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Playstation 4. Homeland Defense Sundown Apocalypse Book 3. Request a quote.

500 Best Zombie Books

Mua ngay. Variation data. Desert Strike Sundown Apocalypse Book 4. Urban Guerrilla Sundown Apocalypse Book 2. Sundown Apocalypse. Special Ops Sundown Apocalypse Book 5. Perfect Storm Collapse Book 1. American Quarantine- Super Boxset. Allison's Secret: Post Apocalyptic Woman. Prepared Sundown Series Book 1. Ghost Country Catalyst Book 3. Downward Cycle Catalyst Book 1. Kingdoms of Sorrow Catalyst Book 2.

With their city overrun by a plague of Biblical proportio… More. Shelve Infection Alaskan Undead Apocalypse 1. The dead have risen, and they are hungry. They are tough, they are lethal, and they are everywhere. Savage packs of the undead wander the world, feeding on the living. And they are getting stronger.. Shelve New Zed Order: Survive. Dead Tropics by Sue Edge. Lori Nelson has always seen herself as an ordinary woman, doing the best she can to… More. Shelve Dead Tropics.

Area Almost Hell by Eric R. In the year an accident at a clandestine U. Within weeks the U. Shelve Area Almost Hell. Psychosis Wildfire Chronicles 2 by K. Michael Evans, crippled survivor of the massacre at St. Davids, has only one goal left: to find his young daughter. And that means journeying north and discovering that during the five days he spent… More. Shelve Psychosis Wildfire Chronicles 2.

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Nick Talaski is a hard-bitten, angry cop. Graham is a newly divorced cab driver. Bronte is a Gulf War veteran hunting his brother's killer.

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Janicea is a… More. Shelve Dead Tide Dead Tide 1. Crusade Eden 2 by Tony Monchinski.

The world is dead. Millions of flesh-hungry zombies roam the land, seeking out the last survivors. Along… More.

500 Best Books (and Some Shows) About Zombies

Shelve Crusade Eden 2. Voyage Powerless Nation, 2 by Ellisa Barr. Shelve Voyage Powerless Nation, 2. Rotter World by Scott M. Eight months have passed since vampires released the Revenant Virus on mankind, nearly wiping out both species. reviews: Deluge of the Dead (Sovereign Spirit Saga #3)

For Mike Robson, the situation could be far worse. He has joined up with a small band o… More. Shelve Rotter World. Lakewood Memorial by Robert R.

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The small town of Lakewood has been overrun by the walking dead. In a single night, the world has descended into a madness of biting teeth and a sickness that kills but does not kill. Caught at the c… More.

After the Tribulation

Shelve Lakewood Memorial. Dead Meat by Patrick Williams. The city of River's Edge has been quarantined due to a rodent borne rabies outbreak. But it quickly becomes clear to the citizens that the infection it is something much, much worse than rabies Th… More. Shelve Dead Meat. People refer to the infected as "zombies" although that's not what they really are. The word zombie implies the infected have died and reanimated.

The thing is, those infected with Mad Swine, they di… More. Richmond burns once again but this time it is caused by a deadly virus, quickly dubbed the Reaper Virus, that is ravaging and reanimating all it encounters. This agent of the apocalypse breaks throug… More. Aftermath Deadlocked, 5 by A.