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Metro Tunnel at Rainbow Bridge, Tokio

Of course, you know Tokyo Camera Style , right? This Instagram account by photographer John Sypal shows many nice cameras spotted in Tokyo. This gallery is a small but really comfortable space. You can get here by the subway, but I recommend walking from Shinjuku Station.

Tokyo Photo Tours

It takes 20 minutes but you can feel the unique atmosphere of Shinjuku. They also publish photography books and you can order from this page. So you can enjoy photography and art all day at Roppongi! Ginza is really nice place to do street photography.

Photographer Captures The City Where Tradition Merges With Modernism, Tokyo | Bored Panda

It was really amazing. You should go there both. Then you should visit Megutama! As the political, economic, and cultural center of Japan, Tokyo holds many photo spots that would suit your wedding photos. Famous tourist site Asakusa is filled with vintage vibes, and provides the opportunity for tourists to ride in Japanese style rickshaws while enjoying the photo shooting experience. In addition, the western buildings with luxurious decorations, and the traditional Japanese gardens with beautiful ponds are also seen across Tokyo.

As the seasons change, the sceneries change as if the city is changing into new clothing. The suburbs such as the Okutama and Chichuba regions are also locations to enjoy nature. Come to Tokyo, the heart of Japan, and experience its natural sceneries with innovative urban charm. Have fun around numerous shopping malls, while glancing romantic landmarks of Tokyo, the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Photo essays about tours in Tokyo

After sunset, Odaiba Park will show a different side of its face. The buildings of Tokyo flickering with lights will be a perfect situation for your luxurious and dreamy wedding photographs. Kinuta Park is a park with abundant natural sceneries and spacious lawns. The space will be filled with laughter with hills of green grass in the warm sun.

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Simply walk up to them and ask permission for a portrait. Offer to email them a copy if they'd like. Shibuya Crossing is a bustling intersection in the center of Tokyo where seas of people cross from multiple directions every time the traffic lights turn red. Go at dusk and take your tripod or monopod to capture the movement of the crowds while keeping the streets, buildings, and neon lights in sharp focus. There are plenty of opportunities for street portraits of young and trendy couples in the surrounding streets; Look for well-lit areas and nice backgrounds.

Alternatively, a wide-angle lens mm will also work if you wish to capture the surrounding buildings.

My top and flop places for street photography in Tokyo

Walk across the infamous Shibuya crossing with your tripod or monopod and set it down in the middle of the road while crossing. Set your shutter speed to around seconds and click. Repeat the process at different angles to get different backgrounds. Shinjuku, near Studio Alta at East Shinjuku train station exit, is a good spot to float around looking for shots of neon-lit streets and funky revelers.

Where to take photos of Tokyo Tower

A tripod for the streetscapes will help you get tack-sharp shots at slower shutter speeds, down around 5—10 seconds, with car tail lights creating streaks in the image to add a dynamic feel to your pictures. Try and focus on back lights red more than front lights white. Wait for large traffic flows and pick a corner that has curves to add a more dynamic look.

There is a lane way near the station known as piss lane. Here you might find some great street portraits with permission. Be careful when photographing without permission as too many tourists have been invading this popular spot in the last few years. I used to live in the old downtown area of Tokyo, which is also known as Shitamachi, so there's a little bit of bias in this choice.

This is also where my wife is from so I've spent plenty of time exploring the back streets and alleys with my camera. Nighttime in these areas is best explored on a weekday. Anywhere along a railway track close to a station you will find hole-in-the wall style bars and street stalls.

Local businessmen flock to these cheap eateries for beer and light snacks.


Streetscapes are usually best shot from walkways looking down on traffic. Use your tripod and shoot with a slow shutter speed around 10—30 seconds to get some interesting trails of car lights. Neon lights also make for lovely backdrops. The high viewpoint will help to isolate and frame your shot better.

Consider a black and white conversion. The Ginza is another great spot for street portraits and modern architecture. Visit at the end of the day when the sun is low and the contrast between dark and light adds some drama to the scene.

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If you're looking for amazing modern buildings to use as backdrops or subjects of your photos, the following Ginza stores are worth typing into Google Maps: Hermes, Bulgari, Mikimoto, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Prada, Ferragamo, and Zara. Best of all, most are within a three or four-block radius of the Ginza Station. The Kaminarimon Gate entrance to Asakusa Temple is usually crowded, but you can avoid the rush by visiting at night when the souvenir shops have closed and the tourists have gone home. Of course there are many more areas in Tokyo you can explore so I would recommend a look at the very comprehensive site of Japan Guide for more valuable and up-to-date information.

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  • Traveling around Tokyo to get the best shots will have a lot to do with the best time and day of the week. Alfonso Calero is a travel photographer from Sydney specializing in portraits and landscapes.