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How do you get a level 80 axe? Why is that even in the game? FC: User Info: Gamemaster CrimsonSmasher posted No one drops anything past lvl 25 beside the final boss with the lvl 50 weapon. Poke Ball! Ultra Ball! Gamemaster64 posted Lucky Sword? Is that a DLC weapon? Never heard of it. Knight Swords drop from Truth in Heaven.

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Fee Roberts reviewed on on Oct. Saul Karza is a wizard tasked with finding and killing a Noble Dragon. He is aided by two immigrants and a dwarf, but acquire the help of an elf and a dark elf along the way. This story was good, but it could have used a bit of editing. I became invested in the characters as the story unfolded. It was a slow paced tale until the end, but overall a decent story. Destiny Bridwell reviewed on on March 28, I found this book free on Amazon and with a little help from Goodreads to give this book a shot.

I read a lot more fantasy in my youth, but I am getting back to what I love. I have never read anything by Martyn Stanley before. The book was a quick read from what I expect from a fantasy read. He takes with him a small team and goes to look for Silius Mendelson who is a known Dragon Slayer. Silius is said to be the last person to have seen the Noble Dragon. There are rights, elves, bandits, thieves, six mysteries stones and adventure all the things a good fantasy needs. It is a lighter than most fantasy I have read, but it is only the first book in the series.

It is well worth the read and you need to experience for yourself. I just love some of the witty things the characters say. Andrew Mowere reviewed on on Nov. The Last Slayer is a classic read in that you would get a superficial sense for coming events if I said "swords and sorcery".

Naturally, this fantasy was much more. I enjoyed it. Stanley has a methodology about him, making the narrative clear and almost pointing out noteworthy tidbits when they are presented. This story is obviously larger than the book, and I do look forward to reading more.

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At no point were the descriptions unclear, for they were usually simple and to the crux of things. Some comma uses felt strange, however, and when the party debated things sometimes I felt transported to dungeons and dragons text boxes and rolled dice. Jim Pike reviewed on on Nov. Aside from that, the progression was well paced, and didn't veer off on wild tangents of obscure information. Descriptions were direct and to the point. Nothing extra needed, nor given.

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All and all, a really good story. It was quite captivating, though I found the name of the novel a bit misleading: the dragon slayer happened to be the minor character. The storyline was moving towards the battle with the dragon but it was more focused on the relationship between elf Vashni and human warrior Korhan. The journey of the group was mostly carried out by the dialogues and it gave an opportunity to learn more about characters and their opinions on different matters of course, but I was missing the more elaborate description of the scenery.

The ending left me wondering what's going to happen next. Will the dark elf be able to remove his curse? Will Korhan have enough of patience to continue his apprenticeship? What is the Empress Jade really like? What will the group encounter on their way back? Well, I guess we'll see that in the next part : review of free book.

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DeeElliott reviewed on on Nov. Saul Karza, a licensed wizard, is charge with assembling a group of warriors to aid him with the perilous quest of defeating a noble dragon, a creature that is almost invincible, manipulative, magical and deadly. The dragon - vain, blood thirsty and power hungry - threatens to bring both chaos and enslavement to Empress Jade's peoples, and it is under her orders Saul Karza accepts the challenge.