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Take the energy you may have spent on a relationship and pour it into your work. Even if you are not in a job that you hope to make a career of, you can improve your future career prospects by, perhaps, working your way up to manage your store, or building your body to fit the demands of a high-ranking labor position. Method 3. Reflect on past relationships. Past relationships are great for teaching you about yourself and your future relationships.

To prepare yourself for the possibility of a new relationship, identify any areas of your past that may have contributed to your break up. Notice anything you may have done to push your partner away, or actions you may have done to be controlling or manipulative. Search for ways you can improve your behavior as a partner. Enjoy the in-between times and give yourself time to heal. Work on your flaws. Take some time to reflect on your character, and notice any flaws you might have. Work on those to be a better partner and friend.

This can be hard--no one wants to think about their flaws. But identifying and working on them will make you a better person, and will likely even increase your happiness. Practice being grateful for what you have. Maybe manipulation comes easy to you. While single, practice saying what you actually mean, and being honest with yourself and others. Evaluate your likes and dislikes. Many people forego their loves in favor of whatever their significant other likes. Take some time to evaluate your likes and dislikes, including your musical taste, your preferences regarding food, drink, and lifestyle, and even what you absolutely require from a relationship or partner.

This will make you an invaluable partner, as you will know yourself well, and will not bow down to make other people happy. Try new foods, music, or movies. You may discover things you really love. Seek help. If your aversion to your single life is insurmountable or feels too overwhelming to sort out by yourself, seek the help of a counselor or therapist. Although you might feel like you are alone in your struggle with being alone, plenty of people struggle to be both happy and single.

A qualified professional can give you strategies to cope with your frustration, and may also be able to provide you with a fresh perspective on your situation. Practice mindfulness. Finally, make some room for gratitude and mindfulness in your life. While single, notice the way food feels against your lips and tongue, notice the sounds you hear as you take your dog for a walk, or tune in to your feelings on a particularly stressful day.

Mindfulness helps you know your body and mind thoroughly, so that you can make more concrete decisions, and develop confidence and ease. If he doesn't like you then he is not worth it. You are beautiful just the way you are and if he doesn't think you're enough I would find someone who actually deserves you. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful How do I cope with being single when everyone around me seems to be coupled up? Just realize everything in life is cyclical and that it isn't necessarily a bad thing to be single. Not Helpful 1 Helpful This has happened to me.

Try focusing on friendship, other activities, and enjoying life. Pick up a new healthy habit like running or gardening. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Is it true that I'm better off being single than being in a meaningless or on-again-off-again relationship? It is true indeed.

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Being in an unhealthy relationship causes stress and disturbs your peace of mind. Learn to love yourself and invest in others' lives in a non-romantic context. Another truism is that true love will come to you when you're not looking for it, so live your life and refuse to settle.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful How do I love a person even though he sends mixed signals? I know love without pain is impossible, but how do I tolerate how he hurts me? You can try talking to him to see if he really cares. If that doesn't help, then it may be time to leave the relationship.

3 Things Every Single Person Should Know

If you are questioning how you can be with someone while they hurt you, it is not healthy or safe to be with that person. If your ex vexes you with any type of pressure on getting back together: ignore them. Unless you are still interested in a romance with them or even just platonic friendship don't let them harass you into making a decision for your life. If you must, tell them you're learning yourself more before being in a committed relationship.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful What activities can I do to meet new people and make new friends?

Don’t feel bad for feeling bad

I want a fun new atmosphere. If you're a teenager, try going for after-school curricular activities, or even to sports clubs. Not only do you meet new people there, you also have the opportunity to make new friends out of your comfort zone. You can check for volunteer opportunities in your area, or check websites that list local events, such as Meetup.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful My girlfriend broke up with me, and said it was because she will have an arranged marriage. When we started dating, she said she wanted a marriage based on love. Is she lying? Maybe she changed her mind, or maybe she is going along with what her family wants in order to make them happy. You could try asking a friend or family member about the situation, but the truth is, she broke up with you, and it doesn't really matter why.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8. In the meantime, work toward making yourself "the one" for your future partner. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Dating is actually excellent practice for finding a spouse, and you can figure out what you want in a relationship, and what you like in a partner. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and go on dates. Unless you plan to be single for life or have an arranged marriage, gaining experience is key to choosing a good spouse and learning to have a healthy relationship.

Not Helpful 17 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Ignore what people think of your relationship status. This is not to say that people in relationships aren't independent. You can absolutely be an independent person and still be in a loving relationship. Not being single doesn't mean that you depend on your partner for everything. It doesn't even mean that you depend on them at all!

You're totally capable of standing on your own two feet when you're in a relationship, and that fact alone may even make your relationship stronger. But there is something to be said about spending time single can make you more independent and teach you valuable life lessons about how to be your own person. While you'll still worry about your family and friends when you're single, because, of course, you care about them , being single also means that you're the only one taking care of you. If you had a wild night out, getting home and being smart is your responsibility.

Psychologists say single people are more fulfilled. I'm getting to understand why

You can't blame anyone else for any bad behavior on your part, for being late to brunch, or for not paying the bills on time. Everything is on you, and that makes you more accountable for your actions. Having full control of your decisions is a double-edged sword. While being free to make your own plans without having to consider anyone else is great, it also makes you solely responsible for the outcomes of your choices. Of course, you can always ask your family and friends for advice, but not having anyone else constantly weigh in means that the consequences are on you.

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Being single means you might have to get comfortable doing annoying things that would totally be easier with another person. For example, if you're at a social event where you don't know anyone and you didn't bring a friend along , you're forced to make good conversation and socialize by yourself. Say no to standing in a corner by yourself. That's weird. Go out there and simmer in the awkwardness. Once you start talking to people, you'll learn that you can really stand on your own. This also applies to more unpleasant situations, like killing bugs, building furniture, and grabbing things from the top shelf that would be so much easier to grab with someone else around.