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Many soldiers fell victim to conditions particular to their environment.

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On other fronts, men fought diseases such as malaria and sand fly fever. The importance of keeping dirt and disease at bay was recognised by the army authorities and by the men themselves. Keeping clean could help maintain morale and it was crucial that troops stayed healthy so they could keep fighting. Drinking water was transported to front line trenches in petrol cans.

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It was then purified with chemicals. In extreme circumstances, soldiers might resort to boiling filthy water found in shell holes. Drinking polluted water could lead to diarrhoea and outbreaks of dysentery. Whatever the season, they suffered from exhaustion, constipation or diarrhoea, skin rashes, boils and sores.

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Soldiers often brought medicines from home or received them in parcels. These gelatine lamels, dissolved on the tongue or in drinking water, were used for the relief of common ailments.

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Lice were a constant problem for soldiers living in the cramped and crowded conditions of the trenches. Crowded and unsanitary conditions in trenches led to infestations of rats and other vermin, attracted by food waste, and the proximity of dead bodies. Some soldiers trained cats and dogs to hunt them. A major problem in the trenches of the Western Front was a condition called trench foot, in which the foot swells up and begins to decay. It is generally caused by exposure to damp and cold conditions and where blood circulation is restricted.

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Soldiers were encouraged to wash their feet and change into dry socks regularly and their feet were often inspected. When soldiers left the front line trenches they could use special laundries to wash and change their clothes. Washing their clothes removed any lice but this was often only a temporary relief as the lice would reappear after they returned to the confined spaces of the front line.

At regular intervals, soldiers not on front line duties were given an opportunity to have a warm bath and change their clothes. Baths were usually large, communal spaces and often in makeshift locations, such as breweries. Shaving regularly and maintaining basic standards of cleanliness was vital to sustain morale. Below is a list of these creative tools for creative entrepreneurs.

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