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We asked people from two of the biggest online handmade marketplaces — Etsy UK's seller community manager Jennie Smith, and Folksy content lead Camilla Westergaard — what makes a successful shop, the secret to marketing your products correctly and, most importantly, how to make money from them. If your skills need a re-touch, there are online courses you can do, or try learning from a book such as The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos. Camilla recommends having a clear picture in your head of who your perfect customer is. Have a look for bloggers and Instagrammers that you think might fit your customer profile — can you see what magazines they buy?

What style of photography would they be attracted to? All these things will help you develop your brand. Three new mini plant sets are online! Find them at thiswaytothecircus. Sometimes the best tools are our hands. I've been making these black pinch pots as a commission and have been using vinegar as the clay keeps cracking - I hope this works! I will need to dry these very slowly. Porcelain clay has a memory which means it is more difficult to work with than other clays.

I am so loving the gallery for all the creativity in there. I can see you guys really like the lovely prize this month of a rose leaf necklace from graceandflora. So loving all our long light-filled evenings and all those extra photography opportunities! Happy summer solstice. If you focus on one thing you can hone your skills, become an expert and build a name for yourself as the go-to person.

Etsy Is Not the Only Option

This one should hopefully become easier once you've worked on tip number two. Think about the kind of budget your target customer will have. However, don't go too low. Times that by two, and you've got the retail price. Doing a couple of craft fairs to test your products is great for gaging customers' reactions to them. If you're selling high end jewellery, a school fair won't work. It's better to travel a bit further to be part of an established fair where people will appreciate your work and not balk at prices.

DIY Jewelry

This is a simple one. The perfect product range is large, yet cohesive. Tagging your products with keywords helps potential customers discover them through searches. Pick one or two social media platforms, and start building a community around your brand. Although you can potentially, as a seller, reach a massive target audience, you can also get lost in a great sea of crafting genius, handmade mediocrity and worse.

Think carefully when you write your listings and titles, about SEO Search Engine Optimisation , keywords, the order of those magic words and what your potential customers will be typing into the search box. This goes for all online selling and there are many articles out there that will help you to figure this all out.

There are teams you can join, who will be sellers in your area or who sell the same kind of items as you, and the community forums are a great source of advice, support and a fantastic way to network. And that was from a friend of a friend who I suspect would have bought from any site. There are around 6, sellers on Folksy at the moment and a quarter of a million visitors a month.

A very good thing. Selling on your own site is a quite different to Etsy and Folsky. Many budding entrepreneurs have had great success through private-label products. These are products created by third-party manufacturers under your unique brand name. This type of setup provides the most control over your products, profit margins and brand as a whole. As with Etsy there are seller forums with good advice and support from others. Well worth getting involved in as I suspect a fair few of my sales came from other Folksy sellers.

The site is very pretty, easy to use and set up and the quality of items available is, generally speaking, quite high. Or you may have to set up a new listing for them if the price point is different.

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Not really ideal but workable. I found Folksy to be a great place to sell as I was starting up. Linking to your shops from a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts will increase viewings and should in turn increase your sales. These are collections curated by Pinterest users and Folksy HQ and guarantee lots of views. I often see people ask whether they should sell with Etsy or Folksy. I say do both.

10 DIY Crafts To Sell For Extra Money - Iliketodabble

Listing items is a fairly quick process after that. Follow other pages that interest you or are relevant, post engaging content, link, share, comment and others will do the same for you. But only do these things if you mean it, not just so that others reciprocate. Your page should reflect you, your brand and your tastes. Facebook is usually my first port of call when I want to share a new product, some good news or want to run ideas by someone.

Keep it positive and professional. There have been a lot of complaints recently about Facebook changing its algorithms so posts are not being seen by as many people.

8 Online Selling Sites to Make Money With Your Crafts

This is because Facebook would like you to pay to get your posts seen. I did pay for an ad once. My site is pretty basic but it does everything that I need it to. A blog updated frequently, of course! I know that many customers prefer to buy directly from the seller rather than line the pockets of a middle-man. Great news for you if you have a website. Anyway, do it. Set up a website. This seems to be the platform that most people want to sell on, and for good reason. They only accept a very small percentage of applications to sell with them so the quality of items is high.

This is by far and away the place where I sell the most lampshades. It takes a little while to set up your shop. Not on the High Street have a big budget for marketing and advertising and good contacts with the press. So that joining fee and commission are well worth it. Make sure you have great product photos. Again, there is a lot of info out there on taking good product shots.