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Brian Davis. Ted Rudge. Birmingham Up Town Through Time. This examination will come as a revelation to modern generations: What it was like to live in a house with one bedroom and no running water? The rise and fall of the back-to-backs provides a sobering insight into an essential but often overlooked aspect of Birmingham's social and urban history. The fascinating history of Winson Green to Brookfields is perfectly illustrated through archive and contemporary pictures. With carefully selected photographs, the author has clearly portrayed the effect that industrialisation has had on the area, but it also provides a nostalgic look into the past for residents.

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This fascinating selection of more than photographs traces some of the many ways in which the districts of Winson Green to Brookfields have changed and developed over the last century. Readers can see the historical context in which the photographs are set, and through the aurthor's factual captions the reader can achieve a view of the city's intriguing history.

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Readers are invited to follow a timeline of events and watch the changing face of the city as Ted Rudge guides us through the local streets. Modern Ladywood, with it's high and low-rise housing, duel carriageways,open spaces and trees on nearly every street corner, bears no resemblance to the old Ladywood many generations experienced. Working-class, back-to-back courtyards with terraced houses fronting them were erected alongside factories from the 's.

Now, through the medium of photography, the differences and similarities between Ladywood of past and present can be explored in this fully updated edition of In and Around Ladywood Through Time. Add to Wishlist. Newsletter Signup Email Address. First Name. Last Name. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by Amberley Publishing Holdings Limited.

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