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Auletta, Ken - World War 3. Ballard, J. Bausch, Richard - Good Evening Mr. Doctorow, E. Duberman, Martin B. Ford, Richard ed. Freeman, Martha ed. Garmey, Jane ed. Herbert, Zbigniew - Mr. Homes, A. Jen, Gish - Who's Irish? Kidd, Chip ed. Lattimore, Richmond trans.

Leonard, Elmore - Mr. Levy, Leonard W. Lowenstein, Stephen ed. Marcus, J. Mass, Lawrence ed. McClatchy, J. McMurtry, Larry ed. McSweeney's ed. Merwin, W. Miller, Frank - Sin City, vol. Morrow, Bradford ed. O'Connor, Joseph ed. The Paris Review, no. Plimpton, George ed. Remnick, David ed. Sachs, Harvey ed. Sheidlower, Jesse ed. One there are two available, but the first one is a preview of the first.

Kinda like a delicious Costco sample. My book is a collection of short, slice-of-life stories gathered from my adventures as a dad, husband and high school teacher. When life offers up a humorous situation in one of these realms, I try to capture it in the title. For example, my family and I were going on a road trip to caves in northern Florida. During that trip, we crossed a time zone line, which led to an imaginative discussion with my wife about movie soundtracks, Back to the Future, and time travel experiments. Each story is a blend of real-life scenarios mixed with my whimsical imagination.

My last and only book is a collection of short, humorous stories from my life as a dad, husband and high school teacher. I took daily, mundane situations from suburban life, inserted them into my imagination, and out popped thirty stories about a normal man who envisions himself as the ultimate suburban underdog hero. Behind the dragon, in an oversized birdcage, sat an attractive Puerto Rican princess my wife with long black hair, who casually scrolled through her phone.

Before being an author, father, or husband, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. This relationship affects everything I do and forms my worldview. My greatest aspiration is to live the type of life that reflects the love of Christ to those around me, even if they have a completely different spiritual perspective. In addition to writing, I also love traveling and learning about different cultures. I hope to pass this passion on to my three young children. I feel like I have a unique, humorous view on everyday life that others can connect with.

I believe each person has inside them a creative story teller that can weave fascinating tales that pass down myths, memories, and morals. I hope to inspire them to see the valiant, heroic and grand moments in their mundane lives, if they would only look through the eyes of imagination. Yes, for review purposes. I sometimes listen to music. The whole thing was hard! The creators of the show Lost — amazing writing, but I need the ending explained. I think I can learn a lot from him. To live a life that reflects my Christian values and to use the gifts God has given me to their fullest potential, one of which I believe is writing.

Fans — Thank you for following me on this journey! Kirsten Stewart. My titles usually come in a lightning bolt moment. It is the continuing story of Detective Constable Gina Palumbo, whose pursuit of a serial killer operating in Sydney, Australia, takes a dangerous and personal turn when the murderer strikes close to home. I was a corpse wearing a cheap sun dress. I am the mother of two children; a son aged 10 and a daughter aged So, yes, I am a masochist with a Peter Pan syndrome! I firstly develop a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of the story that acts as a roadmap for when I write it.

I have always been a voracious reader, using books as a way to escape a sometimes-difficult childhood. When I started writing, I fell in love with the power of the written word, the ways in which language can be manipulated to communicate and connect with other people. It depends on my mood and how easily or not the words are coming to me.

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If the writing is flowing, I enjoy listening to up-beat EDM electronic dance music. Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein — I have always been fascinated by her life story, as well as the unique challenges she faced as a female writer of horror at a time when this was unheard of. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series — Her story, apart from the prolific success, feels like my own; single mother, poverty, determination.

I am building and developing my writing skills to a level where I feel confident to tackle a story based loosely on my own experiences, a story I believe some readers will connect with and may draw comfort from. If I can help even one person going through similar hardships, I will be extremely proud and satisfied. I enjoy writing novels which involve a level of unpredictability and insight into the human psyche. Scott Semegran. I have written eight books. One is out of print. To Squeeze a Prairie Dog had a few variations of this idiom before I started writing but I settled on this title about halfway through this book.

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In my latest book, my initial thought would be that all the workers in Unit 3 were the most interesting to me because I had elaborate backstories for them before starting the book. But I will settle on Rita Jackson who is the matriarch to five children and thirteen grandchildren. I loved that her motivations were rooted in family as well as for her coworkers, who she cared for so deeply. Blurb for To Squeeze a Prairie Dog: Five under-appreciated bureaucrats forge an unlikely bond of love and respect while trying to win a pot of cash from the government that will change their lives forever.

The crotchety governor has selfish plans of his own for the lowly government workers and a snooping reporter discovers a couple of dark secrets, threatening to ruin everything for all involved. I like to travel and brew beer. Read this book right now! For my latest book, To Squeeze a Prairie Dog, I started by writing extensive backstories for the five main characters, then I developed a very extensive spreadsheet with all the chapters and where the various novel components would occur i.

But for all of the Simon Adventures book there are three books in this series , I began with starting Point A and ending Point B and I just wrote the middle as it came to me because I knew where I needed to end the endings of all three books were known to me before I started writing the books.

I write because I love the creative juice I get from writing. I love the creative process. And I love hearing what readers think of my stories. I have a nugget of a story for a new novel that I have been jotting notes down for but the name is top secret. Since To Squeeze a Prairie Dog just came out, I have promote this book in the coming months, plus record more audiobooks. When I was younger, I did not listen to music when I wrote. But I do now. In fact, I find it harder to write without music now. I LOVE music! The synopsis, by far! Mostly because it is hard for me to distill my novels down to their tiniest essential elements.

To me, being a successful writer means enjoying the work you do, feeling satisfaction for completing the projects you start, and publishing your work any way you can. Please support your favorite authors like me! Kally-Jay Mkwawa. Q: In one sentence, tell me something that describes you as a person?

I come up with my title as I write my stories and because of this, chances are half the time the initial title does change for the better. Q: Without quoting your back cover synopsis, tell me about the last book you published. I also enjoy creativity ranging from image designing in terms of outfits and most types I like setting the trend instead of following numerous fashion trends.

The idea is always to be unique in my ways. My book shelf and past reading lists is full of books by Nora Roberts. I also easily always find myself thinking a lot most especially about deeper meaning of issues in and of life and thus, writing is my way of emptying my mind. Writing is my type of therapeutic exercise. At the end of the day the result is always the same surprising even myself , that it still pours out from me.

Every thought, emotion or word, it is my own. Q: What is your favorite type of music? Is there one genre or song, band etc Q: If you could sit down and have a coffee or whatever beverage with anyone, living or dead, from any era, any time, who would it be and why? With your story, another person would grow and learn to do and be better, why not share it?

It still amazes me that so many people praise the fact I published and that they appreciate my writing. Abdiel LeRoy. I have published nine books, and narrated five of them as audiobooks. Several more volumes of, or about, poetry will come out in due course. I usually have the idea before the title. It's a homonym!

Yes, it's my name too! And here's why. In the former, he is the angel who comes to Elijah in the desert, as described in the Old Testament; and in the latter a ministering spirit who guides Obama to "see the light. The implications are wonderful and revolutionary, both at the individual level and for the world, but our church establishments are largely blind to it! I love Argentine Tango and have travelled several times to its cradle in Buenos Aires. I celebrate the dance in my poetry too, and my sonnet dedicated to its immortal composer, Astor Piazzolla, was used by the Little Orchestra Society in their publicity material at the Lincoln Center.

Meanwhile, I have a background in acting and narration. I also enjoy yoga and, when I have the chance for consistent training, competitive swimming. To Catch a King , by Charles Spencer, a lively and suspenseful account of the future English king, Charles II, when a fugitive in hiding from Cromwell's troops after his disastrous military campaign of It varies. For my epic poem ELIJAH, a plan was essential, in which I took Milton's Paradise Lost as a model, starting in the middle of the action and using the device of conversation between man and angel.

I also composed the epic in 12 books as Milton does. Having said that, there was still a good amount of improvisation around the original plan as new ideas took shape along the way.

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Other Bible quotations also come into play: "The Word became flesh," and "My tongue is the pen of a gifted writer. Define "a lot". I have to read it many times for proofing purposes and then the audiobook. But I find it helpful to return after some time with fresh eyes. I don't use music as background for writing, but it certainly stirs me as "deep calls to deep. Jesus, of course. And after I have just undergone a "carpal-tunnel-release" surgery, sure would like to receive his healing as he healed the man with the shriveled hand on the Sabbath!

Among the living, I'd enjoy chatting with Ralph Fiennes. Greatly admire his body of work both as actor and director. I'd also enjoy the opportunity to talk with Stephen Fry about his atheism. It requires a lot of faith to be an atheist! Though I'd probably be daunted by his formidable intellect. Success is such an ineffable thing.

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Is it measured in the world's parameters of sales? By literary prizes? Or is the writer's reward stored up in Heaven? All of the above, I hope. One joyful witness of success is when a reviewer "gets it" and I realize I have made a deep connection with another person's heart. Generous question. I want to ensure all my poetry is out there, because it's poetry that lasts when all else falls away.

And it was poetry that called the very universe into existence with "Let there be light! David Moore. An accidental author and grey gap-year globe trotter - I love traveling to discover new cultures and people, their traditions, food, drink, landscape, wildlife and history. Just the one. I retired two years ago so my wife Helene and I started to plan a once-in-a-lifetime adventure visiting 15 countries in 10 months. I wrote along the way so that friends and family could experience the adventure with us, more than just on Facebook and Instagram.

I would love to follow this up with a sequel, there is still a lot more of the world for us to visit. There are no specific plans as yet but I believe India, Nepal, Russia and the Congo would provide great experiences. Our experiences were always intriguing, often quite hilarious and occasionally tragic. So, there is a contrast of both laughter and tears in the book. So, we turned left all the way. We also found that the around the Around the World flight ticket is extremely cost effective so we upgraded to Business class, thereby turning left as we entered the aircraft. But the one that was the most impressive of all was Machu Picchu.

Not only is it a visually stunning experience but the story behind the scene is equally extraordinary and quite tragic, in fact it still goes on today. I have read them about 3 times each, and never tire of them! I guess we have different tastes? To name a few…. I need to read it again…right now. Reading is MY fave…oh Jenna is a better life possible? One where I can write and just be…? I have so many to read now! I could spend hours at the library! Thanks for the recommendations! I just read a really cute easy read called Remember Me? The others are all ones I could read a million times and love!

Great list!!! I just finished American Wife, and it was really good. I love Sarah Waters. She embodies her characters. Virginia Woolf is definitely a favourite — Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. I also adore Daphne Du Maurier — Rebecca has always, and will always be a classic. Margaret Atwood is an awesome, feminist writer. I love poetry books… I could read any poetry. I know how you feel! Some of my all times favorites are on your list! I had a similar experience in 2nd grade, except mine was with the summer book club, and my dog ate my book list.

My mom took it in, all tattered and doggy-drooled so that I could win my prize. Of course I read the most books — over in 1 summer! I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and highly recommend it, especially being that you are from the south. You will understand perhaps a bit more than our Yankee counterparts might! Here is my Top 10 or rather 11 books that I put together not too long ago. Definitely some goodies on here!

Anything by Mary Kay Andrews. Totally easy beach reads but so good! They are always set in Georgia and always include recipes from the stories within! Love love love her! She even rents a cottage on tybee island where she gets most of her ispiration! I want to go there so bad! Definitely recommend that, although it made me cry numerous times… the descriptions of grief are SO sharp and apt.

And the ending… I was in floods of tears. When you can almost reach out and touch the memory, but it slips away. Love love love good books! Thanks for the suggestions! The Help. The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher! Also Rosamunde Pilcher is a master of descriptive writing. Ooh, thank you for posting this list! I love to read, too, and am always looking for good stuff. I think every woman in America should read it with women they love.

The Art of Racing in the Rain — for dog lovers. I loved the book but hated the movie as they changed the ending. I looove going to the Boston Public Library, especially to browse travel and cookbooks. A great story about twin sisters living in college in Galway Ireland where I went and where my husband grew up. Ok, now that I have written a book for you. Cannot believe no one has recommended The Help by Katherine Stockett. I could not put it down. Really good. I love how you post pics of the newest books you read, I need something light for the summer so any suggestions are welcome!

If you like mysteries, the series by Elizabeth George is fabulous. Make sure to read them in order, however. I just read a book that changed my life. It will warm your heart, truly. I have recommended it to so many people who were apprehensive at first but now cite it as one of their favorites. It is not my all time favorite, but the recommendation was a complete surprise; it is one I never would have picked-up on my own.

One of the best historical fiction novels EVER. Main character is a German girl with a Jewish man living in her basement. Incredibly moving book. I also adore Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. Best book ever. But worth it! So good. It is a great way to keep track of books and share recommendations or warnings to stay away with others! I read a lot, too and when I was in elementary school I was doing a book report and we had to tell a new word we learned.

My mom had my back, too! My favourite book of all time has to be Pride and Prejudice. I could read that book over and over. I am currently reading Eat Pray Love, and from what I know about you from reading your blog, I think you would enjoy it! I love the Outlander books. They are so good! Looove the books! Great booklist! Poisonwood Bible is my all time favorite book- poor Ruthie!

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Love Prince of Tides! I may have to dust it off and read it for the 5th or 10th, who knows, time soon. Ohhh, fun post! I too loooove to read. I am a bookworm myself. Have you read Heat? My chef husband and I both loved Heat and have given it as a gift about 25 times:. I agree with much of your list! But be warned, you start the book and you will lose hours of your life, get nothing done, and crave more!

The characters hop in and out of novels, interacting with Mrs. Dalloway and dating Mr. Looove reading your list and the comments! I second we were the mulvaneys and anything joyce carol oates really. Ooh, love reading about what others read! I love your bread books! Please check out Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Oh Jenna: How can you pick? There are SO many great books. The voice is so incredible, so fresh and funny and colorful. Hey, and can you update us on your book? Where are you in the process, when can we find your book on shelves…. I totally love to read. I will read almost anything at least once and would love to have weeks to just sit somewhere beautiful and read, read, read!

When I go a few days without reading, I really feel out of it. Jenna you turned me on to the Outlander series! I love it so far! I am still on book one, but have 2 and 3 ready! I was the same way as a kid! My favorite! Thanks for your book picks! Hi Jenna! I love this list and totally agree about The Poisonwood Bible. Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle yet? I just finished and its so good. Another great one is Water for Elephants. I totally blame you for getting me hooked on the Outlander series. Have you looked into her series about Lord John Grey?

Hi Jenna, Thanks for the list of books!

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I will definitely check them out! Have you read Jeffrey Eugenides? I highly recommend them both! I used to read all the time and then I got away from it. Oooh great post! I have read 57 books in the last year and here are some of my favorites of all time:. Lewis also a good one , but more in tune with the modern world.

Thanks for sharing this list! I just added all of them to my PaperBackSwap. Thank you for the recommendations!

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Amazing books — I was devastated when I finished them! I love Jodi Piccoult…but clearly who doesnt?! Hope you find some new good reads! I think you would love it! Love the blog by the way. I am in a book club and we read ALOT of books. I actually read this one on my own a couple years back and it still remains my favorite book, even after reading all of the time.

Redeeming Love is one of my favorites! I focused Cultural Studies, so I read a ton of books about pop culture, sociology, the food industry, and publishing. I LOVE a good book, especially a feel good book. Thank you for sharing! An incredible story about doing what you love and standing for what you believe in, even in the face of extreme adversity. Puts life in perspective, for sure. It has received great reviews, and I love books about food and Paris — so this has both.

I love your book list — a lot of my favorites are on there as well! Such a classic, and such a wonderful story. From childhood have always had two speeds: All out outdoor activity, or quietly painting, reading, cooking. My all time favorites are:. Greek myth and this hero archetype is the underlying story archetype of everything from Star Wars, the Matrix, Lion King, Danielle Steele novels and the secret of their emotional resonance—because we all have that hero archetype inside.

It drives me nuts when people discount St. Joan of Arc. Her entire 19 years and everything she did to save France from falling to England in the Year War was documented by two trials. I read the trial transcripts. Joan of Arc turned around the course of western history during 10 minutes on the battlefield. She is a avatar for feminine courage in my novel. All women should read this book to understand the real history of women.

I bought this after to read on the beach and calm myself and wound up buying copies for every woman I knew practically. Very soothing. That should keep you busy for awhile. Also being a Florida girl, I completely understand the need for sunshine. I spend hours in abookstore…honestly. I like different ones at different times.