Zhang, Y. The MathWorks, Inc. Edwards, J. Schilling C. Edwards J. Wiechert W. Manikandan, M. Sakthiganesh, P.

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Kumar, M. Senthil Kumar.

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Abstract: In the present era entire world is focusing on agricultural development because of increased population and decreased agricultural production. Reason for decrease in production of agricultural products differs from place to place. The main aim here is to support the farmers in their decision making on which mechanism to choose best for a better productivity at their arms reach. The proposed system focused to increase the profit of the farmer by increasing the efficiency of agricultural input and reducing the cost and risk of production.

This can be achieved by providing timely advice to the farmer like, dynamic weather forecasting and use of knowledge engineering to extract best suitable Agricultural information from various source. The PAP Preprocess Associate and Predict architecture is used for performing knowledge extraction and prediction process. This technique can handle all type of information. Folorunso, et al.. An Agent-based model for Agricultural Ecommerce System. Informantion Technology Journal, , 2 Developing agricultural models using MetBroker by Laurenson, M.

Otuka and S. Chaudhuri, Umeshwar Dayal, V. A model of decision-making and information flows for information-intensive agriculture by Fountas, S. Chamikara, Y. Yapa, S.