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Peter waxed poetic about Pizza Rosa pistachio pizza and called Bianco's pizzaria one of the best in America. So when I saw Chris Bianco had written a cookbook, I had to have it.

Bianco : pizza, pasta, and other food I like, Chris Bianco

Yes, there are only a few pizza recipes in the book however he spends some time on small plates which is unusual and the desserts are not overly sweet. He weaves in pictures and stories from his parents and grandparents which I found similar to my own heritage and can so appreciate that the knowledge hand down is valuable and precious. I see some of the reviewers don't like his pizza dough.

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I myself am a devote of Peter Reinhart's Neopolitan crust recipe and have not tried Chris's dough. But how many people would make a pizza with pistachios and a little red onion - it is delicious. For those without a pizza oven, Chris covers alternatives and encourages experimentation with all his recipes.

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I made it in my pizza oven and loved it. August 10, - Published on Amazon.

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  5. Expectations were for some nuggets of wisdom on pizza making - primarily much more on dough. There's really nothing in the pizza section that is new and not available elsewhere; seems a bit "phoned-in. December 17, - Published on Amazon. Chris- you are better than this! August 29, - Published on Amazon.

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    Chris Bianco makes pizza pie making available to everyone. I love the way he adds his special touch with a family memory and a spark of humor. His "Wise Guy" pizza was super fun to make and got rave reviews! I can't wait to get in there and try my hand at another family favorite. The recipes are easy to follow and every delightful photo inspires me.

    Thanks to "Bianco" I overcame my fear at making my own homemade pizza pies! Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more. Chris' infectious approach combines cheffy knowledge with down-to-earth accessible recipes; after all, Chris explains, pizza is only 'posh cheese on toast', to deliver a cookbook that is both insightful and doable.

    Bianco: pizza, pasta, and other food i like

    Including all-time-favourite pizzas such as Margherita and Wise Guy, pasta including pappardelle and gnocci, and foccacia and country breads, this stunning book also includes over 60 simple Italian-inspired recipes. With beautiful food photography by David Loftus, Chris' distinctive first book will inspire novice Italian food lovers as well as more confident cooks looking to learn from the best.

    He established a pizzeria in Arizona after taking the first flight to a city he liked the sound of. Maggie's Harvest. Cookbook : Spirit House Spirit House. Patisserie Master the Art of French Pastry.

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