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Addicted Unearthly Paradox book 2. Kelly Carrero. The books are brilliant and I very much enjoyed every second spent reading. Hoping that Evolution will make it to Czech bookshops in August, too. Kashton Thursday, 17 May I love your books. Your books are so exciting, I sink in them every time. I started with the book "deleting" and reading the trilogy. Please continue like this.

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I'm From Germany. Who is the Slated trilogy cover girl? Meet Hayley here , and find out what it is like to be on a book cover. Mind Games won the Portsmouth Book Award! Teri Terry author of YA thrillers. Awards and honours Reviews So, you want to be a writer April Cool Contagion news:. Always a bridesmaid? Contagion has been short listed for the CrimeFest best crime novel for young adults announced in May. I made my deadlines! Evolution is coming soon! And after that