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Delight her, surprise her

Even angry, he treated things gently. The older man took it from his hold carefully. He turned it around to capture everything with his gaze and it took a few moments before he glanced up at Viktor again. This will sell for a lot. A very rare piece.

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I could break through the locks in five seconds. You trained me on harder ones. Viktor hesitated, glancing to the corner of the room. He raised the alarm. They do everything. I was wearing the hood and I was hidden in the shadows. He probably only saw my figure.

Viktor had really been expecting more of an argument, perhaps even a speech about how it was bad to hesitate, go in and out without being spotted, that their whole lives revolved around being discreet. Perhaps he too thought it was only going to happen again. Because Viktor was steadily losing interest in the game. He was becoming too good. If he was being honest, he knew there was someone coming even before he hesitated in the foyer. But where was the challenge in that? He longed for the thrill. He longed for the days where it was fun to try and hide, to have someone come so close to catching him.

He was just too good now and it was becoming routine. Viktor groaned. Now that was some excitement. Mila would be running against time, breaking locks Viktor had never seen before, hacking into computers he barely got to touch and making away with bags of money. That was some thrill right there. But their organisation was divided and the thieves were sent after items they most preferred. It was what he had chosen, and he had to stick with it. They had a structure, and Yakov made sure that the structure was to be kept. Yakov sighed and flipped through some of the documents on his table.

A certain family have been keeping a very rare item a secret for years. The only reason I know about it in the first place is because the information came out accidentally. A maid spread rumours around about it. Viktor sat up a little straighter in his chair. But they all agree on one thing — the family have gone through great lengths to keep it a secret. The rumours said it was hidden in the library, but they must have moved it by now. Viktor memorised the words, already beginning to think up a plan in his mind. Are they a family? Two parents, and a daughter and son over twenty.

They gained their money through inheriting it, and maintained it by working in the spa business, buying and renovating worn-down hot springs and opening them up again. So, a very easily looked over family. Uninteresting, Viktor thought.

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But perhaps that was what they had been planning. They were interesting in their attempt to be the opposite and they had definitely hooked his attention. Perhaps this was the job he needed, the one he had been looking for, for years. The one he would feel challenged at, a family that held a treasure so secret that no one knew what it was or where it was, or who they really were. Yakov placed papers in front of him, displaying them.

Viktor took them, reading over them carefully. He wanted to ask, but the challenge called to him. Where was the fun in that? Or a specific night I should try this? Sounds brilliant, he thought. That meant he could start as soon as tomorrow night if he so wished. He bid Yakov goodbye and retreated to his own apartment, just a few streets away.


It overlooked the city, walls made of glass for him to view. It was modern, with all of the most aesthetic furniture money could buy. But it was empty. For once, Viktor wanted to come home and ask someone about their day without the answer being a bark. She was sleeping in her basket when he got home. She raised her head sleepily when he entered, and he ran his hand through her fur to ease her back into her slumber. He took a tumbler of whiskey from his bar and sat on the sofa besides where Makkachin slept.

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With each word, it began to become more exciting to Viktor. His curiosity was peaked, a wonder of what this item was that they were keeping so secret. And this family, who were they to hide such a secret for so long? What would they do if he stole it?

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He wanted their reactions. He wanted them to be unpredictable. As the sun dawned over the rooves of the city, its rays peeking into the apartment, Viktor set the papers down. He decided he would scout out the place tonight — just a survey, to see the house, get the layout, perhaps see if he could determine if the guards had a routine he could take advantage of. He wanted to see this family for himself too. He rubbed his face, feeling the exhaustion finally seeping into his bones. As a thief, he was naturally nocturnal. The shadows were a friend to him, so much so that the sun almost seemed to hurt.

He stripped himself down and settled himself into bed just as Makkachin was waking. As the evening was settling in, workers returning home after a tiring job before a desk, Viktor opened his wardrobe and gazed at the stealth clothing. Trousers that hugged him in all the right places. A beanie that covered the whole of the top of his head, and paint to cover the most unique features of his face.

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  8. He dressed himself and eyed his form in the mirror, surprised every time how the wardrobe could completely change how he looked. Yakov had said once how scary it was that he could change his looks so — the leader himself had to go through a makeup team before he looked different. Viktor would have liked that though, to be pampered by a makeup team every time he wanted to steal something — see what else they could come up with.

    But his situation was a good one too. If he needed to change quickly, he had the advantage. He set off early. He liked to leave three hours before his plan started, just to cater to any issues. It always paid to be prepared. The Katsuki estate was outside of the city, hidden in the rolling hills of the country side, beside a large forest. Not the architecture, not the materials used to build it, but the atmosphere of the place. The guards spoke together, obviously working but chatting during their shifts, at ease.

    Workers such as maids and the stable hands were preparing to leave for the day, large smiles on their faces, leaving tired but satisfied. So many times Viktor had seen the workers being forced to work at their estates, guards standing around silently until they collapsed in exhaustion. Was this family so confident that they allowed their staff to act like this? Or was it saying something about them? Viktor hid in the treeline, watching as the workers walked along the path to get home before the light of the sun disappeared for good. They bid one another goodbye, waves high and voices cheery, and the guards swapped to the night shift.

    Through one of the windows, Viktor could see the kitchen staff swapping over. The room was clean and perfect, as any estate should be. Through another, he saw the cleaners finishing their work in the dining hall, table cleared from the evening dinner. Because of this, I need your help to make this project a reality. And that's it! Once you've done either task above, you'll be entered to win the entire collection for free. Spreading the project around like this really helps more people become aware of it, and therefore, become closer to our funding goal.

    Thank you so much for participating, and good luck! If you decide to pledge anyway, but you still share the project on social media like stated above, you will still be entered in the giveaway! If you are the winner, your pledge will be refunded at the end of the campaign, and you'll receive the whole set for free! Please keep in mind that I will still need to reach my funding goal to make this project a reality.

    The giveaway is invalid if the project isn't fully funded. If you love the project, it's great to pledge anyway. That ensures you get the pins you want, and every small amount counts. However, you are not required to pledge to win the giveaway. Time - Pin shipping begins. I will post an update once every thing has been shipped out.

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    Old shabby surface with metal orange rods. White and grey wooden background Shabby vintage shoes seen from above White Brush in front if dark painted background Word home made of the wooden decorative figure White wall with shabby falling off plaster, worn part of the wall. Imperfect surface with peeling paint, battered old Board. More stock photos from Frizzantine 's portfolio. Old wooden shabby chic background with aged calcification of mus White christmas background with tree and stars in shabby chic st White shabby chic latern for christmas with candle and red balls Denim hearts on grey shabby chic wooden background Old wooden shabby chic background with aged calcification of mus White hearts background with small roses.

    Shabby chic style.