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How to Mend a World

Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

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March 19, Retrieved June 20, Ashen is a Souls-like. And what Ashen has to say seems pretty interesting. An egalitarian society literally building itself in front of our eyes from the ashes of a dead fantasy world? Yes please.

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Other games have certainly drawn inspiration from those pieces. But Ashen is probably the better way to introduce new players to its own influences.

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Facebook Twitter. Togetherness in Darkness Ashen is not so obtuse. Hardcore Among Hardcores Sure. Best Way Forward Other games have certainly drawn inspiration from those pieces. Read Next Features December 27, Trending December 6, From Software making further Dark Souls games would only pile on the secret codes and messages and UFOs, driving anyone with a passing interest in the story further away and those who are invested further down a cold pit with no resolution.

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Like the "Doom clones" of the 90s, "Souls-likes" are a dime a dozen these days. Quiet, dilapidating kingdoms were perceived as boring, empty level design, and the punishing but fair combat came at a time when players were more empowered than ever.

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It was the era of the quick time event. If only.

Most of them are great some are still on the way and those are just the obvious comparisons. And who can blame them? I want someone, anyone, who thinks they can make the formula feel new again. It uses the fragility of Dark Souls characters to make unexplored territory a huge, risky unknown to explore, and more enticing to venture into as a result.

I love Dark Souls.