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There's the city to which I journey; My Redeemer, my redeemer is its light! There is no sorrow nor any sighing, Nor any tears there, nor any dying. Farewell, dreary earth, by sin so blighted, In immortal beauty soon you'll be arrayed! He who has formed thee will soon restore thee! And then thy dread curse shall never more be. I'm a pilgrim etc. No author cited. It is close to the Merle Travis version in the DT, except for variations in the 2nd verse.

I've got a mother, a sister and a brother They done gone all to that other shore And i'm determined to go and see them, good Lord And live up there forever more. No spacing. I've got a E home built in that yonder A city, good Lord!

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And it's E not B7 not! For flats, you can use a lower-case b-- Bb, for instance. Love this song!

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  • Capable of being done in almost every style and with all kinds of different technique. Thanks for the post. I wholeheartedly agree that faith for me, at least is something that I just take with me as I go along. Another thing your post implicitly demonstrates is that we have a lot of hidden gems in our hymnal. I think some of the less popular ones are the very best ones.

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    Thanks, Mark. We sing that every week. This really is a hidden beauty. I wish each ward and branch had someone who could highlight the less often sung hymns in Priesthood and Relief Society, at least, and bring songs like to the attention of more members. Thanks, Norbert, for sharing it. Beautiful thoughts, though.

    Think Exodus, not Heinlein. Well, here are a few to start with. The problem with singing the hymns we never sing is, when the chorister has an epiphany and includes one in the program, no one sings— no one knows it and not enough of the congregation can read music. In one ward I attended, the chorister actually had an unknown hymn played first and sang a verse for us before we all sang. At least for me, that was pretty helpful. I forgot about that post.

    Now, if Norbert took those suggestions and actually did posts on each of them. Before that it is thought to have appeared in African American spiritual music. A similar gospel tune was made famous by Johnny Cash:.

    I'm a Pilgrim, I'm a Stranger

    Then recorded by others, such as the Byrds , and has gone on to become a bluegrass standard. Do we know to what extent Hans Henry Petersen was influenced by these American sources? Okay, you never, EVER want this hymn sung by your ordinary mortal congregation. It was so painful, I wanted to cry. Leave that one to the Tab choir. That said, there are plenty of other wonderful hymns that we never sing and I wish we would. Never again. So, organists of the church, get practicing.

    I Am a Pilgrim Lyrics

    The only problem is, you need an organist and some singers to make that happen. One of those hymns not often utilized which ironically escapes me now was sung when I was in San Diego at a priesthood leadership meeting. President Boyd K. Packer was the presiding authority. He commented on how much he loved the hymn and lamented that it was not sung more. The only solutions: more singing and fewer speakers. If it was Pres. Dispersions, aspersions, whatever. Occasionally a BYU class will feature not only an opening prayer, but also a hymn.

    Did anyone else read the lyrics and have a certain melody made popular by Meredith Brooks a few years back pop into their head? It sorta works…except the stanzas are too short. Thanks for bringing us this post. As the chorister in my ward, I have one excellent organist and am determined to use it.

    I agree with Rebecca J. The singing was so horrible I could hardly make it through the hymn. But not to be sung.

    Alabama - I Am A Pilgrim Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    Robertson bless his heart I just went through the piece. After about five times through, it is fairly smooth, at the top of the tempo range. Of course, moving over to the organ provides another layer of complexity for those of us who are trained pianists and only playing the organ out of desperation. While playing, I realized that we have Stake Conference this weekend, so no one will be having prelude music played in their honor on Sunday. Researcher, thanks for the thought. This is quite hard to sing. Our ward music leader has been stretching us with rest hymns, having the ward quartet instead of choir do a verse for everyone first, then we hit it.

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    Very cool. It worked really well then—chalk it up to Manhattan artistic exceptionalism, maybe. Or maybe my mind was sufficiently tied up in knots that morning that anything would have sounded good. Who remembers stake conference 20 days after, much less 20 years later? An absolutely wonderful text go Parley Parker!

    We need you!

    I do like this hymn. Maybe too sobering. The Morning Breaks is a beautiful hymn, but none of those George Careless settings that split up the penultimate phrases into two-part textures sound very good with a mediocre congregation. Its other difficulty is that the range extends higher than most other hymns, and stays in the higher area of that range for a greater percentage of the time, resulting in screeching from the untrained. In the choir section of the old book, however, it was even higher, by a whole tone.