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New Releases. Pip: the Story of Olive. Notify me. Description Olive is an only child. She lives by the sea in a ramshackle old house with her mother, Mog, successful, busy and hardly ever at home. Olive is very pale and very quiet and she doesn't quite fit in.

Pip: The Story Of Olive

But she has a best friend, Mathilda, and that's what matters. And then Mathilda decides to be someone else's best friend.

Olive Pip Spitting Challenge!

Just as life really can't get much worse, Pip shows up. Brash, loud Pip, who is everything that Olive is not, and is about to cause Olive a whole heap of trouble - and open her up to a whole new world of possibilities. Review Text "Highly original story about finding the strength to be yourself. Olive always told herself she didn't need a father, but when she saw one her yearning came barreling back and the ache was real. This yearning was private, anonymous; it had no name.

Pip: The Story of Olive by Kim Kane - book review

Girls at school yearned for music and new skirts and tarts they could cook in the toaster. There wasn't anything bad about these desires, but Olive thought them rice-cracker wishes, insubstantial. Sometimes Olive tugged out her eyelashes. She pulled them out in little clumps, and the sting distracted her from her wanting for a moment. Olive collected the eyelashes, as fine and pale as they were, and wished on them, but she couldn't wish for a father on an eyelash: a father wouldn't fit. A father wouldn't fit on a birthday candle, or on the surface of coins thrown into the park fountain, either.

A wish like a father was too cumbersome, too heavy. Every now and then, you stumble across a book that makes you stop in your tracks, and say "Wow. Having just entered Grade 7, Olive Garnaut is at an awkward point in her life when both her feet and her friends seem to be growing at a faster rate than she would like. It's true: Olive looked ever so slightly like an extraterrestrial, with her long thin face and widely spaced eyes.

Pip: The Story of Olive

But it seemed as though every other girl in class had gotten the handbook on how to fit in, and that Olive was somehow being left behind in the wake of iPods and Video Hits and boys and pores. Olive truly believed that everything in her life was perfectly symmetrical: She was born at a. Even her family was of symmetrical proportion, living only with her mother Mog in an old ramshackle house by the sea. Olive had never met her father although she knew that his name was WilliamPetersMustardSeed and that he was a "flaky hippy"—according to Mog, anyways.

Pip: The Story of Olive: Kim Kane

The topic of Olive's father was strictly banned from the household, although no one ever stopped her from searching for him in Mog's old photo albums. Having just been dumped by her best fiend, Mathilda, Olive decides to weave her way along the seashore, heavy-hearted and very much alone. The Seasonal Carnival is well on its way to being assembled, and as Olive passes by the puzzle-pieces of popcorn-stands and candy-apple stalls, she is mesmerized by the carnival mirrors, stretching and twisting her body's image in all directions.

At first, Olive is in disbelief.

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She can't possibly have a twin. But then again, wouldn't it make perfect sense for her to have a symmetrical second half? Almost immediately, Olive begins to see that the two girls are extraordinarily identical. Even their eyes were exactly the same odd distance apart.