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Comment I got my books today. My own teaching books. In Shanghai we had a few teaching books and photocopied teaching books, which all teachers had to share. We also weren't allowed to take books for longer then needed. And today I was given my very own set of books, which I only need to return when I quit. Other than that I found it strangely comforting today to see a little girl in the U-Bahn, riding home from school, reading a Mickey Mouse comic book. Just like I used to do when I was her age.

So sweet. I decided to get a Bahncard 25, because it's just ridiculous that a regular DB return ticket to my parents costs more than renting a car for 3 days incl. Didn't they once say they want to be the alternative to the car? I so need a car. I hate the DB, but at the moment there's nothing else I can do because my grandma wants to be visited and my best friends etc etc and I so don't have the money for a car.

Comment You can get the trial BahnCard25, valid for three months but I assume that's what you are planning anyway , until you got a car. And if you book as much in advance as possible and use all the discounts, it's feasable really take it from someone in a long-distance relationship without a car. Comment Looks like you're a possible customer for car sharing , Jools. The Bundesbahn offers it Germany wide. Comment My parents are selling their car at the end of this year, and I already told them we will happily buy it off them.

Which gives me months to save up for insurances etc etc. Until then I'll get this trial Bahncard I checked, it's valid for 4months. That should be enough for now. I still think it's ridiculous that I need to buy my train ticket months in advance, to get a cheap ticket, while in the same time period I can get flights for the same price.

More than 5hour train ride, approx 1hour flight Same price I will check ut this car sharing Comment Jools: So you got a job already? With the company with the peculiar interview questions? Another possibility for not too expensive travelling are "Mitfahrzentralen". Comment Hello snails, I have nothing useful, or even interesting, to contribute, but I need to post something to adopt this thread.

Slowakisch lernen für Anfänger - Vokabeln zum nachsprechen Teil 1

Thank you for the lovely shell, me1. Actually, I have a New Year's resolution, too: To be more patient and a nicer person. But I try that almost every year, so obviously it never really works that well. Lara , I had the same problem with wearing my hair always up or in a ponytail, so I finally had enough and cut it off two weeks ago.

Now it's only about down to my chin and always open : If I remember correctly, wi-chan is from around here originally NRW , which Bavarians and the like consider 'up north' but people here don't. Comment Thank you for the nice, new shell, me1! And welcome to He-le-na!

My thinking. I agree with Gibson that NRW is not really the north. I've started the new Elizabeth George book last night. Sometimes I wonder where she finds her BE expression. Comment Morning, There's a new one, Dixie? Would be nice if you'd let us know what you think about this one. Well, work's waiting Comment Jools Perhaps depending on where the visits will be made the bus could be a less expensive alternative.

About one or two years ago DB sued a small company "meinbus" or "deinbus" that organises busses for groups of people who travel in the same direction. They also procured a sort of forum for these groups to team up. I believe that the bus company won so they might still be around. Comment Jools, you don't have to book three to six months in advance to get a cheap ticket, in most cases four weeks are sufficient if you don't insist on a certain train.

You need some experience to find the best offers. If you get them, however, DB can be surprisingly cheap. And, Jools, you know that your comparison regarding travel times is not too fair, is it? More often than not, the train station will be much closer to your final destination than the airport. In addition, you have to arrive earlier at the airport In my opinion there can't be much doubt that DB is cheaper than a car as long there is only one person in the car. But such discussions are very old and all opinions have probably been exchanged many many times :- I don't think that carsharing is something that would help you too much, Jools.

I'm a big fan of carsharing unfortunately, my carsharing provider has just stopped its service, so I have too decide which one I will go with now , but for long distance journeys train or special offers from car renting companies will probably turn out cheaper in most cases. I used the shared car mostly inside town e. Do I recall it correctly that you are in Berlin now, Jools? If that is the case, the Mitfahrzentrale should be an option worth to check.

That's difficult to beat. Comment I checked the car sharing option and it's really just for innercity use. We used something like this in London, too. It was ok, if you needed a car for a few hours to go to ikea or transport other bigger, heavy things, which we couldn't transport on our scooter. I know a lot of people use Mitfahrzentrale, but I am not sure about that. I am too afraid to join a car with a complete stranger. I am a terrible passenger and easily freak when the driver is speeding or not driving what I consider safely.

In the meantime, I told my grandma she will have to wait a bit for longer for my visit. And I guess my antipathy for? DB is the same I have for? I will always try to avoid those two criminal organisations as much as possible. I have never made any bad experience. But then I always preferred female drivers. Comment Gibson, you remember correctly. Yet, I was taught how to speak by my mother, who was born near Oldenburg, so I believe my use of language still tends to be "from up north".

Her mother, my granny, actually is from Hamburg, so at least a quarter of me has "returned home", in a way Actually, I prefer the train because I really hate being imprisoned in such a small space as a car for hours. I'm just not used to it, my parents never had a car when I was a kid. In the train, I can at least get up, walk around, and the ride is "smoother" in a way I never got travel-sick in trains, but quite frequently in cars. So I just have to put up with booking three months in advance. Well, worse things happen at sea If that is the case, the Mitfahrzentrale should be an option worth [to check] checking.

Die beiden sind mir total sympatisch. Und im Flughafen ist es meist so hektisch, da kann ich mich nur schwer entspannen. Huch, es hat gerade in diesem Moment angefangen zu schneien. Damit habe ich heute nicht gerechnet. Comment Jools: There are different types of "Mitfahrzentrale": Some are on the internet, absolutely anonymus, other are over blackboards at e.

And then there is the "official" Mitfahrzentrale, where drivers and passengers need to registrate, the price is fixed depending on the distance and you can complain about the driver afterwards - if that happens more than once that driver will not get new rides with that organisation. At least it worked that way some 10 years ago. That are still strangers, but not totally anonymus. They are always sold out very fast but are sold afterwards on the internet, still cheaper than the standard price of the train ticket.

Comment h h, I assume that your calculations do not factor in the general costs of owning a car including depreciation, tax, insurance Of course that is only one way of looking at this question When I was on a motorway and had some free space in the car I used to drive through the service areas to pick up some of them. As I said, I prefer the train but occasionally I can still be found on motorways and I got the impression that hitchhiking has become much less popular recently.

Can others confirm that? What about hitchhiking in the US, is it popular amongst youngsters? Comment harambee: You assume wrongly. I even included the highest petrol prices of the last 5 years, new sets of tyres every x kms, the spare parts I had needed over the last few years, But that works with my car because it is old and rather cheap was cheap to buy, has low taxes and insurances I agree that hitchhiking has become less popular.

Years ago you sometimes had to queue up until it was your turn to put out your thumb, haven't seen that in ages. Comment Okay, then you have a really cheap car :- Yes, queuing up was more the norm than the exception in summer holidays :- I'm wondering whether that has changed because people are even more reluctantly picking up hitchhikers.

Another possible reason would be that many young people have more money at hand than, let's say, thirty years ago. Comment I'm not sure whether people got more reluctant to pick up hitchhikers or whether it's the hitchhikers having become more reluctant to hitchhike - security reasons, more parents with enough cars and time to play taxi, more parents with enough money to finance train trickets, more money in the pockets of the youths When I look around it certainly seems to be the case that young people have more money than we had in my time.

Wenn schon, dann muss man von "insurance policies" sprechen. In Muskegon hat man gestern Abend 54 cm Neuschnee innerhalb 6 Stunden bekommen. Comment Edmund abgefahren, wie bitte nochmal Nicht das, was sie zu dieser Jahreszeit eigentlich erwarten, aber immerhin etwas. Sachs: The book came out on Tuesday Believing the lie. It has pages epub. If I were you I'd wait until the paperback is out.

On page I said "meh" and the feeling stayed. I had a read on Goodreads and a lot of people seem to have liked it, but I prefer a good Lee Child. Comment Sorry for being a nuisance, Goldammer, but my love for having the last word is still bigger than yours, I guess. I appreciate the effort of conducting a survey on the usage of "meine Schule" vs. Teacher B is the only one specifically commenting on Robert's original sentence You showed the original sentence to all three teachers, I assume?

In summary, I am not sure what to make of these statements. In addition to that, 3 is a very small sample — even too small to put it to a statistical test. I am also not sure, whether or not you were suggesting that the answers from the three teachers were supporting your view. In science, it is always a good idea to double-check one's results. I could have done this earlier, I admit, but I did it only tonight, so, here are the results of two Google searches: "meine schule" — Differences may be due to pupils being more frequently represented on the web than teachers or schools; differences may also given a North-South difference result from a higher web representation of the North than the South.

I leave it to you to figure out the details. Why did you use an emoticon in 48? Is there anything emotional about such issues? Comment Yesterday was a very lovely day. Blue sky, sunshine on end A grey sky and snow! Not sure if I am happy. I thought I had skipped this nasty part of winter.

Aufgabe Des Marktpreises!

But the snow looks really pretty. Re: hitchhiking: I've watched too many horror films to go hitchhiking or pick up hitchhikers. Comment I just realised that I'm also reading an Elizabeth George at the moment I'm not really a fan, so the name didn't immediately click. But then Linley turned up and I knew I'd heard the name before. She does go on a bit, doesn't she? The exact details of this undertaking don't become any more relevant later, either.

I also, like Dixie, think she's laying on the Britishness a bit thick. I don't find her dialogue very idiomatic, it's trying too hard, and she seems to be quite in awe at the fact that her main character is titled. But it's all right, I've read a lot worse, so I'm not really complaining.

Edmund abgefahren, wie bitte nochmal I can't work this out at all. What does it mean, what does it refer to? I did go back several posts to look for a connection but I still can't make head or tail of it. Help, please! Comment " Muskie gone"? Tut mir leid, war ja sowieso lahm. Ja, George ist von allem britischen m? Die zweite Fortsetzung episode? Obwohl das wohl derselben Grund ist, weswegen? Es ist ja auch nicht Wal-Mart, sondern Cheyne Walk! Und Cheyne Row! Britischer-Krimi-Modus halt. Comment Kennt Ihr die "Star Alliance"?

Vielleicht kommt Edmund abgefahren daher. Weg mit den Glitzvampiren, her mit richtigem Science Fiction. Heute werden neue Fenster installiert. Im Moment lese ich Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Comment Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Isn't that a pun with a koala bear or something? I can't quite remember? What's the book about? I can't even begin to guess. Muskie gone , yes, I got it!! Still took about 5 minutes, but wait long enough and even my brain gets there. Jetzt ist das Komma dran. Und ja, es gibt einen Witz - nur mit einem Panda. A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down and orders a sandwich.

After he finishes eating the sandwich, the panda pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter, and then stands up to go. You just shot my waiter and you didn't pay for your sandwich! Look it up! Eats shoots and leaves. Gibson, es klappt wohl nicht einmal, weil Muskegon wahrscheinlich total anders ausgesprochen wird, keine Ahnung eigentlich. Comment Stimmt. Comment I feel the joke is about the panda's poor knowledge of punctuation. He is trying to live up to the entry in the dictionary, and, unfortunately, he is getting it wrong Comment And I thought everyone knows "Eats, shoots and leave" as it was impossible to avoid the book when it came out and all the follow-up books.

New Aquisitions – Orient-Institut Istanbul

I have to say Cheyne does not make me think of vornehm-britisch. Just a name of a street, but thinking of the street names here I get where you are coming from. I find it interesting that today a lot of businesses were closed. When I lived in Washington everyone worked apart from public service and banks but here all the big companies are closed.

I did not expect this is a state-by-state thing. Comment Thanks for the information about the new George, Dixie. I certainly will wait till the paperback is out - and if it is only to buy the hardback then for a few Euro more but still at the half of the regular price. I do that occassionally, because the hardbacks really get considerably cheaper as soon as the paperbacks are out, but often the print quality of hardbacks is better so they're easier to read. Comment Urgh. First day at work today.

I am so nervous, because I don't know the students, who they are, how much they already know and can do, I am not totally familiar with the material, I had to do my own lesson planning again, which I never had to do in China, so I am not sure if things will work out alright etc etc. I feel like I want to run away, hide and look for a new job already :.

Comment Come on, Jools. I'm sure your preparation was perfect, your students are all nice guys - who are probably as excited as you are about the new situation - and after 5 minutes in the class you'll wonder why thoughts like those in your message here ever came to your mind. Cheer up! Comment Don't worry Jools, everything will be alright. And after a few weeks maybe you will like to plan your own lessons because you are more flexible. I have do prepare a presentation and a final report for my internship. But I am so glad that I'm home again that I really don't want to think about it any more.

I want to sit at home enjoying my free time before I begin to work in an university institut next month. I want holiday for at least two weeks where I do not have to think or to care about anything Regarding Elisabeth George, I have tried to read one of her books in English, but that is too difficult for me.

So I just read them in German when one of them falls into my hands. Comment Jools, you have shown so often that you can cope with new situations. Wouldn't you agree that China was a good training for you? It may happen that your presentation is not perfect actually it would be strange if it was but there can't be much doubt that it will be good. And if some minor parts go wrong, try to laugh them away and learn from them. You need not be perfect and you will be more than good enough!

Comment I feel like I want to run away, hide and look for a new job already. Halt die Ohren steif, das wird schon. Der beste Rat, den ich als angehende Lehrerin erhalten habe? Der Name Elizabeth George sagt mir nichts. Das liest sich besser als "that Comment Das sind wir wohl beide, Amy. Elizabeth George kenne ich auch nicht. Komischerweise habe ich keine Buchliebhaber-Freunde. Jools, ich bin mir sicher, dass das heute gut laufen wird.

Das schaffst du :o Heute Abend habe ich die erste Sitzung Spanish 1. Comment Never mind, Amy and Lara. I guess she's simply not so well known in the USA as she is in Europe. I often feel quite philistine here too, when you talk about authors I never heard of.

Little correction for Lara: Schon vor Tage n Guess I should join you in your Spanish class. I met a guy who's mother tongue is Spanish a few days ago. A friend asked me to bring along some stuff he had for him. When giving it to him - who, as I knew, speaks Italian too - I actually wanted to tell him in Italian from whom it is and happened to use the Spanish phrase instead I don't actually speak any of these languages apart from some words and phrases. But that few words caused a stream of words in Spanish by him, so I had to stop him after two sentences I only almost got to tell him that I'm not really speaking his language.

We ended up speaking English then ;- Unfortunately the offers for language classes are very limited in a small village like this here. We had some Italian classes years ago, but since the teacher was the same guy who was not able to teach me English and German proberly I was not too eager to share those. Jepito: I read them in German as well - even if, if I remember right, there should be one in English somewhere in the shelves as well, bought somewhere cheap but never read.

Maybe I should have a look for that one, must have been one of the earlier stories. Comment Selbstkorrektur: die Lernende n. Comment self correction: I think the "as well" in " read them in German as well" actually should be a "too". What I wanted to say was that I read them - as Jepito does - in German. After re-reading it now it seems to me that "as well" would imply that I read them in both languages.

Is that assumption correct? Comment Amy: That's a great quote! And so true. You don't want to be stuck in hell, do you? In the end it was a bit like you said. At least now I know the group and know what they are capable of and what I can do with and expect from them. They know already much much more than I expected, so I need to raise the bar quite a lot.

But knowing that will help me with my lesson planning. Because I need to improve that, too. But when she published a new book she can generally be found on display on one the "Grabbeltische" and I am sure the shops don't like me calling them in the big book stores. I actually found out about her new book because she has a reading of her book in my local Books Inc. Lara, why do you have nightmares before you even start studying? You are doing it more for fun, don't you? So, you should look forward to it and see any exam as proof how brilliant you are.

And I don't think a lot of the German readers are aware that George is actually American, so she's part of the genre. I just don't get a sense of future in them. It's just people like me, only they have space ships and sometimes look funny. But no feeling of a different society, a different sense of morals, cultures I'm not into aliens I don't believe we can imagine something alien enough for a real alien , I'd like to read about what kind of development our society might take, what influence the Internet, technology, cloning, overpopulation and these things might have.

The plot that comes up in Star Whatever is basically the same plot that John Wayne had to face, just with ray guns. Don't get me wrong: I loved the old Star Wars although I could never warm towards Kirk , I must have seen them twenty times between the age of 16 and 25, it's great entertainment. It's just not my idea of 'proper' SF. I've also seen one or two Star Trek films, but never got into that. Not into Star Trek, not into Next Gen or any of the other spin-offs. It's, like Gibson says, nothing new and too much moralistic finger wagging for my taste.

  1. Λυπούμαστε, δεν μπορέσαμε να βρούμε τη σελίδα που θέλετε.;
  2. Wortschatz | German gm. | German grammar, Deutsch language, German words!
  3. Handbook of Creativity.

Two of my closest fans are mild Trekkies though, meaning they have every episode ever aired on DVD, put their newborn into a StarTrek suit and wanted to take him to the StarTrek exhibtion a year later. Star Trek is the only topic we cannot talk about, since I don't know anything about it other than it exists and there is a Shakespeare actor for captain, a big black guy with a funny forehead talking in a newly developed language for which dictionaries and probably evening courses exist and a human like android, who used to be a "Vulcan" with a funny haircut and a special handgreeting and who was able to kill someone just by pressing one finger in the neck of that someone.

However those two friends convinced me to watch an episode of Eureka. And I have to admit, I quite like that show. It's nothing special, but at least it's set in this time and on this planet and all the scientists are real people, with very human and real quirks. And I like the fact that they placed this non-scientist Sheriff in there, who never understands the sciencenese everyone talks like me and for whom they have to explain everything that's going on as if explaining it to a toddler.

I wish my science, physics and chemistry classes in school had been like that. It would have made the whole thing so much more enjoyable - and understandable. Comment Jools, you have close and not so close fans? Comment harambee, LOL! Great typo, Jools. I have to check out Eureka, then - if a dedicated non-SF fan likes it, it should be good ; I've never heard of it, though. I'll go and google a bit. Jools, you're mixing up a little bit, the android wasn't a Volcan before, there was a Volcan Spock in the original series, whom you described, and there is an android Data in the Next Generation.

Seems I've got to out myself as another "very mild" Trekkie ;- I think the ideas of the stories are nice because you don't know exactly what to expect. Of course "we" the humanity finally are the good ones and the ones with the right ideas and the highest morality most of the time, what isn't really so futuristic, but I still prefer these stories to some other series "love soaps" where I always have the feeling to be able to tell the next three lines to come in advance.

Eureka is nice too. It just seems to be slightly more difficult to understand watch them all as original versions. Comment Sachs: misunderstanding. There is no Kirk in Star Wars. Das war sogar mal hier im CC ein Thema, wer das vertragen konnte und wer nicht. Ich: gerade noch. Aber George liest man ja nur zur Unterhaltung, also sie hat nichts mit Banausentum oder Nicht-Banausentum zu tun -- wer sie mag, darf es, und wer nicht, muss sie nicht kennen.

Und diesmal ist es DaF statt Englisch, habe ich das richtig in Erinnerung? Oder doch beides? Aber hoffentlich ist das nicht der Fall und ihr lernt sogar schneller als in der high school.

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Es spricht sich 'veme' aus und bedeutet 'schau mich an. Aber ob sie wohl die ganzen britischen Aussprachen nachahmt? Ui ui ui Comment What I like about Eureka is not so much the science stuff, although that is quite funny as well, but more the really quirky scientists and the average-joe sheriff. But I haven't seen that many episodes yet. Edit 2: Ooops, sorry for the double posting. Must have done something wrong in my first edit. Comment Hallo. Comment Roboter-AG? Robotik sounds very acadamic to me, so I'd call it Roboter That's actually a fun idea, hm.

But I missed her. Comment Since it is in the school context, academic isn't bad, is it? Comment I would have loved to work on the roboter in your picture, Goldammer Comment I would choose between "Roboter AG" and "Robotik AG" dependent on the age of the pupils and the amount of prefabricated components used as well as the time spent soldering. I am just not sure at what age one should change from "Roboter" to "Robotik".

  1. Proposals and Confessions?
  2. Understanding and Facilitating the Achievement of Autistic Potential.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprises in India: Infirmities and Asymmetries in Industrial Clusters (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia).

Comment I'd say it depends on what this "AG" actually is about. Is there planned to build a robot-like engine or is it more theorecital about integrating natural movements into technical components, maybe with trying to create a simple gripping device or something like that? Only in the first case I'd use "Roboter" otherwise to me "Robotik" semms to fit better.

Comment I think both names can be found frequently and are more or less interchangeable. Obviously those are only examples after a short Google search. It seems to me that Robotik-AK is the slightly more frequently used name. Edith was fast enough. I had written in German first LOL. Comment self-correction: theore t i c al Even if "theo-recital" looks like an interesting word Comment Danke! Vielleicht sollte ich mir dieses Jahr ein Wettbewerb anschauen. Danke, das ging schnell. Comment Hola! Me llamo Lara. Ayer fue martes. Tja, mehr kann ich nicht. Das Buch, das wir benutzen, geht davon aus, dass man schon woanders Vokabular und die Basics gelernt hat Auf dem Deckel steht "Improves your grades in 30 days, guaranteed!

Wir mussten antworten: "Nein. Das ist kein Fernseher. Das ist eine Katze. Mucho gusto en conocerte de nuevo. Y en el este de los EE. Umso besser, wenn man eher herausgefordert wird als gelangweilt. Und wieso unterrichtet Amy jetzt Robotik? Ich habe wohl etwas verpasst Comment Ich geb's zu! Ich musste Google fragen, was du da alles gesagt hast, hm ;o Stimmt, "neuve" war ein Tippfehler.

Wir waren insgesamt vielleicht 25 Teilnehmer. My poor cardboard version wouldn't lure any dog from behind the stove [6-gear]. It's about young teenagers being killed, and most of them are mixed-race. I'd be very interested to know how that was translated; I remember several discussions on LEO but no satisfying solution. Nothing with 'Rasse' would work, of course, 'Mischling' sounds like a dog I have no idea what the 'official' German term would be.

Deklination, Abweichung. Abhang, Nei- g'ing. Schmuck, Zierde. Verfugung, Er- lass. Wahn8inn, Wahn- witz, Irrereden, -ar, vn. Verlangen, For- derung, -ar, va. Nenner , eines Bruches. I dens, a. Zahn, -aj. Ge- I biss. I 'ist, 8. Zahn- laut, [t, d, n, — 8, sh, z, j]. Spitze z. Deo, 8. Gott, -a, s. Aufbewahrungs- de-poplrtr, va. Dessert, Nach- desert, a. Wunsch, -ar, va. Despot, Gewalt- herrscher, -ik, a. Detail, -ar, va. De- tail-, [festsetzen. Diabet, Harn- ruhr, -ikj a diabetisch.

Diagnose, -nr, va. Dialekt, dialektik, s. Dialektik, -al, a. Diamant, diametr, s. Didym Di. Unterschied, Differenz, difteri, s. Diphtong au, eu, ei , digestar, va.

New Aquisitions

Finger, dignar, va. Diktator, dilema, s. Dilemma, diletant, s. Kunstliebhaber, Dilettant, diligent, a. Ausdehnung, Dimension, dimision , s. Entlassung, Abschied, Abdankung. Dynamik, -dl, dinamit, s. Dynastie, Herp- Bchergeschlecht. Mittagessen, -ar, va. Direktor, -ad, 8. Direktorat, Direktorium. Ruhr, -ik di- senterik , a. Diskus, Wurf- scheibe, [diskontieren. Diskont, -ar, va. Zwist, Streit, Zwietracht. Dispens, Erlass. Disput, Streit, -ar, vn. Ent- fernung. Zeitschrift, Jour- divan, s. Divan, Sofa. Anteil, Divi- divin, a.

Olaubens-Lehr- satz, Dogma. Doktor, -ad, s. Doktrin, Lehre. Schmerz, -os, a. Haus, -e, adv. Wohnung, Wohn- sitz, -ar, vn. Geschenk, -ar, va. Schlaf, -ar, vn. Dosis, -ar, va. Doppeladler, dot, s. Mitgift, Aussteuer, duplpunkt, s. Drache, [spiel. Drama, Schau- durar, vn. Tuch, -ar, va. Dauerhaftigkeit, -antu, drapdesak; Nastuch. Dutzend, dresar, va. Dusche, dresrtr kaval; bereiten, drog, s. Zoll, -er, s. Zweifel, -ar di kk; eben, s.

Dublon, Pistole machen, -ifikar se, vr. Zweikampf, Duell. Duett, [duellieren. E8sen, -asion, s. Speise, -ahl, a. Landesverordnung, editar — eksitar. Ver- leger. Wirkung, [auch. Anstrengung, -ar, vn. Egiptta, s. Pferde und Wagen. Kirche, -ia, s. Verfinsterung eines Gestirns, -arj va. Ekliptik, Son- eko, 8. Excellenz Titel. Ausnahme, -ar, va. Exkrement, Kot. Ausweg, Aus- kunftsmittel.

Er- fahrung. Experi- ment, Versuch, -ar, va. Export, Ausfuhr. Ausgang, -ia, s. Extrakt, Auszug. Elastici- elefant, s. Elektro- elektrokimi, s. Elektroche- mie, [magnet. Elektro- technik, -ist, s. Elektro- techniker. Abzeichen, Sinn- embrion, s. Embryo, -ik, a. Ento- molog. Enthusias- mus, Begeisterung, -ar, va.

Langeweile, -ar, va. Neid, -ar, va. Sinngedicht, epilepsi, s. Fallsucht, -ik, epileptik , a. Epilog, Schluss- episkop, s. Bischof, -ad, s. Bistum, -el, s. Epoche, Zeitab- schnitt, Zeitpunkt. Zeitrechnung, Aera. Simerant, einer der lieben wird. Irrtum, -or, s. Irr- tum. Erbium E. Einsiedler, -etn, s. Wesen, Wesen- heit, Essenz. Schund, Strund. Eskimo, [tikel.

Bedeckung, Ge- leite, -ar, va. Schmelz, Emaille. Espania, s. Witz, Geist. Osten, -p, adv. I Estindia, s. Stapelplatz, Uber- nachtungsort, Etappe. Ewig- keit, [-al, a. Ethik, Sittenlehre. Etiquette Um- gangssitte. Etiopm, s. Abendmahl, -ik, a. Europ, s. Europa, -an, a. Entwickeluag, Entfaltung, Evolution. Fabrik, -ar, va. Faktur, Rechnung. Falsch- heit. Fistel, Falsett.

Sense, -ar, va. Blind- schleiche. Hunger, avar famel; hungern, -ik, a. Rot, Schmutz. Phantasie, -ar, vn. Phantast, -ifc, a. Spuk, Hirnge- fantomz apar; es spukt. Meierei, -er, s. Pharmacie, Arz- neibereitungskunst, -ik farmaseutik , a. Leichtigkeit, -ifikar, va. Februar, -an oder de februar; a. Weib, Weibchen. Eisen Fe. Jahrmarkt, Messe. Ferment, -m', vn. Wild- heit. Gastmahl, Schmaus. Fiasko, Misserfolg. Fiber, Faser, Zaser. Fibrin, Faserstoff. Feige, [figurieren. Figur, -ar, vn. Faden, -ar, va. Gespinst, -eri, s. Kind Sohn oder Tochter , -o, 8. Sohn, -a, 8. Farn, Farnkraut. Philosoph, -ar.

Philosophie, -ik filosofik , a. Filter, -ar, va. Ende, -ar, va. Endung gramm. Finlandia, s. Fint, List. Festig- keit, Sicherheit. Riss, Spalte, Schramme. Physik, -al, a. Phy- siker. Physiogno- mist. Fistel Krankheit. Geissei, Peitsche, -ar, va. Flandern, [men. Seite, -e, adv. Phlegma, -ik, a. Biegsamkeit, -asion fleksion , s. Blume, -ar, vn. Gulden, Florin. Flotte, -ar, vn.

Fluor Fl. Diele, Fussboden. Blatt, -aj, s. Feuilleton, -ist, 8. Hintergrund, Grund, Boden. Phonetik, -cd, a. Quelle, -ar, va. Ameise, -ar, vn. Formel, -ar, va. Ofen, -ar, va. Hurerei trei- ben, -asion, s. Hur er. Esse, Schorn- stein, Ofenrohr. Gewalt, Kraft, -ar, I va. Grube, -ar, va. Phosphor P. Licht, z. Photograph, -ar, va. Photographie Bild. Bruch, Bruch- frambos, s. Zerbrechlichkeit, -ad, s. Frange, Franse. Frankonia, s. Fransia, s. Redensart, Phrase. Betrug, -ar, va. Bremse, -ar, va. Fresko, [naschen. Reibung, -ator, s. Leicht- front, s. Frost, -ar, vn. Frucht, -i, s.

Weizen, [tragen. Schwindsucht, -ik ftisik , a. Flucht, -ar, vn. Fuge musik. Blitz, -ar, vn. Schiess- baumwoUe. Rauch, -ar, va. Amt verrichten, funktionieren, wirken. Foura- furet, 8. Frettchen, [geur. Wut, Raserei, -ar, vn. Furie, -os, a. Flinte, -ar, va. Galadiner, galant, a. Galakleid, galen, s. Bleiglanz, galeri, s. Galia, s. Gallien, galin, 8. Huhn Hahn oder Henne , -o, sm. Galisia, s. Galicien in Spa- nien. Galitsia, s.

Galizien in galium, 8. Gallium Ga. Tresse, -ar, va. Galopp, -ar, vn. Handschuh, -ar, s. Handschuhe anziehen. Schutz , Hut. Kleiderschrank, garnar, va. Garnison, Be- satzung. Freude, -arj va. Geschlecht gramm. Ge- nealogist. Ver- allgemeinerung. Eltern, -asion, Zeugung, Generation. Freigebig- keit. Knie, -ar, vn. Geologie, -ik geologik , a.

Deutsch- land. Keim, Spross. Riese, -tk, a. Giraffe, gimr, va. Guitarrenspieler, gladi, s. Schwert, -ar, vn. Fechter, gland, 8. Gla9ik mar , a. Eismeer, glas-rosi, s. Reif, glat, a. I pfen. Kugel, -et, s. Verherrlichung, glutin, 8. Leim, -ar, va. Golf, Meerbusen, gom, 8. Gummi, -ar, va. Gondel, gorg, 8. Gurgel, Kehle. Grad, Stufe, ar, va. Korn, Kern. Granat Stein. Holdseligkeit, An- mut. Schwere, Wich- tigkeit, [vieren. Hagel, -ar, v. Korn, Getreide. Speicher, [schoss. Granate Ge- gren-batar, va. Grenlandta, s. Fett, -ar, va.

Gresia, s. Gesichter schneiden. Kummer, Sorge, Gram, -ar, vn. Grosshandel, -ist grosist , s. Gruppe, -ar, va. Kranich, [stellen. Backe, Wange. Krieg, -ar ko kh, vn. Winde, Haspel. Gummi gut. Geschmack, -ar, va. Tropfen, -ar, va. Bewohner, Ein- wohner, -ahl, a. Hauch, -ar, vn. Eisvogel, [tion. Hallucina- hamak, s. Hanovr, s. Hansa, -ik, a. Keckheit, Frechheit. Harmonie, Ein- klang. Harnisch, Pferde- geschirr, -ar, va. Harfe, -ist, s. Har- harpan, s.

Harpune, [fenist. Eile, -ar, vn. Habicht, [hurtig. Obergewalt, Hegemonie, heksa-, prf. Hexameter, hektograf, s. Hektograph Apparat. Helvetia, s. Schweiz, hepat, 8. Leber, hepta-, prf. Herold, heraldik, s, Heraldik, Wap- herb, s. Gras, [penkunde. Irrlehre, Ketzerei, hermafrodit, s.

Zwitter, hermelin, s. Held, -ik, a. Heldenmut, heron, s. Hydrody- namik. Wasserstoff H. Hymne, [treibung. Heuchler, -ik, a. Hypothek, Un- terpfand. Hysterie, -ik hi 8 terik ,a. Geschichte, -ik, a. Mensch, -ik, a. Ehre, -ablf a. Verehrung, in honor de; zu Ehren des. CAE Wo? Bis Theme 4 erfasst. Weitere Lektionen folgen. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: Elternkollektiv. Bis Theme 3 erfasst. Nur Theme 4 erfasst, Andere folgen.. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: Winter.

Colors Languages: Deutsch - English Author: gmarini. Context 21 Starter voc. Counting from 1 to 20 in German This is a vocabulary of the German numbers. Coyote Getra? Crime english-german Languages: English - Deutsch Number of words: D Languages: Deutsch - English Author:?. D Das Leben der Anderen Vocabulary to work with the movie. Languages: Deutsch - English Author: Diane.

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  • Denk Mal! Der Englisch-Duden Erste Wo? Deutsch 3 Komm Mit! Based on Komm Mit! This includes all chapters, and some extra stuff. Deutsch, na klar! Einheit 10 geni l A1 prep. Ellen Englisch En equipo. Auflage Update eee1. Number of audio files: 4. Number of words: 8. Englisch 9. Englisch Languages: English - Deutsch Author: natale fontana. Number of words: 3. Englisch Languages: Deutsch - English Author: patrick perterer.

    Englisch Languages: Deutsch - English Number of words: Englisch Languages: Deutsch - English Author: was istlos. Languages: Deutsch - English Author: mond. Englisch 5. Klasse Gym. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: Paco. Englisch fu? Englisch G Englisch G 5. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: Jerminator. Number of audio files: 3. English Languages: English - Deutsch Author: sale. English - Unit 1 Happiness is Languages: English - Deutsch Author: dimka. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: schwarzer Engelboy.

    English Nr. Exploratory 1 body, weather, days and months,family, greetings, colors, numbers Languages: Deutsch - English Author: Brigitte Storey. Fachenglisch 1. Irgendeine Frage? Dann schreib mir eine Mail: bastimc1 gmail. Walter Languages: English - Deutsch Number of words: Franz Voci German Health Topics Vocab about health. Languages: Deutsch - English Author: Destructordt. Number of words: 4. Good expressions Filesize: 6.

    Wird laufend aktualisiert. Ziel Juni ca. How to Use Your Words S. Irregular Verbs The following list contains common irregular verbs with any student should know. Jenseits der Stille Vocabulary for the movie. Jim's perso? Languages: English - Deutsch Author: Jim. Komm Mit! L2 Final Exam Voc. L2 Final Voc. L2 Komm Mit!


    Langenscheidts Grundwortschatz Languages: Deutsch - English Author: intamplare. Latinum Das ist der Wortschatz aus dem Buch Latinum. Languages: English - Deutsch Author: stemeie. Lektion 6 Languages: English - Deutsch Author: christian. Lektion2: Can you Languages: English - Deutsch Author: J. Max U? Miller Languages: English - Deutsch Number of words: 8. Nirgendwo in Africa Vocabulary to the movie. Nouns Nouns Nouns!! Some nouns, more to come!!! Phrases Languages: Deutsch - English Author: gmarini. ProVoc Vokabeln Englisch 3. Semester Languages: English - Deutsch Author:?.

    Sammlung Snapshot Languages: English - Deutsch Author: chabi. Susan Morgan Ma? Technical English At Work, Cornelsen 1. Auflage, 8. Test Languages: English - Deutsch Author:?. TEST U? Umgangssprache Languages: English - Deutsch Author: peterpan. Vocabeln Languages: Deutsch - English Author:?. Vokabeln Languages: English - Deutsch Author: andreas maurus. Vokabeln Languages: Deutsch - English Author:?.

    Vokabeln Languages: English - Deutsch Author:?. Vokabeln 1. Vokabeln 9. Illegale Kopien o. Filesize: 5. Vokabeln1 Languages: English - Deutsch Author:?. Vokabelnnnn Languages: Deutsch - English Author: icke. Vorbereitung schriftl. Wilfried Ha? Wirtschaftsvokabeln Languages: Deutsch - English Author: max. Wunder von Bern Vocabulary to work with the movie. Weiteres folgt. Schuljahr GYMN. Aachener lernen Franzo? Allemand 1e? Anne ici - Se?

    Auf Deutsch 4 - Wortschatz 3,4,5,6 mit Pl. Author: Granges-Marnand. AufDeutsch4-Wortschatz4 mit pl. Campus me? Vokabular momentan angelehnt an Langenscheidts Grundwortschatz. Bitte Feedback und Fehler an wecahilosijulixi tempomail. Cornelsen - A? Decouvertes 2 mit wdh. Kleinschroth, D. Maupai, A. France www. Franz 1. Franz Franz 2. Franz 3.