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The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Problem

Episode 43 - Thunderdome. The lads battle each other in 1-on-1 matches and try to erect the Tower of Pimps. Episode 44 - Ender Pearl Race. Episode 45 - Thread the Needle. Episode 46 - Cloud Down. The Achievement Hunters take on another cloud-like obstacle course, except this time they must hop down to the Tower of Pimps. Episode 47 - Enchantment Level The Achievement Hunters compete in a race to spot the most rare occurences [?

Episode 57 - King Geoff Part 1. The Achievement Hunters become loyal subjects to King Geoff and must complete certain tasks until someone recieves [? Episode 58 - King Geoff Part 2. The lads play a game where they must lead their mad wolves into a pool of water and then lead them back to their individual docks without them or their wolves dying.

Episode 60 - King Ryan Part 1. The lads return to the royal court to once again complete tasks to receive parts of the Tower of Pimps, except this time they are loyal subjects to King Ryan.

Episode 61 - King Ryan Part 2. The lads continue to complete tasks for King Ryan to recieve [? The lads return to team competition as they face off in a 3 on 3 war-like game with a giant wall of lava separating the two teams. For the first time ever, the lads host a Let's Play in the Nether as they compete in an evil version of No Petting Zoo. The lads are once again in the royal court as they complete tasks for the newly appointed King Ray to recieve [? The lads continue to complete tasks for King Ray to recieve [? The Achievement Hunters return to the PC version of Minecraft as they try to find horses to take part in a jousting competition.

The Achievement Hunters continue to gather horses while also gathering materials and resources for the joust. The Achievement Hunters are joined by Kerry as they compete to survive in an arena full of death and luck. After an attempt to bring Gavin back home becomes a failure, the lads decide to explore the Moon and do whatever they can to survive. The Achievement Hunters host a third petting zoo competition, except this time they must collect baby animals.

Episode 77 - Human Hit List. No one is safe as the lads compete in a version of Hit List where one person must kill all others to win the Tower of Pimps. Finally, King Michael gets the chance to put his minions to work if they hope to win the Tower of Pimps. Episode 81 - Geoff's House Part 1. Due to the increase of the build height, the lads must construct Geoff's house so that it is once again the same height as the world. In another special edition episode, the Achievement Hunters explore the dangerous world of the new Skyrim Mash-Up.

Episode 83 - Geoff's House Part 2. Episode 85 - Geoff's House Part 3. Episode 86 - The Twelve Towers.

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Team Lads face off against Team Gents in a race to rescue their teammates in the snow as well as find the Tower of Pimps and erect it in the middle. Episode 89 - Mad King Ryan Part 1. King Ryan gets another chance to torture his minions with tasks that will award them with parts of the Tower of Pimps.

King Ryan continues to assign tasks to his minions that will give them parts of the Tower of Pimps. In what will be an extremely hard challenge to accomplish, the lads compete in a race to build and then kill an iron golem. The wonderful season of Spring has arrived and the Achievement Hunters compete in a race to grow 10 resources at AH Farms. The lads are on a mission to destroy and collect paintings in Achievement City in order for a future Minecraft Let's Play to occur.

Episode 95 - Monopoly Part 1. The lads play a fun game of Monopoly in Minecraft using Achievement City landmarks as properties. Episode 96 - Tallest Tower. The Achievement Hunters continue to explore the Title Update 14 for Minecraft as they go on a quest to find 2 hidden temples. Episode Finally, it's the th episode of Minecraft! The AH crew decides to celebrate with a fun scavenger hunt.

Episode - Ice Cube. The Achievement Hunters continue their beloved Minecraft series by finally playing Ice Cube, where they must explore a giant cube of ice and search for parts of the Tower of Pimps. The lads compete in a race to get from one end of the world to the other by digging underground in the bedrock layer. Episode - Dropping List. The lads and gents take part in a competition to collect the most money by providing Geoff with items from killed mobs. The AH crew competes in an interesting game that combines combat to the death with the popular show Let's Make a Deal.

The Achievement Hunters return to the Lava Wall arena and play a game where each team must protect 3 villagers. Episode - Monopoly Part 2. The lads and gents compete in a race to put a golden apple and a golden carrot into picture frames on their houses. The Achievement Hunters must scale a giant woolen Tower of Pimps and look for Tower pieces while trying to outspeed each other in their searches.

The lads must scale a giant tower filled with traps and try to take the Tower of Pimps from the gents within an hour. The AH crew returns to the giant tower, where this time the gents must try to take the Tower of Pimps from the lads within an hour. The Achievement Hunters return to the arena of death and compete in a harder and more advanced version of The Pit. In honor of the new Minecraft Xbox One Edition, the lads and gents compete in a race to get the most achievements in the Xbox One version of Minecraft. After a long wait, Gavin finally gets the chance to prove how much of a good king he can be, as well as torture the others with tasks that will give them parts of the Tower of Pimps.

After their last attempt failed, the Achievement Hunters develop a new plan to obtain the "Zombie Doctor" achievement. The lads and gents compete in a race to cook 14 different food items and be declared the ultimate chef. The lads and gents compete in a mega-sized digging race to find ingredients to make a Tower of Pimps.

Now that Achievement City is 6x larger than before, the AH crew decides to explore the land beyond the old boundaries of Achievement City. The Achievement Hunters return for the long awaited sequel to I Spy in which they race to find the rarest occurrences. Over a year of planning, months of building and let the legend finally be told!

There's no real technical term for it, obviously. Tied between Michael and Jack Tiebreaker won by Jack. The quest to make Charles Darwin "proud" continues! Will the AH crew find more creative ways to die or will Minecraft do the job for them? The Achievement Hunter demolition crew is in as they do some remodeling and building in Downtown Achievement City.

The Xbox version of Minecraft updated and added more achievements! So AH are taking up the task to slay the Enderdragon Episode - Dino Dads. God creates dinosaur. God destroys dinosaur. God creates man. Man creates Minecraft. Modders create dinosaur mods. Dinosaur mods destroy Minecraft.

Screaming envelops the earth. Ryan felt genetic modification would up the 'wow' factor, the rest of us think the dinosaurs are "Wow" enough. The AH crew are still appreciating the July Update, unfortunately they have no idea how to "colors" correctly. You know what happens when someone doesn't show up to work at the AH offices? Oh, and I guess they're still trying to find the Tower of Pimps. I wonder if Geoff remembers where he hid it Can they get all four blocks of gold to the secret alter hidden in the labyrinth before they run out of time?

After episodes, the gauntlet has been thrown again, no longer the Thunderdome, welcome to The Colosseum Clash! Turns out it's a pretty fun gametype! Ryan gathers together his "Brain Trust" aka Geoff and Michael to help him solve a series of puzzles only three true geniuses could conquer. So we'll probably be here a while, might want to get some popcorn and a soda for this one. Michael, Geoff, and Ryan continue to violently smash their brains together to solve some mind melting puzzles!

They'll need some aspirin after this for sure Achievement City has been fixed so Gavin and Geoff rebuilt an old favorite and give it some new flair! Geoff is still lost. Very very lost. Welcome to Achieve-Mart!

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Can the Achievement Hunter crew survive the deadly aisle in order to secure presents or will they be trampled by defeat! It's all for one and one for all in the final part Hitlist X! Will the quest for Silverfish be fruitful? Can Geoff kill an Enderman? Where have all the Slime gone? Some of these questions and far less will be answered in the thrilling? You'd imagine the Achievement Hunter crew would have figured this "fishing" thing out by this point. Only one puzzle remains! Can Ryan, Geoff, and Michael solve it in record breaking time?

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Noooooooooooooo Can threatening phone calls and constant screaming help them save the holiday!? The boys "Hunt Flowers", according to Ryan, while discussing how much meat they can shove in their mouths. Also, Jack accidentally burned his webcam into his footage, don't worry though we censored the cam durring [?

Achievement City took some heavy hits in , so it's time for some major cleaning up and less blowing up! The Brit has nicked the Tower of Pimps and it's up to the rest of the crew to track it down and take Gav out! Can they out-wit, out-last, and out-play the creator of the TOP!? Will the audience understand a reference from a reality TV show from the year ?! Some of these questions and far less will be answered Minecraft, a whole lot of fun, towers to be won!

The 1. Fresh from the adventure, it's time to really appreciate what the 1. Sponges, Guardians, Puke Dirt Will they succeed or is the learning curve too steep? Geoff and Gavin brainstormed for all of 12 seconds and came up with the greatest Minecraft idea of all time A long time ago, in a Minecraft far, far, farrrr right on this very channel A journey into this new era of Minecraft. The s. Last week, the Achievement Hunter crew sleuth'd their way through Achievement City in search of clues - lots of slippery, poetic clues.

This week, you can watch the thrilling conclusion to the most clue-searchinest episode of Minecraft since episode ! Today's challenge will test their collective memory as they try to build increasingly crazy contraptions. One thing's for certain: Gavin has remembered to piss off the server. Maybe he should have saved that brain power for the task at hand. With new Achievements added to Minecraft on the Xbox One and the , but we're totally going to ignore that , Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, and Jeremy decide it's time to do some good ol' achievement hunting.

Gotta hunt that Wither, gotta eat that Notch apple, and most importantly, gotta trampoline with complete disregard for safety. Push it to the limit! Walk along the slime block's edge. You may get creeper'd. You may fall in lava. You may wither away, or skeleton'd, or miss the trampoline, but dammit! There's achievements on the line. You need to keep on keep on-ing. Time to put on your tunics and start questing for the Master Sword in this epic Zelda adventure. Certainly no, "I wonder what's for dinner? We are off! This is good Legend of Zelda. This is Muthafuckin' Ocarina of Muthafuckin' Time, muthafucka!

Can our three Links conquer the perils of the Great Deku Tree? And more importantly, will they at least struggle less than they do during No Learning Curve? Luckily, the answer is yes. It's been a rough couple weeks for the Achievement Hunter gang. They've had it so hard, having to bounce on a trampoline and then eat an apple. Talk about rough. In comparison, this week's task should be easy breezy - taking down the Wither Watch as heroes are born, or the gang withers away. Or maybe both! Today, they're ready to dance with Darunia, do some intense party planning, take down King Dodongo, and earn their second spiritual stone.

Five Minecraft videos ago, a mysterious chest was delivered to the Achievement Hunter office. Inside of that chest was a box. And inside of that box was an envelope. And inside of that envelope was a letter - a letter that said: "Six new achievements - We feel so alive! Trambampolined hard - and then there were five.

Five new achievements - What else is in store? Eat a Notch Apple - and then there were four. Three new achievements - What are we to do? Summon the Wither - and then there were two. Two new achievements - the quest almost done. Fuck up the Wither - and then there was one. Now they're finally ready to take another stab at man hunting - this time on Achievement City's world-famous stabbing grounds. With two spiritual stones in their pockets already, our heroes are out to grab the final stone necessary to open the Temple of Time. Now, it's time to take a visit to Lake Hylia, meet some horrible fish people, and wind up inside the stomach of a huge disgusting fish monster.

In the words of the great Tommy Wiseau, "Anything for my princess. Eons before Achievement City existed as you or I know it today, The Ancient Ones thrived in an underwater utopia far below on the ocean floor. The Achievelantians, as they were known, were in many ways far more advanced than the modern Achievemen. I mean, they lived in a freakin' underwater city like the Gungans without being super annoying pricks like the Gungans! That's a heavy accomplishment. Why be Banjo when you can be a sweet-ass human Yoshi? Or Wario? Or Luigi? Or horny man Bowser? Get your freezies and your flamies ready so you can smash them together with some Minecraft and get 1.

Today, the Achievement Hunter crew heads out on a pretty sweet quest for bears and beet roots and maybe a little Battlestar Galactica. Or at least the closest they can get in Minecraft - which is super fly boats, apparently. Crazy fast! Millions upon millions of years ago, low-poly, blocky Minecraft dinosaurs roamed the earth. But then a super blocky meteor hit the world and killed them all.

Like hardcore fucking brutalized the poor bastards. Faces ripped from their faces. Heads separated from bodies. Little ones left with their organs pulverized into a gooey paste. It was horrifying to watch and even more horrifying to experience. Poor poor dinos. All dead and extinct. Who dare intrude into the thunderdome? Achievement Hunter, that's who! Six men well, five men and one ladyface enter, one man or aforementioned ladyface leaves.

Witness this fragile six-person alliance crumble as they battle to be the sole survivor. Witness Geoff slice Jack in half with a flaming sword. Witness Gavin flame-shovel his way to victory. Witness Michael beat Jeremy to death with a stick. No, sorry. All rise for the honorable Judge Geoff. Cheatyface Court in now in session. Gavin Free, you have been brought here today to defend your honor. You are being accused of the following. For years, Ryan has been illegitimately shoving things into holes all over Achievement City.

Cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, zombies, beavers, badgers, Gavins - lots of things. But for these few very precious moments, all the animals across the land are safe because Ryan fucked off for the week. Alright boys. We're making great progress! We've got a nice, deep hole and a bit of a new house down there. The track is coming along nicely, and we've got an Edgar pit in progress. We should be done in no time. Take this stack of wood and get building. It's all we can afford. Maybe he won't notice. Oh man, guys. We got Ryan fuckin' good. We painstakingly replicated Ryan's house on bedrock, Edgar hole and all, built a sweet-ass rail system that lets him get in and out with style, made sure all the walls look pristine, stocked Ryan with an adequate supply of minecarts so the rail system will never betray him, gave him plenty more room to start building weird shit, and even gave Giant Jack a nice little makeover.

Ryan's going to be so pissed at how much better his house is now. Fuck, dude. We totally sheganigans'd Ryan. We shenanigans'd him so fucking good. Achievement City - the city that has everything. Cool buildings, giant pooping sheep, fun and games, a shag tent, public transportation, and so much more. But occasionally the Achievement Hunter crew doesn't want to run all around the city. Sometimes they want to take it nice and easy. Sometimes they just want to sit down, drink beer, and chat. Sometimes they just need a place to record funny little shows in a funny little room - so pretty much any show that isn't On the Spot.

Thanks to foreman Michael and build buds Matt and Ryan, now there's a place for just that. A place where things can go just a little Come o'a hyeaw mistah Creepah. I see, I see, I see yaw over theaw and I want yaw to be o'a hyeaw. Y'see, y'see, we'a playin' Creepah soccah o'a hyeaw and you need to be the baw, y'see, mistah creepah! Come o'a here, see? Theaw plenty'a Creepa' Soccer to watch over hyeaw. There was a serious problem last week. Creeper Soccer X was built with the intent of making the Achievement Hunter boys absolutely miserable, but in a crazy-ass turn of events, they had a pretty great time.

Since that didn't work, Matt had to dive deep into the depths of the Nether to unleash the most sinister backup plan he could come up with - Dark Monopoly. It's totally crazy different from Spleef. This isn't Spleef at all. What are you talking about? We didn't do a Things to Do in this four years ago. Spleef doesn't have cool-ass maps like this. Spleef doesn't have snowballs. I mean, yeah, sure, it does definitely have shovels, but snow way there were snowballs in Spleef. Yup yup. Totally totally different! Can we at least agree it's not anything like Quim or Queef? We can agree on that much, right?

The Achievement Hunter boys may be a little bit older than ten, but that doesn't matter. Today is their first day on a long, long journey to become Minecraft Pokemon Masters in the Pixelmon Mod. Watch as the crew ventures out into the vast Pokelands of AHto, where the Granbulls are scary as fuck, the Pokeballs are hard to come by, and the Squirtles take after Jeremy. They won't play Pixelmon again. This is going to be another one-off. We want Pixelmon so so bad - literally think Achievement Hunter should play this every day forever.

But they won't. Because they're stupid idiots. We're never getting another Pixelmon ever again. We're never going to see Michael's Charmeleon evolve. We're never going to see him fly around on Charizard, because Achievement Hunter is dumb and they're going to abandon Pixelmon forever. And what about Gavin's tiny Squirtle.

Never going to see that again either. Fuckin' idiots. You remember the Tower of Pimps, right? That golden block-y thingy that is the token of ultimate Achievement Hunter victory? That's today's prize! The combatants will use their potions, sticks, and flaming swords to kill each other round by round, hoping to achieve victory.

That, or they'll be horribly murdered and turned into squeaky-ass bats. And maybe - just maybe - they'll learn about the "take all" button. The Achievement Hunter Pokeboys continue their epic quest to become the greatest six trainers that ever were in Minecraft's Pixelmon mod. This week, make that seven trainers.

A fresh new Pokemon trainer steps forward, ready to prove he has the balls necessary to become a Pokemon master too. Geoff Ramsey and his teeny little Piplup are ready to kick ass They're also ready to get their asses kicked repeatedly. The Achievement Hunter crew is back to continue their quest of becoming the greatest Pokemon masters in all of AHto.

This week, our heroes actually attempt to build the trading machine that they only pretended to try building last week. Meanwhile, Gavin contemplates the fine art of penis sucking, and Geoff decides to see if there is a drunken master style of Pokemon training. The Achievement Hunter crew is taking a trip over to downtown Achievement City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty to compete in the deadliest competition in all of Minecraft - the Darwin Awards!

The competition is as fierce as ever, since this time each death message only counts for the person who received it first. At the end of the hour, only one man will win the coveted Tower of Pimps The Halloween spooky times have invaded Minecraft. Ghosts, vampires, and creepy clowns are roaming around in droves. That means it's the perfect time for the Achievement Hunter crew to take a trip out to the woods! In accordance with Achievement Hunter tradition, ten episodes have passed since the last part of everyone's favorite dice-rolling, house-buying orgy - Monopoly!

That means it's time to return to The Nether to roll more dice and buy more houses. Watch the boys get into some shady wheelings and dealings - and hopefully stay out of the hoosegow in the process. Matt Bragg fucking loves playing The Floor is Lava. Can't get enough of it. He's constantly creeping around the office, hopping on couches and shimmying across shelves. Since nobody else in the office was willing to play along, Matt went into Minecraft and made sure they had to.

Now all of Achievement City is filled with lava. Nowhere is safe. Everything is burning. And Matt - Matt is very very happy. The World is Still Lava. Where once a Michael was gone, now a Michael is here. But how did that happen? Maybe maybe a little something like this. Except everything was on fire. What are we doing? It's mine. It's craft. It's Minecraft. Achievement City is still deeply on fire.

The boys are still looking for colored banners because winning a tower is certainly worth the risk of drowning in the burning flames. Can they find it without calling Matt for help? You bet your ass they can't. Did you know there's mansions in Minecraft? We didn't, but there totally are! Somewhere deep within the spooky forest is a dope-ass mansion.

Maybe it's even Notch mansion. We won't know until we get there. The Achievement Hunter boys and a whole parade of llamas are ready to keep exploring through Minecraft's appropriately-named Exploration Update. They're got a Woodland Mansion to find and a little llama bukkake to perform. It's time for the annual Achievement Hunter Minecraft tradition. The boys are grabbing their fishing poles and heading out to the Lake of Pimps - at least a week late, of course. We're so far into December this time that the lake has frozen over.

Now Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Gavin are facing the icy waters in order to catch as many frozen fishies as possible. There's fishing. There's a rodeo. Lots of jamboree. Heeeeee he he he he he he he Ol' Grunty here - what's up you jerks? Ryan, can you fast forward me a video? Ryan, can you fast forward me an ocean monument? Ryan, can you fast forward me a bucket of milk? Ryan, can you fast forward me several carrots in varying sizes? Ryan, can you fast forward me sponges?

Ryan, can you fast forward me stacks of TNT? Ryan, can you fast forward me an ending? Ryan, can you fast forward me a portal to The End? Ryan, can you fast forward me a diamond sword? Ryan, can you fast forward me a mariachi band and a small dog in a poncho? Ryan, can you fast forward me a second Ryan so you can work together to fast forward me stuff faster? Ryan, can you fast forward me a cure for sticky keys?

Pixelmon journey. And with all these flying types at their disposal, that means a new quest can begin. A quest to be the very best, like no one ever was. They will travel across the land, searching far and wide for the optimal place to build a gym. And is it just me, or is that teeny tiny Wartortle just filled to the brim with evolution juice? I feel so unsure As we portal down to the Monopoly board As the copter flies, and the donkey dies Calls to mind a three dub fail Will send you off to jail I'm never gonna craft again Guilty mining with no rhythm Though it's easy to advance You could get dicked by chance.

The Achievement Hunter boys are off to kill the Ender Dragon. Yes, for a third time! But wait. Hold on. The dragon isn't the real reason they're end-ing it up this time. The true treasure is the city beyond the dragon. A city that holds many secrets, like flying machines, strange monsters that Willy Wonka you into the air, and funky fruit! So let's kick that dragon in the teeth and fuckin' go already! Those Achievement Hunter boys sure love climbing giant structures that look like the Tower of Pimps. Just put any large, Tower-of-Pimps-shaped thingy in front of them and they'll climb it all day and all night without a care in the world.

It could be wool. It could be dirt. It could be a thick cut of salami. Today is no different; there's another tower that must be climbed. One made of glass and yes, it's a pain in the ass. Friday Friday Friiiiidaaaaaay! Somewhere on the outskirts of Achievement City, be prepared to have your face m-m-m-m-melted by the ferocity that is Clouds X! You thought the first Clouds was scary? That was Clouds for babies. Fucking babies! This four-pronged fuck machine has not one, not two, not three, but four infuriating paths that will make you want to rip your face right off your face in frustration!

Last week, you watched as the four horsemen of the fuckpocalypse broke the spirits of our favorite Achieve Men. The lava clouds were assholes. The ice blocks were some cold-ass bitches. The poury cloud boys are continuing to be a line of bastards. But now our favorite boys will be forced to face their greatest challenge yet: Big King McDickfucker. The crew will have to overcome those drippy drip clouds if they want to take home the coveted Tower of Pimps today.

And it's either that, or be emotionally shattered by the toughest fuckin' clouds this side of Achievement City, Big King McDickfucker. The Achievement Hunter crew have left Achievement City behind and are ready to start a new world. Here, when I say "start a new world," I mean they're literally starting with nothing more than a tree, a block of dirt, and a pocketful of bacon.

This a Sky Factory - a mod where the instruction booklet is over pages long. And I bet you and I both know six boys who just love reading pages of rules before jumping into a let's play. After last week's vein mine incident, the Achievement Hunter boys are back to re-rebuild the world in Minecraft's Sky Factory mod. Once they have ground to stand on, it's time to turn the wood age into Achievement Hunter's number one bitch.

More achievements have been added to Minecraft, which means the Achievement Hunters are ready to live up to their name and actually hunt achievements. More importantly, it's time for Ryan to learn some real life lessons. Hopefully by the end of the video he'll know what a fupa is and what's a buttfor. What's up guys? Also, we get fucked hard by Endermen, and talk about what it's like to be fucked hard by horses. Geoff's still off on his sabbatical, which means it's the perfect time for Foreman Matt and the rest of the Achievement Hunter crew to do some renovations.

With so much fucking wasted space in Geoff's massive house, might as well make some use of it. How about a deluxe apartment in the sky? A classy-ass apartment needs a classy-ass way to get inside of it. In this case, normal-ass stairs aren't going to cut it. Dope-ass cool-ass hang gliding: now that's a sweet-ass way to get into a classy-ass apartment. We absolutely heard you asking for more Sky Factory in Minecraft. And yes! We absolutely played more Sky Factory in Minecraft.

Your favorite idiots are back and ready to get out of the stone age. They're trying really, really hard to make that a possibility. Minecraft released a sweet new minigame last week - Glide! Now the Achievement Hunter crew can take their Elytras out and dash through twisty caves in hopes of being the best Minecraft cave glider person around. It's like Cunning Stunts, but blockier!

And also with far fewer maps With Mo'Chievements come Mo' Problems. Can the Achievement Hunter gang handle mo' problems? They're only human, after all. Don't put the blame on them. Today, they're ready to fight the Ender Dragon and finally get an achievement for it. They've sliced his ween off four, five times now? Never got an achievement for it. Achievement Hunter's quest for the elusive Elytra continues.

Only one dragon stands in the way of getting even more achievements. Or is it two dragons? Didn't we kill a dragon last week? So why we double dragoning this week? Under the sea! I need a turtle. You have a white pearl. Give it to me! This second candidate is Pryrates. Cadrach says that he made him the man he is today. Miriamele asks about Nisses. He was no court conjurer, but it is said that he gave Fingil the power that enabled him to conquer half of Osten Ard. That power may have been wisdom, for Nisses knew the facts of things that no one else even dreamed existed.

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 8 - Build a Tower Part 1 - Rooster Teeth

Nisses was found dead in the room from which Hjeldin leapt, with no mark upon him. There was a smile on his face, and the book was clutched in his hands. But Pryrates knew he had a copy, finds Cadrach and tortures him into telling him the parts that he remembers, and then into to telling Pryrates who he sold the pages to. Cadrach thinks Miriamele will no longer wants his company, but she tells him to rest and they will row to shore in the morning. Chapter Riders of the Dawn — A welcoming party is given for the trolls that have come to the Stone of Farewell.

There is much drink and talk, and Binabik and Sisqui have a nice reunion. Simon helps Binabik take the rafts apart so that pieces of them nails can be used to help in the defense against Fengbald. Simon is dreaming of the three swords when Sludig awakens him with news that Fengbald is preparing to attack. As he is looking for his gloves he find the bundle that Aditu had given him to give to Josua which he had forgotten to do!

Though the horn has runes on it which are Sithi, there is a letter with the horn, written by Amerasu, which is in Westerling. Binabik gives Simon a shield hand-painted with his coat of arms. Josua gives a speech that is very much like the one below both groups have a drunk at least! Josua and Fengbald meet on the ice, exchange a few threats. Simon watches with his troll army, and waits. Are they coming to the aide of Simon and friends? They finally meet up with Duke Isgrimnur.

Tiamak comes back to the Inn, and warns them that he saw soldiers, including Aspitis, looking for them and the Inn. They set about patching a boat, gathering food and water from the inkeeper, who they take with them as they paddle away just in advance of Aspitis and his men. Isorn rallies them to their cause. Maegwin shares her plan, based on what the gods told her on top of the mountain. She has one of the scribes who was under the mountain describe the wonders he saw, and has Crohban, her fathers counselor, describe her being found on the frozen mountain where she had been for three days, unharmed and in a deep dream state talking to the gods.

She whips her people into a fervor, and then says she will tell them what to do… and then we fade to another scene. Isgrimner, Miriamele and the rest drop off the captive innkeeper and head for the Wran, with Tiamak warning them of dangers ahead. Deornoth has his remaining men retreat. Binabik is missing, and Simon discovers Sisqi is missing as well.

Fengbald and Lehzdraka, the mercenary Thirthings leader, see this, and attack with greater numbers. Fengbald says to kill everyone, while the mercenary tells his people in their language that a live prince will bring a better ransom. Josua comes down to the front to Deornoth, putting the iron shoes on his horse. Sisqi rejoins Simon, and he leads his troll horde down into the battle, them on rams, him on his horse Homefinder. A few of the Thirthings-men seemed to regard the onrushing Qanuc with a shock that seemed closer to superstitious terror than mere surprise.

It was only as he and this other were hacking at each other that Simon abruptly realized that to these enemies he was no child. He was taller than this particular mercenary, and in his helmet and mail shirt, he doubtless seemed a large and fearsome fighter. Abruptly heartened, he renewed his attack, driving the Thirthings-man backward.

Then, as the man stopped, and his horse came breast-to-breast with Homefinder, Simon remembered his lessons from Sludig. The mercenary stayed in his saddle as Simon pulled Homefinder back, tugging loose his sword, but before Simon turned away his opponent had already fallen awkwardly to the bloody ice. Panting, Simon looked around him and wondered who was winning.

Williams does an excellent job in this chapter of telling the strategy of the battle, but making us realize it is only about individual conflicts in the midst of the chaos. And Simon finally realizes that he is large! Josua calls everyone back behind the barricade as the sun goes down. Simon sees Sisqi looking over her dead ram, and grabs her. They see a knot of their own surrounded, unable to retreat, and go back for them, rescuing a few and retreating behind the barricade.

Fengbald says he will take Helfgrim with him to show the way. Miri draws Tiamak out a bit by asking him about the local plants, and adding them to their cook pot. Tiamak shares his fears with the company: their best route is through his village but since he went to Kwanitupul instead of doing as his elders wished, he is concerned that he will be detained.

After much debate, they decide they must proceed to his village. They pass the pool of Sekob, who is a croc or gator or dinosaur! Isgrimnur was skeptical before, but now he be a believer! Tiamak tells them of the ways of the Wran, a people without a king where a man can become an elder by providing feasts for others. Sometimes Cadrach is insightful and funny.

Miriamele could stare without embarrassment: the tall man seemed quite uncaring, no more interested in the business of his fellows than a horse in a paddock might be with traders talking by the fence. Observing his bland but certainly not stupid face, it was almost impossible to believe that she was in the presence of a legend.

"Armchair Thriller" Quiet as a Nun: Part 1: The Tower (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Yet here he was, old and witless, when all the world had thought him dead. How could such a thing have come to pass? What secrets hid behind his guileless exterior? In the morning, he finds some old buried flour! Miri has him take her to a freshwater pond where she can bathe. On the way back, she sees her first ghant. They get to the center of Village Grove and everyone is gone.

Tiamak takes a boat and goes off by himself to look for Old Mogahib, the village elder…but Tiamak does not return. They go after him, find his boat and find not Tiamak but an old Wranman, assumably Old Mogahib. Chapter Dark Corridors — Rachael is roaming through the Hayholt, gathering provisions for the hiding place she has found and made her home. Guthwulf is roaming, trying to keep his sanity, and he feels the sword that Elias made him touch, always drawing him. He feels the fires of the forge. Inch is in the forges, explaining delays to King Elias obviously the source of the sword Guthwulf senses.

Inch tells the King that they only see parts of the plans…just as Pryrates shows up. Back to Rachael, who is making her way back to her hiding place and runs into Hengfish. Hengfish who, you may recall, has appeared and disappeared in several chapters; he was originally a monk but stumbled into Naglimund after the Norns had taken it, and now serves the King as one possessed appears to be dazed and lets loose with some foreign words. Rachael escapes him, and runs back to her hidey hole.

Chapter Lake of Glass — The Sithi were riding. Long the Peaceful Ones had hidden from the eyes of the world, nursing their sadness, living only in the memories of other days. Today the rode in armor as brilliant as the plumage of birds, their spears shining like frozen lightning. They sang, for the Sithi had always sung. After a sleep of centuries, a giant had awakened. What a tease! The Sithi are not coming to help the 2nd day of the battle at the Stone of Farewell.

Simon cannot sleep, and wanders over to where Josua and the others are discussing the upcoming battle. They hope he is not hurt if you recall, dear reader, that he went to Fengbald in Chapter 12 to trade information for his daughters. Freosel hopes that Simon can summon the Sithi. Simon shook his head. These men have come to kill us — I want them all to die painfully, horribly…But Binabik, these are the Erkynguard! I knew them at the castle. Some of them used to give me sweets, or life me up on their horses and tell me I reminded them of their own sons.

How could they do these things to us, who never did them any harm? But the King is making them, so why should they be killed, any more than us? This is what being a man or woman means, I am thinking, instead of a boy or girl child. You must be finding your own solutions to questions that have no true answers. They read a bit of Morgenes book, which says Camaris had similar questions, then try to sleep before the battle.

To the mercenary Thirthings-men, it was the Battle of the Stone. But for most who remembered it, and few did without a shudder, the name that was most evocative was Lake of Glass. Simon fights, and begins to feel his oats a bit, seeing fear in his opponents eyes. Sludig asks where Deornoth is, says he slew the mercenary leader.

They find Deornoth nearly dead. Simon helps Sludig put Deornoth on this horse, then Simon sees the red cloak of Fengbald. Thinking to end it all, he rushes him, captures him and lifts his helm…to find it is not Fengbald. And then we cut out of the excitement to Maegwin, who is leading her people mostly the old, the young and the unable to fight, singing uplifting Hernystir national songs out of the mountains. Maegwin says they are there to take back their homes, with the gods help of course, and they keep walking now with a north Rimmersmen escort.

Maegwin despairs, and calls for the gods. Simon has the false Fengbald, but the real Fengbald is being lead up a back trail by Helfgrim, the ex-Lord Mayor of Gadrinsett. As they approach the top, Helfgrim asks that the men carrying his daughters be allowed to ride next to him. At the top of the trail, they are stopped by a handful of men.

Fengbald orders his troops forward. Freosel and his group draw heavy mallets and start pounding the ice. They, along with Helfgrim whose brother was mayor of Falshire and killed by Fengbald had prepared this trap for Fengbald. Maegwin screams for the gods, Skali says her gods are dead and makes to grab her. Then a horn sounds and a troop comes riding in with various colors of armor must be the Sithi. Binabik, Qantaqa and Sisqi find Simon, sitting beside the guy who was pretending to be Fengbald.

Simon is spent, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Cadrach says he cannot go into the nest, that in reminds him too much of a place he has been before. They have Cadrach pole their boat out toward the nest where they capture and kill one, examining its armor to see how they can defend themselves against an entire nest of them. They go through tunnels that seem to loop back on each other, kill one ghant, and then get stuck and un-stuck in the ooze.

They scare and follow a group of ghants, and come to a vast center chamber with hundreds and hundreds of ghants, humming. And in the middle is Tiamak, in some kind of trance with strange words coming out of his mouth. As Isgrimnur tries to think up a plan, Camaris heads toward Tiamak, swinging his torch. Isgrimnur goes after him, telling Miri to stay near the tunnel with her torch held high so that they can find their way back.

She puts two torches near the entrance and heads after the Duke, nearly getting overwhelmed by ghants before Isgrimnur grabs her on the way back, Camaris trailing him with Tiamak in tow. They are pursued, lose their way, and then are surrounded by ghants. Isgrimnur decides to go through the walls, and kicks a hole through the nest. The group follows tunnels that lead up, kick a few more walls in, and then find daylight and are out.

Cadrach and the boat are nowhere to be found. The ghants surround them again, and, just as they are about to fight, fiery balls shoot toward the ghants. Cadrach used some of his alchemy skilz and made weapons out of the palm oil leaves. After a few well places missiles, the crew jumps down, gets into the boat and escapes, leaving the flaming nest behind. This ends Part 1, the longest re-read post in the series as this part has more pages than any other.

The re-read for Part 2 of this book starts here.

The Coaling Plant story: Towers of Strength – Part 1

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Email Address. And, of course, it needs to be, since there is a lot to wrap up and a lot of questions to be answered: Who is Simon really? Or, maybe better stated, what is his heritage? Hints no doubt pertain to the ring he wears that came from his mother. What do the three swords do together besides supposedly stop the Storm King?