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'Game of Thrones': Why Arya Stark Could Be the Last One Standing, According to Theories

Sort order. Jan 16, Susan rated it liked it. Good book, bad editing Entertaining story and characters. Nice plot twists. But the proofreading is atrocious. Also the editing. I mean one character 's name is James Carter in several books, suddenly in this book his name is Andrew Carter. No excuse for that. View 1 comment. Great story, terrible editing.

That's my only issue with this entire series.

It's like the author never proofread or had anyone else proofread her work. View 2 comments. Jan 19, Rachel rated it really liked it.

'Game of Thrones': Why Arya Stark Could Be the Last One Standing, According to Theories

The series is getting even more exciting Some major events happen is book 11 that I was not expecting at all. If you thought Rae had been through just about everything possible you are so wrong. A lot more happen to her that I was not expecting at all. If you have not read this series or anything by W. May I suggest you start with the CoK. May 14, Aleta Meeker rated it it was amazing. Keep Reading! Another awesome adventure with Rae and the gang. Twists, turns, surprises, revelations, and more. How will it all play out? Jan 28, Sandra rated it it was amazing.

The Chronicles of kerrigan Another great book in this brilliant set of books. Up to book 11 and looking forward to reading more.


Looking forward to reading Gabriel's books also. Thank you. Jul 27, Laurie Hopkins rated it it was amazing. Adore When I finished the first chapter, I said out loud, that it was worth all the trauma you put us through the previous two books. Especially the last line in chapter one. I smiled throughout this book, well except one spot.

Mar 24, stewart firth rated it it was amazing. Amazing Can't bloody stop reading. Never had I been so addicted to something. I'm reading every spare second I've got love it. Dec 12, Marla rated it liked it Shelves: owned-books , paranormal-romance. I had high hopes this book would be better but it too was too short.

Not enough in depth character development or plot. Jan 07, Jenn Sut rated it really liked it. Another entertaining book in the Kerrigan series. Jan 02, Angela Sanders rated it it was amazing.

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Preparing for the final battle When Rae and her friends wake up in 'enemy' headquarters, only to find themselves among newly acquainted allies; it's something even Rae has to question. But as time goes on, the pieces are put together. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Sign in Sign up.

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