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Scylla and Charybdis

The transition from one steady state to a new steady behavior is sudden, implying however the passage through a critical instable phase. Such a destabilization emerges from continuous energy supply. Offering such interaction patterns is made possible by a successful dealing with countertransference processes. Both therapist and patient are simultaneously reflective observers of their interaction system and try hereby to resist the enforcement of the steady state.

The authors exemplify their theoretical considerations on the basis of transcripts of parts of two sessions. The authors refer also to practical consequences of the concept and present several empirical findings concerning the instability in psychotherapeutic processes. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.

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Originalarbeiten First Online: 04 October Transference — An attractive system state. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Principles and Applications. Ciompi L Die emotionalen Grundlagen des Denkens. Entwurf einer fraktalen Affektlogik. Vortrag, Lindauer Psychotherapiewochen, Lindau Google Scholar. Fliess R The metapsychology of the analyst. Psychoanal Q — Google Scholar. Gill MM Transference: a change in conception or only in emphasis? Older Publications Kellermann, Peter F. Moreno mot Freud och Perls.

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„Als Krankenschwester musst du das abkönnen!“

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Jerusalem: Lupa.

Übertragung. Gegenübertragung. Dritter Körper: Zur Gehirnveränderung durch neue Medien.

Illustrated childrens book in Hebrew. Peter Felix Kellermann om sociodrama. PsykodramaNytt, English translation: Diversity sociodrama. Group Analysis , 31, Theorie, Praxis und Forschung zu posttraumatischen Stress sowie Traumatherapie. Die Narben der Gewalt. Theorie und Technik. Fischer Frankfurt a. Psychoanalytische Grundbegriffe. Grundlagen psychoanalytischer Psychotherapie.

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Senf, W. W Bd. Gibt es auch Wahnsinn, hat es doch Methoden. Klett Stuttgart; Psyche Juli 7. Die Psychologie des Countertransference and the management of anger in trauma therapy.

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Sexueller Missbrauch in der Psychotherapie - was tun?. Psychoanalytische Perspektiven in der Behandlung schwerer akuter Traumatisierung. Psychosomatische Fachklinik Bad Pyrmont.