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But tonight, something different happened. Due to a large storm on its way, everyone was wanting a pizza to kick back with, throwing off my time frame. The line was now fifteen minutes long, and the building was getting hot. The sound of screaming children didn't help my mood. It was shaping up to be a night I was going to have to hurt someone, and that someone would most likely be me.

I was almost to the point of choking one of those damn rugrats if they touched me one more time, when I began to mutter to myself, Damn kids, going to break something. Jesus, if only they'd shut their little mouths. And it was then that the stranger in front of me, the one in the ominous trench coat and black fedora, decided to speak to me.

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I stood silently, not knowing who he was talking about. He turned to face me and continued. He loved children. I've never been able to figure out why, though. Pesky little brats. But, hello and, you are? This was getting very weird, very fast. You can call me Lucy. He took off his hat, but his short red hair didn't even move. He reached up with one of his gloved hands and stroked his short beard.

I began to blush, remembering the small piece of peach fuzz I had growing beneath my chin. He continued, 'You know, there's an easy way out of all of this. This guy was going to start selling me some piece of junk, and I was going to be stuck listening to him until I got my pizza. Trying not to let this show, I said, 'Really? What's that? Find an exit,' he said with a stupid grin. I let out an uncontrollable laugh, not expecting anything even half as stupid. When everyone in the store stopped looking at me, he continued.

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And for a reasonable price, too. And how much will it cost me? My internal monologue continued its rant. A car salesman?

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Car wax? But I saw something I never expected. It was another pizza place, just like this one, only different. There I was, sitting in a booth. A girl I had been chasing after was sitting on the other side. We were sharing a pizza. And it looked like we might be sharing a little more than that later. It was amazing. It was exactly what I had been looking for. My eyes glued to the image, Lucy continued, 'That's just the beginning.

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It can all be yours. Money, fame, all you have to do is ask. This was Satan. And he was offering me a deal. The vision in front of me was filling my brain, making it hard to think. Lucy let out a big sigh. What do you think it is? It's your soul. I bent down, ready to sign. This was the life I wanted.

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This was how it should be. It's all I would ever need. But a thought popped into my head: What fun would that be? Half the fun is the chase. It'd be a lot easier, but not nearly as much fun. Let life come as it may. I straightened. You're the kind of guy I like to see get away from me. And besides, Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 8 new copies. Book Description Hci, Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Source Language Term written in pen in green ink Correct? Comment I'd agree with you, but we also say "written in pencil" - but not "written in lead", unless you mean you carved something out of a large piece of lead.

Comment Sorry, that's not very clear: in your examples, "written in pen" does mean "written in ink", and "written with a pen" means "using a pen", but I can't think of another similar case. Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information. Print PDF.

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You need to be logged in to start a new thread. When tried on a stamp pad, the pad has to absorb much of the solution first before the rubber stamp would register clearly with a darker print on the page. For the stamp pad ink, the product of the 2 nd trial may well be utilized; its color is purplish-maroon. Native agro-waste material such as alugbati fruits can be a potential source of ink which can be used for home, school and office. Agro-waste materials converted into a functional writing material can meet the demand for accessible and cheaper source of ink.

Further studies on the subject should be conducted. Since the output can easily be reproduced. It is recommended that science-related clubs and schools support and help in the implementation aspect. Mendoza, G. Herald Anthony L. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Abstract Alugbati, known in the U. Acknowledgements This investigatory project would not have been completed without the support, encouragement, inputs, and inspiration from various people and agencies.

Heide Sanchez, for encouraging our section to have an investigatory project like this; God, for letting us finish the work completely and neatly III. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Introduction 1 1. Methodology 3 2. Results and Discussion 4 III. Conclusions 5 Chapter 5. Recommendations Chapter 6.

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Bibliography IV. Introduction A. Background of the Study The process of producing varied types of ink from extracted juice of alugbati fruits can foresee a cheaper and good quality product. General Objective Demonstrate how the straining quality of the alugbati fruit can be used to advantage. Specific Objective Make ink out of extracted juice of alugbati fruits. Significance of the Study Characterized as stable and permanent and hastened drying up as a special qualification, this product can be compared with any commercial ink for home, school and office use.

Scope and Limitations The study focuses on the use of extracted juice of alugbati fruits. Review of Related Literature The matured sap of banana was also studied and was used as the main material in manufacturing various kinds of ink.

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Results and Discussions A. Conclusions Native agro-waste material such as alugbati fruits can be a potential source of ink which can be used for home, school and office. Recommendations Further studies on the subject should be conducted. Bibliography Journal Mendoza, G. Heide Sanchez. Mary Joey DeAsis.