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Since having lived in Japan for 4 years I have a unique love for anything that comes from that people group and culture and the Muji Notebook is no exception. Refined with a bare-bones aesthetic, these recycled products help you focus on just writing just like my favorite writing app! Search for:. You can check out the choices here. Field Notes These are simple, flexible, and quick to whip out!

Quick, easy, painless.

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You can get a pack or two right here. Shop and save the earth here. Habana is for quality. You can take a look at the selection here.

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Beautiful, without a doubt. They are quite nice.

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Love the cover. Rich history, beautiful craftsmanship. Cute but functional. How could you possibly go wrong? So what about you? What do you use? Hamelin Notebooks: Better Than Moleskine?! Monsieur Notebooks. Like it?

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I adore preparing this tag, and reflecting on what I have read and what I want to read. So in and , and at the beginning of I have said by George Orwell. Normally it is a book of poetry like Rupi Kaur, but not this year. Which I think does say a hell of a lot about my reading this year, which has been sporadic at best.

In truth I have been spending far too much on books this year, because I find book shopping very soothing. I think the best deal I got was being able to buy Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig a week before the release date because…well still not sure why it was being sold early but it was an amazing moment because I had been looking forward to it so much. However, every time I did pick it up to read the next bit, I ended up reading exactly what I needed to read next to help me with whatever problem was affecting my mental health at the time.

The book I read the quickest was Everless by Sara Holland. I bought it to read on the train when I was going on a day trip. I pretty much only put the book away in order to sprint across a train station to make a connection after suffering some delays. Finished it when I was halfway home. Another one I picked up at the train station. Disobedience by Naomi Alderman.

Loved it.

I have loved the film for about twenty years now, so I finally got around to reading the e-book I picked up a couple of years ago when it was in a kindle sale. Not this time; it is very different to the film, but it is just as enchanting. I read a Discovery of Witches back in when it first came out but while I bought the other two in the trilogy I have never read them, and I think it is time I should really. I also need to read more Kazuo Ishiguro. I read The Remains of the Day over Christmas and loved it, so I certainly need to read more by him this year.

I had always intended on my blog being about writing, and the reviews became a little extra feature I had added out of interest. And then the reviews took over, and recently I realised I was reading books and watching films I had never seen before, and avoiding things I enjoyed simply because I had already blogged about them. As much as I am all about experiencing new things, I am nostalgic as well, and I want to enjoy things I enjoy again, and I want to do it without the guilt. And more than that I realised I was just saying things that other people have already said, simply because I do take a bit longer to get around to formulating my opinions before expressing them.

So I am on a blog break. My writing has been on vacation for a while now. I have pretty much just been procrastinating from my writing by playing video games instead. However, the writing has started up again. Sort of. And it does seem to be working, and it is because of that great bit of advice when you are stuck with your writing. It is so frustrating that it has happened again.

Honestly, it is an appalling idea; utter rubbish. It was so bad that my brain suddenly spewed out the solution to my writing problems rather than be forced to continue working on drivel. So here is my advice, take one of your bad ideas and try and write it. Hopefully what will happen next is that that the better idea you were already working on before will work itself out in the meanwhile. Whenever I have talked about it before on this blog it has always been in the past tense.

I have the desire to write, but too much doubt to let me because I keep having false starts. I want nothing more than to just shout and storm off, except writing is such a massive part of who I am it would be like trying to walk away from sleeping, eating and drinking.

When I heard his latest book is about a teenager living with an anxiety disorder, I knew I had finally found a book by this popular author that I might enjoy.

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However, Green has written a character going through anxiety that is bloody brilliant. I have read non-fiction books about mental illness before, some of them a bit clinical and others by the likes of Matt Haig and Susan Calman which are more personable.

The character of Aza though spoke to me in a way nothing has managed to before; she thinks like I think, though a bit more extreme, and the toll her illness takes on her family and friends is relatable. If anyone wants to know what it is like having a mental illness then they need to read this book. And if nothing else it will more certainly give you insight into how difficult it is for anyone to have a mental illness.

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When I went to the cinema to see this film I was left deeply uncertain as to whether I had liked the film or not. And why does the film centre on two protagonists? My problem stems from the fact that Laureline is likeable, whereas Valerian, while he certainly has his heart in the right place, is a bit dubious in his attitude at times. Skewing the emphasis from one character when it was really about two bugs me, especially because it is skewed towards the man, when in truth I much prefer Laureline.